Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1973

You Must Get PEACE

Guru Maharaj Ji's Public Program in Boston, Massachusetts, August 4, 1973

"Until we realize that
supreme energy,
until we realize that
primordial vibration, we
cannot have Peace."

Brothers and sisters, we have all assembled here for some particular reason. And there are many people here and everybody has come with a certain attitude, with a certain nature. Well, I have come here for one reason, and you might say I have come to Boston for a reason, and that I have come to this auditorium for one reason.

You see, it's human nature -- suppose we are hearing a radio, and then suddenly our favorite song comes on. We turn the volume up. Now, nobody knows why, but this is human nature that when he likes something, he wants to shout about it, he wants to tell other people about it. He just can't hide it. And this nature is not only in big people, but in those small children also.

Now, I have realized, and six million people have realized, this inner Peace, this inner Knowledge that is within inside of us all, this primordial vibration, this supreme energy, this kinetic energy that is also making us alive. You see, what I see life as is: When kinetic energy enters, it becomes life. Because what this body is -- its a potential body. And then there is some kinetic energy that is within inside of us making this potential body into kinetic. Because once that kinetic energy gets out of this body, we are six feet under the ground. Because now there is no use of the body. No matter who he is. If you want to take it to a higher post, then it has to be president, and even if he is president -- six feet under the ground.

So what is that real energy that makes him survive, that real kinetic energy that makes this potential body into kinetic? And when that kinetic energy leaves this body, and the body again becomes potential, that's death. And then we just don't need that person anymore. We throw him away. Some people burn it; some people just put it in the river and let it go. And some people hang it, and some people bury it. And then we don't call it "he" anymore, we call it -it.- We call it a dead body.

And this is the energy that we have to realize within inside of us. And why? This is the reason … Everybody who has been probably talking from this stage has been saying to realize that energy, realize that supreme primordial vibration. But why? What is the necessity for you to realize? It's within inside of us, and it's making us survive, and isn't that well and good? Well, that's one point. It's making us survive. But the point is, until we realize that supreme energy, until we realize that primordial vibration, we cannot have Peace.

Now, as a matter of fact, here is a very practical example: When Jesus was present at his time, he came and he was giving this Knowledge to John, and he was giving Knowledge to all of his disciples. Now this energy was, again, present in his disciples, and it was also present in the people who crucified him. But people who knew it, people who had been revealed this Knowledge within inside of themselves, people who had


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1973 realized this Knowledge, accepted Jesus as the Lord.

And people now who have actually realized this Knowledge within inside of them, they understand who Jesus was.

And now, there is a point in our lifetime. See, we are all doing action. Every day we get up early in the morning. We wash our faces off, and go into the car, and maybe get dressed up, and then take a snack or something. And I've seen people eating their lunch in one hand, and in one hand there is a newspaper, and their fingers are hooked up to the steering wheel, and they are driving the car, reading the newspaper, and taking lunch, while they are driving. And they are doing this, and they go to the office, and get out of the car, and park the car, and go into the office, and start working. When there is a lunch hour supposedly some go to the canteen, some people go back into their cars and go back to the houses, and take lunch, and then go back into the office work. And when the office hours are over, they come back into the house and loosen their ties a bit, switch on the television, and drink some liquor or beer, and watch television. And then when it is time, and no good programs are coming on television anymore, they just go to a club or drive-in theater, or something like that. And then, after it gets late, they come back and go to sleep.

Now again they get up in the morning, and -- boom, boom, boom! And then -- boom, boom, boom! And this is the life cycle that everybody is repeating. But what is interesting is that we are going nowhere.

It's like a small circle. And everybody is going round, and round, and round, and round, and going nowhere! . He started from one point, he went round and round, and he still is there. He is still going round and round.

So no matter who we are, we have a definite purpose, we have a definite aim in our life. Now, here I want to be very frank with you. I am not enforcing. I am not saying, "Well, this is it, and you've got to have it, otherwise you are going to be sent to hell, or you are going to be cursed for your lifetime." No. (But maybe it is that way, but I'm not saying it,) The point is, people have their different conceptions. And I want to leave it open for whoever wants to think about it in his own way. I don't want to interrupt that.

But the only point is that there is this thing that everybody needs in this world. Everybody. And everybody is searching for it. But the point is, they don't know the name.

It's like this: Somebody comes on the stage and says, "Well, I want to talk to somebody who is in here." You don't know his name, and so somebody asks, ''What is his name?" And he says, "No, I don't know what his name is."

"So what does he look like?"

"I don't know what he looks like." "How high is he?"

