Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Satguru Maharaj, The Prince Of Peace, 1971

Poster design by Guru Maharaj Ji

Guru Maharaj Ji at Hunter College, New York City, October 8, 1971

Dear sisters and brothers, it is a pleasure that we all are here, and here to listen to something about our Almighty Father, who is omnipresent in all of us.

You see, we have got a frame; and many scriptures and many holy saints have said that this is a frame that you have got. And there is a parrot,. there is a very good bird, a very precious bird in this cage. And people who are careless about this cage open the mouth, open the main door of this cage and leave it. But eventually what happens? When that bird, when that precious bird wants to go out, it sees that door and goes out. And thus we die; and that's how we die.

But how to realize that Knowledge? How to realize that spiritual awareness which can make us aware at all times to close that door, to always close that door? How to realize that?

Jesus Christ came. Why? What did He do? He gave this Knowledge to His disciples, and tried to bring that Peace, that true Peace, into this world. He tried to bring it. And He came for that. And so Ram came, Krishna came, and so many other saints came, and they revealed one Knowledge, that Knowledge which exists among us all. It is existing among us all, and we have to realize it.

See, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravitation. He never made the law of gravitation. He never made the law of gravitation in his laboratory. He just discovered the law of gravitation. The law of gravitation was existing before Sir Isaac Newton. That's why that apple fell on his head. If the law of gravitation was not existing before Sir Isaac Newton, then how would that apple have fallen on his head? So, in the same way, sometimes people feel that true consciousness, and are aware of that true consciousness in their body, in their mind. Why? Because that is within us. That's why we feel it.

So why I have come back into New York? To just give you this Knowledge, to give you another privilege so that you may take this Knowledge.

See, we know that God is amongst everyone. But how to know Him? Speaking is very easy: "Water. Oh, bring me water." But what is water? To answer that is tough. A small child can say, "Oh, bring me a glass of water." But if a man will ask, "What is water?- it is very difficult for him to answer, -Water is I-120.- Because he never understands that.

We are always a child before our father; no matter if we become as tall as a giraffe, or we become as small as an ant, or no matter to what high length we are or to what low length we are, but we are always children before our father. So be as children, and realize your Father, who is your Father. He is within us; we know that. But take Him out, dig it out, realize your Father, see Him face to face. So that you may understand, see Him face to face.

When Swami Vivekanand was in search of this Knowledge, he first of all went to Tagore and he asked him, "Sir, have you seen God?" And Tagore said, "Well, boy, your eyes are shining. Your personality is brilliant, and you look very handsome." And Swami Vivekanand said, "Sir, I asked you, 'Have you seen God?' And if you have seen God, say yes, and if not - I have not come for my destination: my face. Tell me yes or no." And he said, "No,"

Then he went to Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans and he said, "Sir, have you seen God?" and Ramakrishna Paramhans said, "Yes, I have seen God. I have seen God more nearer than you are standing before me, and I have talked to Him more frequently than I am talking to you."

And he said, "Can you reveal Him to me?" He said, "By all means.- And thus He revealed this Knowledge to Swami Vivekanand. And when he came into Chicago in the world religious conference, he said, "Nothing is more higher and holier than this true Knowledge.'

There were two travelers; one was a thief and one was a traveler. In olden days in India, people used to go outside India and earn some money, and then come back again to their homes. So one traveler was going, and he had some money. The other traveler thought, "Well, he has got some money, and I should take this money from him; I will be a rich man. Probably he will have 500 dollars, 600 dollars."

And he accompanied him, and he said, -Brother, well, you are also going the same way, and I am going the same way. Let's both accompany each other." And he said, "Okay."

They both were going. They started talking. He said, "Brother, why did you go to this place?" And he said, "Well, brother, I went to earn."

"And how many dollars have you earned?" And he said, "Well, I have earned 500 dollars." And he said, "Okay, that's very good."

They both went to an inn, and tried to rest there. While the other traveler who possessed the money went to take some food downstairs, this thief felt all around his bed, all his clothes, all his luggage, but he couldn't find a single dollar in his luggage, not a single dollar, not a single cent even.

