From Waah … To Wow!

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang by Telephone to the Gainesville, Florida Retreat, October 2, 1977

Can the premies hear me? Well, I sure hope so.

Dear premies, this is kind of an unusual event in itself, considering the fact that I've never done this before the way it's set up right now. But the most important thing is that we understand that communication, that Love, that is flowing through us now.

The first important thing that we have to understand is: What is this Knowledge that brings us this Love? And then, what is this Love that brings us this opportunity? And then to reverse it all, and to say, "What brings this all together for us?" And what really we have to understand, is Guru Maharaj Ji.

In our hearts we have different experiences. In our hearts we have different feelings. And these feelings continue from our ups and downs, our emotions, our feelings, our - whatever we experience. But yet it's really beautiful, because once in a while it all shines through us, and it comes so together for us, and we can really experience Grace, and we can really experience that Truth, and we can really experience that Love that's really present within inside all of us. And experience that Love that's really bringing us all together.

Because like, there's so many crazy things going on in this world. There's so much happening in this world. But yet, what kind of conclusion does it bring itself together? And the only kind of conclusion that I can see that it brings itself together to is that we really need to have that Love, that we really need to have that appreciation, that we really need to have Guru Maharaj Ji. Because without Guru Maharaj Ji, everything just deteriorates in our lives.

And it's like, maybe to some people that's like, "Well, nothing has deteriorated in my life yet." And yet we have to understand that for those people it is deteriorating, and that we have to come to that one conclusion in our own hearts. And that one conclusion that we want to come to can only be experienced by satsang, service, and meditation. By that Grace, by that Love. So the one foremost thing that automatically becomes very important in our lives is that satsang, service, and meditation.

You know, I was just reading this one magazine. Elan Vital, today. And I have to admit that satsang is such a beautiful thing. And yet, when not appreciated, it can become so crazy, it can become so absurd almost, in a way, that we can't relate to it. But then it can become so beautiful when we can understand what is being talked about.

"It's not just being here that brings everything together.
It's to be here with Guru Maharaj Ji; it's to be here with satsang,
with service, with meditation, that means a lot."

Because I know there's a lot of people who do not understand what I'm talking about in this world. And yet, when they get that chance, when they get that opportunity to really understand, to really look in their lives, that there is nothing else but that Knowledge, that Guru Maharaj Ji, that service, that satsang, that meditation, that's going to bring them closer to what they want to become closer to. And not just what they want to become closer to, but to become closer to what they need to become closer to. And it's so beautiful, because it's such an incredible experience.

Right now in the United States we have a lot of initiators. And all around the world we have a lot of initiators. And what are these initiators doing? All these initiators are coming together and bringing that true Love to all these premies, to all these aspirants. And how? And the only way it's possible, that my own experience tells me, is by truly committing ourselves, truly dedicating ourselves, to that Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji via satsang, service, and meditation.

And I know man in this lifetime has a lot of concepts, and will always have concepts. And these concepts are maybe never going to stop, and they're going to keep on going on and on and on. But yet, beyond all those concepts, beyond all those feelings that we have, there's something far greater, something much more fantastic, something much more far superior. And that is Knowledge. That is Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because in this lifetime we come, we are here. And that's one Grace: that we are here. That we are alive. And yet, how is that Grace truly justified in this world? Everybody's alive. Everybody does all the crazy things that they have to do in this lifetime. And nobody really experiences what it means to really be alive, to really be here. Because it's not just being here that brings everything together; it's to be here with Guru Maharaj Ji. It's to be here with satsang, with service, with meditation, that means a lot.

And in my own experience - I was alive when I was born. I mean, a few seconds after, at least. And there I was - I mean, I don't remember that time, but I have seen Premlata born; I have seen Hansi born; I have seen Navlata born; and I can understand that that's pretty much what I probably went through. And the first thing probably I said in this world was, "Waah!" But is that it? Is that what everybody goes through? No, there's a lot more experience involved behind all that.

That "waah" is the beginning of all the cries that we have to suffer in this world. That "waah," that one cry, that first cry, just begins the whole distorted,

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unharmonized suffering that we have to experience in this world. And yet, premies, through this Knowledge, and by my own experience - because remember: 1 went through that "waah" too, just as you did, and just as everybody went through it. And that "waah" has changed, to me, as "Wow!" As that fantastic experience has established itself in my life, so that - same way, exactly the same way, it can for you.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1977 And so, premies, it's so beautiful that we can all come together, share that experience, share that joy, share that Love, share that experience, in that true understanding of why we are here. Because there's so many explanations that everybody has to give, and yet not the reason. Yes, so many different concepts everybody has: "Why are we here?" "Okay, we came from lizards, we came from birds, we came from this, we came from that;" that's all okay, but we are here now. What is our purpose? Why are we here?

