Dr Lord's Circus

Guru Puja Festival Caracas, Venezuela, July 23, 1975

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Dear premies, this is the first time that I have ever come into South America, and it's really beautiful, because the aim that brings me here makes everything so beautiful, makes everything so perfect, makes everything so blissful. You see, there can be two people who can go into one place, and one can really have a motive, and that motive might be really beautiful. And this motive might be to really do something beautiful, to do something really nice, to be in real bliss and harmony. While this other person might have a motive to just maybe kill, or just really have a bad motive.

And that reason, that motive, that we all have to assemble here for this festival, for this Guru Puja festival, is really, really beautiful. There were people who came the same day as I came into South America – Caracas – but those people are not exactly enjoying that bliss, that harmony, that most peaceful thing that we all are here trying to enjoy, that we all have assembled for.

This Knowledge that we all have received by the Grace is so beautiful, is so, so gorgeous, that here we are, in this world, and we have this Knowledge, and now we can experience it; we can realize it. This Knowledge was always there in this world. But people could not necessarily really receive it as easily as it has been made in this century. And by the Grace, by this Almighty Grace, by this beautiful, beautiful – really I should say that this is just our good fortune that this Knowledge has been made so available to this whole humanity in this age, in this darkest age.

And if we really look around us, we really will find out that to make it so available to this humanity, there wouldn't have been a better time. There just wouldn't have been a better time to make it so easy for all of us to realize this Knowledge. Because this is the darkest age.

There is this balance. It's so beautiful. And though we sit down and we curse this age, and sometimes we even curse God, the Creator, and sometimes we just curse the whole thing – saying, "Well man, look at this. This is no good. What is there in this world to live for? What is in this world to sustain? What is this world all about anyway?" Really it's so beautiful. When we are all lost, and we go into this place, and it's a fair, it's like this movie called – it's about this person. And when I saw it, it was really like satsang. I don't exactly know the name of it, but this person is alone. He is himself. And he comes into this small town, and he brings this circus, this fair with him. (I think it's called Seven Faces of Dr. Lao.) And he brings this circus. And there has been no circus in this small town for a long, long time.

And it's so beautiful. This small boy goes around the town and he circulates all these posters and pamphlets and everything, that "There is a circus coming to this town!"

And everybody gets so excited. It is like an old country town, and they are all into their own trips, into their own ego, into their own mind. And they come in and they read these pamphlets, this newspaper, which says this circus is coming. And they say, "Oh, isn't that nice. Oh, isn't that wonderful. Oh, isn't that good. We'll have some entertainment."

And finally, this one person makes himself into these different forms, and it's really beautiful. Because when all these people come, he has these different chambers. And the circus is designed for these people. And every one of them who is into his own trip, into his own mind, into his own ego, goes to this certain chamber.

There is this lady who is like really into her ego, who is like really into herself, like: Oh, she is the one; she is going to get married, and she is … And she is old,

she is like really into her trip, like she is the one, she is the everything. And she goes into this place, and this guy, this Dr. Lao, changes his form and and he becomes this person who's supposed to tell her future. And she is very, very excited. Because she has been thinking about this for so long that she knows, she thinks, that "This is what is going to happen." That yes, she is the one, she is going to marry someone who is going to be this trillionaire, and she is going to be rich and wealthy and live just like a princess for all the rest of her life.

And so, she goes in, and it's really beautiful, because he says, "You are never gonna get married now, and you can't have any kids, and you are gonna become poor, and poorer and poorer each day."

And she becomes just furious. She says, "How can you do this to me? This is a lie!" And he says, "Look. You came here to find out your future, and I have just told you your future."

And it's really beautiful, because everyone goes in there and they find out the truth. But nobody wants to reveal this to anybody. This woman goes out and says, "Oh dear, I knew it, I was gonna get married to a millionaire! This is exactly what the guy told me." And like, they mind so much, that when they come out of there, they don't tell the truth.