Then they both went again and he said, "Brother, have you really earned something?" And he said, "Yes, I have." "How many?" He said, "Five hundred."

Again they went to the next inn, and he again searched where he kept that money.

Ultimately, there was a time when both went to their homes, and the man who possessed money took out some money from his purse. He took out two dollars and gave them to that other fellow, who was a thief, and said, "Here are some dollars; you may have them.- And the thief said, "Well, brother, you keep these dollars with you, but I want to ask you one question. Only one question. And the question is: You had these dollars; I have seen now by my eyes. And to tell you the truth, I am a thief. And when you used to go downstairs to take your dinner, I used to search all your bed, under your pillow, all your luggage, all your clothes, but I could get nothing."

But he said, "How could you get it? I used to keep that money


under your pillow. How could you get the money? Before I went downstairs, I used to take that money and put it under your pillow, and you were searching under my pillow! You could get nothing, because the money was under your pillow."

The same case is with us. We have got some money that we have really earned, because we have come through a long journey - we have done such a long journey. And we are trying to return back. Because everybody has to return back.

When a child grows one year, we celebrate his birthday, right? Two years; we celebrate his birthday. Suppose he will live for one hundred years. Because two years of his are gone, we rejoice? And then, when third goes off, we rejoice? We celebrate the birthday because he is growing. He is not really growing; he is reducing his years from his lifetime! If he was to live for a hundred years, now because he has reduced his two years, now he will live a few years less. And then we get very glad?

Our lifetime is finishing here, and we are going to that place. And there are many thieves. In Gita they have been written as illusions, maya (illusion), krodh (anger), and so on. And these are the thieves which are after us to take this money. But what do we have to do? We have to keep it under their pillow. We have to keep it under their pillow. Because if we keep it under our pillow, they will take it from there. They will take it from there. What we have to give is our mind. We have to give away our mind. If we keep our mind, if we keep ourself with us, we will be surely stolen.

So brothers, there is a technique; there is a Knowledge. I won't take too long. There is a Knowledge which I have got. It is not my own. This was given to me. Not as a gift. I can't call it a gift because a gift is a limited thing. This is much higher than a gift even. This was given to me by my father. And it never belonged to him either. This gift was given to him by his Guru. And it never belonged to him either. It was given to him by his Guru, and so on. And now, I have got this Knowledge for you, to give you. And I am here to give you that Knowledge which will take away all your sins that you have got. It will take all your sufferings that you have got. It will make you pure and will take you to Peace. It will take you to that real Peace which you really need, which this human race really needs.

Why is there so much rush in New York? Because everybody has to do something. And he rushes for that thing; he rushes for that thing. And so that's why there is so much rush. Everybody has got some trouble with his mind. Everybody is a little bit crazy, little bit.

And Guru also becomes crazy sometimes after His disciples. Because sometimes His disciples attract Him so much, they win Him by their service, that the Guru has to follow them instead of they following Guru. And that's what Hanuman did. What did Hanuman do? Hanuman did so much service to Lord Rama that he won Rama. And instead of Hanuman following Rama, Rama had to follow Hanuman.

So everybody is a little bit crazy. This world is crazy after materialistic things, and disciples and Gurus are crazy in the spiritual thing. Everybody is crazy! But some craziness is good and some craziness is bad.

If the night comes in the daytime, no good. But if the night comes at nighttime, that is good. In the same way, if this craziness comes to us in this spiritual way, it is good, very good, very recommended. But if this comes into this materialistic way, then very bad. Because this will destroy us.

Remember, the color of sulfuric acid and the water is the same. Color of sulfuric acid and the water is the same. But they both are different.

So both are crazy. But one craziness leads to destruction, and one craziness leads to that form where man cannot perish, where man cannot die, to the permanent home of God where there is Peace all the time. So I really have come here to make you crazy into the spiritual form, into the spiritual craziness.

Otherwise - see, take water and put it into a small lake. What will happen? After some time, your water will start rottening and a bad smell will come from the water. But if the water is constantly flowing, then it will be pure. If our mind is just like a lake, a bad smell will start coming. But if it is flowing into a good direction, if the water is flowing into a good direction, then a really good smell will come out. If our minds are getting crazy into the spiritual path, the air of spiritualness will flow out of us.

