Maharaji's January 1976 Letter

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1/76 - Divine Times

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji

Dear premies,

The response from the tour of Latin America was quite beautiful, especially since this was the first time the premies were able to have a festival in Latin America. Everyone was totally blissed out. My tour then took me to Germany where we had another outstanding festival. Next I went to the South Pacific which was also very beautiful. And, of course, you know about Orlando!

Though the premies who participated in my satsang programs were from different places and from different backgrounds, they shared something very common, something very intimate, something very beautiful among themselves. It really showed me that the premies have a fantastic amount of potential. In 1976, I think we can really use this potential in such a way that would make this year a very successful one. It should tremendously boost the Mission's capacity to be equipped to spread this Knowledge in leaps and bounds. This is the only way we can serve the world, giving everybody the kind of Peace they are looking for.

But before all this can really happen, all the premies will have to truly understand. All the premies will have to first mature, seriously applying themselves to satsang, service and meditation. If we do not apply ourselves and have the real understanding of who we are and what we are supposed to do, and if we do not really do satsang, service and meditation, I sincerely feel this makes the premies quite incapable of doing my service properly. And that creates an enormous amount of imbalance in a premie's life, because all premies have to do satsang, service and meditation efficiently enough so that it really shows them the practical results of this Knowledge. I feel this balance can be brought about by synchronizing all our efforts through the Active Membership Program. It is so essential that we all get behind our Divine Light Mission communities which are the backbone of this Mission, and which tremendously help me to do my job in this world.

Premies, I feel that it is about time that we all get synchronized, because if we don't, your services will be totally unusable by me. You see, we are all part of the same thing.

You know, I don't get too much of a chance to write these letters. In 1976, I will again be touring the world, visiting the United States, Latin America, South Africa, Europe and the Far East.

And so, I really hope you take this letter to heart and really come together for the sake of this drowning world. Then I, through the organization, can help this world, because I tell you this world can sure use it!

I hope you understand my message.

I love you all.