Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978

Guru Maharaj Ji's Evening Satsang
Hans Jayanti, Kissimmee, Florida, November 8, 1979

Dear premies, I guess we should have a little bit of satsang before we go into all that. Can be very involving, six, seven hours - all night long … But I guess there is always a time for blissing out and then there's always a time for satsang. It seems like satsang shoves the mind out, and blissing out keeps it away, keeps it out there.

To us, that's the only thing really we can do: express ourselves by being blissed out. Nobody's forcing us to get blissed out.

And truly when we are having an experience … this really reminds me of Satyalok. It would sometimes be like this. And what would happen is there would be satsang all day long, and Shri Maharaj Ji would be getting furious with the premies for not doing meditation or satsang or service - just really furious. Sometimes there'd be two or three hours worth of satsang that would be a real mind-knocker. You really don't have much option when that starts happening.

It's just that one day here I guess I got carried away.

Because I can see it. I can see that premies really need to make an effort, that we can all have sweet talks, and that's all fine, but we really all do need to make an effort, we all really do need to understand - understand the reason why Guru Maharaj Ji is here. Otherwise it's a waste of time for Guru Maharaj Ji, really.

But an experience - Guru Maharaj Ji has this love to give, Guru Maharaj Ji has this experience to give, to every one of the premies. And the premies have to accept the experience and return Guru Maharaj Ji's love, and then there can be more love that can flow; more of that incredible blissing out can then really manifest.

And I feel that there is that aspect of getting completely blissed out: forget about everything. Forget about our suits and zippers undone or pants falling off or ties all over the place. Forget about all our egos for a moment and forget about everything and just completely dive into whatever experience Guru Maharaj Ji is showering. Just completely merge. That's one thing that also a devotee longs to have: an experience in that physical manifestation of Guru Maharaj Ji.

I know I used to wait for that moment to come when Shri Maharaj Ji would put his crown on. And sometimes it would be very early in the night and he would put it on and then it would go on for hours.

Yet it would never be enough. But for us, there's only one thing, either way we slice it. Of course, there are two options that have always been presented to us in this world. One is Guru Maharaj Ji and one is this world itself. One is the maya, the delusion. On the other hand there is something that is true; there is something that is real. On that hand there is something that is fantastic. You see that love manifest.

Today we had darshan again. And you see that love manifest from every premie. It's true and it's sincere and it's incredible. Because all the philosophies, all the doctrines and dogmas, die in front of it. Nobody can describe that experience that a devotee has. And nobody can describe that experience that Guru Maharaj Ji has when Guru Maharaj Ji sees his devotee. That's not all written in the scriptures. Doesn't exist. Because it doesn't exist, it's such a personal experience. It's so beyond all the concepts, it's so beyond


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) all … it sounds so stupid to even sit down and write about it. Because how can you? It's so personal. It's so incredible.

I don't know why but for some reason we always have this tendency to get lost. And always Guru Maharaj Ji has this tendency to find us. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Don't keep getting lost again and again and again. Because you're the one who is hurting yourself. You're the one who is going to get really hurt by this. You're the one who is really going to experience the misery and the suffering and the pain every time you get lost." So why do it, when there is another option, when there is another way that you can save your skin, save your neck?

Mind lulls us away into this "everything" that looks so beautiful, that looks so incredible. Mind lulls us away into something, but everything's here, like that example, that story of this premie who came to Guru Maharaj Ji's ashram to dedicate his life. You might say he did dedicate his life. He moved into Guru Maharaj Ji's ashram and stayed there and he would do service every day. One day he decided he wanted to go off and get married.

And to me it's so real; