Divine Times - December 1975 Volume 4, Number 10

After The Festival, Nothing Stops

"In describing his experience the last few days of the conference Cliff Bowden said, "I took part in the workshops that dealt with the development of the premie community in the U.S. I saw an amazing thing happen there: we were having real satsang with each other and we all felt such a sense of unity. But what was most exciting was that we had real, down-to-earth things that we were going to do to manifest this unity, love and devotion in the world."
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At Hans Jayanti, Maharaj Ji met twice with his mahatmas. The first time was on the eve of the first festival program when he gathered them together and assigned each a topic to give satsang about. "He gave me AMP," Mahatma Gurupujanand told us later, "but basically there were five topics. Satsang, service, meditation, agya, and dedication. These are very important things and without a deep and practical understanding of them a premie is not going to get anywhere, even if he is very sincere. Maharaj Ji knew this, and wanted us to communicate it to the premies."
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Divine Times would like to join premies around the world in wishing Guru Maharaj Ji a happy 18th birthday, and in pledging ourselves on this occasion to work in every way we can to help Maharaj Ji succeed in his mission of bringing peace on earth.
Something Happened

"This simple thing, that would otherwise be nothing, with the grace of the Perfect Master becomes everything. Just this one simple second of darshan."
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So Many Beautiful Lovers Durga Ji's Satsang at the Hans Jayanti Festival Orlando, Florida on the Evening of 7 November 1975

"But Shri Maharaj Ji had the perfect Knowledge. And he passed this to his son, Sant Ji. It's like Maharaj Ji was saying last night in the mahatma conference that he had with the mahatmas here. He said that when Shri Maharaj Ji called the four brothers into the room and revealed Knowledge, he asked, "What would you do if I gave you a seed?" And Maharaj Ji said, "I wouldn't waste it, and I wouldn't just throw it away." Guru Maharaj Ji took that seed so seriously and meditated on that Knowledge so seriously, until he perfected it"
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Bring All The Premies Together

"Darshan: "The Lord himself reincarnates, reincarnates, reincarnates himself for the very purpose of saving us … so when the Lord comes to us, accept him. And the Lord is here.
He comes along and He saves us, He protects us. Well premies, that's the glory of Him. I just want to caution you about something. Because the way He is, the way He does His things, He just might decide not to go around lookin' for you. And if He does, you have had it. That's it. It's called "finito." It's all over."
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"If you have realized something which is omnipotent and omniscient and omnipresent, just too beautiful, how can you subdivide your 1ife into the small beliefs and small concepts which lead us really not into that liberation, but round and round in circles?"
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Propagation - The Natural Step
Question: Maharaj Ji, I lived in different ashrams and did propagation and did postering, and things like that. I always felt it was really hard to bring people to Knowledge. We tried to use the tools that were available to us, like leafleting and postering, I just wondered if maybe the world, is it readier now? Are we going to be able to be more successful now?
Guru Maharaj Ji: Yes.
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So we have to be really clear and ready to say, "Listen. I can help you, I think. I can show you something. I can lead you to someone who can help you." If we're not even clear enough to do that, if we're crazy ourselves, who's going to listen to us? We have to get really clear. - Durga Ji
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Here at Divine Times, we find the meditation we practice does much more than just relaxing and refreshing us. It opens our hearts, and changes us from a taking to a giving way of life. It doesn't leave us alone. It fills us with optimism and clarity, gives us a new perspective, shows us a glimpse of how this planet could be, if we lived together as one big family of love. So we want to communicate. The meditation we practice actually lifts us out of our isolated, selfish viewpoint, and into a new and universal consciousness. Not all at once, you understand. Gradually, as a flower opens.
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"We have an energy. We have something that we have experienced and realized in this lifetime, but it's all scattered. All we have to do is bring it together and it'll be one energy. The potency, the power of that energy brought together by the premies, by premies just getting together, would be so incredible that I assure you it would make my work in this world, in this lifetime, three quarters easier. And it all depends on premies. Because they have realized it. They know it. And they know how incredible, how peaceful, how blissful that experience really is."