Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978

The Right Track

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978

Dear premies, it's really beautiful to be able to come and have some more satsang. It's really been incredible after the satsang in England. I guess most of you were there. And it really is beautiful because in our heart, where the realization really happens, in our feelings, in our real heart, where that realization really takes place, you feel something. You understand something. It's like a feeling of fulfillment, and really, there is no other feeling that a human wants in this age, except that feeling of fulfillment in his life.

Because you just see this world and there's so many goals that people have set forth. There's so many ideals that man has set forth. And he never gets that feeling of that proper fulfillment until just that time happens where he, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, receives that Knowledge; he, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, receives that Grace that can then fulfill that fulfillment that he really wants; fulfill that destiny he really wants to accomplish in this life.

We just have programs from one place to the other place, and it's been halls or it's been outside; or it's been in a tent. And this is the first time it's been in a bullring like this. And I've never seen a

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 bullfight. I don't want to see a bullfight. But anyway, from what you can see in cartoons and stuff, this is where the matador stands. And from one of these gates, the bull comes charging. It gets aggravated and he's aggravated. He attacks this red thing this matador has. And this matador has to be really there to be able to prevent himself from getting hurt, otherwise this bull is really powerful, and it can hurt.

And this is the way it is in our lives, too. It's like this arena. And everybody sits all around this arena. And, of course, this is a completely different set-up, because this stage wouldn't be here. It would just be the guy and a lot of ambulances, I guess. And then this fight begins. And it's just like that: the bull comes charging out. And everybody watches, and everybody shouts and everybody screams and everybody goes, "Yay!" And then the whole thing happens.

And here we are in this arena, in this world, where all these concepts and all these ideas and all these things that we have to live through are like the people completely surrounding that arena. And wherever you can see, there's ideas. There's thoughts; there's concepts. And then there is this little circle, this little circle that we make out of that arena, out of that concept. Because that matador is not going to be really into that fighting, if there is nobody in this bullring. And he takes the vibe, he takes the attitude, he takes the feeling, of the people who are here sitting in those seats, and then proceeds to fight. And really the same thing happens. We take those concepts that have been given to us, those concepts that we like the best, and get our feeling, our attitude, or our life together by feeling out all those concepts, our logics, our understandings, our this and that, and we try to get our trip together in this world.

And here is this mind, charging at us. And every concept, when that happens, every logic, every idea, - every ideology gets completely like, "Yay! It's starting to happen now." And here we are, and we have to protect ourselves. And yet we have to somehow defy, that mind that's coming towards us. We have to somehow fool this mind, and eventually, maybe, be even successful of killing it.

But it's like a big mess. It's like a big scene that happens in our lives. Because here is the arena; and there are the people, there are the concepts, there is the logic, and there are all those things. But the matador is so bad that he gets completely mixed up. And before he knows, he's so involved. He's so out there! He's involved in what's out there, looking at people, going like this. Because usually, I guess, that's what the guy looks at: what kind of audience he's got. And he's so much into his audience that he forgets that there's going to be a bull coming, charging at him, at any time. And before he knows, his bravery - or whatever you call it - gets completely demolished, because he's just been hurt real bad. And that's what happens. We just completely get mixed up in this world of concepts. We get completely hit by that mind. And then it's just like, everything is gone! Our whole lives just melt away, just dissipate. Into what? Into nothing. Into something that we, don't even know what it is. And we just come into this world, and we go, "Here I am! Someday …" And then, all these concepts and all these goals that man makes for himself: and then one day everything just goes woosh! Right down the drain.

Before I came here we were just having some satsang at the residence. And I was just saying this life is like a locomotive, like an engine. And it needs to ride on two tracks. And these two tracks have to be always parallel, because if they are not parallel, the locomotive is going to derail. Itself, it doesn't have anything. It can't go anywhere unless there are tracks. And then it will go there. It will go from one place to the other place, only where the tracks are laid out. And that's the way this life is. Wherever you want to take it, it'll go.

But then, what really is the purpose? What are thus two tracks that we are really supposed to be riding? And those are to understand what purpose of this life really is and parallel to it always maintain the second line which is to fulfill that purpose of life.

And that causes the two tracks to be there. One, the purpose of this life, understand what it is. And the second, to fulfill it. And that makes the train roll, that makes the locomotive go. And then it's like a track which will lead you to that ultimate goal, to that ultimate destiny that you really want to be at.

