Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang: AN UNREASONABLE LOVE

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Guru Puja Festival, Miami Beach, July 31, 1977

Dear premies, sometimes a few things happen, and namely one is a feeling, an experience. Sometimes it goes beyond words - usually it doesn't. But just sometimes, and this time is not very often of course, but sometimes it just goes beyond words. And when it does, I simply think it's very stupid to just sit there and talk. Instead of just talking, to sit down and then let it flow through us. Because definitely, there is an experience.

And yesterday it was so beautiful when the darshan line happened. And you could feel such an incredible Grace, such a beautiful Grace just completely taking over, you know. Just completely making this whole thing that happened - I mean, it was the longest darshan line yet in West. And of course, this program does break the record, because there are more premies here in this program than there actually were in Millennium (applause and cheering). Because first of all, at that time there weren't that many premies. And it just seemed a lot of other people, nor premies, were there.

But anyway, this is just so beautiful that we all have come together here, and to experience something like that, for something like that to happen, such an amazement, such a wonder, so beautiful. Because it does happen, and it has happened, and it is happening, you know. And it's just like, where do you start? What do you talk about? The thing you want to talk about is already happening, you know. It's like somebody trying to give satsang about how Guru Maharaj Ji is going to be here in this auditorium, with me sitting on this stage. And it's just like that, because of course, there's an experience that we all want to talk about. But it's right here; it's happening. I mean, you feel this incredible thing. That's what it is; it's beautiful, it's bliss.

And you know, to me, for all the premies to have that concentration for their Guru Maharaj Ji, to be able to come .. It's like, you coming here doesn't really - of course, it broke records and so on and so forth, but to me that's nothing. Because every individual soul that is attending this program is here for their self, if they are premies or if they are not premies. If they are not premies, then they are here because it is their job, therefore their own motive. And premies are here for a motive, too. For a purpose, too. And so everybody is benefiting from it. And this is what we have to really understand, that we all can come and share that experience with Guru Maharaj Ji, because he bestows that experience on us.

And so it's like, yesterday it was so beautiful to just sit there all through this darshan line. And of course, it was tiring. And because it was just not the matter of sitting there, but actually

"To a lot of people, of course, love has to have a reason. But this Love that we share doesn't have to have a reason. It's an unreasonable Love."


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977 feeling every single premie come through, and just seeing what a connection, what incredible connection there was, how much Grace there was flowing, was like almost - you don't think about things like that. You just see them, and you just feel them. And it was very beautiful. And it's for that reason, is why we are here, to be able to experience that bliss, to be able to experience that Grace.

You know, this morning I was watching Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji and Jagdeo and Arthur do their tabla, sing their song. Of course, Ira, the M.C., said that you wouldn't call them a group, or call them professionals. But they got out of whack once in a while. And that once in a while was quite often! But it's like, it didn't matter, you know? Because I have a really fine stereo system at home. And I listen to it. And it's like, listening to so much music just makes you - everything should be just right. And when you hear something like that, the tabla is going its own way, the sitar is going its own way, Mahatma Ji is standing there, you know (moving his arm, snapping fingers), singing in his own tune - and that's what everybody was doing at the residence, too. But it doesn't matter.

Because that song, though it started very physical, audible - I've never heard that song before, so to me, I was very curious in trying to listen to it. And it was like, it took you beyond that one stage, took you beyond that one position where you don't really care if that tabla goes off beat, because you're thinking about those words. You're thinking about the song, and how beautiful it is, you know. About that Holy Word. About that experience, that this one person is standing on the stage and singing it.

And you know, of course when you sing music, if somebody is singing, and there's a guitarist and there's drum players, or there's sitar players and tabla players, that's to enhance that person, to make it even sound better, you know? But it was like with this song, you didn't need that. You just didn't need that. Because what it was talking about was such a beautiful thing that if you could just understand it, if you could just listen to it and go back and open the doors to your experience and say, "Yeah, this is really true; yes, this is really happening in my life: That downpour of that beautiful bliss, that rain, that incredible thing is really happening in my life," then you become one with that feeling of that artist that he is trying to convey in the song. You become one with that feeling. And you even go beyond words. You even go beyond all that music, and it's just like you don't need that. Because you are going into that deeper feeling of where actually the guy sat down and wrote the song.

So premies, this is where we all have to go. We have to come to that experience that I talk about. Because what I talk about is my own experience. And as I have said a lot of times, that because I love you, simply because I love you - and of course you know, to a lot of people of course love has to have a reason. But this Love that we share doesn't have to have a reason. And as a matter of fact, it just so happens that it doesn't have a reason, It's an unreasonable Love. And to a lot of people in this world: unlogical. Unlogical Love. But there is a Love.

I mean, it's like there's a mother, and when she has a baby, she loves that baby. She has a deep affection for that baby. The father loves the baby. He has a deep affection for the baby. Now, to some people, they might say, "Well, it's because maybe he'll grow up and become a good boy and earn us some money." Not that that's the case, but that's what maybe some people think: "Oh, we should give him a good growth, give him a good education, so one day he can become a big boy, a big guy, become this or become that, and then we will be famous and he will bring us a lot of money," or so on and so forth.

