Divine Times - January/February 1979 Volume 8 Number 1

Prem Rawat dances
The Secret And Open Pictures of God by Vic Marsh
He even showed us how to speak our hearts, scripting our prayers in his satsang, showing us how to beg. The Love affair which grew hour by hour climaxed when Guru Maharaj Ji danced with us. After dancing in the Krishna suit on Saturday night, blowing our hearts with little touches like Hansi handing him the Krishna flute, Maharaj Ji pushed the festival into an extra day and took us absolutely flying with him by dancing again on Sunday night, this time in a beautiful flower mala. The measured, full majesty of his dance, the power and authority in his every movement, lifted us higher and held us there as he continued to dance. Now from the chair, he invited us all with gestures, motioning us to rise up to him, to keep going, to dance on, to go beyond ourselves and join him.
Prem Rawat dances
Durga Ji - 11/10/78 Hans Jayanti
Over and over we all come up here and say, how can we sing the praises of Guru Maharaj Ji? And yet … we must. We must. Just like this breath that comes into us, we must let it go back, we must give it back. Guru Maharaj Ji was giving satsang to the initiators and he said, "No one ever refuses to accept the breath that I give." We don't even think about it. We accept it very readily.
Prem Rawat's head
Guru Maharaj Ji 11/3/78 Kissimmee
And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, we can be saved from both: the heaven and the hell. Why? Because hell is conditional and heaven is conditional. If you do good stuff … That's completely debatable: what's good, and what's bad. If we do good stuff, we go to heaven. And it's a condition. And if we do bad stuff, we go to hell. But Guru Maharaj Ji saves us from both, and takes us in his abode, which is beyond heaven and hell. In his abode, there is no heaven and hell. In his world, there is no heaven and hell. But it takes sacrifice to do satsang, service, and meditation. And not do satsang, service, and meditation based upon your concepts. But to do satsang, service, and meditation, to listen to Guru Maharaj Ji, to understand Guru Maharaj Ji.
Divine Times magazine
Guru Maharaj Ji 11/4/78 Kissimmee
But really, what is it going to be with us? Is it going to be really our concepts that are going to save us from this world that we believe in so much? Or is in fact going to be somebody else? Or in fact is it going to be Knowledge? Or is it going to be grace? Or is it going to be Guru Maharaj Ji? I mean, is that what's going to save us, or is what we believe in this world going to save us? … I mean, just look at it. What a perfect alibi. If you were a smart criminal, if you were a smart person who really wanted to make an idiot out of people, what would you do? You would make them believe all these things!
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"Let me become humble. Keep me humble. Always let me be humble. Do it! Because of my insincerity, darkness, illusion, I always tend to go to maya, grab the feet of maya, kiss the feet of maya. And I know that you have the power and the strength, you have the Love and the compassion, have that mercy on one tiny soul. Don't let it wander. If it takes being under your feet, then that's what I'll be. What I want to


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