Divine Times - September/October 1977 Volume 6, Number 8

Hans Rawat
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Submersion of the mind into the Divine Light, obedience and service to the Satguru with supreme Love for Him, consecration of body, mind and all activities to Him, together with a great anguish for the slightest forgetfulness of Him, constitute sublime devotion. Hence is ensured perpetual peace, eternal bliss and salvation within the lifetime. There is absolutely no other way to achieve them.

- Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj June, 1961, Prem Nagar Ashram

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Back-to-Back Surprises - Article about the "surprise" visit of Prem Rawat to the Court of Love Retreat, September, 1977.
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Word By Word -Excerpts of Raja Ji's Satsang at the Court of Love Retreat, September 3, 1977.

We are his children, and all we can really do is try and try and try. And just try to make him happy. That's all there is in the world for us. Just try from our side, and whatever he does is fine then.

And all we have to do is just really play our part in it. Just really meditate, and really realize in our lives, as much as we can. Guru Maharaj Ji. The only thing our life - the sole purpose of our being here, to serve that beautiful Lord, our Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's all I really have to say.

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Get All The Candy!- Satsang given by Brian McDermott at the Court of Love Retreat, September 4, 1977.

When Bill was sharing last night that now we have an opportunity to merge with Guru Maharaj Ji - and I had never heard that before. It was just like bullets being fired into me when he said, "You can merge with Guru Maharaj Ji. This is an opportunity that we can merge into Guru Maharaj Ji, that we can merge with his purpose, that we can merge with his will, that we can merge with his energy, that we can merge with his Love." And I was just rocked. I didn't know that was - I was just like: "Wow!" But I also know that Guru Maharaj Ji is completely one with this Knowledge; he's completely one with this work, with this mission on this Earth. Never for a second is there anything that he does that isn't absolutely, sincerely and profoundly furthering the agya of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. Everything is so precise; there's not one speck of personal space. There's not one bit of anything within inside of him except that perfection. He's just One

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Grace, Knowledge, Surrender- Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Court of Love Retreat, September 5, 1977.

But then, what is the purpose of this human life? Just to fight a fight that is never going to be won?
And it's just like, flying over here, you could see all these gravestones, you know. You could see all these graveyards and these headstones on the graveyards. And obviously these people - that's what they've done for such a long time: just fighting for sort of an endless reason. And then there they are, six feet under the ground, with a little slab saying born in 18-something and died in 19-something and, "He was a good guy." And that's about it! And that's the result of your whole fight. That's the end of your fight. That's the beginning of your fight. That's the motive of your fight.

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It's Based On Love - Satsang given by Michael Dettmers at the Court of Love Retreat on September 5, 1977

I wasn't here for this whole weekend, but just coming here for the few seconds before Maharaj Ji gave satsang, it was so incredible. The vibration was so intense. And we were just so open to Maharaj Ji. And the more open we are to Maharaj Ji, the more we recognize him, the more we recognize how precious his darshan is. And that's what we want. We want to recognize Guru Maharaj Ji. We want to recognize him inside. And there's no other way to do it except to practice Knowledge, to be in that gift that he's given us, so that we can get to know him completely.

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Fulfill Your Destiny - Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, September 18, 1977

But to me, what makes sense is when this one person realizes Knowledge in his life, instead of saying, "This knowledge and that knowledge," it's just flat: "This is the Raj Vidya. This is the ultimate Knowledge. This is the Knowledge of all the knowledges." Because it is! Because all the knowledges that we are taught today, we have to live by them. They don't live by us; we have to live by them.

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From Wah to Wow- Telephone to the Gainesville, Florida Retreat, October 2, 1977

Because without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, without the Grace of that Lord that is here now - it's like that example that I used to give. You can prepare a beautiful meal (well, at least an Indian meal), and do not put salt in it, and it'll taste pretty blah. You can prepare a dessert, a really nice dessert, and don't put sugar in it, and it might taste really blah. Can you imagine trying to eat a melon that didn't taste like a melon? Can you imagine trying to eat a banana that didn't taste like a banana? But that's the way life is. That's what happens to life. That's what becomes of life when there is no experience of Knowledge. And more and more we see that without that Knowledge, everybody's getting lost, everybody's getting spaced out.

And so, premies, it becomes our one and foremost duty to try to give that Knowledge to all the people in this world. And only one thing can manifest itself that can bring Knowledge in this world, that can bring Peace that I talk about in this world, that can bring that Creator to that level where everybody can understand Him, and that is only through Love.

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- Translated and adapted by Gurucharnanand from a poem by Saint Kabir