But do you really think in the animal world, say when a hen lays an egg and the chicken hops out, does the chicken expect the same thing? Does the hen expect the same thing? "Maybe I will grow this chicken really good so that when he grows big he will become famous and become maybe the president. Then he'll bring me a lot of money." Does that really happen? Or for instance, with bears. They bring up this baby with love, affection, protection. Is it for the reason when he will grow big, you know: "Maybe I'll have to just sit back and relax, and then maybe he will bring me food every day."

No. Because after a certain age, that same cub that she loved so much, protected so much, constantly, she kicks him out to go away, just to completely get out of that whole area. Okay, of course that's their nature, that is their behavior. But what about when that cub is just a little bitty baby? She knows, and it's in their instincts, that she's going to kick him out. I mean, she's probably had other cubs before and she knows what's going to happen. But premies, what is that love? There is a love. It's not like there is no love. There is love, you know. But, what is that love for? That is also an illogical love.

And of course, I'm just giving you examples. That love has to have no reason. And here, the Love that we are experiencing, the Love that we are sharing, doesn't have any reason because there can be no reason behind it, you see? Because what it


originates from is beyond all our concepts. It's beyond what we can perceive in this world. Because what this experience originates from is something infinite. And whatever is in this world that we see, feel, smell, is completely finite, and therefore there just can't be, there can't be a barrier - you know, it's just there can't be like a connection, where if what's infinite touches that finite, then either one thing or the other has to happen. And what has to happen is either the infinite is going to become finite, or the finite is going to become infinite. When they both mix together, they do not retain their qualities. They do not retain their identities. They become either one. And when we - because there is something in inside of us that is completely infinite, you know. And it's - of course, I can go into that whole explanation: It's your great soul, or it is this, or it is that. But premies, whatever there is inside of us, you see this is so different.

And I feel that there is one thing that is different about when I try to give satsang. And this is the way at least I try. Is that whatever I try to speak, you know, by my Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I try to say and give my experience to people. You see, it just so happens I have not read Bhagavad Gita. I have not read Bible, not all of it, you know. I have not read Gita, Koran, Ramayana, any other scriptures. Because to me, the challenge is not just reading a story book. Challenge is not just taking up a scripture, learning it by heart, getting up on a stage, repeating it like a parrot, and referring from one experience to the other experience. To me, the most important thing is to get up and talk about your own experience, and this is what I try to do.

My experience is that there is something inside of us, definitely. Where does it sit? From tip to toe? I don't know. It is from tip to toe. It is everywhere. And when, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, when we surrender ourselves - you know, it's like an escalator. If you get up on an escalator and start walking - on an opposite escalator, you know, and start walking, there is no use. Because if you just - the whole idea of the escalator is to take you from one place to the other place without you having to walk. And when you put your own effort into it, it's really no use. Because just surrender, just stand there, you know. Maybe I shouldn't use the word "surrender" there. But just stand there and let it carry you. Let it take you. Form your balance and let it take you. Why try to fight it? Why try to run in it? Why try to do this or why try to do that?

And it's the same way. This whole thing is set up that way. For an inner experience to happen, we have to go to a person who can then plug us into that experience, who can then plug us into a phase where we can have that inner experience. Because you see, it is a very complicated mechanism. And if we try to run that mechanism ourselves - maybe I can in a few words try to explain to you what that mechanism really is.

And I'm pretty sure there's a lot of premies in here who would like to know the key to this whole thing, you know. The key to

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977

liberation, attaining Peace, getting rid of mind, whatever you call it, you know. And I'm pretty sure there's quite a few premies here; am I right? (applause) So I gather there's quite a few premies. There was quite a few claps there. But the key to this whole thing is very simple, and if you want, if you want the secret, I'll tell you. I'll tell you the secret. And it's very simple. So listen very carefully. I'm about to reveal you the secret of this whole thing!

The formula is: Guru Maharaj Ji + Grace + satsang + service + meditation = whatever you call it. You know, if you call it liberation, then that's what it equals.

And doing it all by yourself, trying to break down the formula, you're going to have a very hard time.

Because you see, first of all what is satsang? In satsang is also - you know, I mean to a lot of people it's like, maybe satsang is the easiest thing. But it's not. It's very difficult. To hear, its really difficult. Because constantly when we are listening, there is something going on. Our mind is just completely taking us from one place to the other place, from one place to the other place. And we are sitting there listening to this satsang - an error is made; we start thinking about it. Somebody says something right next to us; we start thinking about it.

And I know. Because premies always demand, and there is a great demand for it, to publish the satsangs. And it's like, I know one good reason why. Because when it's published in the magazine or in a book, if something starts happening, all you have to do is just fold that page, put it upside down and just take off, do whatever you have to do, Then come back the next day and open it up, and start exactly where you left. It's satsang at your leisure. Same thing with tapes, you know. You can just start playing them, and play them again and again, and if you have to do something, you just hit your pause button and take off; whatever you have to do, once you're finished with that, come back. The proper way to put it is to have satsang at your leisure. Relax, you know! Just do it the way you want to do it.

But premies, there is a significance. Because if that is the only story, then it is very, very easy for me to just maybe sit down somewhere, give satsang into a tape, we can probably simulate all this effect, we can simulate the claps and we can simulate everything, and simulate the reverberation in this hall, and make records out of it, publish it in the magazine, and make tapes out of it and send it to every person. It would be a lot cheaper that way. You wouldn't have to rent big halls and end up with all the casualties you usually do. All the charters. This and that. I mean, it's just so much. You know, they wouldn't have to build a stage like this. I can just sit on a chair, and they can make just a painting, a backdrop that looks like a stage. Fake the whole thing. Even take a movie of it.

But there is something else. There is a special significance of


actually coming down and sitting down, looking at Guru Maharaj Ji, and listening to Guru Maharaj Ji and trying to concentrate at that satsang. Because that is where we really get faced with our ego. That is where we really get faced - it's like, all of a sudden there is a drive happening of satsang, of bliss, of understanding, of the company of Truth. And we are talking about Knowledge, we are talking about that experience, and that one experience that you had which your mind has been trying to convince you that it is fake.

Its just like, I know, I saw - in the darshan line I saw a lot of premies that I had not seen for a long, long, long time. And I mean a long time (applause). And it was - of course, it was beautiful to see them. And of course, it was in one way - whatever happened, you know? Just like, all of a sudden mind just rolled right in, just took it right off. And there it was, you know, a really beautiful experience manifesting in people's lives, and then all of a sudden Mind Ji Maharaj comes in and says, "No, this is all fake. This is not true. Forget about all this experience. You have more things to pursue in your lives. Pursue this. Pursue that. Make money. Do this. Do that."

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977 All those things in our lives, all those things that we want to pursue in our lives like that, they all can be done. They all can be done. You know, if a kingdom is being attacked and the king wants to build the city, build streets, build more houses, build more palaces, and that kingdom gets attacked and the king constantly says, -Oh, no no no, forget about that; let my soldiers work in making the street and making the palaces and making different things," that kingdom is bound to lose. Because it's going to get attacked. They're probably going to just invade, take the whole thing over, and then never that dream of even doing anything else in your life can come true. Because then it becomes very unstable. It becomes very uncertain. It becomes very unclear of actually where your road is.

What do we really want to pursue in our lives? You know, I mean it's just like man is faced with so many decisions. "What am I gonna do? What should I do?" And that seems to be almost a problem of everybody in this world. "Maybe I should get into this. Maybe I should get into this trip." And I know there's a lot of people who get into trips. You know, there's a lot of restaurants in the United States that close down every year. These guys say, "Wow, this is really fantastic. Let's make a restaurant." They get into this restaurant business. Two days later nobody shows up; they end up with all the liabilities. They can't get rid of them, so the restaurant closes down. And it's just like, because we are not clear.

It's like a boat with two engines but no rudder. Okay, it will go. It's like a car which is started, which is on, and you have pressed the gas, but it has no steering wheel. What is the destiny, what is the fate of that automobile? What is the fate of that boat? Or in that sense, what is the fate of that person who has not found himself yet, who has not found his own identity yet? And this is why we come to Knowledge. This is why we come to that point. So we can find that identity.

There's so many problems in this world, you know. And it's just like, a lot of times we get dragged into things. We get sort of woofed into these things by our mind, and we really don't know. After that we're just like sort of lost; we really don't know where that actual thing that we have to start pursuing in our lives really lies. What are we pursuing in our lives?

To a lot of people, it's money. Money is like a big water. You let it flow; it's okay. This is the way, you know, I think. It is - it's like water. And if you stop it, it's going to start becoming dirtier and dirtier and dirtier and dirtier and dirtier. But if you let it flow, it's going to stay fresh and clean, you know. And it's just, what are we trying to pursue in our lives?

Some people pursue careers. "Okay, I'm going to become this," or "I'm going to become this," you know. "My ultimate dream is to fly one of the space shuttle things." Or, "One of my ultimate dreams is to drive the fastest automobile in this world," or "drive the fastest boat in this world," or "fly the fastest airplane in this world," or "to go under water …" I mean, just different things that man does, you know. And I was just reading this one article. These guys took this one boat from Spain, put these big huge engines on them, and drove this little boat all the way across from Spain to the coast of America, to Newport. And to me it was like, okay, they broke the record. They did it in seventy hours. And it's like, when they were coming down, they had to fuel in the Azores, then fuel in the middle of the ocean, and they were twenty miles offshore when their boat went out of gas. So they had to probably bring another ship, refuel, and go into that thing. They did this. Fantastic! You know, a great venture. Or the same thing, like going to Mars or going to moon.

All these things are fantastic. All these things are incredible. Because as I understand, a lot of inventions, a lot of things that have come forth, have come from those space programs. And that's all great. But what about you as an individual? What are you going to pursue in your life? Where do you lie? Where do you lie in between from Earth to moon, or from Spain to


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977

"Guru Maharaj Ji + Grace + satsang + service + meditation = whatever you call it. You know, if you call it liberation, then that's what it equals."

Newport? Where are you in the middle of this whole thing? Or from Earth to Mars? And how do you fit into that whole mechanism somewhere? And nobody really knows. "How? Where? Where am I? What is the motive? Why am I in this world?" People are afraid to ask that question today, because they don't understand why they are in this world. And to find out why they are in this world scares them, scares them very bad.

And so premies, this is why we have to see. There are so many things, you know. This Creator, so beautiful, made beautiful ocean, and then made that ocean have waves, have move, put so many lives into that ocean, so many beautiful lives into that ocean, you know? Made a whole creation and creation and creation. This Creator made Earth, made man, made this whole world, made the whole universe, you know. And it's just like, that's a lot. That's a lot to do. I mean, man just went to moon and goes, "Yay!" After every kind of trouble they can possibly imagine. And this Creator just made it, you know, manufactured this whole thing. There is some purpose. There is some reason.

