Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Los Angeles. California, July 27, 1974

A Big Puzzle

Well, I hope you liked the Guru Pula in Amherst (applause). I guess you did.

The thing is -- there were a lot of songs, a lot of sayings, and many people keep talking about Love. But the most important thing about Love -- you see, that's a very tricky thing. And the most important thing about that Love is that you have got to practice it. I mean, you can speak about it as much as you like, but you've got to practice it.

And true Love can come only if the premies are really trying to realize this Knowledge. Because you see, you want to have a tree in your back yard or in your front yard. And you go and get a leaf from one tree. Say you want to grow a guava tree. So first you go to one guava tree, you find somebody, and say, "Can I borrow one leaf?" And you get one leaf, and then you go to somebody and you say, ''Can I borrow one more leaf?" And you keep going from one house to other house, and trying to borrow these leaves. And you get all these leaves, and then you go to somebody's house and say, "Well, if you don't need your guava tree, can i have it?" And you take it, chop off the stems of it, then go to somebody else and get the stems, start sticking those leaves in that tree, and go to somebody else and say, "Can I have your guavas?" and start sticking up there.

You might end up with a tree, but that's it. It'll start rotting away after some time. And this is what this world does. it gets a little bit of love from here, gets a


little bit of love from there, puts it in the blender, whatever it comes out -- and it doesn't even last for two and a half days!

But what we are trying to shoot, what we are trying to get to, is the seed to the guava tree. Because it you can get that, then there is no problem. Of course it'll take a little time, and of course it'll take a lot of care. But there it'll be, the guava tree, giving fruits right after another. Just really beautiful.

And this is the problem about some things that people don't understand. And when this Love -- when we talk about this Love, when we talk about this realization -- now, this is what people try to do: go there, get a little bunch from there, and go there and get a little piece from there, and try to stick it together. But when that realization is inside of us, that's what we have to try to open up. This is what we have to try to do.

And really, it becomes so simple. Because there are many premies, and they get very, very confused. And all I can say is: "I'm sorry, fellow." They got themselves into that mess, and I think it's their duty to get themselves out if they do want. Because man is filled, completely filled, with this realization. But if he is not going to open himself up to it, and let it flow outside, just let it flow, he is not going to get where he wants to get.

But if a person is always going to keep back, saying, "'Oh no, maybe this is too much for me," "Oh, I am confused," or "Oh, this is this," -- and those kind of people are not actually shooting for Knowledge. They are shooting for something else. They are trying to either -- they are shooting for, say, ashram life: "Oh, the ashram life is no good, and I am confused by that." Or, "How come this has to happen that way? I am confused by that." Or they don't see Love in other premies. Sometimes premies don't see Love in other premies, and they get confused and they quit.

And the thing is, yesterday we were driving from Los Angeles to San Diego. And right on the beach it was cloudy; fog here and there. We got out of there, kind of went past Los Angeles downtown. It was sunny. And it was our choice. We could've gone back, right? it was cloudy, and no sun, fog, and all that stuff. Or we could've stayed where it was sunny. And it's completely up to us.

We can see two aspects of man. We can see him from the front side, or from the back side. And he is completely different: he will be completely different. I mean, there won't be any eyes, or nose, or mouth at the back. And when you go up behind a person, you won't be able to say who this guy is. And if we are looking for Love, then we are looking for Love. And there are many premies who say, "Oh, we are picking up the negative vibration." The thing is, when the positive is inside of you, and that's what you're trying to search for, why look outside?

And that was the big thing. A person is searching here and there. He comes to a satsang meeting, and that's where he hears, "Well, God is inside. Search for Him inside; not outside." And says, "Yeah, that's right. You know, God is inside, that Love is inside. the Truth is inside."

He moves into an ashram; he ends up the same place he started. And this is what we have to understand. And that Love, when that realization comes there . and which is so simple, which is really so easy. But we make it hard.