We can also become like John. I was reading a book which was a summary of Bible, and when Christ went to be baptized into that river, He said to John, -John, baptize me.- And John said, "Christ, have I to baptize You or do You have to baptize me?" The man who was baptizing till now said to Lord that, "Lord, I have to baptize You or You have to baptize me?" He stood, he said, "Lord, what is this?" Where John had to baptize whosoever was coming, he was baptizing all these people, when Christ came to him, he said, "Sir, You baptize me." Then what did Christ do? Christ never said, "Okay. Alright, I will baptize you.- He said, "No, you baptize me.- This is the law, and always a Perfect Master follows laws and regulations.

So we've got to go to the Perfect Master to realize that Knowledge, to realize that real Peace which our mind requires. Remember, the man who is standing before you who is father of two sons was himself a child first. He had to be a child, and then he became a father. Not first a father and then a child. See, first he was a small child, and then he is a father now. To be a father, he had to be a small child. In the same way, to realize that Knowledge we must go to some Guru, we must go to a teacher; we must go to a guide.

Then the problem comes here that in every corner of the world there is a guru sitting down. And especially this is the case in India. Every corner you take you will find a guru. Every corner you take you will find a guru. Every corner, every turn of your road that you take, you will find a guru sitting down. Now, how to realize Him? How to find who is really a Guru? There are many gurus in the world. Probably more than a thousand. And they claim the same thing.

Now the same thing comes here, the same point that the color of the sulfuric acid is also like water. Those gurus who haven't got anything also claim, "Yes, I have got something.- And the Gurus who have got something automatically will claim that, "I have got something. Come to me.- Now how to know who is anti-Christ and who is the real 'Perfect Master? How to know this?

When I was reading this Aquarian Gospel by Levi, he wrote about anti-Christ. And then at last he said, "But the people won't be troubled by these for a long time, because people will be clever enough to understand them. And how will people understand them? By their fruit."


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Satguru Maharaj, The Prince Of Peace, 1971

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Satguru Maharaj, The Prince Of Peace, 1971 There is a tree standing. You want to see which tree it is: mango tree, apple tree, or banana tree. Go there, and pick that fruit and taste it. If it is an apple tree, you can find out.

There are three dishes before you. One has got sweet candy, one has got sour candy, and third has got salty candy. And you must take out the sweet candy from those dishes. How to take it out? And the three dishes are the same color, and have the same

amount, same quantity, same area, same everything. Then how to take out the sweet candy? Go there and taste everything. Take a sweet one, taste it. You will find: ''This is sweet." Other one, sour; no. Other one, salty; no. And take the sweet one, and you will find it, and easily you will be able to know, and you will be able to take out the sweet candy.

So if you want to find the true Knowledge of God, no problem at all. No difficulty at all. Go there, and seek that Knowledge. If it is true Knowledge, it will give you Peace. It will give you enlightenment. It will give you a point there where your mind will rest. It will be a headrest for your mind. And if not, your mind will still wander around. Your mind will still wander around if it is not the true Knowledge. So this is how you will really know what is the true Knowledge.

If anti-Christ comes here, and here it is written, "anti-Christ," I won't believe that he is anti-Christ. If a man comes before me and he has got a board on saying "anti-Christ,- neither will I believe that he is Christ, nor will I believe that he is anti-Christ.

First of all, I will take what he offers and try it; I will take the fruit he offers and eat it. And then,' will see whether he is anti- Christ or Christ. If his fruit will give me that Peace and that tranquillity of mind, if it will give me that real Truth that I need, then he is not anti-Christ. But if it is not giving me the real Peace, and even if it is Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak,

Mohammed, Christ, and he is giving me that bitter fruit which is not giving me that sweet taste, which is not giving me what I want, then I won't believe him at all.

So this is how you have to go around in this world. You can only know who is the Perfect Master by that fruit, not by the shape. You cannot make out the difference between a real flower and an artificial flower today. Both have the same sweet scent, and everything. But which is the real flower? You know that. When you touch it, when you feel it, you find that, "This is the real one." And that which is artificial, it feels like paper. So you can realize it very easily.