We come into this world, you know, and it's just like sometimes I almost feel like giving one example, and it's like ants. You know, when you see ants and they're moving constantly in a row, following a certain pattern, you look in amazement and you say, "Wow! Look at these ants. They're really smart, you know. Look at them, one after another, one after another, one after another, one after another. And they're so busy into it." And to them, it's like walking miles and miles and miles and miles to get this one piece of food that they bring back, and they pass it over. If one person - if one ant gets killed, they report it, and there is a whole danger, and a whole warning signal goes on and everything. And you see these ants in just one row following their aim implicitly, just completely.

So imagine this human race, this whole human race, as ants. Nobody thinks, you know, that two legs, one head, two arms, nose, eyes - and there is this thing, you know, that's a billion


times bigger than us. And to this thing were just itty-bitty little ants just going pr-r-r-r-r-r-r, you know, everywhere. And he sees down. And then, if you look at ants and they are all over the place and they're really not doing anything, at least when I see those, I say, "Wow, what spaced out ants these are!" So you can see this big huge thing, you know, a million trillion times bigger than us, looks down on the surface and sees these ittybitty little ants all over the place just running wild, all spaced out, going up and down the street and up and down the highway and up and down the sky, and doing these things, and just no motive, no purpose. And I bet if there was something like that, then it would say, "Boy, what spaced out people they are!"

To come into this Earth, to have everything that has been presented to us, you know - it's like there's almost, there's such a perfection of that Creator. It wasn't just perfect enough to have an ocean. It also had to have waves. It wasn't just perfect enough to have just ocean and waves. They had to crash on beach, on beautiful rocks, and make beautiful formations. It wasn't just beautiful enough to make sun, but to put every color in it, every color in it when it set, when it just slowly went down. And it's just so beautiful. It wasn't just enough to make the sun and make water, but to put a rainbow on it. It wasn't just enough - such immaculate perfection.

To us, it's a slop job, you know. "Alright, there is a big rock, and this is really ugly, and this is really weird. It's just a slop job." But to that Creator, it's incredible perfection, that we can't even imagine. Look out, you know, and you just see these beautiful - it wasn't like, just to make a tree. It wasn't that, but it had to bear fruits and bear flowers. That's perfection. And not to just make flowers, but to put smell in them, to make them smell nice.

And of course, you know, it was - just look at us. It wasn't just enough to make human beings. It wasn't just that much, enough, but to put life inside of us, to give us a shape, to give us that opportunity to be able to come in this world. And that wasn't just enough. To be able to live at the time when Guru Maharaj Ji is here. To be able to experience that Knowledge. And that's beyond every speck of perfection that we can possibly perceive. To give us that opportunity.

I mean, who knows? That Creator could have made the smell in that rose stink like crazy, like a stink bomb. But, no. The sweetest, the most gracious, the most beautiful smell had to come out of it. It wasn't just enough to put a white flower, but to make gardenia so beautiful and to put such an immaculate smell in it, you know? For whom? For whom? For His children, for His creation.

And in turn, what does creation do? I'm not telling you to just sit down in the front of a bunch of roses and smell them for the rest of your life, or sit down and just see sunsets for the rest of your life. I mean, it's just - I mean it's so incredible. Everything you look at. I mean, I just can't help talking about it, because I've seen a lot. And to me, everything I've seen is like so beautiful. And our simple (I shouldn't say simple, maybe I should say complicated) idiotic brain takes advantage, takes reasoning, and makes everything, makes that whole creation so abrupted, so blah.

It's like for Premlata, she sees sunsets and she really loves them, she really likes them, to just watch this huge, red ball become redder and redder and redder. And then she says, "And now the sun is going to steep." She doesn't say, "And the Earth is turning around and around and around, and we are just on one part of the Earth, and now we are moving away from the sun." She says the sun is going - ever so sweet - sun is going to sleep. And in her heart, what does she feel? What is her imagination? That the sun is following that ever … I mean, just try to place yourselves. Because she does reason. And what is her reason about sun going to sleep? It's that the sun takes its rest. Her every reasoning, her logic: Relax, be calm, let everything flow. "The sun is going to sleep, and the moon is coming up. The moon is becoming awake. The moon is waking up."

And I mean it's just like, it's so beautiful. Because that child has logic; that child is smart, you know? I mean, you just see little babies, and you know, a lot of people just have that thing about them: "Oh, babies! And everything they do is just like teeter- totter, teeter-totter," you know. It's just, "Oh look at that; that happened. And look at that; that happened." I think babies are very smart! I think they are very, very smart. And I really think that they are even smarter than us! Because they have not yet reached the imperfect stage of becoming dumb and smart. And they're smart enough to stay away from it, you know, till they become big and till we start pumping some of our information into them. "Oh yes, this happens." You know, I mean just that everlasting dream of a little baby to know that the sun is going to sleep. And I mean, its imagination of having big, beautiful eyes, you know, and then closing them, and just folding like a rose and going to sleep.

We start pumping this crude information. And of course, maybe they should know it, you know. Maybe they should know, "Yeah, this is what's happening exactly. The Earth is going around and around and we're standing right here, and that's why the sun goes down to sleep and the moon comes up to wake up. And of course, there is nothing like sleeping and there is nothing like waking up for moon or sun, you know." And I mean it's just like, that whole brutality of mind. And to maybe some people, you know, they are saying, "But that's almost becoming primitive again." But, okay. So that is maybe becoming primitive. Maybe that's going back to the age of where the man used to carry a big, huge club around with him, you know. And then, always fearing what is happening when an eclipse would rise. But at least he was pursuing this one goal. And because of that change in the whole evolution, change after change after change after change after change, here we are, Ta-da! About 800 times more confused. About 300 times more unsatisfied. About 500 times more miserable. And about two per cent more smart.