And so finally everybody looks towards each other, and they start realizing that they're missing something, that they are all there, but they are not there. They are not themselves. They are not the people that they themselves expect to be.

And it's so beautiful, because this one kid is really humble. He really realizes, he really understands what's happening. And he gives. And he really accepts this master, this doctor, as the person who can teach him, as the person who can really tell him. And he is the one who sees everybody in their real true format, that they are just fakers, that they are in this world, and they really don't know what their destiny is. And even for the people who do know what their destiny is, they don't


"This is the circus of Dr.
Lord. And if we
really surrender, if we
really give, we get to follow
our Dr. Lord. And when
we get to follow our Dr.
Lord, it's so beautiful.
Because this is why we are
here, to be able to
realize and to be able to

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Puja Caracas Venezuela, 1975
Prem Rawat: "call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord" - Caracas 1975

want to know what their destiny is. And he gives; he really surrenders his mind. He really surrenders his ego. And he is the one who gets to come along with the doctor, who gets to come along with this master.

And it was just so perfect because it really explains the situation of this world. We are all here, and this big circus has been brought in front of us. (Not this particular program is a big circus, but this whole world is a big circus.) And in this big circus, there are these different cities. And they are like the different chambers where you try out your personality, where you go in, and if you are a certain kind of person, this is where you're supposed to be, and if you're a certain kind of person, this is where you're supposed to be …

And in this big circus, there is this Master who brings the circus to you, who is the one who sustains everything. And he comes in, and in the circus he shows you, he tells you, that everything is untrue, that everything is fake, that everything in this world, except that most perfect Knowledge, that most beautiful, beautiful Knowledge, is mortal and it's going to disappear. But this Knowledge is what we need to cling along. He tells them; he gives them examples. He goes and he knocks at people's doors.

You know, I was in Denver, and I was giving satsang about Perfect Master. And like, a Perfect Master, when we call him a Perfect Master, we have just said something that we really don't sit back and try to understand. When we say Perfect Master, when we say this, this person who is infinite, call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord, call him anything you want, he doesn't need to come into this world. You see? He doesn't.

Because he is perfect. All he has to do is one day get up and just scream through the blue skies, and say, "You! Everybody! Realize Knowledge. Otherwise I am going to do something to you guys you never dreamed of." And then he could do something that would sort out every person who realized Knowledge and is meditating, and every person who has not realized Knowledge.

He could do anything he wants, because we just called him perfect, and he is perfect. And in fact, he could very well do that. He could, with a blink of his eye, make the people who haven't really realized this Knowledge, who are really into darkness, stand up two feet from the ground. And so you can trace them exactly, wherever they are, and turn them this funny color. And then you can really imagine what a big ego hit that's going to be, what a mind blower that's going to be. Because everybody will be able to see: "Oh, you didn't realize Knowledge, eh? See what you get for that?"

But he doesn't do that. He comes into this world, and bears a body just like everyone, and comes in and knocks at everybody's doors. Doesn't pressure anybody, but


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Puja Caracas Venezuela, 1975
Prem Rawat: "call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord" - Caracas 1975

begs them. Doesn't make a rule, but begs them to realize this Knowledge. Tells them what it can do to them. Tells them how beautiful it is. Tells them that this is the answer.

And he also makes a history. He makes like a trail behind him every time he comes, so that the other people can see, "He's right. This is what should have happened. This was the Perfect Master, and this is what we did. And we are supposed to realize this Knowledge, we are supposed to understand this Knowledge."

But again and again he comes into this world. He bears with us human beings. And I mean, he doesn't have to.

And though we have gone to such a peak of a scientific explosion, though we have gone to such a peak of advancement, nobody in this world can look at each other and say, "We are proud of this humanity." Nobody can come up to one person and say, "Right on, man. This is the way we were supposed to be."