So dear brothers and sisters, that's why God has given you this thinking power to think. Why has God given you this thinking power to think? God has given you this thinking power to think so that you can think! You can really think, and make out, and judge for yourself, that what is the true Knowledge and which is the real path which you have to follow.

You should do three things very carefully: Choose your wife carefully, your friend very carefully, and Guru very, very carefully. These three things should be done very carefully, not carelessly. Wife will accompany you your whole life. At the moment when you are taking a risk, you will try to accompany your friends. Suppose I have got a friend, and I live carelessly, and today I haven't got a single cent. And I am in a case where I really need help. First of all, I will go to my friend. And if he says no, then really you know that he is not a true friend.

So you should do three things … And Guru - Guru's Knowledge you will have to carry out till you reach kingdom of heaven, till you reach even God. So you must choose these three things very, very carefully: wife, friend and Guru. Very carefully. And the rest could be okay; rest can be okay. The rest is no problem. But these three things are made, and you must judge it carefully.

When you go to buy a pot made of mud, you first knock it and see whether it is solid or hollow. If it is hollow, you will leave it; and if it is solid, you take it. When you go to buy a house, you first send your surveyor. Surveyors go and survey it. And if it is okay, if it is good, you buy it. And if they give you the bad report, you don't buy it.

In the same way, first know Guru. First take His Truth and test it, so that you may not be misguided throughout your life. Because when you will go to that Judge who will be sitting down there for a judgment for hell and heaven, and you will say, "Well, I had a guru, I did have a guru;" the Judge will say, "Well, what was the name of your guru? Where is your guru?" And you will say, "There is my guru standing there.- And he asks the guru, "What did you give him?"

"Well, I gave this untrue knowledge; I gave him this false knowledge." And so will you cry there or will you laugh there? The Judge will straightaway send you to hell.

You want a path, you want a direction, and you say, "Oh blind man, take my hand and guide me." You give your hand to a blind man who himself can't see! If you give him your hand, how will he guide you? He will go himself in the well, and take you into the well. If the guru hasn't got the true Knowledge, he will himself go into the hell, but take you also to the hell. Because you will be attached there.

So choose him carefully, brothers.


Probably I will be going tomorrow, and we have got a very short rime. And I am back here again to give you this Knowledge, because I know people in New York need it much more than in any country of the world (applause). They have got three things acting at the same time on their heads: illusion, delusion and pollution. These three things are acting at the same time on their heads. So they really need this Knowledge; they really need this Knowledge. And so I have come here to give that Knowledge to them. So just to give this Knowledge I am here.

And so brothers, if you actually have to know that Knowledge, come to me and I will give it to you. And if you don't want that Knowledge, it is okay. Nobody is compelling you, and it is not like the law of America that everybody has to go into the

military for three years - if you don't, you can't escape. It is not like that. If you want this Knowledge, you are welcome. And you will get the address of the place, and you can come and receive this Knowledge. But if you don't want this, it is okay. There are many places in the world ..

(A heated argument takes place in the audience.)

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Satguru Maharaj, The Prince Of Peace, 1971 Okay, dear sisters and brothers, thank you very much for listening to me, and now I must finish off, because it is time. And people who have understood see, for clever people, beckon them like this, and if they are clever they will come to you. But if somebody hasn't got the mind, first you will have to say, "Left." And then "Right." "First place your left foot and then right. Then place your left foot, and then place your right foot. And then place your left foot, and then place your right foot. Make your nose direction towards me, and then come.- But a man who has got the mind, just to beckon to him is more than enough. So who is clever? And if a man hasn't got his mind, he cannot go into this world.

When God has given us mind to think, to judge, and we are a small judge, and we can judge - if we can judge materialistic things, we can even judge this spiritual Knowledge. So judge it and know what is real. If I can give you this Knowledge, if this Knowledge can satisfy you, it is well and good. But if it can't satisfy you, go to another place. Know that Knowledge.