Because here we are. And we ride around in automobiles, and the automobiles are just becoming outrageous. That's just the biggest-growing thing there is. Outrageous designs. Same thing with the boats. Same thing with the airplanes. Here we are all excited about it: "Look at that car! Look at that car!" It doesn't matter how smart we are, there is somebody smarter than us who invented the wheel a long, long, long, long time ago, who invented the wheel. Now that guy was very smart. Because today everything runs on that. Your cars, your what have you, your airplanes, everything. That one invention of the wheel has maybe brought us even to this stage.

I mean, here we are. But our pursuit has been constantly persuaded by mind to pursue what it wanted: a great dissatisfaction. I mean, one of the times we have to just stop. I mean, at some point in this whole journey, we have to stop in our lifetime and say, "Well, what is happening? What is this all


about? Why is this world here? Why is the ocean here? Why is this whole universe there? And who is that Lord? Who is that Creator? And why is this thing inside of me, somewhere, so longing, so devoutedly longing to become one with it? What is it?" I mean, some point in our lives we have to just say, "Okay, hurrah and great. But what about me? True me."

And that goes back to that, you know, the satsang that I have given before. What was Hansi's real identity before he actually got a name? Because now everybody calls him Hanti, Hanti, you know. And here he is. His name is Hans Pal Singh Rawat. That's what everybody calls him. And whenever you look at him, you say, "There's Hanti." But what was his real identity? There was association, every time I looked at him, you know. And it's just almost like, I can't even remember, but I know that before he got his name, which was quite a while, every time I looked at him there was an association, there was a definite certain association that was taking place, that was happening. There he was. He had no name. So realistically, there is something that we didn't name. We just named a physical format.

And isn't that true? Because if somebody is called Henry, for instance, and all of a sudden we are walking on the street and we see somebody who looks similar to that one person, we say, "Boy, look at that guy. He looks just like Henry." But who we really are, is it just looks? Is that it? So therefore, maybe we are one day walking around, we fall on a curb, we split our lip or split our cheek or something happens to us, and that's it, we are finished, dead, gone because there is an alteration in our looks? Our identity is finished, you know? Something deeper. That's not it. But, that's what we pursue. We pursue our looks. We pursue something that - and we associate, you know. That "me" becomes a huge thing. It's like a huge, global thing that becomes - it is layers and layers and layers of things around that "me," and every time we come across a mirror, just, "Me. That's me." Or you see a picture: "That's my picture."

So premies, this is what we have to understand. This is the subject that we have to really discuss. Because an association - now what has to happen is a complete breakdown of that identity, and come into the real identity of what it really is. And then to bring that one identity of "me," of our name, of our look, of our association, has to be then brought in its own level. Because right now, it's like up here, you know (points to his head). It's like, everything is that. It's too much. It's way too out of proportion. And so really, what we end up doing in this life is pursuing ourselves. This is what it all boils down to. For the rest of our lives, who do we pursue, what do we pursue? We pursue ourselves. We pursue our pleasures. Our pleasures. Mind-desired pleasures is what we pursue. Mind says, "Do this," and this is what we do. Mind says, "Do that," and this is what we do. Or, "This would be neat," and that's what we do. So what we have to do now, it's really something incredible. We have to break that identity.

And that is the whole thing, like what I was talking about, about satsang. Just coming here and listening to it. And listening to it as an individual - of course, you're going to listen to it as an individual. But there is a whole curtain of association. As I say a word, there are almost like chapters flapping around. "Oh, I have heard this before." Or, "This example is really nice." Or, "Maybe this word is wrongly pronounced." And it is like logical chapters just going gr-r-r-r. It's like a computer. And I'm speaking into this computer, and this computer is just matching words, breaking it down, trying to put it together. It's just going wild. Why? Because it is going through a computer. Now if you disconnect the computer, all that jabbering is going to stop, and therefore we will be able to perceive what is really being said, and have that experience clearly and distinctly in our hearts.

And to do that, you have to break that first identity and bring it down to its level. Because that identity is so thick, so supported; it's supported by ego. It's supported by your own selfishness. It's supported by craziness. It's supported by mind. And that's a lot to say for it: supported by mind. I mean, that's almost like making it indestructible, if it's that it is all supported by mind.

And this is what we have to understand, that you know - I don't think, as Shri Maharaj Ji used to say, that a seed is ever destroyed. A seed of everything in this world always stays, if it's good or bad, you know? And it's almost like, in your life it's not to just - in your life you can't just completely say, "Okay, this is my aim: I have to get rid of my mind." That is a very hard job to do. But what has to happen is you have to get away from mind. Not get rid of the mind, but you have to get rid of yourselves being with the mind. And that's the trick. You know it's like, instead of trying to dispose of a ball by throwing it, you have to almost leave the ball there and run away from it, to create the distance, to create that block, the barrier. Because really, I mean - and all that really comes from examining ourselves, looking at ourselves, looking at our lives.

