See What God Is

On August 18, 1971, Guru Maharaj Ji answered questions in the morning and again in the afternoon. The afternoon session was published in the Winter issue, 1977 (Volume 1, Number 2). This is the first half of the morning session. The session will he continued in the next issue.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971
Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971

Why do you speak in parables? Why don't you just give your message straight out?

This worldly nature wants examples, all sorts of examples. And you see, we should not give our examples. Two persons try to evaluate their examples to prove why they are right and why somebody else isn't right. That's why you'll find that many of the scriptures - the whole Bible is a sort of story. What did Jesus do? To explain it to a man in another way, I can even say it directly to you that you should know what God is, and after knowing that, you should be completely satisfied. And that is where I can finish. That's the summary I can give to my satsang. But that is not enough.

Why do you want it? A past Perfect Master said, "What you are seeing is nothing." You see this tree. After some time this tree will rot. What will be left? Rain comes and goes. Nothing happens. See, there are many mountains in deserts. You see a pile of sand and tomorrow you come and the pile is gone. Just a flat thing.

That's why they give all sorts of examples. So that you can understand more.

Will you tell us about faith?

Yes. See, there is a girl and she hasn't seen her husband yet. She's to be married and her husband is sitting in Italy. And she is here. And she wants to have faith in her husband, because he is to be her husband. She wants to have faith. But she can't. Why?

Because she probably doesn't trust herself.

Well, that isn't it. Because she hasn't seen him, she hasn't realized his nature. She hasn't liked him or disliked him because that man hasn't come before her. She is imagining: Suppose he's somebody like Nixon or like Jesus Christ or somebody like that. She is just imagining. She cannot put her mind on one idea and subtly she is thinking, "Is my husband very tall or is my husband very short? Is he fat or is he thin?" So many things, you see? But as soon as she sees a photo of him, thousands and thousands of people may be standing, but she can make out which one is her husband.

As long as we haven't seen God, we can't have faith in that. It is our Father anyhow, but we haven't seen Him. How can we say what His nature is and how can we have faith that He is the Savior of the whole world? We may believe that He is saving this whole world but we can't realize it because our mind is flickering. Until our mind settles to one point, we can't realize how God is saving this world. We can't have faith that "Yes, God is the real Savior."

Don't you think that faith comes from having trust in yourself, having faith in yourself, that you can help …

That is investing. Before you buy a car, you invest some money. But that money is not the whole cost of the car. That is not the full faith. First you are going to a temple and that is why you are proceeding towards it. But you have not invested the full faith. You have to invest more faith when you see that.

You want to buy a tape recorder. When you are going to the market, you don't have a tape recorder. You can't know, "I want this type. I will have a stereo; I will have a C-450. I will have that make; I will have that make." When you go there, you sit down, and you see tape recorders - many makes. And the prices of them. Then you select them. Then you buy one. Then you are fulfilled: "This is my tape recorder. This is a C450 tape recorder." Then you are fulfilled in that.

That's what I am just trying to say, that when that man or that idea or that thing comes before him, he can make it out. If one thousand people are standing and I say to that girl, "Where is your husband?" she says, "I can't make it out" - but if she has seen him, is married, "Okay, there he is!" That's what I want to bring out: that if we see God, His nature …

Because where we go, our name will follow us. Won't it? Have you left your name in your house? Where you will go, your name will follow you. In the same way, where God goes, His creation, His nature, all His types of natures will follow Him, right? Because He is complete with this nature. And so when


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971
Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji In 1971

"Brahmanand says, 'What should I present to my Lord? I can't
see anything which I can present to my Lord. Even if I
give him so many dollars, so many dollars, it is not enough.
Whatever it is I see in this world, it is not enough.' So the only
thing you can give is devotion, which is from you."

we go and see God, we feel all those natures and we see what God is and then we have full faith in Him.