Why not? We have done everything. I mean, what is something that is left that a man – they've made jets, gone to moon, done everything. But even to such a vast scientific achievement, to such a great modern achievement, we cannot come up to each other and say, "We are proud." Why not? Because inside we are not proud. And for some diplomatic reason, for some strange reason to show off, somebody just might do that. But inside he knows that there is nothing to be proud of this humanity for. Because everybody knows that we have really gone nowhere. And we started from the point, and we are ending at the point.

And it's like we come, and we go. And so much we have done. But one thing that could do something to this whole humanity, that could benefit this whole humanity, something that would attach everybody into liberation, that would make everybody one, that would bring Love into everybody; nobody has been able to do that. You see? Because we always take the wrong path, take the wrong direction.

And so premies, the Perfect Master comes, and he comes in the human body. I mean, he doesn't have to. All he has to do is have a body that's as huge as the world – and even bigger, as the universe – and then pick up the whole world on his little finger and say, "You guys want to live, or should I blow you away?" He could do that, because we call him Almighty. And if we call him Almighty, it's a jazz for him to do this. It wouldn't take him anything. Because he's perfect. And he could just very well do that and say, "Look. If you don't realize this Knowledge, all I am going to do is – boomp! – and you are never going to know what hit you." But he doesn't do that.

Why? He bears up with everything in this world. Look


at us humans; look at the people of this world. Every time he comes, they say, "Forget it, he is not the one; he can't be the one. He doesn't have Knowledge. This is some crazy thing." And I mean, if really this ever happened, that the Almighty, the All Perfect, just picked up the whole world in his hand and said, "Should I kick your …

He doesn't have to go to any person and say, "Should I kick you?" If he says, "Should I kick your world?" you'd never know what hit you, and you are going to go flying somewhere else. But he doesn't. And it's really beautiful.

But here we are saying, "No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no." Our favorite password, something that the human race inherits from one civilization to another civilization, from one time to another time. Well I mean, nobody can say that we have never had the lesson. We have got the history that we study. We have got the scriptures that everybody believes in, that say that the Perfect Master came, and that he was ignored and that he had to put up with this world. But our favorite password that we pass along is "no." "You want this Knowledge?" "No."

Well, this is so beautiful. And premies, as I was saying, this is such a perfect time. This is such a beautiful, beautiful time, that here we are in the darkest possible age, where … Imagine there is a jail. And in this jail, in this prison, there is a person who has been tied up in this hot, hot sun. And he is very thirsty – very, very thirsty, extremely thirsty. And right before him is clear, beautiful, sparkling water. And he can't have it.

And at this very time, where this guy has already passed out a few times, and he is just looking at that water and he can't do anything about it because he is all locked up, along comes this beautiful, beautiful – you really can't call him man, because he is no man; can't call him woman, he's no woman; you can't call him human, because he is no human – comes along with even more beautiful water, with even more fresh water. And not only fresh, but it's refrigerated, cold. It's beautiful. And he says, "Alrighty, you can have the water."

And we look at him right in his face and say, "Oh, no! Another torture, another trick. I don't know what I'll have to do to get this water now from this guy." And we say, "No, no, no, forget it, I don't want this water. I don't know what I'll have to do. Maybe I'll have to give my neck for this." And while we are all imagining this in our head – "Oh man, not another trick; this is just to tease me; this is just to more torture me" – he comes along, clips the handcuffs off, gives us this refrigerated glass of water, and says, "Here. Go right ahead."

But because of man's foolishness, because of the craziness, we just take the water and we just chuck it

Prem Rawat: "call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord" - Caracas 1975
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Puja Caracas Venezuela, 1975
"This person who is infinite - call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord, call him anything you want
– he doesn't need to come into this world. You see? He doesn't. Because he is perfect."


out of the window. And here we are, all ready to drink, and there is no condition to it.