I mean, so many people are pursuing so many aimless things, so many things that just don't have any purpose to them, don't have any reality to them. And then we have to just come back on our line and really see: What are we going to do? And then it obviously becomes clear. It becomes very clear when we start going away from the mind and start trying to push this great, big, huge mind away - because you can't do it. It's very hard to do it. So that's even almost like a little secret, you know. Just run away from it. Leave it there. Let it do whatever it wants to do: rot or stuff like that. But, you run away from it. Get away from it. And make a whole proportion in your life.

And then the question becomes of, "Well, how do you do that? How do you make that whole ratio in your life equally perfect?" And it's very simple. It's by surrendering to Guru Maharaj Ji. Now does that make sense to you? (applause) To a lot of people maybe not, you know? But that's the only way you can do all that; is now we have accomplished, we have reasoned, or we have learned that what we want to do is somehow run away from this exploding mind very, very fast.

So, there are two or three options. And that's the part, you see, because to run away from this mind - it has trapped you in a valley where you can only run so much. And it doesn't matter where you run in this valley, it'll get you. So premies, after establishing that fact, that that's what you have to do, then there's only one thing to do. Let yourself go and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, pull me out of here. Fast!" And then when that becomes a certain thing in your life, when that becomes real, then you can just imagine this whole flock of helicopters just come by and just grab you and just pull you as fast as they can, just glide you right over, to this beautiful perfection where it's not a valley but it's this whole world all by itself which we refer to as Guru Maharaj Ji's world. And this is what we want to


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977

do, is to go there, to be there. Because that's where we actually belong.

Whatever I have said till now, a lot of people just don't - a lot of people are just not going to understand it. And one of the reasons why they're not going to understand it is because they are thinking about something else. They are not open to it. Because what I have said is very, very simple. And maybe one of the reasons is that they are too sophisticated to understand a simple thing as such. Maybe that's why they won't understand it. But it's very simple, to just let go. Just relax, relax in that inner mode. Lock yourself, tie yourself to that beautiful vibration of that Knowledge, tie yourself into that experience of Knowledge, and let it just carry you.

And this Grace is here, premies. And it's here to stay. And it's here for you to use. But you have to be in a right place for it, to let it happen inside of you. There's so many things. This mind just takes us, goes, takes us through every stage, every situation, and different pursuits that it makes so real for us: "This is what we want to pursue; definitely this is what we want to pursue." Takes us through all that. And yet, where does it bring us? Nowhere. Where does it put us? Nowhere. And what we want to do is to untie ourselves; what we want to do in reality is to go back, go back home. Not travel far away from that home. But it's to come back home. Because we have found that that is where we belong. And this is where we have to be.

Coming over here, Marolyn was reading a book to Hansi and Premlata, and it was called The Ugly Duckling. While she was reading I was looking over at the book, and I was flashing back and forth, that that's really the true case. Because there is this swan, which looks like an ugly duckling, trapped in between not its own. And it's just like us, just like human beings trapped in materialistic idealisms. And because you want to be with something, you always pursue, "Oh yes, yes, yes, this is what I want. Yes, yes, yes, this is what I want."

And then, when by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace - and the way the whole story goes is that (well, according to this book; I have heard it a few ways, but according to this book) there was this ugly duckling who went from house to house, and went from one flock of chickens to another flock of chickens, and didn't find any … everybody would just push him away, push him away. Till one day he looked up, and he saw this beautiful flock of swans just fly by. And he just cried, "Wait, wait. I want to come with you." And yet they just kept on going. And he was very sad. And he thought he was really ugly, and he really didn't know. Because everybody said "ugly," he said that he was ugly, he thought that he was ugly.

And then came that one time where he was on top of the water, and because he saw these beautiful birds, beautiful swans coming towards him, he thought, "Maybe they will reject me; maybe they will want me to go away from here, from their royal place, from their heaven, from their kingdom." And so he bent down sort of like in disgrace, sort of like shy, sort of like afraid, with fear, and he saw his own reflection, ever so beautiful, the same reflection as those swans looked like. And then in his heart it became so clear that that's where he wanted to stay, that that's what he was. Not what the other things said. Not that ugly duckling. But in fact, what he was was the most beautiful swan, to stay with the most beautiful swans in their kingdom of joy and love and heaven.

So premies, maybe that's what it takes, one bow down, and that one surrender, to just look, to let go into that point and just to see how beautiful you really are inside. How that perfectness has made you in such a perfect, perfect, perfect way. That beautiful Knowledge that is within inside of us, that is - we talk about "giving." There's nothing like "giving." It's revealing within inside of you that Knowledge. And for you to experience that Knowledge. And unless you have experienced that Knowledge, well, everything is theory. But it is possible for you to have that practical experience of that Knowledge in this life.

A lot of premies put wrong effort in wrong places. And that's what my job is, to make sure - if you have surrendered, if you want me to - to make sure that your effort is put in the right place, that what you're trying to pursue in terms of meditation, in terms of satsang, service and meditation, is right, is correct. I said "job." It's not a job. Job. But the only reason why I'm here: to make sure, to give you that Knowledge, to make sure that you get that experience. Because it is a beautiful experience.

And like I've said before, because I love you - no reason, just because I love you, I want you to have the same experience as I have had. The experience that I have had is beautiful, that I have is beautiful, is incredible. It's constant. It's everflowing. It's gracious. I mean there's - I guess there's really no words to describe it. And I want you to have that same experience.

