Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972


Guru Maharaj Ji / Miami Beach, Florida / June 16, 1972

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972 Dear sisters and brothers, we are here to tell you something about this Knowledge, this life, this Peace. Divine Light Mission is not a new religion, not a new sect. It only wants to spread this Light, this idea of humanity, this Peace and this Truth. Now, as a matter of fact, this Peace, this Light, this Truth, does exist in this world, is in this world. But due to simple ignorance, man has lost it. It is like this: A master teaches someone that two and two are four. It is very natural that two and two, when combined, will make four. And he understands it very quickly. He realizes it very quickly. And once he has realized that two and two are four, throughout his life he knows that two and two are four. In the same way, this Knowledge, this realization, is within us, this perfect thing is within all of us. But it is just that we have forgotten it. Because we were walking into this desert where there was no tree, nothing - just bare sand. And we forgot the real color of trees.

Always when there is a decline in true religion, a Master comes to this Earth. He doesn't descend from outer space in a special type of vehicle, but he comes in this form among human beings, as Jesus came and as ill the Masters have come. And they came and revealed this secrecy. They revealed this Light to us. It might be pretty difficult for us to respond to it at first.

If you take a man from a village to an airport and show him a 747 and tell him that this thing is going to fly, he will never believe you. And he might give you a very practical example. He will take a stone and he will hrow it high and the stone will come down. He will say, "Listen! This is a little piece of stone and this couldn't fly in the air. How can this airplane fly in the air? An airplane is much bigger than this piece of stone, much heavier than this piece of stone. How can it fly? You are kidding." But if that villager just understands how easy it is to fly an airplane, then he won't have that question, nor that ignorance that is creating that illusion in his mind. And when the airplane flies, then he will be able to see clearly. And if he studies the airplane he will be able to fully realize how an airplane flies, how the wings are supported by the air under them, and how the engines throw the air from front to back and push the airplane forward. But, he can't understand it himself. He needs guidance. He needs a master. When man first tried to discover how to fly he had to watch a bird. Now before we can receive this Knowledge and realize it, we need a Master. We need someone who can make us realize this.

This Knowledge is so perfect, is so high, that our intellect cannot understand it. Our intellect is not worthy to understand this Knowledge, this Light. Because the intellect is limited and it differs from man to man. The limitations of intellect differ. Ideas differ. And the ideas are produced by intellect. But Knowledge, the Light, does not differ from man to man. So that's why this Knowledge is so high. It is beyond intellect. If someone can raise himself (beyond intellect) he will be able to see. You can see the whole town if you stand on top of a hill. Or you can take a flight, and then you can have a bird's eye view of the town.


Prem Rawat The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

" … everyone is looking for something. Anc this something is this Peace, this Knowledge, the true Light."

There is a limit to what we can think, to what we can imagine. And that is intellect. And always Masters have come and talked about things that we can't even imagine. For example, they talked about the Word. In the Bible, John says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And that one teaching that was in the Middle East was also in the Far East, and was written by Indian Saints.

I was terribly amazed when I saw this. But the Spiritual Masters always bring one teaching to the Earth. In the Ramayana, Saint Tulsidas talks about a Word. In the Gita, Lord Krishna talks about a Word. In the Bible, they talk about a Word. Now what is that Word that was given at one time in the East, in India, and was given in the Middle East too, by Jesus? What is that Word that cannot be spoken by our tongues? Because all the languages were created after man was created.

But this Word existed before man was even created. In which language, in which form, did this Word exist? And we don't want to realize this Word in an artificial form. We want to realize it in a real form. As it is.

There is one saint who said, "0 humans, I have seen a great wonder. I have seen that there is a well in the sky that showers Nectar. And a man who cannot walk, climbs all the stairs up to this well and drinks the Nectar. I have seen a beautiful palace, embroidered with jewels. And this palace has no foundation. And a man who is blind sees this palace and describes it fully. I have heard such a tone being played, but there is no player. There is no guitar, but I have heard a tone. And a man who is deaf listens to this tone and describes it fully."

