Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji Keep Hangin' On

Satsang Given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Guru Puja Festival in Essen, Germany August 31, 1975

After receiving this beautiful Knowledge, what is there left to say? Just experience and understand the bliss; let it flow inside of you.

I don't know when we will be meeting again. You came from different countries, we all gathered here for this festival, and it was beautiful. It always gets more beautiful, because love is something that can never be defined.

Whosoever can define love has not experienced love. He has experienced hatred. He is going around and defining, "Love is togetherness," "Love is one," and it cannot be defined. It can never be put down. Even the word "love" is way far off from what it really is that we experience when we experience real love. We can never experience enough of real love, and we can never experience all of it at one time. We only experience it now and then. But Guru Maharaj Ji comes into this world and gives this bliss, gives this Knowledge. He puts us into a rhythm, a tune, whereby we can always experience love; whereby we can always be in love; whereby we can always be in that beautiful, beautiful vibration.

Now I would just like to caution you about something, and that is this mind. It's so ridiculous that I hate to even talk about it, but a word of caution must be given to every premie, because it affects them now and then.

You see, everything is here for a purpose. Therefore, mind has a purpose, too. The service the mind has is to distract you from Knowledge, from the true experience. Why? There is a definite reason for it. Why does night-time come? Why is there a sunrise, and why is there a sunset? Because that really makes us appreciate when that sun comes out. Nighttime really, really makes us appreciate the sun.

So premies, that is the reason for mind. What mind does is it puts us into so much illusion, so much delusion, that it really makes us appreciate Knowledge. It puts us into so much misery, so much pain within inside of our heart, that we really, really experience what that Truth is.

Let me tell you what mind can do sometimes. I think you should know this, and it's only fair that I tell you, because I have experienced this, and this is what is happening. This is phase two that mind is now using.

Since mind's service is to distract you, to put you into confusion, to confuse you more and more, what happens is, when you receive Knowledge, and then listen to satsang, do service, and do meditation, mind sees this giant army coming up to it - with tanks, bazookas, machine guns, cavalries, airplanes - and that's Knowledge, that's darshan, satsang, service, meditation, and everything.

What the mind does when it sees that is split the scene. Then we feel so beautiful, and we say, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, thank you." But what mind is doing is, it went away, split the scene, and now it's sitting down and designing a method to get to you, to do its job, to put you back where it's supposed to put you.

It waits, and waits, and waits … This is exactly what mind does. It waits, and it waits. It knows that it cannot face you head-on, because if it tries to do that, you have got satsang, you are doing service, you are doing meditation, you are receiving darshan, and it just doesn't stand a chance in front of all this. So, it comes up to you very beautifully, and says, "Jai Satchitanand, Premie Ji." You say, "Wow man, that's pretty nice. That's something within inside of me saying, 'Jai Satchitanand' to the mind." You don't know that it is the mind, because to you it can be anything, from A to Z.

After a little while it says, "Isn't everything beautiful? Isn't everything just gorgeous? Isn't Knowledge just incredible? Isn't darshan just beautiful? Isn't everything just gorgeous?" And you say, "Yeah. Everything is very, very beautiful."

I was giving this satsang in the International Director's meeting that happened the day before yesterday. What mind does is it comes around, and slowly, slowly, slowly, very gradually, it takes its position. You see? It comes along and says, "Isn't everything beautiful? Isn't everything fantastic?" I mean, that is something you want to hear. You know that. You have experienced Knowledge, and you know Knowledge is beautiful. So when mind says Knowledge is beautiful, you don't deny it, you say, "Right!" And you let it in. Boom, it's penetrated. It's inside of you. It's there. And you didn't even know it, it came so smooth.

Because you see, it's a professional. It is his job, his duty, to keep a manalways confused - from one thing to another thing, to another thing, to another thing. This is why this world stands where it stands now. I mean, look at the situation of this world. Where it stands is because of its mind. The mind is crazy.

This is the time that every premie starts experiencing. They say, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for taking my mind away." You become very relaxed. You become very, very relaxed. And then the mind says, "Listen. You have been doing meditation for such a long time. You have been doing service for such a long time. You have been doing this for such a long time, doing that for such a long time. How about skipping one meditation? It won't matter. It won't make a difference. You have done it for such a long time. You know it from tip to top."

You say, "Right, man. I have been doing service for such a long time in the ashram. If I don't do it one day, what difference will it make?" So you forget about it, and boom! It's just taken you by your brains and kicked ya. That's it. From there on, you just don't know what is happening.

That is the reason that even after receiving Knowledge we need Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji is a doctor who is always needed in the war. See, it is a war between us and our mind. We are trying to demolish our mind, our ego,our conceptions, the wall that we have built up. It's a war, and we are fighting it. I mean, it is a constant fight.

In this war, if we don't have a doctor, that is very, very bad. Why is it bad? Because if somebody or something gets wounded, who is going to heal it? Who is going to cure it? Guru Maharaj Ji is the doctor, so we always need him at hand. As soon as we get hurt, he comes and he saves us by his satsang, by his Grace.

So premies, this mind is going to play so many more tricks on you. That's what it's supposed to do. But if you keep on doing meditation, satsang, and service, it's got no chance. And it knows that. That is why it goes away. It knows that in front of all that infantry, all them bazookas and tanks, and everything that this Knowledge is, this infinite, infinite energy, it has no chance. It'll play hide and seek, it'll play anything, it'll do anything. But if we keep hangin' on, just keep hangin' on, that's all you need to do. Just keep hangin' on there, and everything will be fine.

It's like that example I gave of a little child. The father takes him through a big, big, big fair, where everything is happening, where there are so many people, so many shops, so many toys, and where it is very, very easy for the child to get distracted from where he is supposed to be. It's very, very easy for him to look the other way for just a moment, lose his father, and not find

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji him again. It's very, very easy for him to do that.

