Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1971

   The Everlasting Thing   
Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang on Tape from India to London Premies, March 1971

Dear premies of London, you all have been away from the spiritual thing for many, many years, and you are the first ones to come to enter the holy and the spiritual world now for many, many years.

Jesus came in his time, but you people were very sorry, and we people were very sorry, that we were not there at the time when Jesus came. So that means we had to miss that occasion. And we know that God has made everybody equal, so He has made every occasion for every man equal. He even exists in this Kaliyuga, or this present moment, to tell us the Holy Name. Otherwise we can't live in this world.

There is an immortal Father, and a mortal father. That immortal Father we have to know. Because when we are old, we'll have to take a stick in our hand and go. The stick can be broken, and we may fall again. But there should be an immortal stick in our hand which will never, never break, and we can go along in our life with that immortal stick. So it is only the Guru who is our guide. Catch his. shoulder, and he will take you to that point where -- when we go there, nobody can come back from there. So, catch the shoulders of Guru and never leave them, for he will take you to that place where there is complete happiness, calmness, Peace.

Premies, you know that everything is mortal. Everything dies. And there is something immortal. Because, when I have to get something like negative, I should have a positive of it; then I'll get a negative. Suppose I want to have a negative photo; first I should have a positive place, or a positive man. Only then I can have the negative picture. If I don't have the positive thing, I can't have the negative. So I should have a positive, positive thing for the negative one.

Now, everything we see is a negative thing. It is not a positive thing. Whatever we see is only the negative thing. And what is its positive form? We have to see its positive form. Now we see that there is a lovely tree of mangoes, suppose. It is a positive tree, isn't it? But no, it is a negative one. How? Because one day its positiveness will finish, and it will again be converted into a negative thing. So it is not actually the positive thing. We have to get the positive form.

When we wear sunglasses, we are wearing the glasses for the protection of our eyes from the sun, so that the direct reflection may not affect our eyes. But when we wear them, we see that the


flowers even become green, the wall, the sky, the sun, and everything. So we have to get such a thing, that we see everything positive, not a single thing negative.

So dear premies, we have to get that positive thing. But everything is negative. And it can only be possible when we practice the meditation -- that meditation which is never lost, and is the everlasting thing. We read that the sun is an everlasting thing; it lasts forever. But it never lasts forever. It will die one day; it will finish one day. But there is one thing that is never lost forever, is everlasting. And we have to get that everlasting thing.

From where will we get it? Who is the giver of it? The giver of a dry cell is a shopkeeper. Who is the giver of that spiritual Knowledge which is everlasting? That is the Guru.

We will have to keep our full faith in Guru, and then only can we get that spiritual Knowledge. That spiritual Knowledge is only gained from a spiritual man, fully spiritual. He should be a fully spiritual man; otherwise we cannot gain that spiritual thing from that man. Because to go to buy a camera, we should go to a cameraman, not to the man who sells something like cloth. So we should go to a spiritual man, and then only we can gain the spiritual thing from him. And this spiritual thing is the everlasting spiritual thing, and it will last forever. You know, if you buy a pen from a market, or a shirt from a market, it will not last us forever. But we have to get such thing that if we get it, it will last forever, and give us that Peace, that when we are dipped in that complete Peace, we might forget about wearing our shirt, or going to that place, or going to that other place. So that is the Peace. And that Peace is the same Peace which man wanted from all these things.

And Jesus came, Krishna came, Rama came, Guru Nanak came, and they all gave the same Peace to people, and said, "Oh, listen …" They came for that Word, that Holy Word. And now listen to me, what I am saying. I've also come to give you the same Word. And if you just listen to me properly, you'll find that you'll hear the same Word.

We don't have to see the shopkeeper. We have to see his thing, and then see the shopkeeper. We'll have to respect the shopkeeper, plus the thing, both.

If my thing is perfect, respect me. If my thing is not perfect, disrespect me; don't respect me. But I think my thing is the completest thing in the world.

You know, when a mango tree grows, and a mango grows, two mangoes, three mangoes, four mangoes -- it isn't complete. Because more mangoes have to grow. When a tree is grown, it grows to a height, but it is incomplete because it is to grow more and more. When a man reaches a height of seven feet, he is not complete, because he has to live more and more. So if a man dies, he is not dead; he is incomplete yet. We say that "Yes, he is completed. Now he is dead." But he is incomplete, because the soul will take the place of another body. So we have to see such a thing that is immortal. And that is the spiritual thing. We have to just see to it, that we are practicing it regularly.

Someone was telling me this morning that one of his friends had a question, that in Bible it is written that Jesus will come crossing the clouds. Yes, he will come. And he has come, maybe, but we never saw. If we say that a plane will land at 5:30, or a plane has landed at 5:30, at the Palam airport or the London airport, but we never saw it, does that mean that it has not landed? Suppose I was coming by the Boeing 707 plane, third flight in the day, I was coming to London, and I came. But you never saw the plane. Does that mean that I have not come by plane? No, I have come by plane, but it was only your difficulty that you never saw. I came by plane.

All of you know that light always comes by crossing the clouds and then only we can see it. When Jesus was born, only those who saw that -- that there was a light, the star was shining over that house -- they went in, embraced Jesus. But there were other fellows also who never saw that star, and never went to see Jesus when he was born. So that means that Jesus was not born, doesn't it? No, Jesus was born! But they never saw that a star was shining.

Maybe I have come crossing the clouds, but you have not seen. So it depends upon you.

Now, the thing is this, that we have to go and just do the meditation, practice, and then we will get on the simple path, and see that that is the spiritual path. So, come along. Once we will again go and meditate and practice, we will see the waters of Truth -- what is the Truth in this world.