Now what is this tone? In which form is it?

See, everything is a vibration. My body is a vibration. This chair is a vibration. This garland is a vibration. But there is a vibration which started all these vibrations.

Let's say man is a vibration that has created these vibrations. But there is still a higher vibration that has created that vibration which has created these vibrations. And that is the primordial vibration. But how to understand it, how to realize it?

One day a frog from the sea went far into the jungle. And it was late at night. So, when another frog came by, this frog said, "Dear frog, I've lost my way and I want some rest. Can I stay at your house?"

And he said, "You are most welcome." And he took him to a well. Now they both jumped into the well and started talking. And the well frog said, "Where do you come from?"

He said, "I come from the sea."

And this frog who was from the well said, "I have heard of the sea. May I ask how big your sea is?"

And this frog who was from the sea started guessing, "How should I tell him so that he may understand at once?"

Meanwhile this frog who was from the well swam a small circle inside the well. And he said, "Is your sea this big?"

And he said, "No, not at all. Much bigger."

And then he swam a little bigger circle and he said, "Is your sea this big?"

And he said, "No, much bigger than that."

Then he swam a little bit bigger circle and he said, "This big?"

And he said, "No, much bigger."

Then he swam all around the well and he said, "This big?"

He said, "Much bigger than this."

He said, "It is impossible. Your sea cannot be larger than my well. My well is the whole thing. My well is much bigger than your sea. Your sea can't be much bigger than my well."

He said, "Well friend, you can come and see for yourself."

And the next day, they both went to the sea. And only then was the frog from the well able to realize how big the sea is.

So, I am talking to you in theory. And theory is very limited. Theory is theory. People who are students read theory in books. They may start reading in the sixth grade and when they come to the tenth grade, after reading all those fat science books, they must still go to the laboratory to perform experiments.

So theory itself is not enough to explain a thing to us. We must also perform the practical. So I am talking to you in theory. But this theory represents a thing. And this thing you might imagine it like the sea frog and the well frog who said, "No, your sea cannot be bigger than my well." Today every man is trying to reach this perfectness, to reach this enlightenment. Everyone is mad for something. Some people are mad for their wives, some people are mad for their cars, some people are mad for materialism, for wealth. But even some are mad for this spiritualism, for God.

What does "God" really mean? Today we all talk about God, but what does "God" mean? God is not just the word spelled G-O-D.

I was talking to someone in England. And we got into this discussion about God, and he said, "Really, what you are saying is true, because the word "God", G-O-D, is not God. Because, if you just spell it backwards, it becomes something else." So this is not


"This Word existed before man was even created. In which language, in which form, did this Word exist? And we don't want to realize this Word in an artificial form. We want to realize it in a real form. As it is."

God. This word G-O-D is not God. God is far beyond G-O-D.

Have we ever seen how much we have become attached to the word G-O-D? God is beyond G-O-D. God is beyond that word.

Now how to realize Him? God existed before you were born, God is existing now and God will exist, but have you seen God? Have you realized God? You say God is your Father, but may I ask you, have you really seen God, that you may say, "Oh yes, there is something like God that exists"? No. That's why many people change their beliefs, and say, "No, God does not exist." Because they have not been able to see God.

But if they apply the proper method, why not? Why won't they be able to see God? People don't want to press the accelerator; they want to press the brake. And by pressing the brake, they want their cars to run. It is impossible.

So dear sisters and brothers, I don't bring a religion or a sect to you. No, I bring you this Knowledge, this message which is equal for all. Which is for everyone.

When I went to South Africa - people know there is the apartheid problem in South Africa. But this Knowledge didn't see any apartheid. And it was one and equal for all. This Knowledge is for all human beings, and I bring you this Knowledge. There are so many religions in the world, so many paths in the world. But is there any Peace in the world? Is there any Peace? If there is Peace, then why does one nation want to fight with another? Why does one nation want to kill another nation, if there is really Peace on this Earth?

