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What is in store for 1976?

In America, people will be trying to rediscover the ideals of a country celebrating its bicentennial.

"That, all men are created equal, and have unalienable rights, including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That, to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men."

Isn't it the same for all people of the world? Don't we expect our governments, regardless of the systems, to secure the rights to pursue life's goal?

For this reason, I must address those who have accepted the responsibility for securing the needs of the people, the World Leaders, on the eve of this new year.

How is it possible to rationalize the contradictions our ideals as human beings encounter when contrasted with the current world situation?

What is the importance of ideals, unless they can be realized?

How realistic is it to approach the human community as the "Three Worlds," "Four Worlds," or "Five Worlds", given that we are all on the same world and are all part of the same dilemma?

The leaders of this human race must not limit their perspective if they are to have the understanding necessary to meet the challenges of these difficult times.

In 1976, not only in America, but all over the world, we must call upon people to re-examine how we are to achieve our ideals.

And, most importantly, in the full awareness of our future life on this planet we must decide what is our goal, what is the aim of life.

– Guru Maharaj Ji

Guru Maharaj Ji's address to world leaders for 1976, filmed in Denver, Colorado and released on the eve of the new year.

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