I mean, to me, relatively it doesn't matter if we came from an apple tree or we came from a lizard, or we came from a mother. Why are we here? I mean, obviously we are not just here because we are here. But we are here to accomplish a purpose, and that's why we are here. And what is that purpose? And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace only can we understand what that purpose is in our lives. And once we have understood that purpose in our lives, once we have understood that meaning of this in our lives, can we truly accomplish the purpose of this life.

Because without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, without the Grace of that Lord that is here now - it's like that example that I used to give. You can prepare a beautiful meal (well, at least an Indian meal), and do not put salt in it, and it'll taste pretty blah. You can prepare a dessert, a really nice dessert, and don't put sugar in it, and it might taste really blah. Can you imagine trying to eat a melon that didn't taste like a melon? Can you imagine trying to eat a banana that didn't taste like a banana? But that's the way life is. That's what happens to life. That's what becomes of life when there is no experience of Knowledge. And more and more we see that without that Knowledge, everybody's getting lost, everybody's getting spaced out.

So now is the time to concentrate within ourselves, to come together within ourselves, so that we can ourselves experience that Knowledge. So that we can ourselves experience that Grace. And to distribute it to the other people who want that, who want to have that experience. Yet maybe, to them, they cannot place it in those words such as "Knowledge," such as "Grace," such as "true experience." But we all need it. We all want it.

And so, premies, it becomes our one and foremost duty to try to give that Knowledge to all the people in this world. And only one thing can manifest itself that can bring Knowledge in this world, that can bring Peace that I talk about in this world, that can bring that Creator to that level where everybody can understand Him, and that is only through Love. And remember one thing, premies: Knowledge does not seek us; that's already within inside of us. We seek

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Knowledge. And so we have to understand that we want Knowledge. We want that Love; we want that understanding.

And maybe to a lot of people there's a lot of questions: What is Knowledge? And what is Love?

Love may have a different definition to it, and Knowledge may have a different definition to it. But my experience tells me, that I can understand, that only Knowledge can bring Love. And Love can bring Knowledge forth into our lives. And how that complicated system works is because Guru Maharaj Ji loves us, he reveals us Knowledge, through which we can all become garland, completely penetrated by that one thread of Love.

So premies, we have to really pull together in our lives. Not for some materialistic purpose, but we have to come together in our lives for that Knowledge, for that simplicity of Knowledge. Because what does Knowledge involve? What does Knowledge consist of? What Knowledge consists of - after you receive Knowledge - of satsang, service, and meditation!

And satsang brings us that harmony. Satsang brings us that togetherness that we really want, in brotherly love. Brings us together, gives us darshan.

And service makes us surrender, makes us comprehend that Creator that we want to comprehend, makes us together, makes us give up, brings us humility, brings us devotion to that Creator that we really want to devote to. And we're not just talking about, in this subject, some Joe Blow; we're talking about the Creator. And that's what service brings us.

And meditation brings us that joy, that experience, all pulled together in one bunch, for all of us.

So premies, I know that there's a lot of concepts. And I know that there's a lot of things. But yet there is only one thing that I can tell you, I can recommend to you.

You know, there's a lot of magazines that are printed, and I went through this one whole book that we were going to try to put together. And in that book we were trying to put together all the question-and-answers we've had till now.

And I just - like, it flashed to me, just about in that era when the question-and-answers stopped, it was so clear. And yet, maybe not very many people caught onto it …

I have an experience. And you have an experience. You come to me with your questions to ask of that experience that I have. And yet I tell you that you can have the same experience as I have via this satsang, service, and meditation. And therefore, once you have realized this Knowledge, you will never, and no more, have those questions, those doubts, those concepts or those confusions that confuse you today in this world. That'll all bring you together; that'll all bring you in manifestation of that Lord, in the manifestation of that Love, in the manifestation of that experience that I talk about.

So, all I can say is that it was really beautiful to be able to - well, come on this phone and give this satsang to all of you premies. But yet this satsang - what does it mean? I mean, right now I can feel that Love, and I can feel that experience that all of you are having. And yet, to me, on this end what I am talking to is an intercom system, you know, on a P.A. system, on a system which is just a regular telephone system. And where does that put it?

And yet, I know I'm not just talking to a little dummy right over this end. It's a lot more, it's a lot more beautiful, it's a lot more incredible. I can feel it. And because - I know that very soon we are all going to come and see ourselves together in one place, in Rome, and the program has of course been confirmed. And it's - I think it's going to be a beautiful experience for all of us to come together from all over the world, and to lose that concept, and to lose that sight of "It's happening here" or "It's happening there." But just to come together for the purpose of that program.

So, I just hope that most of the premies can make it there, and I hope all the premies can make it there. And everybody, I think, is pushing very hard to make it as comfortable as possible for all the premies. So I sure hope I'll see you in Rome, Italy.

Thank you very much, and may God bless you.

Blessings to all the premies.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker With Mahatma Jagdeo and Initiators 1977