"Religion" has come from the word "realization," and the realization of God is the true religion. If you have realized God, if you have seen God, practically, then only are you really following a true religion. Otherwise, you are trying to follow in someone's footsteps, but you don't know whether they are of a man or of a lion or of an elephant. You are trying to follow in some footsteps.

What is that Knowledge? If we have received that true Knowledge, then we will be completely satisfied. God is the embodiment of perfectness. God is the embodiment of satisfaction. And if we have understood God, if we have realized God, then we will be completely satisfied. We won't run as we run today after these materialistic desires which have no limit to them.

First of all, a man wants one thing. And then he's not satisfied. Then he wants something else.

One day there was a rich man and he came out of his house at night. And by one corner of his house there was the little but of a poor man who was very happy. And the rich man was freaked out, and he said, "I have so much money, and this poor man hasn't got any money. Why is he happier than I am? I am not singing, he is singing!" And he was terribly amazed.

Well, he asked his secretary, "Secretary, what is the matter, why is he so happy when I am so sad?"

He said, "0 lord, just give me ninety-nine dollars, and I will tell you."

And so this rich man gave him ninety-nine dollars. And he put those ninety-nine dollars in a bag, and he went to the window and placed it in the but when this poor man was away. This poor man came into his house, saw that bag, and he got a bit shaky. And he closed his door, and he saw that there was money in it. He opened it, he counted it. There were ninety-nine dollars. He was very happy for some time; he said, "I have ninety-nine dollars!" And then he said, "Oh, there are only ninety-nine dollars. I wish there would have been a hundred dollars!"

So that day he went out again and he earned one more dollar. And when his friends came at night to sing, he said, "No more singing, no more singing, I have got money." And he put that one dollar with his ninety-nine.

And now the rich man came out and he saw no more singing, no more dancing. Everything was quiet. And he said, "Why is this?"

The secretary said, "Because you gave me ninety- nine dollars, and this man thought, 'Let me make a hundred!' Then he said, 'A hundred is nothing. Let me make a hundred-and-two, a hundred-and-three,' and his desire grew faster and vaster."

Our desire is running so fast. How are we going to control it? How are we really going to control it?

I think all of you must have heard of Alexander the Great, who had dreams to conquer the whole world. And one day he was walking down his steps, and he met a saint in his courtyard. And he said, "0 saint, I am going to conquer the whole world. Give me some blessings."

The saint said, "0 king, you need blessings to conquer the world? No, you can't have them. Because the world is not yours, nor is one single pi (Indian money) yours, in this world." And Alexander started beating this saint. And after some time he said, "Take him away." And the saint was taken away by the soldiers.

And when this Alexander was about to die he said, "0 secretaries, please do me a favor. It is the last moment of this life, and I want you to do me a favor.


Prem Rawat The Fat Boy Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

When you take me to bury me, put a slab on my grave which will say that 'Alexander the Great, the conquerer of the whole world, came empty-handed into this world and has gone empty-handed from this world.' "

He took not a single pi with him, who had dreams to conquer the whole world, and he did almost conquer the whole world.

So, I don't say to leave materialism. No, you require materialism to some extent. But what do the police say to you? The police do not say, "Don't run your cars." The police say, "Let them run, alright? But not more than sixty, not more than seventy." That's why they have speed limits. The police do not say, "Stop your cars. Don't make them run." They say, "Run, only to sixty." I say: Be in materialism, alright? But limit it. Don't involve yourself there, because materialism is limited. After you go into materialism, materialism ends. Materialism has a limit to it. But not spiritualism. And what is spiritualism really? I don't mean by "spirit" that spirit like, "Ghost! Ghost is spirit." No. I don't mean that. I mean the soul. I might call it, "soulism." But soulism is not really a good word for it. So I call it spiritualism.

