Immaculate Perfection


There's such a perfection of that Creator.
It wasn't just perfect enough to have an ocean;
It also had to have waves.
It wasn't just perfect enough to have just ocean and waves;
they had to crash on beach, on beautiful rocks, and make beautiful formations.
It wasn't just beautiful enough to make sun, but to put every color in it,
every color in it when it set, when it just slowly went down.
And it's just so beautiful.
It wasn't just enough to make the sun and make water,
but to put a rainbow on it.
Such immaculate perfection.
To that Creator, it's incredible perfection that we can't even imagine.

It wasn't like, just to make a tree.
It wasn't that, but it had to bear fruits and bear flowers.
That's perfection.
And not to just make flowers, but to put smell in them,
to make them smell nice, you know.
And of course, you know, just look at us.
It wasn't just enough to make human beings
It wasn't just that much, enough, but to put life inside of us, to give us a shape,
to give us that opportunity to be able to come in this world.
And that wasn't just enough. To be able to live at the time when Guru Maharaj Ji is here.
To be able to experience that Knowledge.
And that's beyond every speck of perfection that we can possibly perceive
To give us that opportunity.
It wasn't just enough to put a white flower,
-- but to make gardenia so beautiful and to put such an immaculate smell in it,
For whom? For whom?
For His children, for His creation.

- Guru Maharaj Ji
London, April 20, 1977