But if ever in our lives we forget the purpose of this life, then it's like having one track and not the other one. And we are bound to get derailed. And if we know the purpose of our life and are not fulfilling, if we know the destiny but are not fulfilling it, then again the same thing will happen, and we will derail. And, it's like, that's the way it's supposed to be. And that's the way really it is supposed to be.

And every time a Perfect Master has come in this world, that's what he has told us: that there is something far more superior, that there is something far more greater than just what we seek in our concepts. There is something far more superior, there is something that's far more greater, and that's what we have to achieve, that's what we have to get at. And premies, that's the way it is.

But then we go out and we create all these different tracks, all these different rails from our concepts, from our imaginations. "No, if I have something else to go at, maybe that is my destiny." Then we make all these different tracks. And there is this real track lying in the middle. And then there are all these other tracks that we make from our concepts, from our ideas, from whatever we have learned in this world. And even people who have learned nothing in this world make that mistake of perking up all these different tracks all over the place.

And then we know that we've got so many tracks down on the ground that one of them … This is like a real progression that we go into in our lives, I guess. But we know that one of these lines, one of these tracks is wrong, is the wrong one to be on. It's a mirage of the other tracks. And so what are we to do? Which track do we take? And we know that we can take any track and get rolling. Maybe that will fulfill our destiny, or not.

There are so many people out there in this world that are really living day-to-day, and they think they are very happy. They don't care about destiny. They don't

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 care if ever in their life they run out of rope. They really don't care if ever in their life the track stops.

They make all these lines and they just roll right on there. But the thing is that you know that one of these lines is for sure going to get you in a mess, because it doesn't even exist.

And I guess everybody in this whole world knows one thing: that you can definitely make one mistake that can finish it all. We all know that we can all make one mistake, and whatever that mistake is … It depends from person to person. But we know that if this mistake was ever to be made, it would devastate us, it would destroy us. And it's not exactly jumping off a big high building. It's like knowing that if you take one of those wrong tracks, you've had it You're finished. You won't even start getting rolling. You would be derailed.

And in that mass of confusion, in that mass of things, some people don't even take that time, some people don't even take that attention, that care, of saying, "Wait a minute, you know? This is too much." It's kind of that effect of pulling your hair out.

It's like: "Wait a minute! I've really got to find out which one is the right track. I don't want to take a mirage. I don't want to go into mirage. I don't want to take a track that doesn't even exist. And I don't want to spend my life in some unrefined, undestined track that's going to take me and just dump me somewhere. But I really want what this life is for. I really want the fulfillment of the purpose why I am born, why I am here, why is everything here."

And when we take that time, when we take that chance, when we take that - not chance - but when we make that effort, that, "Okay, I'm really going to find out," that's the time that we really go and just humbly surrender, and go, "Help!"

And then by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. only by that Grace, do we then get to find out which one is the real track, which track is going to fulfill our destiny. And then, not only that, but then to keep having that strength in us to keep strengthening us to have, to maintain that parallel between knowing our destiny and fulfilling our destiny. And never to derail, and keep on going on that train for ever and ever and ever. And to experience the pleasure of that beautiful journey.

Because that journey is there for us to be on. It's all there for us to travel on. It's there, and that's the reason. You can go into "becauses," you can go into reasonings, but where are the reasons going to really take you? Where is it all going to end up? And nobody ever knows that.

"The two tracks:
"to understand
what the purpose
of this life really is,
and parallel to it,

It's just like pure speculation, and this whole humanity just works on pure speculation. People just think, "Okay, maybe this is what I am supposed to do." Some people don't even think anything. They just go ahead and do their trip, whatever it is, and yet get completely plastered after a little while by concepts and by ego. And then they completely lose it. Then they completely lose all perspective. Then they don't know what's the top and what's the bottom. It's like going around and around in circles for such a long time, or so fast, spinning so fast, that when you stop you start to tumble around, and all you want to do is really stop. But that's the way it is out there.

And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace we have that opportunity now to be able to get out of that scene - to be able to get out of that situation where we see mirages, where we see all these different tracks that we have made, or to completely go back and just get completely involved in nothingness - and be at that clear place. Guru Maharaj Ji's just giving us the green signal and saying, "Roll it." And that's it. And you roll down smoothly right down the track. And before you know, you can see that this is the track and it's as straight as it can be. And you see that for miles and miles …

I mean, sometimes you see the other tracks that you might have taken, and they're following parallel to you, and they seem like they're right there. And then you get this question: "I don't know, man. If I would have taken that track, I would have been at the same place as I am here. It would have just been two tracks towards the west or towards the east or towards south or towards north." But then at that time, a lot of people derail. A lot of people want to go to the other rails.

