Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977


Guru Maharaj Ji addressed the premies by an amplified telephone call
Friday evening, March 18, 1977.

Dear premies, this is, ah, Guru Maharaj Ji. I'd like to welcome you to the Holi Festival.

The only reason why we are all here is to really try to experience what we are all here for. There's a lot of reasons in our lives why we should be here. But I believe truly there's only one reason why we should all be here. And that reason, by the Grace, has been made so clear to all of us. And we just have to go on and on and on, and enjoy it and really try to experience it. And that is satsang, service and meditation.

Tomorrow there'll be darshan happening early in the morning, and I want you to be ready for that. And then, hopefully, if there is enough time left for Holi, we might be able to have Holi. And I want everybody to be careful at the Holi festival, especially when we are doing the Holi program. And all I can say is: Enjoy yourself. This is an opportunity. And I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

Thank you very much.

Divine Times, April/ May 1977    3