"I don't know how high he is." "What's his age?"

"I don't know what his age is." "You know who he is?"

"I don't know who he is. I've never seen him in my life. But I want to talk to him.

Now, there are thousands of people in this hall who have never talked to that guy, and he wants to talk to one of them. He wants to talk to one particular guy who doesn't even know him, and has never seen him. But he still wants to talk to him. If he has a name -- "I want to talk to Mr. Jackson.'' If I want to talk to Mr. Henry, now of course we can call Mr. Henry or Mr. Jackson on the microphone, and probably get him. But if he doesn't even know the name, doesn't even know any identification, it is quite a bit of a job to find that man for him. Because we'll have to go with that man to everybody and discuss the whole business that has to be done, and say, -Do you know who this guy is, who is here to sell you a car?" or something. And you'll have to go to everybody.


But this is the exact situation with us. We want something. All right? Everybody needs something. Now, supposedly people want to get rich. Why? There is a child crying. (This is the example I gave on the television, also.) There's this child crying. And the child is crying for something, and he is weeping, and weeping, and weeping, and weeping. And when he gets that thing, what happens? He stops crying. No crying anymore. The child is crying there, and when he gets what he needs (he snaps his fingers), he stops.

Man is unsatisfied. He just can't think anymore, and he's just dissatisfied. And then when he gets what he needs, that's it. That's A-OK for him. And that's what he needs.

And in this world we need something. And something that we need is Peace of mind. Now, Peace is a word. It's a beautiful word. It sounds beautiful too, these days. But Peace is like a word -- people want to keep it out of their grammar. They seldom want to use it.

I give this example often, and it's a very true example that has to be given. There is a man -- and suppose I'm the man. And I come to Boston, and I am searching for a Superman comic. All right? So I go to every store and say, "Have you got a Superman comic?" They say, "No sir, we don't have any." I say, "Wow!" So I go to students, I go to universities, I go to college, asking for a Superman comic. No kid has a Superman comic, no school has a Superman comic, no university has a Superman comic. Nobody has a Superman comic, as a matter of fact.

So I try to search for it in every house, everywhere. I just can't find the Superman comic. So I am very disappointed. So I go and sit under a tree, and I am sitting like that, saying, "I don't have anything to …" And this is something I need: Superman comic. And I can't get it. I have tried everywhere. I just can't get it.

So I'm sitting. I've looked everywhere, into each house, into each university, into each shop, everywhere. No hope. I'm just sitting there, and thinking about other things to do while I'm in Boston, and then suddenly this little kid comes, this cute little kid comes running up to me and says, "Do you want a comic?"

"So what comic do you have?" "A Superman comic."

"What? You have a Superman comic?" This is my immediate reaction to him. "What? You have a Superman comic? Now you are kidding. Go away. You just don't joke with me. I have been searching for that, and I know you just don't have it."

And then he says, "What do you mean, I don't have it? I have it!" And then he opens his shirt, and takes out the Superman comic and says, "There you are."

And I say, "Wow, that's something."

So this is the point right here in this world. The world has been searching for Truth for such a long time. And they think it's just not available. So they go, and they are sitting, and then somebody comes to them and says, "Do you want Peace?" And they say, "What? Now beat it; don't joke with me. It's nothing doing. This Peace is just not available."

But when somebody reveals this Peace, this primordial vibration, this supreme energy within inside of us, then it is something. It's really something. Because it's right there but we do not know it. We do not have the proper method to realize it.

Our face is always with us, but we cannot see it until we go to a mirror, until we go to a place where we can be reflected back. And we have to go to the place if we want to see. Maybe it is water, or maybe it's just shiny glass, or maybe it's a mirror. But we have to go there. And our face is always with us. We don't leave our face behind. But still we cannot see, and still we cannot realize.

And I have to admit this to you right here. This Knowledge cannot be just put into words and explained to you people. Because it is something which is practical. Now, I have done this experiment: Many press people come to me, and they ask me questions, and they say, -What's Knowledge?"

And I say, "Well! Can you tell me the experience of a pinch?" You know a pinch? "Can you tell me the experience of pinch?" And they say, "It hurts." And I say that "if I sprain my knee, it's also going to hurt. What is the experience of a pinch?"

They say, "It kind of like burns."

I say, "If I burn myself, it's going to be like that, but that's not pinching."

So what is the experience of a pinch? Until that press man pinches me, I cannot understand what the experience of pinch is. And this is a fact. It means you can go home and try to explain to your brothers or sisters, or your wives or your husbands, what the experience of pinch is, and they will never understand. And if you pinch them, you don't even have to talk. They say, "Ouch," and they understand the experience of a pinch.