But if you keep on trucking, if you keep on going, and keep that faith, have that faith … because it's not really a faith where you say, "Okay. Imagine something and believe in it." But it's practical experience. And have faith in Knowledge, have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, have faith in that beauty of satsang, service and meditation. Not because somebody is telling you that there is an experience that exists, but to experience for yourself the experience that exists, and then have faith in it. And then you start going, and you keep on going, and you just look and you look! And then very soon you start seeing how those lines start to crumble and fall off and veer off to other sides. And you see a pile of locomotives on each end. And you just see that that would have taken you nowhere.

And then, of course, when you come to that point you go, "Wow, Maharaj Ji, thank you very much." Or, "Thank you Knowledge. You saved me." But that's when you get to that point where you can see piles and piles of locomotives piled on each other, rotting away. Then you go, "Oh, boy! Hah! Now I know that I'm on the right track, because people took these tracks. That is what happened to them. And this is the right track."

But what about before you reach that point? What about then? Aren't things crucial then? Things are as crucial, or even more crucial, at that time than they are once you've reached that point where you can open your eyes and there it is, and you can just know that that's the right road.

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 So things are crucial all along. And that's where everything comes in. That's where faith comes in, and where that effort comes in, the effort that you, personally, have to make to do that satsang, service, and meditation. And there's an experience behind it. You're not just doing it blindly, but there is an experience behind it.

This is the reason why a lot of people can't understand what goes on. A lot of people can't understand premies. They have a very hard time understanding premies. They can't comprehend where that love really comes from. They can't comprehend why is it so beautiful. Why is it so incredible? Because all they see is an effect. And it's just: "Outrageous. Incredible." But then, maybe they even go beyond the point of saying, "Outrageous. Incredible." Maybe they even go to a point where they say, "This is completely weird, this is completely absurd. This is completely crazy. I never want to be like that." And maybe in their hearts they're even longing to be just like that: to have that love and to have that great smile, and just to be open. But just because the other guy's like that, they don't want to be like that. And there comes that whole battle again. But it's because of that Knowledge.

And really, you look at it, and every issue of "Newsweek" or "Time" gets worse. Not that they get worse in their quality, but they get worse in the news that they carry. It's just like, more and more and more and more. Between London and now, there's some outrageous things that have happened in this world. And between now and Miami, there will be some outrageous things will have happened. And they're happening! And they're completely absurd.

People are calling it the sick society. People are calling it this. People are calling it that. People are quoting this guy; people are quoting that guy. People are going at it from all angles: and everybody is just going berserk. Because people don't know what they're there for. And they go around in circles. It's like no better or no worse …

Today is Good Friday. And today is the day when everybody wears black and goes to church and mourns because Jesus was crucified. And it's really a big thing. And that's not all. People of Mohammed religion, Islam religion, they go out. And I've seen them carry these heavy chains, and they're in the procession walking down, and they're beating themselves with the chain. And it's to regret that they weren't there at that time.

And here, it's to regret that, "Oh, Lord, what did we do to you when you came here?" And yet, look at the situation of the world. Is it any better?

Because it is Good Friday, people are going to wear black, and people are going to go to church. And tomorrow it's, "Hurray!" It's all just going to go berserk! And people are really going to sit down in front of that steeple, or just really sit down and look at that crucifix, and for a moment say, "My God! When you came, it was havoc. And they were so crazy that they crucified you. And, my God, that world that just I came from, is still no better. It's still as bad as it could be. Because you came …"

I mean, if a person who doesn't have Knowledge and has a lot of faith … but if everybody was to really be able to take that attitude, maybe this would be a little bit better world. But that's not the point. The point is it's always a better world - even if it's little, even if it's only 4,500 people - it's a better world when we know the purpose of our life. Why? Because that's the destiny. We are fulfilling our destiny. And everybody has a feeling of fulfillment. Everybody has a feeling of that incredible experience. And that's why it's beautiful. And that's why it's more harmonious.

… fulfill that purpose of life."

And I'm not saying that if everybody in this world received Knowledge that there would be no more problems. There'd still be problems. - But at least it wouldn't be outrageous. Because people don't know what they're doing. People don't know why. It's like: "What's the reason?" They're just doing it!

