Divine Times - November/December 1977 Volume 6, Number 9

A Lot More Grace Guru Maharaj Ji's birthday satsang at Malibu, California, December 10, 1977

"And premies, keep on doing that satsang, service, and meditation. Don't let go on that. Because as soon as you do, the moment you do, you're going to fall so hard that you wouldn't know what hit you. Don't let go, whatever happens."
The Satsang Party Charles Cameron

We enter in at the gate. We enter the celestial city, paradise, garden of the gods, we enter the Beyond by a small gate set in a white wall. We stand there, breathe, perhaps smile. We have come home. For once, there is nothing to say.
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Week Of Surrender

"The only night that Maharaj Ji didn't appear on the shining white stage was on Darshan Day, when he sat majestically without a break for ten hours in a basement area as 13,300 premies filed past him in an awesome, holy procession. The next night he told us it was the longest darshan line of his whole life."
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Let The Grace Come Hans Jayanti, Rome, Italy, November 8, 1977

"But premies, overall this is what happens. This is Knowledge. This is what Knowledge does: Knowledge brings that tranquillity, brings that harmony, to all human beings of every type, of every age. And it doesn't matter what their background is. It doesn't matter what they are up to, but it just brings them all together because of that harmony inside, because of that understanding inside, because of that Love inside."
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Arti & Pranam

Meditation begins in in the form of our Master
Adoration begins at the feet of our Lord
Concentration begins in the words of our Master
Liberation begins in the Grace of our Lord
Can't You Feel It?

"In all fields of the arts, gifted people who are experiencing the Truth revealed to them by Guru Maharaj Ji are expanding a heavenly consciousness on Earth. Their work is to praise the living Master in all areas of life. And soon even the concept of superstar or artist will fade away, as each person's life becomes an expression of his love for the perfection revealed within him."
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He's On The Planet Guru Maharaj Ji, Coordinators' Conference, Rome

"I'm on the planet," he said. "Isn't that enough?"

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Ocean Of Satsang satsang by phone to a New York Knowledge Session, on October 25, 1977, Durga Ji's birthday

"Because in this life, there's a lot of things that happen; and believe me, there's a lot of things that are happening right now. And you can look to a lot of answers and you can look to a lot of solutions. But there is no solution far more precious, far more greater, far more infinite, and far more beautiful, than Knowledge, than Grace, than Guru Maharaj Ji. And it's just so beautiful because I mean, it's always beautiful."