If this Knowledge is being given by another saint, know this. I don't say, "Come to me.- I don't say, "Come to me; I will give you this Knowledge." But if you can't find it outside, if nobody can give you this Knowledge, then come to me. But if you can find this Knowledge outside, it is good; find it out. The main thing is that you must know this Knowledge. Because this is the only thing. Your wealth, your money, will be left in the bank; money won't go with you on the way. Your house will be left there; the land, property, and everything will be left. Nothing will go. Only one thing will go, and that is this Knowledge. So you must know this Knowledge; you must have a walking stick for the staircases that are from here right to heaven. And if you really want the kingdom of heaven, you can have it.

And what is Truth will be Truth; even if anti-Christ comes, he cannot change it. Truth will stay there. The day the Truth will vanish from this world, the world won't exist anymore. Because without this Truth - this world is basing upon Truth, and once that Truth will disappear from here, this world will collapse.

And so realize Truth wherever you can. If you can find water in a pot, go there. If you can find water in a tap, go there. If you can find water in a bottle, take that bottle. If you can find water just in your hand, get it from there. The point is of taking water. That is all. We have to take water, and that is all.

So, if you can get it from anywhere else also, you must go there. But if these people or other people can't give you Knowledge, then come to me. I have got it. I have given it to three million people in India only, and to more people in these western countries. And they have known this Knowledge, and have practiced Knowledge, and they have flourished.

So what I want to say again is to know your Father. Become as holy as your Father is. Because you must be holier. A man is away from that which is that Truth, or which is that goal of life. He must reach the goal of life. You take a stone, throw it up in the sky; it will again come back. Because that stone is a part of this Earth. Take a lamp. Lamp will start burning, and the flame of the lamp will go up. Because that fire is a part of the sun, and until it goes and joins the sun, it is not satisfied. Rivers go and join the sea, and until they join the sea they are not satisfied.

The soul is part of God, and it wants to go and meet God. And until it meets its Father, the soul is dissatisfied. So once again, go and meet your Father who is within us. He is not outside.

See, in order to get fire, they used to take stones and rub them, and fire used to come out. The fire was in the stones, but until they rubbed the stones, it did not come out. Same way, God is within us, but until we realize Him, God won't come out. The Peace is within us, but if you want the spirit, you must put it in such a way that we can realize it.

What is the aim and the purpose to come into this life, into this world? The only purpose is not to eat, drink and be merry. But the purpose is something else: to realize your God, realize your Father, Who is of all. But we have to know Him. We can say, "God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent," and I believe


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Satguru Maharaj, The Prince Of Peace, 1971

"If you can't know this Knowledge by external methods, or by anyone, then come to me. I will give you this Knowledge."

it. But how to realize Him?

By saying "water, water, water" or "pani, pani, pani" or "wasser, wasser, wasser," it won't come to you. If I am sitting down here and I am saying -water, water, water," water won't come to me. If I say "food, food, food, food," food won't come to me. There is a great difference between saying "water, water" and drinking it. There is a great difference between saying "food, food" and eating it. There is a great difference between saying "God, God" and realizing Him.

So we have to realize that internal point; on the internal point lies the whole focus of this body, of this life. There is a point, and on that point there is the whole form. This whole life has been focused on that point, and we have to realize that point. If we want to realize that point on which our life has been focused, we will be able to realize what is that life.

This Knowledge - there is a description of this Knowledge in the scriptures, but this Knowledge is not in the scriptures. I can give you a wonderful explanation: "Oh, water is like this; water is like this; water is like this; water is like this …" but it won't take away your thirst. I am in a desert, and I am feeling thirsty, very thirsty, and I haven't got water to drink. Some people come to me and say, "Well, friend, see, this is the book I've written about water. Read this book." And I read that book, and it says, "Water is in Ganges, and water is created when H, and 0 are combined." I read that, but my thirst never goes away. I say,


"Water is water is water," but my thirst never goes away. How will my thirst go away? By drinking water.

So drink water. So realize God. Because God is within you, not outside. And it is very easy to realize God. See, "God" has been composed of three words: G-O-D, God. G for Generator, O for Operator, and D for Destructor. Generator, Operator and

Destructor is God. The One Who generates us, Who operates us and Who destroys us is God. And He can be only realized by one path, by one way. And what is it? That way is Truth. Truth is one, not two or three or four or five or six. Truth is one. And only Truth is the way through which you can realize your Father, your God.

