Divine Times - Volume 4, Number 9, November 8, 1975

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Peace Bomb Special Hans Jayanti Section

These tears are not because I am remembering my father, but because I am feeling so much power in me. They are tears of strength. I have come so powerful. I have come for the world. Whenever the great come, the worldly oppose them. Again I have come and you are not listening. Every ear should hear that the savior of humanity has come. There should be no chance for anyone to say they haven't heard of Guru Maharaj Ji. Those who come to me are already saved. Now it's your duty to save others. Shout it on the streets. Why be shy? … The great leaders think that I have come to rule and yes, they are right! I will rule the World, and just watch how I will do it! Even the lion and sheep will embrace each other. Has there been such a king before? Krishna was not such a king. Rama also was not such a king. There were lesser powers in Ram, there were lesser powers in Krishna, but I have come to the world with full powers.


Hans Jayanti '75

Guru Maharaj Ji sets before us the perfect example of what devotion and dedication really is. These are qualities we have never experienced before and we have no hold on them. We need that perfect example to be set before us. Every day of our lives, this same example is set before us. Maharaj Ji is constantly calling us forward on our path, and if we can only suspend our habitual state of disbelief - for even a second - Maharaj Ji is right there to help us up the next step. How many people in history have ever completely realized this peace? Yet this is exactly the course Guru Maharaj Ji is demanding that with every breath of our lives.

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How About Doing Some Service?

People are in their heads, people are in their minds, and they don't realize that. They go on blaming, saying, "This is wrong," and, "How can this happen?" and, "This is freaky." Well, those decisions are made by me, and you have to understand that. We have to be very, very cooperative. We cannot expect that this organization will just flop together. It will not flop together. This takes an extreme amount of effort, understanding, patience, and intelligence. When all of these things are combined, then we make a good servant to Guru Maharaj Ji.

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National News

It's like, you get up in the morning, and you say, "Okay, I am going to meditate." But you have something in your head, like, you probably didn't do all the work you are supposed to, or you forgot to make a flute, or you forgot to polish your car. So you sit in meditation, and that's what is running in your head - car, flute, car, flute. Whatever the case is, that thing is going through your head, and you can't really meditate. You are thinking about when the meditation will be over and you can go and take care of those things. it's very difficult. So, I thinkthe most important thing is to be disciplined, to make meditation a habit, a part of you. We have to make Knowledge part of us, so it's nothing abnormal to us.

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Satsang in the Family

We use Divine Times to chronicle this process of self-discovery, the changing ways premies look at themselves and the world, and that's why Divine Times is more than just a newspaper full of facts. We try to get in depth, inside the news so that we can learn from the experiences of other premies.



Human beings are naturally loving creatures. Yet until Guru Maharaj Ji came and showed us to the experience of Knowledge, somewhere along the line we had forgotten how to be natural and loving. Given this opportunity, we began to meditate and open up to more and more of the love that is inside us. But sometimes that aggressiveness and tension that surrounds us in the world begins to rub off on us again. We need to get recharged. We need to come in contact with an experience that will lift us right out of our minds - that will once again lift us completely out of the stresses, tensions, aggravations, concepts and limitations of this world; an experience that will put us in a place of fresh perspectives, where we can once again heed the direction Maharaj Ji is giving us every day.

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International News

Preparing for the Guru Puja festival carries DLM Australia into another dimension of consciousness. Although not nearly as large as some overseas festivals, catering for 2000 people makes it the biggest event so far on the local calendar. It means setting up an organization much larger than Divine Light Mission. It means forming new departments to handle new events - to look after Guru Maharaj Ji and his entourage, to manage programs, to provide transport, to supply information, to hire buses and charter planes. Each week the number of premies needed grows, and as the festival grows closer, more and more meetings are held between the organizing commitee and the various departments, between the departments and their different sections, to fill in all the empty spaces, to provide for emergencies, to ask and answer the little questions: where do 1500 people have breakfast, who opens Maharaj Ji's car door at the Opera House?

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A Swan Takes Flight / Hans Yog Prakash Excerpts

Knowledge, ever-present consciousness, and love - these three are always found together. We must understand that these three are our life, and that if we have one of them, automatically the other two will be present also. We must come to realize that consciousness, knowledge and love are three branches of the same tree, three waves on the same pond. The name of the primordial form is Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. Truth appears to us decorated in the form of the manifest creation. Consciousness appears as knowledge of the various parts of creation. And the element of love which is expressed in the hearts of all living beings originates from bliss. Thus, misery can never be the result of true love.

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Everything Is Okay, Everything Is Under Control Guru Maharaj Ji in London, England on September 10, 1975

So now we have to come together and realize. I had David Lovejoy transferred from Australia to England, so that all the premies in England and this part of the world would be able to focus their energy and their attention. … I am not sorry to say this, but we just can't go around spacing anymore, if you know what I mean. We just can't go doing that anymore. We have to be at the right track. Otherwise, I hate to say this to you, but you will end up catching the wrong train, and then that's gonna be a big bundle of mess. It's just going to go on and on and on and on and on, and it's going to get much more complicated than you ever dreamed of.

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