Have you ever heard a doctor talk about this body? How fantastic this body is! If the wrong types of insects come into our body, or are created in the body, at once the body starts producing antibodies. It sends out one type of antibody, and if it doesn't work, it sends out another type of antibody. It immediately sends out other types of antibodies. So actually, how far out it is that we have this body!

But then what is the use? In yesterday's program I was saying that everything in this room has a significance. There is a pillar - it is not useless, it has got some purpose. In nature everything has a purpose. In materialism, whatever we have produced has a purpose, has a use. Now we are also in nature. What use do we have? What purpose do we have? What significance do we have? What is the work that we should do? Why have we come to this Earth? Why have we taken birth?

Realize this aim, the aim of your human life. That's all I say. That's all I want. Because that's the thing that can bring about Peace, the real Peace, on this Earth. No other things can bring it; only this can bring real Peace about. If people want Peace.

One day a rich man knocked on the doors of heaven.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

And God's secretary came out and said, "What is the matter?"

And he said, "I want to enter heaven."

And the secretary said, "Let me ask God."

And he went to God and said, "Well, sir, there is a man standing out there and he wants to enter your heaven."

And God said, "Alright, let him come in. I'll ask what is the matter."

And this man was brought to God, and God asked him what good he had done in his life.

This rich man scratched his head and said, "Well, I gave five cents to an orphan child."

God asked him, "Any other good you have done?" And again this man scratched his head. "Oh yes, I gave five cents to a beggar."

And God said, "Anything else?"

Again he scratched his head, "Oh yes, I gave ten cents to a widow."

And then again God said, "Anything else?" and he said, "No, sir. That's all."

God thought and thought and thought. And His secretary was also thinking what should be done. God really couldn't decide, so God asked His secretary, "What should we do with this man?"

And His secretary said, "God, give him back his twenty cents and tell him to go to hell!"

So, actually, if we try to do the kind of actions that we dream will allow us to enter heaven, these actions can be given back. Try to do that type of action that even God is unable to give you back. Try to do that type of action. But how can we do that type of action? We don't want to do any sins. How can we ever be away from sins? What is the process of being away from sins? Because each thing we do is an action, and each action of ours can be a sin. Now, how to remove ourselves from sin? What is the proper method? Realization of God. If we dedicate ourselves to God and make ourselves completely a puppet of God, then God will be responsible for the actions we do. All the actions we perform, God will be responsible for that.

So if we go to a Perfect Master, we will receive perfectness from there. If we just go to an imperfect master, we will receive imperfectness from there. And we must go to this Perfect Master who comes to this Earth just to help us. I don't claim myself to be any Perfect Master or to be God or to be anything like that. I just claim to be a humble servant, and I want to


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

help you people. That's why I travel from one place to another, helping you people.

But it is like this. A man who is really intelligent, you just beckon to him and he starts coming towards you. A man who is crazy, you will have to tell him, "Alright, first put your left foot up, then your right, then your left. Keep your nose level towards me, and repeat the same process." Left, right, left, right and then he will come to you. And then when he comes to you, you will say, "Stop. Don't do that process anymore." You will have to say that to him!

But one who is clever, you will have to just beckon him. He will come to you and stop there. One who is crazy will just walk over you. He will repeat that process till you say stop.

So people who are really seekers after Truth, who really understand how important it is to understand this Knowledge as soon as possible …

See, we don't have any surety, that in the next moment we are going to survive or we are going to be dead. Some people flew from Japan, to Delhi, India, very happy. And a small girl was with her mother, trying to visit Delhi. And they both must have had dreams, "Oh, we will stay in a hotel. We will try to arrange a hotel there, then we will stay there." And what happened? In the meantime the plane crashed. The small girl survived, and her mother couldn't visit anymore.

So nobody has surety for his life. We are driving a car, we have an accident: finished. We are in a helicopter, quite safe: engine fails, we are down, crash.

Even if science can make airplanes that don't fail, who is going to conquer a heart attack? Heart disease doesn't come from outside. You don't know it and you die.

And even if doctors are able to conquer heart attacks, who is going to conquer death?