We could have a very, very expensive sports car with a lot of torque, a huge engine, lot of transmission, rib tires on every gear. Just really fast. And if we don't press that gas pedal, it's not going to go. Unless somebody conies from the back and hits it. And then it'll start rotating. Otherwise it's not going to go. And premies, that is the situation, exactly the same situation with us. Somebody might come and say, "Come on, come on, come on, come on! Get up! You gotta realize! You gotta do this!" And we just might do it. And we have to understand that this car hit us by

"We've got to practice that Love now.
Talking has already been going on for long time,
I tell you, a pretty long time.
And it's still going on. And it didn't do much.
And we've got to practice something that has done a lot, and that will.
And that is this Knowledge."


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji mistake or just hit us now, but he's not going to be hitting us for all of our lifetime long. He is just going to stop, and if it's not that much damage, he's just going to back up and go get out of there. But about you, you'll be stuck!

What you want is right next door. Can you imagine! Say this is a hall. And say that's a safe right back behind this wall, and it's full of gold and rubies and gems and diamonds. And a robber, thief, comes to one of these windows right here. And I mean, can you imagine his situation? Because he knows all that gold is right behind this wall. And all he has to do is to sneak, neatly sneak in that place and get it. Get all the gold he wants. And then get Out of there.

And that is the situation with us. That's how it should be. Because there it is, whatever you want. It's sitting right within inside of you. And if we want, we can have it. If we don't want, we can forget it.

So premies, it's like that flow that everybody is looking for, that natural flow, that beautiful flow, that thing that the world talks about -- I mean, they don't even know what they are talking about, but they think they know and they think they can figure it out somehow. They start talking about this Love. But really, we have understood that. We have been able to realize that. And now we should also understand that it's very possible where we want to reach, we want to be, is like right there. Two steps and you'll be there.

And it's like, you have been waiting at a bus stop for four hours, five hours, six hours, and the bus comes right in front of you. I mean, you have been waiting for six hours for that bus; in two steps you move, and you are right in that bus. And that's all it takes. And then it'll take you wherever you want it to go. And this is, premies, how our life is. And we have to understand! This is what I was saying at the Denver satsang program, that how many people are actually there who understand this thing: that we are existing right now, we are breathing right now, we are sitting right now, because of Grace? And how many people are there who know that?

I mean, of course, people have it somewhere along the line. They think, "Yeah, oh, we are existing." But how many people really realize that it is that Grace? I mean, they have understood what is our life source. And then that Grace that is there, which is making us alive right now. But it is the Truth. And we just have to understand; we just have to realize it.

Satsang is something that we get together and we start talking about. It's like a home talk. The big guy comes and starts talking, talking, talking. And say it's a good talk, and maybe many premies like it because it's got a lot of stories in it. Sometimes it doesn't. I'll tell you

"Then here we are in the puzzle.
And if we expect somebody to just pull us out of there -- can't.
Because it's all covered.
But there is somebody who is outside
and who can see you and he can see the exit."


something. There are kids that come here who love that story. And that's their satsang. And we come here, we try to listen to satsang. It's really beautiful! It can really get beautiful. But, the water is there. It's up to you how deep you want to jump into there.

You have a choice of not jumping at all. Or you have a choice of just kind of just dipping your thumbnails in there. Or you have a choice to jump in and swim, swim, swim, you keep peddling, sustain yourself out, or you have a choice to go right to the bottom there where it's all sitting, waiting for you.

And so premies, I can say. and that's a limit of explanation. But you have to do. And so far like that Love is concerned that we are all talking about, if we want to be there -- this world is a big puzzle. Its a big puzzle. And the walls are so high in that puzzle that you cannot see your way out.

It's a big puzzle and you've got to -- if it's on a piece of paper you can just draw a line through it, because you can see it. But this is not a piece of paper. You are in there! Like sometimes there is a rabbit in there or a little kid in there, or something like that. But in this case, you are in there! And you've got to get out of that puzzle.

If you try yourself, I'm not denying the fact you can get out. But by the time you get out, you'll be about seventeen feet away from the exit, and you'll be dead. And this is what many rishis, many mahatmas, and all these people have tried to do. They have tried to meditate and meditate, get to the point of that bliss. But it's like, they reach, they go pretty close, and that's about it!

But then there is one method, there is a way that we can enter that perfectness. And we should try to be there. That's where we have to try to get. And it's so possible. But we have to do it.

