Divine Times - April/May 1977 Volume 6, Number 4

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Welcome To Holi Guru Maharaj Ji addressed the premies by an amplified telephone call Friday evening, March 18, 1977

There's a lot of reasons in our lives why we should be here. But I believe truly there's only one reason why we should all be here. And that reason, by the Grace, has been made so clear to all of us. And we just have to go on and on and on, and enjoy it and really try to experience it. And that is satsang, service and meditation. Tomorrow there'll be darshan happening early in the morning, and I want you to be ready for that. And then, hopefully, if there is enough time left for Holi, we might be able to have Holi. And I want everybody to be careful at the Holi festival, especially when we are doing the Holi program

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It's Holy - Not Holi Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Holi Festival, Miami Beach, Florida Saturday, March 19, 1977

I just want you to just even imagine what I imagine for a second: if I were to be a premie, just a simple premie, and not be a Guru Maharaj Ji. And to know, and to experience that my Lord, that my Guru Maharaj Ji, my everything, which I have experienced in my lifetime, was actually traveling this earth, trying to bring his devotees together, I wouldn't consider as far as to be in a program. But I'd consider more like to be just a dust in the path so he can trample over. And to go so far as to say "Oh yeah, man, it'll be nice to be in the program," maybe l wouldn't go that far. Maybe that's just the way I would he. I'd just like to be a little speck of sand, when he travels this earth, giving that bliss and giving that love and giving that harmony to all his premies, to all his devotees. I'd like to be trampled on at that time.

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Love: A Plentiful Reason Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Holi Festival Miami Beach, Florida Sunday, March 20, 1977

I was watching a cartoon in Los Angeles, and it was a "Bugs Bunny" cartoon, and in the cartoon Elmer Fudd was programmed to be like a rabbit, and he thought he was a rabbit. And Bugs Bunny passed by this place, and Elmer Fudd told him, "Look, if you come and take my place," - because he was in a sanitarium - he said, "if you take my place I'll give you all these carrots." And Bugs Bunny said, "Okay." So he took his place and Elmer Fudd went out in the jungle, and of course there was Bugs Bunny, and the doctor came and he said, "Wow! This is the worst case of rabbititis I've ever seen!" And, besides anything that was told to Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny was to be told and programmed to say, "I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht." And that was it.


June Calendar

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A Holi Time

Inside the Convention Center, a backdrop that looks like a kite waits behind the chair. Appropriate for one who loves to fly kites when he's not splashing people in a park in the hot sun - or running around the world, inspiring his premies to greater and greater heights of experience.
Scattered energy inside the big hall this first night, as we shake the travelling dust loose from our shoes. Premies milling about, hanging out in the lobby. Joe Anctil trying his best from the stage to settle us down, pleading with us to take our seats, chiding us for acting a bit too much like a bunch of tourists who just blew into Miami Beach for a convention …

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The Big Spray

"At one point it seemed as though Maharaj Ji was leaving," Teddy recalls. "We even cleared the way for him. But then he suddenly turned around and went back to the gun. He liked it so much, he didn't want to leave." Maharaj Ji used the gun for more than an hour, pivoting it around with amazing dexterity and keeping it fully under his control. Everyone else who had tried to work it alone found that the gun turned them rather than they turning the gun.

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A Royal Holi Conference

But Maharaj Ji also used the comment as a launching point to speak about the need for cooperation among premies. He spoke about a festival complex where everyone could be accommodated for less than five dollars a person. To accomplish that, premies would need to learn sacrifice as well as cooperation. Maharaj Ji also spoke about bringing stability to communities so that everyone could more easily afford to attend programs through a collective effort. "Still I don't see - still I am missing that flow of people between having to see that we are all brothers and sisters," Maharaj Ji said. "There has to be not just a verbal communication, but a real emotion or a real feeling from your heart, right in here," he pointed, "that we are all brothers and sisters."

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Bulletin Board

To help Guru Maharaj Ji's Mission work more effectively in serving you and in meeting the demands of an organization within society at large, we need your cooperation in registering as a DLM member. By paying $1.50 membership fee for 1977, you will be registered for the national and local mailing lists of Divine Light Mission. This list will be available for use by Divine Light Mission and by Guru Maharaj Ji himself, whenever he wants to send a message to all of his U.S. premies. To become a member, simply complete the form below and return it along with $1.50 to national headquarters. If you wish to donate to Divine Light Mission and/or participate in the Active Membership Program for 1977, please check the box at the bottom on the form to receive a donor coupon booklet.

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Due to the opportunity provided to us by having several darshan programs every 19 days or so, our production schedule for Divine Times fell behind. To correct for this, this issue has been published as the April-May issue. However, subscribers will be charged only for one issue. Also, since we no longer offer Divine Times to AMP members without charge, we are able to mail Divine Times to our subscribers within North America by first class mail, without an increase in our subscription rates. We hope this will correct the persistent problems we have had in the past in making Divine Times available quickly through the mail.