So nobody is sure that he is going to survive for a moment or not.

There was a great king in India. And a priest told him, "You are going to die, day after tomorrow."

And he got very worried, because he knew he was going to die day after tomorrow. And he stopped eating. He didn't go to court. His secretary went to him and said, "King, what is the matter? Why aren't you going to court? Why aren't you eating?" and so on.

And he said, "I am very worried about what to do


because I am going to die day after tomorrow." And he said, "Who told you that?"

He said, "The man who lives there told me that."

And the secretary called this man, and he said, "Well, have you told the king that he is going to die the day after tomorrow?"

He said, "Yes, the king is going to die the day after tomorrow, that is a fact."

And he said, "When are you going to die?" He said, "After twenty-five years."

And the secretary took out his sword and stabbed him at once. Then he said, "King, he was supposed to die after twenty-five years and he is dead now. So there is no surety to anyone's death. Anyone can die at any moment."

So why am I so rapid? You know at my age actually I should go to school. And read books. Educate myself. But why am I out preaching this Knowledge? Why am I out giving this Knowledge to people?

A student's life is a very strange type of life. A student thinks he is going to study. But if he thinks he is not going to study, even if God comes and asks him to study, he is not going to study. His student life is so strange. If he thinks, "Alright, I must study math," he will study math. And he will be first in math. And if he thinks, "No, I'm not going to study math," even if God comes and tells him, "Study math," he is not going to study math. And I would have chosen to play about, instead of sitting in the house doing work. I would have selected an outdoor life, playing tennis, football and so on.

But I thought, what is the necessity? Not of food, no. Because when I was in India, our home was so fully equipped, there was no need to go out and earn some money. And I'm not here to earn money. Because I don't ask money from anyone.

So actually, I am here. I think that I should be out preaching this Knowledge, because this Knowledge is so essential. No one knows which moment he is going to survive and which moment he is going to be dead. That's why I am here. And I just want you to realize this Knowledge, which is absolutely free, for one and all. And easy to understand, because it is natural. Because it is natural, how easy to understand it is!

So, realize it and understand what is beyond intellect. Scientific things are limited. People try to search for this Knowledge. Actually, they want to search for something really high. And scientists said, "Alright, the atom cannot be divided." And at that time, this statement was 100% true: "This atom cannot be divided."

Many people think, "We can't receive Knowledge. We can't go beyond intellect." And maybe they are 100% right. Because scientists even said, "The atom cannot be divided." And they were 100% right, because they hadn't any precise instruments. But today, scientists have more precise instruments, and they are able to divide the smallest particle of anything, which is an atom.

If we have a real Apollo, it can cross the horizon. It can go to the moon. So, although an airplane can't, Apollo can. But this Apollo of Knowledge is so cheap, it is so natural, it is absolutely free.

And people must be wondering why this Knowledge is free. Why? I could earn money from it. But why is this Knowledge free? There is a very good reason for it. You can live without gold, right? You can't live without food. And food is cheaper than gold. You can live without food for maybe a day or so, but you can't live without water. And water is cheaper than food. (You have to pay something for water, because you must get spring water in bottles, or you must pay your municipality's tax for water.) You can live without water for maybe an hour or so, maybe a night or so. But you can't live without air. And air is absolutely free. Because air is essential, because air is necessary, it has been made absolutely free for you.

This Knowledge is also essential for you, that's why it is absolutely free for you. That is the reason why it should be free for you. And if you want it, if you want to realize it, I am ready at your service to give you this Knowledge. My doors are always open to reveal you this Light. My doors are always open. You are always welcome, whenever you want this Knowledge, to understand it, to realize it.

So those people who are really interested, will be able to gain something. Because in this life, nobody's sure whether we are going to get life again or not. No. And this lifetime is very limited.

So, what I want is just to give you this Knowledge. Just to reveal you this Knowledge, so that you may get out of all your sufferings, you may get out of all your doubts, that are causing suffering in you. So understand it.