At that moment, if he just keeps hangin' on to that finger, just keeps hangin' on there, there is nothing to be bothered about. There's just nothing, nothing, nothing to be bothered about. Because, you can go through the whole fair, and with one finger you can point out anything you want to buy, but with your other finger you can hold on and have that connection, have that grace, and not get lost. This is such a big ocean of illusion that we can get lost so easy, so fast in it that we never know, we never understand.

So premies, you have received Knowledge. For the people who have not received Knowledge yet, understand that this is the time to receive Knowledge. It could never be better and it could never be worse. This is the best time to understand Knowledge - right now.

For premies who have understood this Knowledge, they should really try to meditate. Man, I tell you, you can get lost so fast. So fast. It's like, you don't understand that experience of getting lost until you really feel it at one point, and then you understand how important Knowledge is.

I was telling this story to Marolyn last night. This was an experience that I had when I was in America. To me it was just such an incredible experience. It was exactly a duplicate of what happens when we start losing that finger that we are supposed to hold onto, when we start losing that grace, when we start losing our Guru Maharaj Ji.

What happened was that we had this small airplane, and we used to go flying in it every day. At that time, it used to really get hot in the daytime and really cold at night. The plane used to stand outside, and there was a lot of condensation. What you are supposed to do is take this little tube, go under the wing where the fuel tank is, and take a sample of the fuel to see how much water there is in it. Well, I did it only once, and you are supposed to do it until there is no water left.

We took off, and everything was fine. We were up in the air, we were flying, and all of a sudden the engine went, "brpp, brrpp, brpp, brrrbrrrpp, brrp, brrrdp, brrrddpp, brrddpp!" All we saw in front of us was a stopped propellor. Then the airplane went, "R0000000000000000 …," and started headin' down.

That was an experience. I mean, how can I describe that experience? It was like, down it goes. Of course we pumped that engine and got it started again, went right back up, and everything was fine, but it was such an experience. And it was just for a split of a second. We couldn't just sit there and experience that and let the plane go down,so we got it fired again, and everything was okay. But for just, just a split of a second, really, I felt what happens -that this is such a big world, and there was so much height to fall down from. And to be able to do nothing about it. Just totally nothing. One of the reasons why it was totally nothing was because we were flying right over Santa Monica. Either you crash into the hills, or you crash into Beverly Hills. You had two choices: in the real hills, or in Beverly Hills. When you crash into houses, it's not very nice. You get really banged up.

We were flying so high, there was so far to fall down, and to be able to do nothing about it. That is really the experience our mind takes us on. That's exactly what happens when we lose Guru Maharaj Ji, when we lose that state, that experience. We just start falling.

What do you do? Well, try to get the engine started right back up again and try to get up before it gets too late. And that's just to really get into meditation, and really understand, because it's not hard. It's just not hard, it's beautiful, because we come from that experience. We come and that experience is meant for us. And it's so beautiful.

Some people sit there and think about Knowledge. They figure out Knowledge. Knowledge is not a thing to be thought about! This is why they don't experience Knowledge, because they keep on thinking about Knowledge! Knowledge is something that you experience. You see?

You can sit down, and you can think about food, and think about food, and think about food. Your stomach is never going to get filled up. Food is something to be eaten. Water is something that you drink, not think and think about. Knowledge is something that you drink, not think and think about. Knowledge is something that you experience, that you realize within your heart, not something you sit down and say, "Yeah, man, what is it? It's this, and it's that, and …" No, no, no. It is something which is already within inside of us. It's vibrating within inside of us, and we have to merge inside of us, we have to be one within inside of us.

What is Guru Maharaj Ji's role? He is the car dealer, and he is the engineer of the dealer's shop. His purpose is to come and show you the features in the car. He is not going to put anything in the car. He is not going to put on an extra radio, an extra steering wheel, or indicators, or wipers, or anything. He is just going to show you where it is, how to play it, and how to operate it.

So premies, it's been beautiful. We have all gathered here, and we have heard satsang. There is no limit to satsang either. There's so much, so much, so much, so much satsang that can be given. But we have to make that decision.

It's not like we sit down and we hope for something to just happen, to blast off in the sky. No. We have to make that decision that, yes, we want it; really, we want to do it. And we can do it. God has given us, within inside of us, that grace, that potency, that energy, which can definitely make it possible for us to do it. We have it built in within inside of us. It's standard.

So do it. Realize it. Because we never know about this lifetime, this opportunity that we have been given. A mahatma gets on the stage, or a premie who has really been realizing this Knowledge gets up, or we are just walking about and talking, or sometimes, some service is required, and we say, "Well, oh brothers and sisters, you have the opportunity to do this and this service. Brothers and sisters who would like to do such and such and such service, please volunteer and sign up." That opportunity just clicks in if you have got the time to do it or if you want to do it. But then a mahatma gets up on the stage, or somebody gets up on the stage, and starts giving satsang and says, "Dear premies, we have this golden opportunity to realize this Knowledge," and something doesn't happen; something doesn't click. Because, you see, we have not had an experience in our lifetime that has shown us how important this lifetime really is.

Blessings to all the premies. Go back now, do the services you have, really get together, and cooperate. I am going to come to the countries in Europe if you are together, if you are really cooperative. That is the condition. There's no race, no competition, just get together, be in bliss, understand Knowledge, do service, get that mind out, pop the mind right out of that socket, and totally throw it away. Cooperate, do satsang, service, and meditation, be together, really cooperate with each other, and develop your centers so more people can come and benefit from satsang. Then I can come, very, very easily, and visit all of Europe. That way the whole of Europe can benefit from my coming.

So thank you very much, and blessings to all the premies.