So understand, my friends, that what I am trying to tell you is that there is this Knowledge. I'm trying to explain to you that there is this supreme, supreme energy within everybody.

See these bulbs? Anything that we see moving in this world has a kinetic energy. It moves because of that kinetic energy which is within inside of us. And we have to realize it. Because until we realize it, we cannot have satisfaction of mind, we cannot have Peace.


If somebody comes to me in this room and says, "Concentrate on one point in this room; concentrate on one of the points in this room" -- so I say, All right, I'm going to concentrate." And I ask him, "Any individual point?" And he says, "No, just concentrate anywhere you like."

So first maybe I hit that corner, and say, "Well, I'm going to concentrate on that corner." And then after concentrating on that corner, I say, "Why not on that corner? What's wrong with that corner?" Nothing wrong with that corner. So I start concentrating on that corner. And when I start concentrating on that corner, I say, "Hey, how about those lights out there? It's a beautiful blue light out there. There's nothing wrong with that." So I just concentrate on that. Then I suddenly see, "Well, there are flowers," and "Well, I should concentrate on flowers. They look beautiful."

And I start concentration there. After 15 or 20 minutes, I've found myself going all around the hall trying to concentrate on everything, every man, every chair, every microphone, every flower, every corner, every light, every place, meaning actually I was in no point.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1973 When somebody comes and tells me to concentrate upon the blue light, it is much easier for me to concentrate. But understand, my friends, that if somebody tells me to concentrate on that light, maybe I'll get some peace because my concentration is not freaking out; it's completely been directed to one light. But that light is not stable. It has to be shut off. So, after that light is shut off, where will my concentration go? My concentration will be completed, simply because I was being attracted to that light because it was blue. And now, if I want to get myself attracted again, maybe I will have to go out and find a blue light. And no light, no bulb in this world is stable. They all burn out. They have a limited time, and that might be 21 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, but they have to burn out. (Or maybe more than that. But they have to burn out at one point.)

So I can be going around this world trying to concentrate upon these goals, and never get to concentrate, because they are not stable. I have to find something in this world that I can concentrate all my attention into that thing, into that supreme energy which is always there, which can never be destroyed, and which can never be created. It's always there. And that's the definition for the energy that is within inside of us. And that's what we have to realize today.

And this is all I can promise you. I cannot promise you money. I couldn't even promise people who arc -- there are many, many people who are standing outside; I couldn't even promise them space in this hall. But what I can promise you is one thing. To everybody, if he is a human being (that is if. you know; if he is a human being), I can promise him something, and that is this Knowledge and inner Peace of mind.

Now, remember, friends, everything that has two legs and can walk -- doesn't mean he is a human being. See, a human being is somebody who has got that energy within inside of him. And we have to realize that energy. And I can promise you that you can understand and you can realize the promise, and I can reveal you that energy.

I say this, but I do not mean that I am a Messiah. I do not say I am a prophet. I don't say anything. I don't even say that this is the only way. I say, "All right, now I have told you my point."

It's like this. We give you a contract, and the contract is as I just told you. The contract says that we can promise you Peace; that's it. And that's one line of the contract. And that's the whole contract! We don't say, "Give us money;" we don't say nothing. We just say we can give you Peace, and you have the contract.

Now you go, and you go to other organizations, and you go there, and get their contract, and maybe get Peace from them. And if you are not satisfied by them, if you are by any chance not satisfied by them, come to us. Our door is open 24 hours a day for you, and we can give you Peace if you can't find it anywhere in the world. We have it. We have it and we can give it to you.

But again, I would like to explain this point: There is no assurance of this lifetime.


Once there was an emperor, and one astrologer came up to him and said, "Emperor, you are going to die tomorrow." The emperor completely freaked out, completely freaked out, flipped out completely. He wasn't going to court anymore, he wasn't eating, he wasn't drinking water. He was just sitting thinking that he is going to die tomorrow. So his advisor came and said, "What's the matter, your Excellency? Why are you sitting like that? What happened to you?"

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1973 And the emperor said, "Listen, mister, I'm going to die tomorrow. It's a joke for you, but I'm going to die tomorrow."

He said, "Who told you you are going to die tomorrow?"

"That astrologer."

He said, "No, come on!" So he called that astrologer and said, "Astrologer, is his Highness going to die tomorrow?"

And the astrologer said, "Yes, he's going to die tomorrow."

And he said, "How do you know?"