This Knowledge is beyond religions. That's why a Christian can still be a Christian and understand this Knowledge, realize and meditate on this Knowledge. A man who is a Hindu can be a Hindu and still meditate upon this Knowledge. A man who is a Muslim can still be a Muslim and meditate upon this Knowledge. Any religion you are following does not matter. You can still follow your religion and also follow this


p25 (30K) Knowledge. And this Knowledge is so easy to practice, that when you are sleeping, eating, walking, anytime you are doing anything, you can understand this Knowledge.

It is just getting back to your origin, where our source is. It is just connecting back. It will be easy because actually there was a connection before. You are a part of God. Your origin is God. So how easy it will be to reach back, now.

God is G for generator, 0 for operator, and D for destroyer - Who has generated us, Who is operating us, Who will destroy us. But we must understand: By what energy is He operating us? That is a very interesting subject. By what power is He operating? What is that energy?

God is the Perfect and Pure Energy. When they split the atom, energy came out. And this is the energy that is supporting the whole world. Due to this energy we are surviving. And the purest form of this energy is God. The highest form of this energy is God.

If we throw a stone up high in the sky it will come back. Scientists say this is the law of gravity. But saints say: no, this stone is a piece of Earth, and until and unless it meets the Earth again, it is not satisfied. Fire is part of the sun and it always rises up to meet with the sun. And unless and until it has met the sun it is not satisfied.

Rivers are part of the ocean and unless and until they have met their ocean, they are not satisfied. Restlessly, they flow over stones, over land, over trees, restlessly flow to meet their ocean. And once they have merged with their ocean, they are completely satisfied. Our soul is part of God. This energy inside us is part of that energy. And until and unless it has met, we aren't satisfied. That's why always there is a power struggle inside you, which is making you unsatisfied.

And what do the'surgeons do? What does a Guru do? What does a Master do? Guru is an Eastern word, but there is a word in English for "Guru," and it is "Perfect Master." Because G-U means darkness, and R-U means light. A man who takes us away from darkness and puts us into Light is called Guru.

And Perfect Master does the same thing. He takes us away from darkness and puts us into Light. That's why he is called Perfect Master. And so, if we can go to this Perfect Master and ask him for the Knowledge, we are always able to get this Knowledge. By all means, we will be able to get this food.

What does this doctor do? When you say, "Please, I can be hurt by this thing. How can you help me?" He just takes the scissors of his Knowledge and cuts. Not really cutting as a surgeon, no, but cuts us with the Knowledge.

And he takes this wire that is trying to strike us, and connects us with God. And says, "You are done."

And that's it. The next time we get into our consciousness, really we are one, really we are satisfied.

"Satisfied" is maybe an easy word to say. But how much it means to those people who are unsatisfied! It really means a lot. And if you want to be satisfied, if you want to be in complete Peace, you can be. You can be. And so easy.

It doesn't mean that you have to sit for fifteen hours, or seven hours, or four hours and just meditate on this Knowledge. No, you can walk, still meditate on it; sleep, still meditate on it; talk, still meditate on it; you can meditate on it and still do all your activities.

So that is why this Knowledge is very practical for a man of this century. This century I think is the busiest century. People don't have time to take their lunch and so on. They drive their car while they eat their lunch. They don't have time to sit, relax, and read their newspapers. They read the newspapers while they drive their cars. In this busy age, everything is increasing. There was a time when those old Fords had only forty miles-an-hour speed. Only forty milesan-hour. And today cars can go a hundred and twenty miles-an-hour. A hundred and twenty miles-an-hour doesn't mean anything to people. They want 200, 300 miles-an-hour from their cars.

If these scientists, develop the speed, but don't develop the brakes, what will happen? There will be accidents. Well, of course, accidents are going on. But then there will be ten times more. As they .have developed their speed, they have developed their brakes.