There are people out on the foreground, and it's just like, reading that latest article: all they had to do to start the war in Isreal, that attack, was to shoot out a flare. As soon as they shot out the flare, all the people that were hiding saw the flare, and they just completely bombarded this one village. And then came the Israeli tanks bombing away. Just bombing away. And then the guerillas ran back. And I mean, for how long is that going to go on? What's happening? Is that it? I mean, after that - if that is ever settled, then would that be the end, and then harmony after that?

Everybody was going, "Peace, peace, peace, peace. Stop the, Vietnam war." They did stop the Vietnam war. What's happening now? Is it peace? If it is, where is it? Every world leader starts off with their two fingers, and they say, "Peace." Are they counting two, or are they saying real peace? And there's a big difference. Because if all they're doing is counting two, then it definitely makes sense why there is no-peace ever. But if they are saying, "peace" all the time, and there is no peace in this world, then there is something definitely. very wrong. And what is wrong? And you can obviously see that with Knowledge, that changes.

Because we come into this world, and here we are. A source that can project. Look at a human life and look at an ant life, and it's a really incredible comparison. And the reason why it's an incredible comparison is because of the size. A human is big, and he has much more accessibility to everything. Ant is very, very small, and it also has accessibility to a lot of things. Of course an ant can't fly. (I guess ant can't even jump. So it'll just crawl right back down if it has to go down. It never flies.) Maybe it won't go swimming. But on land, as we have accessibility, they have accessibility. And it'll crawl up and down, and they even have a little more accessibility. Because we build a house, and we can't crawl up and down it, but they can crawl up and down it. They need food; we need food. They collect food; we collect food. They have houses; we have houses. They have certain pattern, certain design. We have certain pattern,

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 certain design.

And you look at it, and it's like very, very close. I mean, this is the thing. Because Tulsidas says - that one saint in India - he says that this human life is really precious. It's even precious to God.

So you look at it - and I'm here giving an example of this human life that's present now, and this ant life that's present now. And this ant makes less errors. This human has this big, huge brain. This ant has a very, very tiny brain. Man can feel all over, see, hear, smell, talk. Here is this little bitty ant and it's got to do everything, walking. Then you see them, and they're really incredible. They just pass the message on. If something goes freak, they turn around, they go back to where they have to go back to, or they keep on going and new troop comes. It's really incredible.

And yet their margin of errors and our margin of errors that we make: why is it so violently different? Why isn't their margin the same as our margin?

I mean, after all, ours should be even less. After all, this is a body that is very precious to even gods! So, I mean, everything should be incredible! It just should be much, much superior. And yet you see bugs, or you see a beetle, or you see all different kinds of bugs, and they've got their trip together a lot more than this whole humanity put together. It's just completely incredible. It's like, Wow! When you start to make that example, this tiny ant does more in its one lifetime. What we do in our lifetime is a fraction of what that ant does. Ant does a lot, lot more. Even in walking, it covers so much, so much distance, and it's just so small.

And yet, we have something that we don't know. It's like that. And what is it? Is it the capacity to store food? Well, obviously not. Is it the capacity to be able to crawl on four legs? Well, obviously not. Because when a baby is crawling on all fours, you want the baby to grow up and start walking, even help the baby to walk. So after all, what is it that we are. missing in this lifetime? And it's just like, okay, you can take off for a time being and just get into this whole thing of what it could be. But then it's completely apparent, it's completely obvious. Obviously even a blind person - and that's literally saying it - that that Knowledge is the way, is the solution, is the key to what we are looking for.

Because it's not the matter of searching the world and you will find it. No. It's knocking, as it's said, "Knock and it shall be open." But knocking at the right door. It's not, knock at any door and it'll be open. No. Obviously the people who wrote that quote knew that. If you did knock at a door and it happened to be the wrong door, you'd probably get killed or kicked, or something like that.

But what is it? Knocking at that right door, knocking at that door of Grace, knocking at that door of that Perfect Master, and that will open. And when we will ask, it will be given to us. Not jewelry, not silver, not diamonds, not money. But that thing that we are seeking, that Love that we are seeking, that understanding that we really want, that Grace that we are really looking for, that beauty that we really need to appreciate. And then it's just so incredible, because here we have that.

There is this, whole world out there, and it's just like frying itself. People are pulling their hairs like, "Ohhhhh." It's just frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, frustrated. You see all these kidnappings happening, and this is happening, and that's happening. - Look at this world - it's completely out there!

And yet, isn't that really incredible that when it is like that, we have the water? When it's really hot, and then when we are really thirsty, that we have the water? That we have the solution, and that we have that Grace to make that effort in our lives to be able to fulfill the destiny that we really want to?