We often hear of false prophets and false givers of Truth. And you've likened it to two bars of chocolate that are packaged exactly alike and look exactly alike, and you take a taste of one and you say, "Oh, that's not the real chocolate." But I was wondering. I have never seen a true Master. I have never seen a true prophet. I have read about them in scriptures. So the difference is that I don't know what it tastes like. I don't know what it looks like. I don't know what it feels like. So how do I go about finding one that is really true? Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji in Tepee 1971

If I give you water - have you ever had the taste of water? Wherever you go, if several cups of wine are there, you will take water and drink it. If I even put sulphuric acid there, you'll just smell it. "No, this is not water." Because you have tasted it.

What is Truth? What is the shadow of Truth? Peace! Where Truth will go, peace will go. When we go to the true Master and he reveals that Truth to us, we will have peace within our hearts. That is the only way you can know. How did those disciples believe in Christ? It was Christ who gave them some Knowledge through which they had peace within their hearts and they believed that yes, he is perfect. And others - never.

Christ also worked miracles to exhibit physically for the people, because they would not otherwise …

But what was thought of him? What was said?

They called him the devil.

"He was a devil." It was of no use that he did those miracles. It was good for those for whom he was doing those miracles. He cured them. But what he was doing was no good for him, because people said, "You are devil." They just took him straightaway, out of their minds, as a devil. So, now you see.

This is a flower? How can you tell?

Because I know what a flower is.

Right. Do you know what a dahlia is? Or a lotus? Suppose there is a flower that does not grow in this area and does grow in India. You go to India; you see that. "Oh, it is a flower." What proof have you got that this is a flower? You have got inner consciousness which says, "Yes, it is a flower." Inner consciousness!

When I go to a true Master and I beg him for Knowledge and he reveals me the Truth, I have perfection in my heart. I feel that creation and nature and Light and peace. Because if you have read the scriptures, then you must also have read what a true Master will give.

You'll get peace.

Have you ever felt a little moment of peace?

You can always find peace by going out into God's creation.

See, I can go into these mountains - perfect peace for my ears! Not my mind. My mind will jump from there to somewhere else. I can have the peace which is from outside. Nobody is talking; I am complete. But my mind is in India or is still in London roaming about. The perfect peace is called internal. In India, there is a proverb that if you have won your heart, you have won the whole world. Because I say, "No, this dog belongs to me. I should have possession over it." But if my mind is in control, I'll have nothing to do with this dog. Or, "The whole world belongs to me." So this is


the mind we have to control. And to control your mind is peace.

We feel relaxation, yes. When we go and sit down and lie in a chair, we feel relaxation. We say, "Oh, I'm just relaxing. Please go away. Don't disturb me." Right? A little newborn babe has never felt hunger. But when he feels it, he starts crying. So when we go to a true Master and when we get that Truth, we really know that nature. Because there is a part of it in ourselves and we have union - just attached.

Are you saying that in each and every one of us there is a part of the true Master, which he will reach?

There is a part of God. That is Truth. It is also said, you see, that in every man there is a soul. When that soul goes away, man is dead. That is the living power which is making man live. And which of your parts wants peace? Nose? Ears? Mouth?

Soul. So the soul is the thing which is lacking the perfect thing. It wants to have the perfect thing. Because it's said that a flame wants to be the sun. It is part of that perfection and wants that perfection, right? And we are so puzzled! We want to make our way out through money, through wealth. Some people just want to make it out through creation and nature. So many things. But if we just link our internal mind to God, we will not have so much of puzzle and we won't be so unsatisfied. Yes?

I really have listened to what you said. It's really fantastically true. And I understand it in my head, but I haven't taken it totally to my heart yet. Do you know what I mean? It's because there's like a little doubt that keeps poking at my mind …

Well, take it out. Take those doubts out! Do you know what a tube well is? It takes out water from below. They bore and put a motor in the water and then make a big huge tank and then they make a small tank and make several canals from that. When they want the water to go in the left one, they close all the others so the water goes there. If they want it to go straight, they close both sides and then the water goes straight. If they want it this way, then they close it the other way and the water goes like this. Right?