He said, "Because I calculated, and he is going to die tomorrow."

So he said, "Oh, really?" And he said, "When are you going to die?"

"Oh, I am going to die after 21 years. I calculated my lifetime, and it's after 21 years that I am going to die."



"Are you sure?"


The advisor took off his sword and slaughtered that astrologer right there! So that's it. And he told the emperor, "Emperor, it was just a fake thing. He wasn't going to live 21 years. He probably miscalculated. Maybe you were going to live 21 years, and he was going to die tomorrow."

So the point of this thing I want to bring before you is that we are all here in this lifetime, and we do not know when is going to be the end of this lifetime. Because we just do not know it. The people walking outside (snaps his fingers) -- they might get slashed into a car. And I hope not, but maybe there's a possibility.

And nobody knows why really we have to come. And if we come into this lifetime, by this -- because this is really a beautiful body that God has given us, and the beautiful nature God has given us. And everything is just so beautiful. And we come into this world, and God has created this perfect nature, and perfectness for us. And we come into this world, and we do not complete the

"When somebody reveals this
Peace, this primordial
vibration, this supreme
energy within inside of us,
then it is something. It's
really something."

human aim of this world. We do not complete the aim of our life, and go back. And I think it's completely ridiculous. It's completely, completely ridiculous.

So what is that primordial vibration which has been described in all the Vedas, which has been described in all scriptures? In Bible, it was described as "In the beginning was the Word." It has been described as Word -- not words -- as Word. And then, it has been described in Gita. Now you understand that Bible comes from Middle East, and Gita comes from India. And in Gita, Krishna talks about this again, this vibration, this Word, and he also calls it shabd, Word.


Now this has been also described in Ramayana, which also comes and has a great -- and this has been described as Nam. And then we go to Koran, and this has been described in Koran as Pak Nam. All the scriptures describe this thing. And there it is. And we have to realize it.

So I'm not going to take much more time. Because there is actually not much to say. See, the point is, there are three types of people in this world. One type is that if you call them, they will not come to you at all. If you call them, if you say, "Hey, mister, Henry, come to me," they just won't come to you anymore. And the second type of people is that you have to tell them how to come to you. You have to tell them, "Put your left foot in front, then your right foot in front, then your left foot in front, then your right foot in front, keep your nose level towards me, and repeat the process." And when they come to you, you have to tell them to stop. And other people who are -- you just beckon them, and they'll come to you.

See, what I want to tell you is, maybe you can't get Peace through me. But I want to tell you that you must get Peace. That's the one basic factor I want to describe to you, I want to tell you, that you need Peace! And Peace is the only salvation to your life. If you want, if you want real liberation in this life, the Knowledge is the only … And get it! That's what I say.

Now I'm not putting anybody into a sort of figure, but if you want, I have it and I can give it to you. And that's about the whole thing there is to it. Because in this lifetime, if we don't realize this Knowledge, then I don't know when it is going to be. Because if a snake comes in this room, hissing, everybody is going to scream and run out. Maybe a snake means no harm to nobody, if he just wants to sit and listen to what is going on here. Everybody is going to scream and run out of the hall.

If a wolf, if a tiger comes in here, just imagine what's going to happen. There are going to be police and police and police, with arms, and hunters with their rifles, and they are going to evacuate the whole hall, even if that poor tiger just wants to come and sit, and just listen to what's going on. So this is the point. We cannot realize this because our perception, our sense, are so much limited when we are in that animal life. And we are known as the crown of creation. This body is known as the crown of the whole creation. God has made it. And there we are, with every perfect power to realize this Knowledge. And if we do not complete it, if we do not realize it, then what is the purpose of this body?

And this Knowledge is so far out, it's so beautiful, that you can meditate upon it even when you are sleeping, even when you are walking, even when you are driving. It is not like that, that if you have to watch television, then either you can only watch a television or drive a car. But here the point is that this Knowledge is right within inside of you vibrating each moment and every second. And if you realize it, you can do any action of your life and still be right into it, and still be meditating, and getting the constant source of Peace.

So, of course, we do realize there are many kinds of people sitting in this hall right now. And some people are here just to see what's going on, and some people are here just to -- you know, what do you say about those people? And then some people are here to really listen to why we have come into this universe, and why we have come into Boston. And then there are some people who really are interested in this Knowledge. And the point is, there are so many people, and out of so many people, only a certain amount are going to come and be interested in this Peace. And it is going to be the same thing -- when Lord came, he showered his mercy and his Grace upon everybody. But there were only a few people who realized him. Not everybody did realize him.