So there's three or four things to do, premies. Either you can take off, walk away from this whole shazam, or let go, just let go. Because it's so beautiful, just thinking about Guru Maharaj Ji and talking about Guru Maharaj Ji. And it's just the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. It's so beautiful, so amazing what he really does. Because the first night, this is what we were talking about, about the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, the Grace of our Master. And it's so amazing. And we really yet never realized it, and yet we never really give thanks, and we can never, of course, never thank enough. But we don't even look deep enough inside of us, and just surrender ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji. We have to really try to do that, so that he can bring us to that experience.

Brahmanand has this one song where he says, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, you have done so much Mercy on me, you have given me so much Mercy, you have given me so much Grace that you have broken all my illusions. You have broken all my doubts, my strings, my bonds, my concepts." And he goes on in this song to say, "Some people go to one place, some people go to the other place; they look for the reality there, they look for

And request Guru Maharaj Ji. If that's what you really want, request Guru Maharaj Ji.
Ask Guru Maharaj Ji. Pray to Guru Maharaj Ji."


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1977 the reality there." He says that quite clearly. "And yet you have shown me." Then he says that, "People look for God here and people look for God there, but you, Guru Maharaj Ji, have shown me that that eternal thing that I was looking for, that the people are looking for everywhere, is within inside of me. I mean, just like that, you have shown me." And then he just goes on through the whole song like that, and in the end he says, "What should I give to my Guru Maharaj Ji for doing all that for me? What can I really give to my Guru Maharaj Ji?" And he says, "Even if I take all the wealth in this world and just multiply it millions and trillions of times and give it to Him, it wouldn't even mean a little speck of anything to Him. Because what He has really done for me is so incredible, is so beautiful, that how can I ever repay Him?"

And of course, the song stops at that point. That's the last verse of it. And it's just like, this is what we have to realize. But before we can even go to that position, we have to feel our own experience of Knowledge. And then we have to realize, "Well, wait a minute. Am I really surrendering myself to Guru Maharaj Ji or not? Because if I am trying to surrender myself to Guru Maharaj Ji, if I am making that effort …" And I mean, it's just like Ira was talking about: "How do you do it, you know? What kind of procedure do you follow? How do you surrender?"

It's a good question: How do you surrender? What do you have to do to surrender? Surrender, while being the most complicated thing in this whole, wide world, is probably the easiest, the most super-fantastic and the calmest, most beautiful thing that there is. A very long time ago, Bill once came to Malibu. And we just took a little walk. And I said that the key to this whole thing is really surrender, to surrender. We try to do it ourselves; it's just so hard. We try to get away from that valley that I was talking about; it's so hard. We can't do it. It's rigged up that way. It's rigged up that way. It's so conceptualized for us. We can't get out of it. Even if we try to get out of it, we can't get out of it.

I can give you one simple example. A child is born, and that child grows up in a particular society. Some grow in high society; some grow in low society. And I mean, this is a flat example. And that determines in what kind of valley you are. And that even doesn't matter - what society you come from. But you're on the same ground, with all the same problems. At first, there's no questions, there's no doubts; there is nothing happening. The child is there, beautiful, plays, plays, plays, plays. Then he starts to grow to a certain age. Things are told to him. And I remember things that were told to me a long, long time ago. And I still remember them, just clear as a bell.

Sometimes I see that a lot of the concepts - when the concept starts, you see your concepts sitting there, and it's easy enough with Knowledge to just go, just brush them off to the side. But you can see how there was a whole circle of concepts trying to be placed on top of my head. Some other people's concepts. Not to put it in the way, "I think" or "may be." No, no, that wasn't the case. At that age, you don't tell a child things like that. You tell them like that was as for sure as the sun in the midskies in the afternoon. You just tell them as straight as you can: "Listen kid, that's the way it is." And not, "Maybe that's the way it is," but you just tell them straightaway.

And those little boundaries start growing slowly and slowly and slowly. And there you are, in the middle of this deep valley. So many concepts. So many ideas. So many philosophies. So many ideologies. What you have picked up yourself, what people have told you, or something that happened when you were a child.

All these things just gather around you and just coop you in there. And so that's the whole purpose, the whole meaning, the whole thing in your life. And then that's the valley that we want to get out of. That's the place we want to get out of, and become in the open, and to really come and see the reality in this world. To really appreciate that incredibleness, instead of sitting in that cooped-up valley. And so, only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is that possible, to get out of that valley, to get out of that place.

And so premies, it's really, really beautiful that we have all come here, and listened to satsang. Because I tell you, there's so many crazy things happening out there. There's so many crazy things happening out there. On the front page of the Miami Herald there's a news article. There's a picture of President Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson, and then a little picture of this other guy. And the whole article is about this guy saying he knows, or he thinks he knows or something like that, how Lyndon B. Johnson actually became a senator: His ballot was stuffed. He knew the guy who gave him extra votes. And that's how he became a senator; I mean now it's coming out. Maybe it's true; maybe it's not true. But this world is just completely so outrageously crazy sometimes. And the only way to live in this world, if that's the way we want to live, is to be as outrageously crazy as this whole world.

If a person doesn't do a one certain thing a one certain way: "You're crazy!" "Crazy," you know. That's what Mira Bai was told. She dedicated her whole life to her Lord, and she would


just go around singing praise. And everybody would go, "She's crazy. She's nuts; she is crazy."