If we close those doubts, if we remove those doubts, water will just go in straight. What I have told will just sink in your heart.

You see, there is a hole. A vacuum is being created. Heart wants something. The doubts are going in. You don't want doubts. So you are in a very terrible state. There is a hole. Mind says, "I want something." But there are doubts and your mind never wants doubts. Your heart never wants doubts. So it wants to throw up. So vacuum, attraction and distraction all are taking place at the same time. Vomiting and fever and everything is taking place. What terrible state it is!

Man is so unsatisfied. That is why. So if we just take our doubt out, doubts will go and what I have told you will just sink in. Yes?

I've heard like you're in the same league with Krishna, Jesus …

I am not Jesus. I am not Krishna.

I was just wondering, like if you're a Perfect Master - like Christ, for instance. He did miracles. And I can see your hesitation to do miracles, because people would probably think you were Satan or something. But I'll trust you for your word. Can you do a miracle? Can you change water into wine?

I don't want to.

Could you?

I don't want to. "Could you" is another thing. Remember, what Jesus did - he was perfect. What Jesus did was perfect. It was absolutely perfect. Jesus was himself perfect and what he did was perfect.

Well, I realize that you don't want to, but …

Remember, God has created H2O and if I convert it into wine - much worse than that. I will have converted pure water into wine! Drink and you will just … Yes?

What can I do to find help? Where can I go to find help?

Help is in you. If you help yourself, help will help you.

I've been trying to help myself, but it doesn't work.

Pray to God. Most surely He will bless you. Okay? Pray to Him. He is merciful. He will bless you. Right? Yes?

How do we remove the sanskaric impressions that keep us from you? Just with faith?

See, think of me as a shopkeeper, okay? You had nothing to do with me before but now when you have walked in my shop, you will do everything with me. I have to give you what you want. Now you are a customer and I am shopkeeper. But there's no charge. Things are free of cost. And this is the thing. This is the only shop (you see, I am just saying this to you individually) where you can get the thing that you want. Now one of the types of relations is that of a customer and the shopkeeper, right? And you don't see how many things I have. Just ask for what you want. Don't say, "That is keeping me away or that is keeping me away." Just ask for what you want. I will give it to you. Yes?


What is man's duty or responsibility to God - to become God-realized or God-conscious?

You will know. First realize God, right? You will know what the duties are. Yes?

When I see suffering, I would like to do something to help.

What is suffering?

Illness, pain.

You see, really, I also wanted to do what you want to do. But when God has to give punishment, nobody can help that, right? I am having a bath in hot water and then I just come into the cold - what will happen? Fever!

Yes, but Christ healed the sick.

Listen. Listen to me. Christ was perfect. You are not perfect; nobody is perfect. Christ was perfect. What he did, you cannot put into deeds, because he was perfect. He was Son of God; he was God. That's why they spoke of three gunas: All this world is in three types of nature - attraction and distraction and pride. He was away from them. He was perfect. You can help this humanity to some extent, but not after that, you see. Yes? Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971

Who are you?

I am a human being, like you see.

No, who are you? Not "what."

You cannot put anybody into names and ask it. You are asking in words and you need answers in words. And you can't have that. I say, "Mr. XYZ has died." XYZ is dead! He isn't here; he's gone. "Mr. Kennedy has died." Mr. Kennedy is lying here? What is that? "Mr. Kennedy's body."

That's what Krishna said, "Arjun, you cannot see me with these eyes." And Arjun was so puzzled, he says, "Lord, what are you saying? I am seeing you and you are saying that 'You can't see me.' "

He said, "You are seeing me with your materialistic eyes. These materialistic eyes are themselves destructible. And whatever they can see is destructible. Because I am what I am. I cannot be destroyed. So you need an eye which will never be destroyed."