Grace is such an incredible thing. It's like the sun. And I've been sitting in the sun. And sometimes I'm lying there, and I make the tiniest holes by closing my thumb. I look at the sun. And it's so incredible, that because you're looking through a tiny hole it doesn't become tiny. It stays the same, and you still can't loot at it. And because you look at it through some filter, it doesn't become any less. It's still the same. Maybe to you it becomes a little less, but it's still the same. Take off those glasses, and your eyes will go berserk still. And that sun is so incredible, because it's just so bright and it's so brilliant.

And to it, it doesn't matter who it is. If it's an ant, if it's a human being, if it's an automobile, if it's an animal, if it's a tree, if it's an ocean … And even if the ocean is cold it doesn't, say, "Okay, I'm going to retire. The ocean is too cold. These guys can't go swimming in the ocean, so I might as well fold up and say 'good night' till the oceal warms up in the summer, and then I'll come out. No. It makes the summer happen. It makes that summer come, when everybody goes out and enjoys that water and enjoys that sun. And that's how Grace is. It's really incredible. It's really beautiful.

If we don't accept its beauty, it's still there. If we say, "That's baloney, that's completely idiocity to believe in Grace." We can say that as loud as we want, and

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it'll still stick right with us. We can try to shake it completely loose, and it'll still stick with us. It'll stay with us. It'll follow us. Because it knows. It knows how stupid we are, and so it'll just stay with us and pull us out from this situation to that situation.

And it's so incredible, because now is the time that it's all here. It's almost like an incredible package deal. (And I shouldn't say package deal, because some of the premies that came from Leicester got a real bad package deal. They were dropped off here, they were given the address to a hotel. They got at the hotel. There was no hotel. They finally got to a hotel, but the hotel was closed for ten years and the guy who was the travel agent took a flight out. He said he was going to take a taxi cab and meet them later.) Okay, that's a bad package deal, but this is a good package deal. Let's put it this way: because we have the time, we have the time. And whatever it is, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, or ten years, twenty years, thirty years, forty years, hundred years, whatever it is, we have the time and we have it now. We are here. And that's one Grace. That's one Grace.

Because sometimes people commit suicide. And it's really funny: this one guy shot himself in the head, right here, and the bullet went right out, and he didn't die. And it was like, he shot himself in the head and he didn't die. And maybe that was a little bit too much Grace that he didn't kick the bucket. He shot himself in the head. But we are here now. And we really don't know what might happen out there. But we have the time to flow in that river of Grace now. That's the thing. We say, "Okay. Let me blow it. I'm in Malaga and this is really beautiful. And I've got the money, and I'll make it to Miami, so no problem. Let me blow this time here. And so what if I miss the first day of satsang. I'll catch it in U.S.A."

No! It's not like that. It's just like every moment, every second is ticking away. And it should make you more conscious of what really there is, that most incredible thing there is: that we are here now.

Look what it takes to put us here in this world. Look at this body. It's incredible. A heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose - pumping gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of blood right through this whole body. Just pong, pong, pong, pong, pong, day and night. And just to be here, to have that experience without the whole world collapsing at you. Because that's a possibility. But the world seems to be still intact, and we seem to be still intact.

And the, not only by having that Grace … not ending right there … The package deal still goes on, giving us the other Grace to be able to be a premie, to be able to be somebody who knows what the destiny of this life is.

That's the greatest thing. That is the most incredible thing to know. But the package deal still continues on. It doesn't only talk about a beautiful site, but it takes you there. And it's all in one package deal. And it just not only gives you the Grace of you having Knowledge, but for you to be able to practice Knowledge, for you to be able to do satsang, service, and meditation.

And that package deal still keeps on going, having more satsang, and just having that Grace to be able to come together. I mean, I don't know. There are people here that got here somehow. I don't know if they themselves know how finally they ended up here, because I don't know how premies finally made it here. Because it was like such a trip. "This is Easter weekend, and how are people ever going to get here?" And having so much Grace, so much Grace, from both ends.

"Your effort
has to be:
Sit back and
relax and
watch what

It's just, Grace, Grace, Grace; Grace, Grace, Grace. Just Grace - a lot of Grace. And still another Grace, to be able to put that whole thing into a package deal and to be able to present it to us, make that available to us, for the cost of our own effort, for the cost of "come and get it." For the cost of surrender. For the cost of that Love. I mean, if you can't beat it, you can't beat it. Either way you slice it, you still can't beat it.

So, it then completely becomes up to us. To see it in that way, to see Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace in that way, to see that Grace really unfold itself. - Or we can accept it as a completely disillusioned person who doesn't know where his head is and where his tail is, who doesn't know if the sky is above or earth is below, who doesn't know anything completely disillusioned - and just say, "It doesn't matter!" I mean, to lot of people, that's the way they think about it: "It doesn't matter."

It matters! If it wouldn't have mattered, that Creator would have created us, period! Because the same Creator that created us also makes this moth that lives for thirty minutes of our time. And as soon as this moth is born its sole purpose is to be able to mate so that another moth can come out. And as soon as that other moth comes out, that's about the thirty minute period that this moth has and they die. And it's just like constant. That Creator could have created us the same way: decrease the time limit a little bit, make the thirty seconds into thirty minutes. I mean, why not? He makes that moth, and that moth is very sophisticated in its own way, in its own fashion, its own design; has an incredible sense of smell. Because as soon as it comes out, it smells.

Or He could have made us like some of these turtles that live for years and years and years and years and years and years and years. And yet He's not made us like turtles, and He's not made us like those moths. And He's not made us like caterpillars, and He's not made us like dogs, and He's not made us like cats.

He has made us as human beings. And He has put us into this world, not in some rathole, not in some other place, but into this world, and given us the option to look at it any way! So, I mean, look at it! Somebody cares up there. It's like that, you know?

He's given us the beautiful blue skies. I mean, of course, it can start raining, but then it's beautiful clouds, then rain, and that incredible process. Somebody who thinks he's a genius who's got it narrowed down: "It's the sun, shines on water, evaporates, goes up, and becomes clouds, hits the land and rain falls." It's like, yes, you are a genius because you figured it out. What about that genius who not only figured it out, but put it into action and brought rain forth? Created this land? And you just see these people experimenting on plants or on this or that and they just think that they're just

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 like genius and people call them genius!

And you look at it and it just doesn't click to me. Because how come they're so genius when this Guy, this Thing, this Creator, not only made it, not only designed it; but made it and is sustaining it and constantly feeding it, and has such incredible support systems.

It brings rain forth into an earth, has made an earth onto which this plant can grow. And then, for it to be able to support itself, it has given ocean. And from that ocean, it then brings the rain to the land where that plant can fulfill whatever it has to fulfill. And I mean it's such an incredible, genius thing. And yet to people it's like, "But I found out what is was." But that doesn't really make a difference to me. - Does knowing that the sun is a big red ball, a big, flaming ball, "disintensify" the sun, or make the sun anymore or less colder, or any more or less beautiful? I mean, it's still the same.

It's like man's fascination: moon. If a full moon used to come out, people would take their telescopes out, and people would look at it, and it would just be incredible. I was in India when they finally got over to moon. And it was like all these astrologers were just completely blown out, all the pundits in India, because they said, "Oh, there's a moon god and he lives there and it's really incredible. And you should do, this, so this will happen to you, and then this will happen to you, and the …" People would go up to these pundits and they would say, "But they just walked on that moon!" They say, "No, they're just pulling your leg. They just went out somewhere …"

What do you say? Such an unsealed world, unsealed imagination of so much, and that Creator created it. And He has given us access to everything, and yet what have we done? For ages and ages and ages and ages,… it's like you look at the pre-human, and they call him the pre-human. And they say, "Well, the pre-humans used to just sit there and look at their hands. They couldn't figure out what the rain was. They couldn't figure out what the eclipse was. They couldn't figure out what this was. They couldn't figure out what that was. It was like, when the eclipse came, they all freaked out because they thought the gods were angry at them, or they were taking the sun away, or so on and so forth." I mean, it's just like, just so many stories; just so many, so many stories.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 So, okay, now we are humans. We're not pre-humans anymore. Now we are humans. And we've quit looking at our hand like this, and freaking out whenever an eclipse comes, because we've figured out what an eclipse is. And so we've figured out everything in our world, except the most important thing: why are we here? Why does an eclipse happen? Why do we get to see it?

You know, and maybe some relative dies or something happens and it really hits home. It's like, "Wow! What happened? That's completely incredible? How could that be possible? How could have that happened?" And then you go through this whole trip. But as the sorrow and memory fades away, that intensity of knowing, or of saying like, "What is it all about?" fades away with it. And before you know, it's "Hah, hah, hah, hah; hurrah, hurrah, hurrah." Or whatever we do. Right back into the same old cycle and it doesn't matter anymore. "Yeah, oh, yeah. Throw some flowers as you come in by the guy's grave," or something like that. That's all that remains of it.