And this is how much we have got this Knowledge, and this is what this Knowledge is. It's this beautiful, beautiful glass of cold, refrigerated water in the desert. An oasis in itself. The most beautiful thing. And Guru Maharaj Ji has brought it along to give it to us without any condition. And this is the time to realize, to understand, not to chuck the water and throw it down, but to actually accept it and drink it. Because it is not poisonous, and there is no condition to it. And the water has been brought to us because we wanted it, we needed it, and we requested it.

And so premies, realize and understand that really what you have is so beautiful. And I'm not advertising this Knowledge, because you can never advertise this Knowledge. But what I am saying is now that you have got it, look! Realize yourself how beautiful it is, how perfect it is. And I mean, what else is there left to do in this world but to humbly accept the glass of water, and go and just drink it.

And you have the glass of water. Now the only thing there is left to do is to drink it. And when you will drink it, you will realize, you will understand, how beautiful it is. Because never can it be ever explained.

If you look in any scriptures, they really don't go in very much detail about this Knowledge. Ramayana is this thick a scripture, and even at one point it just comes and stops and says – this is the line, it says – cannot, I can never sing the glory, sing the praise of this Holy Word. Or to what extent should I sing it? Lord Ram himself cannot sing it." And it just goes on a little bit, and then that's it. And in Bible, it's the Word, it's the Knowledge, and that's about it. In Gita, there is just a little bit of explanation, and that's about it. And the reason for that is that you can never verbally really describe how beautiful, how perfect, this Knowledge is.

So now is the time, the opportunity we have all been waiting for, we have all been expecting. You know, it is like this man who doesn't want to miss the airplane, and he goes to the airport two hours before the airplane leaves. And he waits, and he waits, and he waits, and he waits, and he waits, and he waits. And when he waits, he doesn't sit down on chair, but he waits right at the gate. He sits down right in front of the gate, on the floor, so that he will not miss the airplane. And he waits and he waits. And then, at the last moment, he gets distracted by some little thing, and he just misses it all.

And this little thing is mind. And let me explain to you a little bit about mind, because it'll help you. This is the enemy; and we all get our troops together, and our weapon that we fight with is this Knowledge. So let me tell you about mind. Because if I do not brief you about . mind, then you are going to say, "Well, Guru Maharaj Ji never told us about mind, so how are we supposed to

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) with Wife Durga Ji and child Guru Puja Caracas Venezuela, 1975
Prem Rawat: "call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord" - Caracas 1975


defend ourselves?"

Well, listen! This mind is something else. This is the definition to it: that really there is no definite definition to it except one explanation, and that is "something else." It can get you at the place you least expected it; it can get you in a way that you least expect it. And it can do something to you that you least expect it to do. It is something else. It really is.

And one of the ways it works is this – which probably many premies experience while in the course of really realizing this Knowledge and really doing meditation – is that first of all, when they realize Knowledge their mind is very strong. It realizes that it's going to be killed, that it's going to be taken away. So it does everything it can. It does everything it can. It puts out every bluff, says, "Naafi, this Knowledge is not true. Forget about it. This has got nothing to do with … This is not the thing you are looking for." And you go to satsang every night, and you realize Knowledge, and your mahatma (initiator) comes along and gives you satsang about how you should do meditation, and

so you keep on going, you keep on going, and you keep on fighting the mind. So the mind says, "No, no. This is not going to work. This is no good. This guy is too smart. This guy has got back-up troops. He has got mahatmas coming every time. He goes to satsang every night. I can never fight him like this." So he sits down, and plans a way to get you – really, really something which is genius. Because probably it's the last chance it's going to get to try something, to pull its craziest stunt on human beings. So what it does, it sits down and relaxes.

And this is the period which I bet every premie has experienced while they are doing meditation, and really trying to realize this Knowledge. First, they really are confused. Then slowly the confusion dies, and they really start realizing this Knowledge. Everything becomes wonderful. Everything becomes beautiful. Really just this Knowledge comes out and starts shining. And really there is no confusion. You get into service, and it's really blissful, and it's really beautiful.