You take something and pierce his eye and his eye will burst, right? But the third eye cannot be broken, cannot be separated. That's why we need a third eye - to see God. And if we see God, we can see the same nature: What it is, what I am, what He is, and what he is.

How can we open our third eye?

We will have to go to the Perfect Master of the time and request him, "Please give us that Knowledge." He will give us Truth and then he will open our third eye.

This is you.

Well, I can't declare that. I won't say that. I can, but I won't say that.

Why not?

It is my secret. Every company has got its own secret, right? I have got my own secret. People in this world are so lazy, so lazy, that they don't want to do anything by themselves. Anything! So let them search. Let them be somewhat alert. Let them search. Yes?

Why do we kill flowers?

You kill them. I don't kill them.

No, I was just wondering. Because as I look around, the way in which we please people is by giving them flowers that have been cut, that have been severed from their lifeline.

You have been separated from God! And if you separate a flower from a plant, what is that?

It's dead. It's dying and it cannot live out its life with fulfillment.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971 Okay. Okay, I know that. And you are not to eat anything, even chocolates, because chocolates are separated from the machine, from where they were created, from the company, from their owner. What will you eat? Nothing in this world. Then what will happen?

That's not what I asked you. I asked why do we kill flowers?

I don't kill them; that's what I am saying! Ask those who kill them. People don't believe it is bad to pick flowers. People have faith that these flowers are meant for us and we should have them. And God has never objected to that. God has objected to many things that we are doing, but not that. Because He has made them for us. Yes?

I want to love you and serve you, but I don't know how.

The only thing you need to give to God is devotion. You know who Brahmanand was? Brahmanand was a saint born in India and he wrote many poems. So he says, "What should I present to my Lord? I can't see anything which I can present to my Lord. Even if I give him so many dollars, so many dollars, it is not enough. Whatever it is I see in this world, it is not enough." So the only thing you can give is devotion, which is from you.

You say that in order to understand what you're saying, we must cancel out the doubts that are in our mind.

Cancel them out. Take them out. Shut them out. Take them out.

What I'm wondering is this. For an immediate example, the Red Chinese said, "Give me your mind and I will give you peace." And so they have a lot of minds there and they have a lot of peaceful bodies. And Hitler said, "Give me your children and I will give them peace and don't think about what you're doing. Trust in me and it will come out right." And all through history there have been people that have said, "Don't doubt. Believe. Channel everything that I say into your heart, and it will be good." And it hasn't always been good. I'm trying to find out how I know when my doubts are truthful and are protecting me from something that may be an untruth and how I know when my doubts are unjustified.

Doubts are not a creation of God. Doubts are your creation. "Should I know which evil is good and which evil is bad?" Evil is always bad, right? When a new car comes, it is so dirty, isn't it? But then it is cleaned and everything is okay and it is placed in the showroom. And then people come and look at it.

We all are filled with doubts and so many things. Now when we go to Perfect Master, we have that Knowledge which when we place our minds into that Knowledge, it's like the car wash. But in these car washes, people take a cloth and then wipe the water off. In this "mind wash," everything is automatic. If you just place your mind into that Knowledge, into that Truth which Satguru reveals, your soul will be liberated and your mind will be away from your suffering which it has to face now. Yes?

Lord, would you be a mirror for my soul?

Yes, I will be. But I will place a mirror before you because I have to be a mirror for so many people in this world. I can give you a technique, that whenever you place that mirror before you, you can see yourself. And you needn't even place it. The mirror I have will always be with you.

Would you explain to me what you mean by this "Knowledge" that everybody is asking you for?

It is a technique which is the only way to receive the Truth.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971 I mean, you're not answering, see?

Because I cannot.

It's faith and I have faith in something that I know is true. You say to have faith in you. I'm looking for faith in somebody that will help me along in the path, you understand?

Right. See, if somebody cannot explain something, it is not his fault.

I know it's me.