But that's the most important thing we have to find out. That's what this world needs out there. This world needs that satsang. This world needs that understanding. Because they don't have it. It's just the matter that they just don't have it, they just don't have that understanding. And when they have that understanding, then they can, by themselves, see what they are missing in their lives, what they are really lacking in their lives. And when they see what they are lacking in their lives, they see that they are lacking a very important factor in their lives. That that's what they really need, that that's what they really want. And then, when by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, when they receive Knowledge, I mean, it just becomes very, very apparent.

So premies, it's like, it's just so beautiful to be able, to come together again and have some more satsang. And the weather here has been pretty incredible, but you never know, it might start raining or something like that. But tomorrow we have the Holi. And before Holi, we have the darshan. And it shouldn't take too long for darshan. And after that, we'll have the Holi right away. And it's a different site from here. And after that, then there will be the last day, and we'll have some more satsang.

But then again, it's just like after that, I go to the United States, and there is a Holi planned there. Then there is an initiator conference planned there. And it's just on and on. And then maybe there'll be some more tours planned somewhere.

But the most incredible thing is that we never lose that goal. That we, as individuals, not as - I mean, when I give satsang, yes, I look at 4,500 people who are here. And yet, I'm not talking to 4,500 people who are here, I'm talking to every individual that's here, every individual that's sitting here. That's who I'm talking to. And that's who I want to talk to!

Because what I'm trying to say is not for a mass. It's not for a crowd. It's for every one of you. It's not like 4,500 people can come together and 2,000 of them can make the effort, and the other can just get away with it. No. Every individual who's sitting here has to make that effort to constantly just keep on trucking on those two right lines, on those two right tracks of satsang, service, and meditation.

12    Divine Times

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 Because it's for us. We do it for us. We don't do it for somebody else. We do it for us.

There is a tree. And the tree does not have a selfish purpose that it tries to accomplish by bearing fruits. It just bears fruits. It's more like they just come out and we pick them. We don't even turn around and say, "Thank you, tree," but we just pick them and that's it. But you look at it. Okay, maybe the tree doesn't have anything to do with it, right? But that might be the sole purpose of the tree, to give you that fruit, and it is fulfilling it. Just bearing fruits and passing them on is its sole purpose. And in the same way, we have a sole purpose, and every one of us has to just understand. That's all it takes. Just understand. To see that proper perspective, to see that proper focus, is what it really takes.

You can have a projector, and you can put a movie on. If we wanted to project something, we take a projector and we set it up over there, put a screen right here, and completely throw the lens out of focus. And what is it going to do? It can be any movie, any movie whatsoever. It could be "Satguru Has Come," or it could be "Star Wars." If you can't see, you can't tell. But you have to have that focus. And once it's in focus, you can see what it is. And the same way, we're like a sound system. And when you have the volume turned off of that tape recorder, well, it can be satsang playing, it can be music playing, or it can be some lecture playing, or it can be some anything playing, or it can be maybe nothing playing, but you would never know what's playing! But you have to turn it up. You have to make that effort to turn it up, and then you find out what it is. You have to make that effort to come in focus, to come in that focus from where you can see why you were here. What is Guru Maharaj Ji trying to say?

And once you get in that line, once you get on those right tracks, - and that's the right way to say it, once you get on the right track - you're okay. But if you're on the wrong track, thinking you're on the right track, simulating that you're on the right track, then it's very, very hunky-dory, it's very bad. Because this is just the same satsang that I was having at the residence today. I was just saying, it's like there is a rope, and we are hanging onto this rope. And we make this rope. And there is a rope, there's a real rope, and there's a real rope of Grace, there's really Guru Maharaj Ji there, and there is that Love there, and there is that beauty there. But what we do is we turn around, and we have to take our concepts and take our imaginations and take whatever we got in our little bag, and tweed it together, and sit down and imagine that that's Guru Maharaj Ji, that that's Grace ; then we hang on to it.

After a little while, as we are just flowing down that rope, it runs out! We cross our barriers of our own concepts. It's called "blowing a concept." Or we completely cross our own barrier of understanding, we completely cross our own barrier. And all of a sudden we're going, "Whooooooooooa," you know? And we are falling from this gigantic sky. And we look back, and we say, "But what happened? Guru Maharaj Ji ran out!" Because we've imagined it for so many years, taking our concept and all that we've got in our bag, tweeding it up, and looking at that and saying, "That's Guru Maharaj Ji."

It's like looking at that fan, and saying that that's Marolyn. Then after a little while you start saying, "Well, she's going round and around a lot of times."