Then here we are in the puzzle. And if we expect somebody to just pull us out of there -- can't. Because it's all covered. But there is somebody who is outside and who can see you and he can see the exit. And instead of you roaming about that puzzle all your lifetime and just being seventeen feet away from the exit, or seven walls away from the exit, and just, that's it for your life -- I mean, being so close but yet so far. Because you are pretty close, but you didn't quite make it.

And instead of doing that all your lifetime -- when there is a possibility that Guru Maharaj Ji, who's there, who can see, who can see you and who can see the whole puzzle all set up. He says, "Okay. Make a left. Make a right. Make a left. Make a right." Out you are. It's that easy.

I can't say for the people who haven't been to school, but like, you're trying to solve this problem out, little division problem -- okay? -- and you forget the table. What's it? "Two times eight is how much?" And you forget it. And you can't solve it. And here comes this guy, teacher, and he says, "Oh, okay. That's your mistake, and two times eight: sixteen." Go ahead. It's solved. it's right! its rightly solved.

Of course, people who haven't been to school, I think it's pretty hard for them to understand what I'm saying, but this is how it is. And this is a school; this world is a school and we've got a problem, and we have forgotten this table.

Have you heard the story of Aladdin? He couldn't get out. When he went into the cave, he couldn't get out. Or a better story would be of the Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. And the word was told to you somewhere along the line. Some way, somehow, before you entered the cave you heard the word, you knew the word. So you entered the cave, and there you are. And this is what this world is. Because of that Word, we have been able to attain this human body and come into this world. And this world is that cave. And we got into it, and we saw this big chest of treasure, and that big chest of treasure, and this and that, and that and this, got all mixed up -- forgot the Word.

Now here we are, exactly the reverse position. We want to get out. First we wanted to get in. Now we want to get out. And we just can't say the right word. And that's all it takes to do it, and you just can't say the right word. Can't say the right word. Forget it. You might as well be waiting for those people who are going to come in any moment. You'll be able to hear them saying that word outside. They'll say the word, and then they'll come in. But the thing is, as soon as they will say the word and you will be there to hear it, the door will open, they'll see you and kill you. And there it is.

When a man is at the moment of death then he realizes how precious, how beautiful, how great, how fantastic this breath is which is within inside of him.

So it's like, it's a little bit different this time because there is somebody who knows the Word. You've just got to believe me. You've just got to understand him, and say, "Okay. What's the Word?"

Because he doesn't want to tell it to everybody, you see. There are a lot of people right before that door. And he doesn't want to tell it to everybody. He only wants to tell it to those who are eager enough to get out. There are people there who don't want to get out, who just want to be lost in that treasure. They don't even want to get out. He doesn't want to tell it to them. He only wants to tell it to those people who want to really sincerely get out of it.


There is one method, there is a way that we
can enter that perfectness. And we should try
to be there. That's where we have to try to get. And
it's so possible. But we have to do it.

And I mean, I'll tell you one thing. We are hoping, we are expecting for a day to come where everybody will realize Knowledge. And it's very possible. It's a big equation. But it's very possible. I've got it all solved out (laughter) -- got to put in, materialize it -- and it's all very possible.

But the only thing is that there will be a remainder left. You know what a remainder is? It'll be like three or four left. We'll be able to divide it perfectly, pretty good, but still there will be a little sum of remainder left. And this remainder will dissipate very quickly. Because those people will come in any moment and just chop him right out. But the thing is, as matter of fact, they might chop themselves out. But the thing is, there will be a remainder left. Because the crazy mind is still there. And I mean, we are trying to solve a problem: we are trying to rake away the negativity of the world. But we've got to leave it a little bit there. Just a tiny bit. Because otherwise -- that's like the whole fun and game (laughter).

You solve a mystery which isn't solved. If the mystery is solved, there's nothing more to solve. if a person knows the house inside out, there is no adventure in there. But if a person doesn't know which room is which, and there is a closet, and this and that, he goes at nighttime, its all spooky. Then it's spooky! Well, there are people who just walk to their house at twelve o'clock at night, open the door up, and walk right in. It's all dark. They go up in their room, light the lights. But still, like those people who will be left, the remainder will be left. You can go ahead and divide that remainder by a figure. Because they will destroy themselves. And that's what they are doing right now. I mean, they are preparing for their own destruction.