So premies, I guess there's a lot, lot, lot more to say. And yet there's a lot, lot, lot more to be realized. And yet besides all that, there's a lot, lot, lot, lot, lot more to be experienced. And unless we have that experience, whatever I say either is going to go in this ear and come out of this one, or become a real immaculate theory. Or if it becomes neither of those and does become a reality for you - and that's what I want - then you really have to make that effort.

And that effort is no effort. The way to surrender is different. You don't go there and: "Guru Maharaj Ji, I surrender!" No. But make your own effort in your own little ways. Little efforts. I don't mean leap and bound the whole Earth. But your own efforts in your little ways. And let Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace come through. And do satsang, service and meditation. Get out of that ego. Get out of that place.

And request Guru Maharaj Ji. If that's what you really want, request Guru Maharaj Ji. Ask Guru Maharaj Ji. Pray to Guru Maharaj Ji to get you out of that valley, so that you can be clear, so that you can be open. And the rest, premies - I assure you, everything is incredible, everything is great. You can just see the whole Grace is just taking over. It's just like a big, huge gust of this whole Grace is just picking everything up and bringing it closer and closer and closer and closer every second, every moment, to the place where we really want to be. Bringing us closer and closer to that most beautiful, most incredible Knowledge. Because Knowledge is really something that we have to practice, that we have to really try to practice and put our effort into. And if we don't do that, then we're just going to get spaced out, then our mind is going to take over. And that's not even like giving a fair chance to Knowledge.

And there's a lot of people, a lot of things happened in their lives, and then all of a sudden you just take off. Mind just comes in and you just sort of take off. But premies, if you really try, if you sincerely try, if you give Knowledge a chance, if you give Guru Maharaj Ji a chance and let it for one single time manifest in your lives, I can assure you it's going to work. And it always has worked. It's just a matter of giving Guru Maharaj Ji and giving Knowledge the chance. Just one itty-bitty little chance, and it'll work.

So thank you very much. And I hope I'll see you soon. And definitely, I just want to say that there is going to be Hans Jayanti (applause); so maybe you guys would like to keep your bags packed for that. And try to make it as big, as beautiful, as comfortable, as blissful as possible. And that is the only reason - I can't even tell you where it is going to be (laughs). But it's going to be somewhere, and it's going to happen. So just be ready for that (applause). Just don't get too surprised. And actually, that gives you plenty of time.

And there's a lot of initiators, and there's a lot of people who have come from a lot of different countries and communities. You can talk to Bill about making their schedules. And there's a lot more initiators that are definitely needed. And I sincerely think there's a lot more initiators needed. There's initiators needed permanently in communities, there's initiators needed permanently in the countries, there are initiators needed everywhere. Because they can be a source of great inspiration, if you really look at it - constant Knowledge reviews and giving Knowledge to aspirants and giving satsang, and just keeping everything on the up and up. And so, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace I think everything is just happening beautifully. And definitely we have a lot of initiators here, and a lot more are going to be made.

So just sit back arid relax and enjoy the boat ride, because it's just nice and it's a beautiful boat ride and its going to take you to your destination. Don't jump off the boat. And if you do, who knows? You see, the problem seems to be that in this boat there's only a very, very few life preservers. So in case you do jump, nobody might be able to throw you a life preserver. So don't jump. Stay on the boat. Do satsang, service and meditation. It's very, very important. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of surrender, of satsang, of service, of meditation. Because it's important if you want to proceed in this path.

And this path is beautiful. This is not a way, this is - I mean, it's hard to say it; it just is a beautiful, incredible way to go inside. And when you say "way," it just doesn't seem right. It's not a matter of "way." "This way or that way." It's not a way. It's the thing to get inside, to experience that Knowledge.

And so premies, just now I really feel one important thing that has to start happening is propagation. And the more and more propagation happens, the more and more brothers and sisters all around this world will be able to enjoy Knowledge. And as I have told you before, if propagation is going to happen, it's got to happen right. You just don't go up to a person who is waiting for his bus, okay, and tell him he should surrender. What he is probably going to do is go like this (raising his hands). He will probably think you've got a gun or something. And that is not the way to do it. And I also know that some premies (not all the premies - some premies) have a quality of over-exaggerating things a little bit. And some premies have the quality of overover-over-exaggerating things. In propagation, you just can't do things like that. You can't under-exaggerate and you can't over-exaggerate. It's got to be your own experience.

So before we actually start to begin a whole program for propagation, and start going full-force ahead, do as much meditation as you can, get together with your own self, and you will hear and you will know how to go full-force ahead. So just sit back, become as strong as you can in your own Knowledge experience, because that's what counts. That's what has to happen, for you and for the other person.

And so, all I can say is I hope I'll see you very, very soon. Thank you very much.

* * *

So premies, I think we have had an excellent three days, very beautiful. And I really hope that you understand from the satsang that was given the two days, and really try to take it in heart, and really try to practice it. I understand a few buses have to leave now. And it's just like, those premies who are leaving - I guess I'll see you later; very, very soon. And for all the premies who are going to keep on listening to some music, I love you very much, and (someone shouts "I love you!") - I love you, too - and I hope I will see you again very, very soon, hopefully maybe before Hans Jayanti (thunderous cheering). Well, it seems we will have to! And have terrific meditations. And I just love you, and I will see you later very soon. Okay, thank you premies, and bye.

And my blessings to all the premies.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, 1971