Christian people believe in Christianity, Hindu people believe in Hinduism, Sikhs believe in Sikhism, Muslim people believe in Muslimism. But they all have got - ultimately, their focus is one thing, and that is: There is something like God. When we read the scriptures, the Indian scriptures and these - like Bible and all these scriptures, we will find that they have described about a Word. Like Guru Granth Sahib says, "This Word is this Earth, Word is the sky, and Word is everything, and due to this Word the sky is existing and Earth is existing."

Then in the Bible, John says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And Mohammed says, "Pak Nam," Holy Word. So every scripture has described about a Word. There Krishna also says, "Avekto akshar" - a Word that cannot be spoken. Not "words" - a Word. A Word that cannot be spoken by mouth. Ramayana also says about the Word, that "till where I should say the praise and the glory of that Holy Word? Even Lord Rama Himself cannot sing the praise and glory of this Holy Word."

So that Holy Word - we have to realize it. And that is the point, that is the Word which is Truth, which is real Truth. What you are seeing now - do you think it is real? You think this hall is real? An earthquake will come and take this whole hall away, all the big buildings away. Today, the light is there and all New York is jingling. But when the light went away for some period of time in New York, where was that jingling? New York was dark. The whole city was dark; there was no light. Only the cars had some light; that's all.

So that's how, brothers - what do we think won't be destroyed? Nothing. Everything will be ultimately destroyed. But what is one thing which won't be destroyed forever? That is this Knowledge. This Knowledge cannot be destroyed, cannot be cut away into pieces. Fire cannot burn it, wind cannot blow it, thief cannot take it, government cannot put restrictions onto it. That is that Word.

So this Word - this is the Word. And we cannot speak this Word, because this Word is not in alphabets. This Word was in the beginning when there was no alphabet even existing in this world. It was at that time. All the alphabets have been made after the world was created. But right in the beginning was the Word. "In the beginning was the Word …" And in which form was the Word?

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Satguru Maharaj, The Prince Of Peace, 1971 In the beginning, there was no English, no Hindi, no Sanskrit, and none of these languages. When the world was not created, when there was nothing like sun, there was nothing like darkness, nothing like moon, nothing like fire, nothing like Earth, sky, and all these things, then in which alphabet was this Word? In the same original alphabet this Word is till now. It has not been changed; it is in the same form. And thus, it cannot be spoken by this mouth. It cannot be verbally put. Because when we put it into words, we divide it into many categories. But this Word is the Word of God, and although the word "God" is in the alphabet, real G-O-D is not alphabetical.

So we have to realize Who is omnipresent. We are not realizing it, and we will only when we find such an aim to concentrate, some aim to concentrate this mind of ours. This mind is so flittery, and it flitters more than the speed of light. It has got the fastest speed to flitter on, which cannot be tied by ropes, which cannot be tied by threads. If this Knowledge could be simply tied by threads and ropes, people would have tied it. But it cannot be tied by these things.

So how to tie this mind? Arjuna says, "Lord, I can conquer the elements of this air, but I am not able to control my mind.- So we have to control that mind, this mind, which is so flittery, which is the cause of all unhappiness into this body. We have to conquer it. And after conquering it, we have to just put it away from us, so that no unhappiness can in any way just come into our body. So realize it: what it is which cannot be destroyed.

And what is the soul - what is the thing written in all the countries, all the countries? When I was small, I used to believe in Christ, and even now I believe in Christ. I used to believe in Ram, and even now I believe in Ram. And I used to believe in every saint, and still I believe in every saint. But now I have realized the mystery. Till then I was believing in all the saints by their name; only by their name, I used to believe in them. Because everybody believed, I used to also. But now that I have known this Knowledge, I respect them in another way. I respect them for their greatness, what they gave to this world, for their great words, for their great deeds that they did. And for that I respect them.

So this is the whole focus that I want to put here of my satsang. The whole summary of my satsang is that wherever I go, into any part of the world, I will only say one thing, and that is to realize God. If you can realize God by reading scriptures, wonderful. If you can know this Knowledge by guru, far out, no problem. But if you can't know this Knowledge by external methods, or by anyone, then come to me. I will give you this Knowledge.

Thank you very much.