Divine Times - June 1977 Volume 6, Number 5

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Anniversary Telephone Call

I just, I just wanted to tell the premies that I just feel like we're all sharing so much love today. I know, I know I am. I just - it's a completely amazing day. Just - love's completely taken over and I, I can tell that it's just happening everywhere, that premies all over are feeling that it's just a very special day. I'm just happy we're all experiencing it together. Jai Satchitanand.

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The European Tour

Just three months after the incredible sequence of North American programs began, Guru Maharaj Ji stepped aboard a small private jet in Miami and winged his way to Europe to give the premies there a big dose of the love he had been showering here.
As he had in each of the European cities, Guru Maharaj Ji returned to the stage on the last night with his Krishna suit on. And, as she had each time, Durga Ji placed the crown on his head. But here - in this most royalty- conscious of all countries - Maharaj Ji took special note of the fact that it was the first time he had been crowned in England, even though London was the first western city to which he had come when he first left India six years ago.

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It's A Little Game Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Montpellier, France on April 3, 1977

Because I tell you, I've been trying to think of this one committee maybe we could make, where everybody would just like pay a certain amount of money to this committee, and then this committee could arrange the program. We could cut down the price of registration. Maybe we could cut down everything, so that maximum premies could attend. Maybe we could do something ultra-fantastic, so that every premie in the whole world could come and attend every program. Not just one. Not just two. But every program. (cheering). But the thing is, that's not a dreamt dream; it can be real. It can become a reality.

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Moving Ahead - The European Conferences -

"Our general direction, first of all, should be straight. What are we trying to do? What are we trying to accomplish? Well … what are we trying to accomplish?" Maharaj Ji asked, just before providing the answer. "To me, clearly, one of our clear dreams is that most of the people receive Knowledge."
"If premies want to make an ashram: make it. Move in. It has nothing to do with Divine Light Mission. You pay your own rent, your own food, find your own income tax returnes. And then, when the premies are ready, I will send an initiator."

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Be Surrendered Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Munich, Germany on April 10, 1977

What makes, what makes Shri Maharaj Ji, what makes Guru Maharaj Ji, so superior? If what He's revealing is not realistic, if it doesn't exist? How come …" And it was like, to me, he was my father, and there was an extreme genuine respect. And it was like everyone in our family, everybody had a lot of respect. And all of the premies who lived at the residence had a lot of respect. And everything was pretty much kept straight on the nose. But there was a lot of respect, there was a lot of love, and then there was something else, you know? There was fatherly, and there was - that relationship that we had - it was there and it was extremely beautiful. There was fear. Fear of love. Fear because we respected him. But besides all that, there was something far more superior that that when he came to a satsang program, thousands of these premies realized, thousands of these premies gave in, and it was immaculate, you know?

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Active Membership Program

"We want that one dollar, that one cent, that one dime, that that person gives to us to be out of complete surrender. That is how it is going to be successful."
Guru Maharaj Ji February 21, 1977