And history is a pendulum. For the first lesson, we should learn that whatever happened with Jesus -- the first lesson we should learn is that we should love everybody perfectly. We should love everybody. Because that might be the Lord whom we are hating! That might be it. Because when Jesus was standing, many people were saying, "Oh no, he just can't be the Lord.- And other people said, "Yeah, he might just be the Lord, you know. He might be it, whom we are looking for." Other people said, "Now come on, how do you think he can be Lord? How do you think, how do you imagine he can be Lord?"

And the history is a pendulum. It goes all the way up -- all the progress it has made -- and then goes all the way back where it is started from. And history is like that. We think we have reached so much progress in this history, in this science.

There was a time, and we see the movies of that time, and then people had two guns, and were shooting everybody, and killing, and just holding like a massacre. And today we say, "Oh, we are in a civilized world." I don't know how much this world is really civilized. Because exactly the same kind of thing is happening today also. You are in your house, and probably watching television, or something, and then somebody comes to you and they pull a gun on you, and kill you.

So really, whatever progress we have made in this world, we are still where we started. Because if we are driving our cars and we go 100 miles in the wrong direction, it's going to be no good to us, because we'll have to come back to that point to start in the proper direction.

And here we all are, and there is an answer. It is an answer to our biggest question. But this is the point:


Some people's fingers like to be in their ears, and some people really want to listen to what is the answer. Because that might be it, you know.

In this world, nobody can predict anything. But again, what I have to tell you is so simple and so straight. I don't say, "Give me money.- Nothing doing. I don't say give me anything. I just say: Receive this Knowledge. It's so simple and so straight. It's like I'm trying to give you candies even without charging money. I go to a school, and I take a box, and give kids candy. And I have made sure that it is not a poisonous candy. It's a good candy. It's a worthwhile, eatable, and a beautiful candy. Right out of the wholesale market price. And it's really good. It's nothing that has gone through people's hands.

And it's right there, and that's what I have to say to this whole world. And I'll say it now, and I'll say it again, and I'll say it many, many times -- that there is a purpose to our life. And if we do not realize that purpose, we come and we go.

"I have given you
the hint to the
biggest answer of
this world, of this

Because we are not permanent in this world. Even Alexander the Great, who had dreams to conquer this world, was not permanent. And when he died, he said that "When I die, and you are taking my coffin out, take my two hands, and on those two hands take two stones. And carve on that stone that you put on my hand, and also the slab you are going to put on my graveyard, 'Alexander the Great, who came into this world bare-handed, has gone from this world barehanded.' " He came, he went into all this trip, and the thing ended up again as the same thing.

You go into a dream; you become an emperor. You become a millionaire. You are riding in Rolls Royce limousines. You have every luxury possible. You have a golden car. You have everything. When you get up, you are in the same old bed you were before. You are the same old poor beggar. At one time in the dream, yes, you were a millionaire. And now you are nothing. And this is the whole world. This is the whole world. We come into this world, we grow up to this thing, and then we will just leave it one time and just go off from this world.

So what I have to say -- see, if you want to realize Peace, you are most welcome; most, most, most welcome. If you don't want to realize Peace, you are most "diswelcomed." Because you are not actually realizing the aim of your human life. And if we are not realizing the aim of our human life, we are not human beings. Because I have said it to you before -- everything that walks and has two legs is not called a human being. It has to be someone who's really a being, and a being has to be someone who has realized the most supreme Being. And then only he can be living in this world.

Otherwise he'll be like an unfinished doll. And see, when they manufacture a doll, everything is there. Everything is there. But still, the doll hasn't got any figure to it, and you can't call it a doll. There was time, there was a time of course, when these flowers were in a bud, but you never called them flower. And when they popped out, now you call them a flower.

So it's as simple a state as that, that we have to come in. We have to come into this lifetime to realize that something, and that something is that perfect Knowledge.

Now I'm not going to take too long, because it is all there. And I've told you, I have given you the hint to the biggest answer of this world, of this universe. And we have to realize it by ourselves. And that's probably the question of it, that we have to realize it by ourselves.

So dear friends, that is probably all I have to say. Because to people who understand, you have to just beckon them and they will come to you. And people who don't understand, and whom you might call fools, you have to tell them what to do, and still they won't come to you. You have to tell them to put left and right, left and right, and still they won't come to you.

Well of course, in this world there is that particular type of thing, and there has always been this thing that nobody has realized. And man -- see, when all this happens (there has been yelling and cat calls), I don't get surprised by it. Because history is a pendulum, and it goes to and fro.

Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1973