That is the period when mind is sitting back in his headquarters, designing its most genius way to get to you. While you sit down here and say, "Beautiful. Just gorgeous. Now I don't have to be confused anymore. I am not confused anymore."

And the premies write me these letters: "Guru Maharaj Ji, thank you. I just received Knowledge, and you have taken away my mind." And it's sitting back in its headquarters just designing this beautiful, beautiful method, getting all its bazookas ready, getting everything ready: tanks, and machine guns, and airplanes, and getting ready to attack, getting the right time.

So this is the way it gets you. It's really funny. I have given this example to many premies, and every time I do, I laugh, because it's really funny.

So what it does – and it's something that I have experienced with premies I have been in touch with a lot, premies who write to me – and so all of a sudden these premies start thinking, "Wait a minute," – and this is the way the mind is getting you; now it has designed its most genius thing – it says, "Jai Satchitanand, Premie Ji." This is his first approach.

And you say, "Jai Satchitanand. Come on in. Come on in, and sit down. What's up?" And you just invited him over.

And then he says, "Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it all just gorgeous? Isn't this Knowledge perfect? Isn't Guru Maharaj Ji beautiful? Isn't that satsang those mahatmas give really strong? Isn't this Knowledge the solution, the answer, to all our confusions?"

And you sit down, and you are really feeling great because you are giving satsang to yourself. (It's mind repeating whatever you have heard before.) And so you say, "Yes, this is true." And, I mean, it is true.

And so, slowly it says, "Well, look at yourself. You have been meditating for a long time now." And you say, "Yeah! That's true. I have been meditating for a pretty long time."

"Yeah. You have been meditating really regularly. Now, if you don't meditate for two more days, it's not going to hurt you. Because your mind isn't even there."

And you say, "Yeah, man. I have been doing service awfully hard. I need a break." And so you say, "Sure." So you quit doing meditation for two days. And that just means that it has come up behind you, and it's got you in its target range. That's what it means. And then slowly and slowly, it starts firing. Then it's got you. And you never realized that really the mind did it to you. Because it does it so subtle, so beautiful. Because it sat down for a long time planning this most genius method to do it.

And then all of a sudden you just get all spaced out. You don't know what this Knowledge is all about. You don't want to do service anymore. You're extremely confused. You are at the verge of like …

I mean I have noticed these premies. They come up and they say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, thank you very much for letting us realize this Knowledge." The same premie will write to me after a month and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking my mind away," and then write another letter, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, it's just so beautiful, and I have been doing service and I have been really trying hard, and it's just beautiful." And then that's the end of the letters, and that's the end of the person. Because the mind just conquers them; the mind just gets hold of them.


Prem Rawat: "call him Guru Maharaj Ji, call him Perfect Master, call him Lord" - Caracas 1975
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Puja Caracas Venezuela, 1975

"But he comes into this world, and bears a body just like everyone, and comes in and knocks at everybody's door. Doesn't pressure anybody, but begs them. Doesn't make a rule, but begs them to realize this Knowledge."

And so premies, one thing you should really watch out about is the mind, is the crazy, crazy mind. Because that is the enemy.

And let me explain mind to you. It is not the brain. It is not the thing that tells us two and two is four. It is not the thing that tells us, "Since we are going to turn left, we should turn on the left indicator." That is not mind. That is our brain, that has been given to us to function, to be able to judge ourselves, to be able to reference ourselves in this world, to be able to sustain and do activity.

But there is something besides that brain that drives us nuts, that drives us crazy, that drives us wild. And that is mind. And that is the greatest enemy that we can ever have.

Because what took Judas away when he had realized the Knowledge, when he had really realized that Jesus Christ was his Lord? It was the very mind. "Oh, if I have some money, it'll be very, very nice. It'll be very, very excellent." And then when he realized that yes, it was his mind, that it was his greed, that he didn't need to do that, and that he had really made a horrible, horrible mistake, he realized. It was like, "Oh God, look. What have I done?" But it was too late.