But, unfortunately, not we people, no. We have developed real speed in materialism, but haven't dis-


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

"Realize this aim, the aim of your human life, that's all I say, That's all I want, Because that's the thing that can bring about Peace, the real Peace, on this Earth."

covered a brake that can stop us from so much speeding into materialism. We have made a motor that can make us desire, "Oh, ninety-nine dollars is nothing, make us a hundred - make a hundred-andtwo, make a hundred-and-three, a hundred-and-fifty, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred," but we haven't made a brake that can stop us from the desire.

So that's why Satguru, or Perfect Master, installs in us this brake that we can always use. So we are secured, no matter what speed we are running.

And why do we call him Perfect Master? It is not that his body is perfect, no. A man who teaches us math, we call him math master. A man who teaches us physics, we call him physics master. A man who teaches us Perfectness, we will call him Perfect Master. He teaches us Perfectness, and we call him Perfect Master.

So, understand it.

What can be expressed by theory is not the Knowledge. Theory is very limited. But only if you practically receive it, practically you realize it, then only will you be able to understand. Realize and take the full privilege of it.

See, everyone is seeking for something. Maybe you don't call it Knowledge, maybe you call it something else. But everyone is looking for something. And this something is this Peace, this Knowledge, the true Light.

So many questions are asked. "Why was Earth made?" "Where did tomorrow go?" "Where did yesterday go?" Now, those questions can't be answered. A man who is in complete satisfaction, a man who is in complete Peace, he won't have any questions any longer.

So realize this secrecy, realize this mystery. As soon as we put a pencil to paper to write something, a dot is created. And from that dot, the whole thing starts. Then we write the whole sentence. When we finish it, then we say, full stop. Then there is another dot. In the beginning, there is a dot. The whole thing has been created out of dots. And at the end there is a dot. But what is that dot? If someone can understand this, he can understand what writing is.

So, understand what is the one mystery. If I were able to speak this Knowledge then I would have just said it on television, on radio. Because I have been to many radio stations, many television stations. I would have told it to everyone, millions and billions of people. "This is the Word, go on, sit back, relax and meditate on this, on this Word." But unfortunately, this is not the process.

Today we have got so precise. The law is when we are thirsty, we must go to the water. But today the law is, when you feel thirsty, sitting on an airplane, press a button, and the stewardess asks you, "Yes, please?" And you say, "One glass of water." And this glass of water will come roaring down to you! Instead of going to the glass of water.

But not with the Knowledge. No, if you want it, you must go to the Source.

And don't waste time. If you want it, if you are really interested in it, I can give you this Knowledge. I have got this Knowledge and I can give you this Knowledge - this medium, this way of Peace, this way of realization. So, if you want it, if you are really interested in it, please come and contact me. And if you want it, by all means you will be able to get it.

So actually, be humble. How can you be humble? Only those people who are humble are going to see the kingdom of heaven. But how to be humble? I think to be humble is a problem in this century. Nobody wants to be humble. If someone has a Cadillac, he thinks he is sitting on top of the world. This is not humble.

How can you be humble? How can you be openhearted to everything? When a general is sitting in his office, everyone comes to him, salutes him and they say, "Yes sir, yes sir." But as soon as the president walks in, he gets up and he salutes him - all humbleness, at once, comes to him. He realizes, "Oh, there is a bigger officer than me."

Actually, we say "God." We go to churches, we go to temples, we bow down our heads. "0 God, 0 God. God sees us everywhere. God is omnipresent, God is omnipotent, God is omniscient." Then we sit in our cars, walk down to the office and start doing corruption. Now, this is not the way to believe God.

If in schools, the chalk rose by itself and started writing on the blackboard, and there was no master, all the boys would shout. But when there is a master, and you shout a bit, he could take your wrist and slap you. And he controls you at every moment. That's why we need a Master. God could make Knowledge fall down from these lamps. God could make this Knowledge fall down like an apple from an apple tree. But no, then there would be no question of understanding and realizing it.

So, if you want that, I can give you that. So if you want it, please come to me. You are most welcome. And if you are not interested in this Knowledge, you are most diswelcomed.

Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972