So premies, I come here and give you satsang. Maybe some people like it, maybe some people don't. But the thing is, when I talk to you, when I give you satsang, I want to relate. I want to relay some message to you. And the words put up there should not mean so much as the message should mean which is behind the satsang. And that goes for everybody who gives satsang. When people start taking satsang from word to word, then they sit there, and instead of understanding satsang they say, "What is that word he just said? What is that? Yeah, yeah." The whole thing becomes like a computer: digital playout. That's all it becomes.

But what we have to understand behind it is the message, is the main message. And it's like, a sister was singing beautiful song about Love. The thing is, we've got to practice that Love now. Talking has already been going on for long time, I tell you, a pretty long time. And it's still going on. And it didn't do much. And we've got to practice something that has done a lot, and that will. And that is this Knowledge.

How to meditate on this Knowledge? And it's like, more we meditate, the closer we can come to this Knowledge. Everything is so simple and everything is so easy. And I'll tell you something else. Everything is very, very difficult and hard. You can stand here and say, "I'm not gonna go outa this room." Okay? Well, you don't go out of this room. You just stay here. Other guy gets up, walks right out. It's as simple as that for that person. So you understand how hard and how easy it is? it's that hard; it's that easy.

It's like saying, "Okay. It doesn't matter. I am going to be riding right in the middle of the road." If a car comes or a truck comes, well, you end up dead. That easy, you know, that hard. And then just to watch a lane, go on the right side of the road, go right out! It's that easy.

So premies, I shouldn't take so much time. Maybe you're getting bored. (shouts of 'No'!)

What is in that thing? (piñata) Candy? (laughter, clapping) Candy? I was just going to give you an example. You know. I mean, it's that easy; you can take and break it out. All the candies will be popping out. If you don't, it'll stay there. So it's like, it's that hard and it's that easy.

Who wants to eat candy?

So it's like, you understand. And you understand, that's how the story goes. (Premies say, "Hmmm!") it's like, you say, so I know you're not sleeping!

I'll tell a story. And it's just a beautiful story. Its so fantastic. It's so blissful story. Because its a story where you see how you began and how you're going


to end. And then, its so beautiful.

You come into this hallway, or you go out into your car. But before you hit the car, you go ahead in time. And you see that something is going to happen to your car. Your car is going to blow up, or something like that. And you take a bus, and you reach home safely.

So when you come back into time, you leave your car there, and you take a bus. And as soon as you step in the bus, the car blows up. I mean, it's so beautiful. Because you went ahead in the time, and you could correct yourself. Instead of going right back into the car knowing that you are going to blow up, and blow up, you went ahead in the time, you saw what was going to happen, and then you changed that. And it's like pretty impossible, but now very, very possible. Because that's the story that's being told. Satsang is a beautiful big story. We are told how you can -- that's your question: How can you correct your errors, your mistakes? And there is the answer. This is how you can correct your errors. And it's really beautiful.

So you have to really really understand. Because sitting here, and me sitting here, you listening to satsang, laughing, it really doesn't mean anything. But you realizing what I am trying to say means everything. Because, I give satsang and I see that, actually, practically, being practiced in the ashram, it makes me feel happy. Because then I can see that yes, what I told premies that other day, they are really doing it.

And if it's like just nothing, and "Aah, yeah, Guru Maharaj Ji told us that and that, but" -- your little buts, you know -- take them out. Throw them away. And then it's completely clear. Of course, it's a kind of an incomplete sentence. But to this world it's incomplete. Because, you don't go and then you have a little stop. Its so fluent; it's just so flowing and so beautiful.

Because this is the whole problem of the world. "Oh, God is beautiful, God is fantastic, but" (snaps fingers) -- and that's where the whole world is there; that's where the whole world is stopped at. But how to realize it? That "but," if you take out that, it's all solved! It's already there. It's all solved. You've just got to get your hands on it. And it's really beautiful.

Because somebody else designs the car for you, and all you do is just go and buy the design and build it yourself. It's so easy. instead of sitting there all your lifetime trying to design it.

So premies, it's completely up to you. Thank you very much.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji