Divine Times - 9/75
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A Diamond, Shining Forever

Marolyn Rawat aka Durga JiSatsang Given by Durga Ji at the Guru Puja Festival in Essen, Germany August 31, 1975

As we're approaching a program, we can feel the love that's going on. It's beautiful. And as we're walking up the stairs, it becomes even more intense. When Maharaj Ji walks on the stage, it's like a heart that's just bursting.

It's so beautiful, because we all understand that it's this Knowledge that is bringing us together. It's this Knowledge that's uniting us, that's making us one, that's making our heart just burst open when we see our Guru Maharaj Ji.

I happened to look through the leaflets they handed out to all the premies who are here at Guru Puja, and in the back it had a quote form Maharaj Ji. He said, "Grow and develop, because my pleasure is to see this seed that I planted blossom and flower." That's so beautiful because, premies, there's nothing in the world that we could ever do to thank Maharaj Ji. All we want to do is say, "Thank you Maharaj Ji, thank you Maharaj Ji, thank you, thank you. How can I thank you? What can I do?" But there's nothing we can do really, nothing we can give. If we gave everything we had, there's nothing that can repay this gift that he's given us.

The only thing we can do is practice Knowledge, and meditate. This is what Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to do, because then we really bloom. There's an old saying, "As you sow, so shall you reap." Whatever you do, it comes back to you.

It's just a perfect example to this world of who Guru Maharaj Ji is, and what our Guru Maharaj Ji is. He sows a seed in our heart, he sows a seed within us, and when it starts growing and blooming, what manifests is love. And so it's clear to us, and hopefully it will be clear to this world, that he is sowing the seed of love, because this is what comes back.

When I was carrying Premlata, it was such a beautiful feeling. Then when she came into this world, at that moment when she took her first breath, she entered a different world. She was in a world of her own inside the womb - no breath, no consciousness. But, upon taking breath in this world, we have consciousness, we have awareness. With this breath, we have awareness of this world, of this life. And there's a reason for it. Guru Maharaj Ji is that reason.

He comes, and he shows us that with each breath we can be with him. Really premies, it's so easy, and yet, because we have minds, because we have something that takes us away, it can be difficult. At the same time, it's really easy. Today Eileen and I were having satsang, and I was telling her of something that Maharaj Ji had once said to me. It was so beautiful because he was saying, "This Knowledge is so easy to realize, really. You can do it." All of us can do it. It's not something that we have to say, "Well, to realize Knowledge is just a goal that's out there." It's really not.

Maharaj Ji said that if a band starts playing and the drum starts beating, it's got a rhythm. The people in the audience start clapping their hands to that rhythm, and as long as you're in that rhythm, you're going to it, you just click right into it. But if you start clapping in an offbeat, erratic way, you're off. And you know you're off. When you know you're off, it feels funny. But when you get into the rhythm, you can stay in it. You can talk, look around, do all kinds of things, but you're in that rhythm.

Guru Maharaj Ji is that rhythm. Guru Maharaj Ji is that drum that's beating constantly, showing us the way. We have to get in that rhythm and stay in it. But because we're young in this Knowledge, it's like teaching a baby to clap. You say, "Come on, baby," and you teach the baby. The baby may kind of do it, but then, because it can't concentrate fully enough, it fades away. But slowly, the baby learns to clap to the rhythm.

There is a rhythm that's always going on; Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us that rhythm, and we can stay with it. It's really something that we can do. And we can do it right now. It's so beautiful that he's shown us this and that he is that rhythm himself, and he's here now for us.

I remember when I first received Knowledge, I didn't know what to think of it at all. You can't think of Knowledge as anything, because it's just beyond any thinking. But I pictured, like, a big piece of coal, black and not very pretty to look at at all - just a big hunk of black. Guru Maharaj Ji comes, takes a hammer, and goes bam! He just knocks a big piece out of that coal.

What happens is that's the beginning; that's the start. It's as though we looked at ourselves in a mirror and we saw the diamond in the hole, we saw Guru Maharaj Ji in the hole. And we saw that this is what we potentially are. We are that diamond. On the surface it may just seem like a piece of black nothing, but in the center it's a diamond. It's a diamond that's just shining forever. We know that, and it's something we have to work on. That's what satsang and meditation and service are. They're the tools that we need to chip away that coal until only the diamond is shining.

When a child looks at itself in the mirror, it's like, "That's me?" And you say, "That's you, that's you." For so long we think, "This is me." When we look in the mirror we think, "This is me, this is me." A child learns, and just kind of understands that, "This is me." But then Guru Maharaj Ji comes and shows something completely beyond that. He says, "What you thought was you is not really you. That's just a thing that's changing -constantly, constantly changing."

Everything in this world is subject to change. Everything is changing, everything is in time, and it must change. But what we really are does not change. What we really are always was and is now, and it always will be. This Knowledge, this pure and perfect vibration is what we are. This is what Maharaj Ji has come to tell us. So when we look in the mirror, we know that this is just a vehicle, just a shell, a facade, a body that we're in. Then,we can realize what we really are, and that what we really are will never die. We are Guru Maharaj Ji; we are him in so many different bodies.

Today in the darshan line it was so beautiful to see all of us in so many different faces and so many different bodies. But when we do meditation, premies, we all hear the same music, we all see the same light, we all taste the same nectar, and we all feel the same vibration. It's one thing. And we know we're one.

It's like if a man went to the moon, and said, "I want to experience the whole moon. I can't do it in one body, so I'll divide myself up into a billion pieces." But when he did this, when he split into a billion pieces, each one of these pieces started fighting with each other, saying, "I'm better than you are," "I'm greater," "You're nothing." They just started fighting and fighting.

Finally the main part of that man came and said, "Wait a minute. We're one thing. We shouldn't fight. We shouldn't clash, because we're one. The only reason that we're divided in all these bodies is just so that we can experience this life that we are."

Premies, it's just so wonderful to know that this is something that we can realize in this lifetime, now. We don't have to always be off beat. Knowledge is something we can get into and stay with. Maybe we'll leave it a little, but we know when we leave it, we can get back into that vibration. Because it's always, always there. If it weren't there we wouldn't be alive right now.

So the seed that Guru Maharaj Ji has sown is planted deep within you. You must put effort to it; it is your baby. It is something that you can't leave. It is something that you must give effort, attention and love to, and that seed will grow. When it grows, it feels so wonderful, because that love grows.

And it's something that must spread, because this world is in a situation now that it has to spread. There's really nothing else. We look at this world, and all the things that are going on in this world, and they're really going nowhere. This Knowledge is the thing that we must put our everything into, because it is our everything. It's our everything, premies. It's not just another trip; it's not just another thing. It's our everything. When we realize that, we must put our everything into it, because that's why we're here. It's by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace that we're here and it's so beautiful that he's given us the Grace to be here with him now. This is such a precious time.

You know, satsang is so beautiful that it comes to a point when you just say the same things over and over in different ways. But we have to keep saying these things over because we need each other. Holy company is something that we have to hold onto. Maharaj Ji could have come and just had it be Guru Maharaj Ji and you, and that's it, no other person in the world. But it's not like that. There's so many of us, and we need each other so much. We need to give each other satsang, we need to do service together, we need to meditate together, we need to help each other. When one of us falls, we need to pick each other up. If I fall, you need to pick me up, and if you fall, I need to pick you up, because we're all on the same path. We need to be strong together.

And so we must always have satsang. We can talk about the weather, we can talk about this, and we can talk about that, but everything we say is just ust idle words, just like nothing unless we're really giving satsang. Satsang is Truth, and Truth is really the only reality.

So we can thank Guru Maharaj Ji in our hearts for giving us each other, and we must really be united. By his Grace, we're going to spread this Knowledge to the whole world.

Thank you premies.