So premies, that is one thing that we really want to be very, very careful about. And it's so beautiful. How can we ever thank for this whole thing? I mean, look at it. It's so perfect that, first of all, this Knowledge is made available to us so beautifully, so easily. And secondly, we have initiators that are made by Guru Maharaj Ji who can come along and encourage us. And again, initiators are people who are ordinary premies. Don't consider them as lieutenants, or sergeants, or anybody else. They are just ordinary soldiers and their duty is to bring the message from Guru Maharaj Ji to you. That is their service.

And you know, some premies have really high hopes about mahatmas (initiators). "Oh, Mahatma Ji …" Well, mahatma is not that. And that is something that really many premies think: "Oh Mahatma Ji, you are the one." Well, Mahatma Ji is a person.

When premies ask of my blessings, I take my hand and put it on their head. But they aren't saying, "Oh, hand! Oh Guru Maharaj Ji's hand, you are the one," meaning you are the one who gives us blessings. No. It's nothing like that way.

It's like I am giving satsang. And if somebody wants to thank me about this satsang, he goes to the loudspeaker and says, "Oh loudspeaker, you are the one! You are the one who is doing this." No. It's like, somebody is behind it who is – he is the one. And mahatmas are like speakers who convey the message, but are not the voice or the person himself.

So premies, and then we have this Knowledge. And so frequently we really have opportunity to have darshan and satsang. And I mean, what more could we really ask for: Knowledge, encouragement, opportunity to do service, opportunity to hear satsang, opportunity to have darshan. And really, what else could we ask for? It's the whole treasure; it's the whole thing. And we have got it, and so easily.


I was really looking forward to this program because it's really beautiful. Premies have something about them that they stick out. Really, to the other people in this world, they stick out like a sore thumb. Because they are very beautiful. And people sometimes don't like them, sometimes don't like premies. It's too much for them to take. It's like, "Who are you to be so nice?"

And this is why some people are really, really, not really nice to premiss. They tell them all these things: "Oh, you guys, you're hopeless. Your Knowledge is bogus. Your Guru Maharaj Ji is bogus, and this is everything." While, to every premie, every premie, it's so beautiful. Because we know what we have got in common. We know that the same thread puts us together, that we really know that now we are a garland, that we really know that there is some use out of this garland, that we now realize that we are not something all by ourselves in this really miserable world. But we have thread, and we have other companions in this world that help each other in this world to realize each other, to realize this Knowledge, to realize the perfection, to realize the beauty, and to boost each other.

I mean, can you imagine if in America, and maybe in Caracas, and in England, and in India, and in Hong Kong, there was only one premie? (One premie in Caracas, one premie in England, one premie in India, one premie in America, one premie in Hong Kong?) I mean, they would be there. But now look at it. There are so many premies, and every premie gives a boost to each other, and it's like so beautiful.

And so now we have the opportunity, and two more days of satsang. This beautiful, beautiful circus – that's this Knowledge. And you can really call it the circus of Dr. Guru Maharaj Ji. Because he comes in, and he puts up this carnival, and he puts these different shows on. And these different shows are like satsang. And many different people come into them. And you know what gets blown off is their mind.

And a lot of people who come to satsang really love satsang, and they really realize satsang. But they don't want to go out and tell how beautiful it was. And the people who have really surrendered themselves, who have really understood, get to come with Dr. Guru Maharaj Ji, get to follow him, get to be with him, because he is the one who has got the tool.

And it's not "Guru Maharaj Ji," the person. Guru Maharaj Ji is somebody who is now. But the Lord, the Perfect Master. This is the circus of Dr. Lord. And if we really surrender, if we really give, we get to follow our Dr. Lord. And when we get to follow our Dr. Lord, it's so beautiful. Because this is why we are here, to be able to realize and to be able to understand.

So there are two more days of satsang, and just understand, and just be in it, and realize. Let it come, and let it flow through you. Because it's really beautiful.