Jesus also said that you can't speak that Word. And when it was given to disciples, they dared not speak that Word. They couldn't speak it. I can only describe it. "It is a technique which will give you internal peace." That's all I can say. And when you receive that, then you will have faith in that. Have faith in me; that's all. You cannot have faith in Knowledge until you receive it. First you have faith in me, that yes, I will give you that Knowledge. Then I will give you that Knowledge.

I have faith in Truth.

You want to have water from a tap. First you will have to have faith that this is a tap. Then you will have water from that. First have faith in me, that yes, I'll give you that Knowledge. And then request me. Then I will give you that. And then have faith in what I have given you. I know that you want a full explanation of that …

No, I don't want a full explanation.

Then what do you want?

I can't explain it.

Why can't you explain it? Because it is a thing that you cannot put into words. The feelings you are


"As long as we haven't seen God, we can't have faith in that. It is
our Father anyhow, but we haven't seen Him. How can we say
what His nature is and how can we have faith that He is the Savior
of the whole world?"

having in your mind, you cannot put them into words.

But you see, you're saying something that I've said to myself for a long time. And all I know is - well, it's interesting. I mean, I can't say it.

Okay. Now if you have come to me to have that Knowledge, request me and I'll give you Knowledge. Right?

I request that.

Okay, I'll give it to you. If I explain to you what a technique is, will it help you?

Well, yes, since I'm nowhere right now.

No! Just reading an instruction book is not enough. When you are reading an instruction book, the car should be before you. The object of your reading should be before you.

Well, what technique do you give us then?

You see, it is not your fault. It is not your fault. It is the nature of humankind. "What is in the picture? What is in the movie? What will happen? What will happen? What will happen?" When a knife is moving towards man in a movie, you think, "What will happen?" And when that man murders him - finished! "What is the technique? What is the technique? What is the technique?" That question will be causing disturbance in your mind, right? But when you know the technique, it will go away. Far away. Yes?

Is my soul a piece of God? Yes.

If I am my soul, am I God?

No, because you are not your soul. Soul goes away but you are left.

My soul is the part of me that says, "I am."

Soul is not part of you. You are part of soul. You are creation of God; you are not soul. Yes?

I am not so interested in asking you, "Will you give me Knowledge?" What I would like to do is sit down and meditate with you.

Okay, but you have to meditate on something!

No, it doesn't matter. Just meditation.

Well, you can't do meditation. Without concentration, no meditation. First concentration and then meditation. Now concentrate upon a point in this room. You will think that that point is very nice but again your mind will say, "This is nearer to that," and "This is nearer to that," and this and that. And then it will go back there, to that point. And then it will say, "No, that is this, that is this, that is this, that is this."

When you have to meditate, you have to bring all the streams into one ocean. You have to bring all your desires, all your mental races, all your sources of passing out ideas in this world, to one point.

See, the ring is kept in a case. But where the ring is kept never becomes gold. The ring is the ring and the material is the material. It cannot convert it, right? The candle is placed before this thing but this won't be converted into a candle. Now I'm sitting on this chair but this chair won't become like me and I won't become this chair. I want to say that even if you meditate, you can't have the point I am meditating on until I reveal that technique to you. You are sitting with me and you are meditating on some point. I am meditating on Truth and suppose you are meditating on some other point. So what is the thing you want to bring in contact? Because I'll meditate on Truth and yes, if you know that Truth, then you can also meditate where I am meditating, where I am concentrating my mind. But if I am meditating on something else and you are meditating on something else, what is the use of sitting near?

I assumed you would let me do that. That's why I am here.

So? You see, people who come here, come here to get their doubts away and ask for Knowledge. That's all. I have experienced that. Many people have come here. They ask me questions and after that they say, "May I have Knowledge?" People come here because they are eager but they have doubts. So they come here and remove their doubts. That's why I give them a special time, so that they can come and remove their doubts. Then they come, remove their doubts and they receive Knowledge. There are two kinds of people, you see. Some people really come here to argue and some people really come here to know something and realize it.

(continued in future issue)


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1971
Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji In 1971