And that's what people do! They take that rope and they imagine it to be Guru Maharaj Ji. They imagine it to be Grace. And they're rolling down it and they're going, "Oh yes, everything is so fine and so nice, so great." And they stick with their concepts, they stick with what they've got. And then one day they wake up, and it's not the same day. Things aren't clicking the right way. Everything is not happening. They've run out of rope.

But you can do the same thing again. You can take the real rope and hang on to the real rope which will never end. And take those imaginations, take that concept, take that bag, and create a mirage of valley under you. And then just keep looking at it, so you don't let go and fall in it. And then just keep on going. Just keep on going completely like a rose, like that lotus, that maybe even if

April / May 19789    13

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At The Holi Festival near Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978 it grows on dirty water, as the water level rises, it rises. If the water level drops, it drops. But it doesn't really have a bearing on the dirty water. It's still beautiful. You can still pick it, smell it, hold it, touch it, or bring it into your living room, though you would not want to bring that water into your living room, or maybe you wouldn't even want to touch that water.

So it's like just being clear, just being in that right place, and it'll be okay. But we have to also make sure that we are in the right place. It's like, "Oh yes, yes. I know I'm in the right place." Then two days later the rope runs out. "Ooops! I was not in the right place." So, how do you make sure? How do you make sure that you're hanging on to the right rope?

By saying, "Help!" By letting go. By having that surrender. By having that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. Not having faith in your concepts. Because that's the trouble! A lot of people come to Guru Maharaj Ji and say, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, help!" But meaning, "… in this way and this way and this way, and I want you to do this and this and this. And this is how I want your help. Don't just help me just the way you think you should help me, but help me in this way and this way and this way."

No. You have to surrender. That's the point. You have to surrender. You have to let go so Guru Maharaj Ji can put you on the right track.

But having that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, and letting Guru Maharaj Ji do it, not just climbing up and down and doing everything at the same time: "Yeah, Maharaj Ji, how are we doing? Are we doing great? Are we on the right track yet or what's happening? Should we move to that one, is that the right track? Or should we move to that one?" And trying to control the steering wheel and…

And there is Guru Maharaj Ji just standing off to the side saying, "You want me to leave?" And you go, "No! No, no. But just tell me. I'll do it!" Yeah, well that's very beautiful that you want to make that effort to be able to do it, but that's the wrong kind of effort you are making. Your effort has to be sit back and relax and watch what happens. Watch that miracle of life take place. Watch that miracle manifest.

So premies, it's just so beautiful. Because it's so simple. What I have explained to you might frighten you. It's like, "Oh. that's really too much!" But it's really not that sophisticated. When it actually comes down to it, it's extremely, extremely, extremely simple. You know why? It's our natural part. We belong to it. Maybe it sounds frightening, but it's not. Because when we are there it's just so beautiful, we fit right in, we plug right in. And then all we have to do is sit back and appreciate and enjoy the beauty of that everlasting beauty that there really is. And so I'll see you tomorrow in the darshan line. And after that, I'll see you in Holi.

Just a small hint: I want to just tell you one thing about Holi. First of all, please don't bring little babies along, because actually they wouldn't know what it is. They might know that it's water, but they might not know why it's there. There is a child care facility in that set-up where Holi is going to be.

And don't wear your best suit, because you're going to get wet.

The way the stage has been designed, it's kind of odd, but it does give the most exposure to most of the people. It looks like a crucifix. But what that does is that it evenly spreads out the premies all around and not in a round circle, so they're still close, but they're still spread out evenly. The premies who end up in the back, please don't push, because the premies who are in the front really have no more room to go. And when the premies in the back start pushing because they want water on them, then it just really gets those people who are in the front sort of squashed.

So don't do that, because the gun that we have Is very powerful, so I think we'll get everybody. -These are just a few things that I saw in the last Holi that could have been just - if proper coordination would have happened it could have been a lot better. And there are more messages, but I'll just tell Joe Anctil about them, and he'll pass them on to you. Just, when you come to the Holi site, and you go through darshan, just try to be as cooperative as possible. Don't take off anywhere, because right after darshan, the Holi's going to start.

And there is going to be a little opportunity for you to be able to maybe share some satsang. And take that opportunity that you get. I hope it's going to be a nice day and warm, and not too much wind. But just don't go off spacing at the Holi site. And just be together, and it's really beautiful. I was there this morning. It's really beautiful.

So, premies, I'll see you then. Thank you very much.

14    Divine Times