"So premies, and then
we have this
Knowledge. And so
frequently do we really
have opportunity to
have darshan and satsang.
And really, what else
could we ask for? It's the
whole treasure; it's
the whole thing. And we
have got it, and so easily."

Because it's really something like this whole world one day – and this is what I am working on, that this whole world one day would realize Knowledge. And this is not a high hope, or a big dream. But I really think its possible. Because it's like bringing water to thirsty people. And if we can get them convinced that this is water, you have no idea how fast they will really come to it.

And this is the reason why I go around giving satsang. And we have these programs, and this is the reason I ask for so many premies to go out and tell other people about this Knowledge. Because I know this is not only my dream, and not only is it possible, but it can happen. And it can happen now. It can happen in this century, while you and me are alive. It can happen now. And this is the rime that we have to really open up to let other people smell it. Because we know that we can fill this whole world with the beautiful smell that is within inside of us, as soon as we open ourselves up.

So now is the time to really realize. And before you can open up, you have to be ready to be able to open up. And


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Puja Caracas Venezuela, 1975 that readiness is to surrender, to really give, and be at the right time.

And when we all can be there, and then just really develop, and have this whole world realize this Knowledge and receive this most beautiful beauty that they are here to realize – you know, there are no words that can describe how beautiful its going to be when everybody can understand the reason why they are in this world. When everybody can really realize the motive of this lifetime, when everybody can realize each other, and everybody can be in harmony and Peace and Love and really realize, and …

I mean one thing that I see is: Cop comes up to give you a ticket, says, "Jai Satchitanand, Premie Ji, how are you doing?" and writes you out a ticket.

So that harmony, that Peace and that bliss can be all there. (Well, one thing there is, that if everybody has realized Knowledge, then there won't be any need to speed, and then you won't have to get any tickets about it.) But it's like really beautiful, because we all are here

into this world to do that, to do that very thing, to be able to realize who we are, and to be one with it, and to be in one harmony with it.

So premies, I am here, and you are here. And you are sitting there, and I am sitting here. And so, after this program I'll go back, and you'll go back to where you came from. But one thing that really amazes everybody is that you'll go back and I'll go back, but there will be something that'll always keep us together, that'll always keep us bound, and that'll always keep us at the same very place that we are ever supposed to be in.

And that is what's just so beautiful, that that happens: that though every premie is at his own place, and I am at one place, we all experience each other. We all know each other. There is something that ties us all together. And it's so beautiful. It's in one harmony, in one Peace, in one bliss.

So enjoy this festival. Realize. And this is Guru Puja festival, and this is just an idea of a devotee. This is just a dream of a devotee. Really it is a dream, because how can you come up to Guru Maharaj Ji and say, "Thank you?" Because how can you ever thank him with just saying "Thank you," or "Gracias," or "Danyabad," or any word you want to use? You cannot.

And it's a prayer you pray. It's Guru Puja festival, when you worship your Guru Maharaj Ji, when you understand, when you get to be … and it's one more thing, one more occasion, where premies can be close to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because how can you worship the Almighty? But it's one more thing, one more festival. If there were no Guru Puja festival, then there would be one less festival. And there is Guru Puja festival, then there is one more festival. And it's the same thing with Hans Jayanti, and the same thing with every festival. And really, every day is a festival to us. Because we are all together, and we are all one.

So enjoy and realize, and just be in one bliss and harmony. And there will be satsang tomorrow, and day after tomorrow. And so, be there because you want to be there. What other good reason can be given to any of you about why should you be there? Because you're supposed to be there.

So be there, and realize, and be one with the great harmony and bliss. And of course there is going to be a darshan program where everybody will be able to come and do pranam, and have Holy Breath. Premies who haven't had Holy Breath, they will be able to have Holy Breath.

So this is just the first day, and there is a lot more in Dr. Lord's one more show. And if you have got the brain, come on in. It'll be sure to be blown out.

Enjoy this circus that comes to every town. Thank you.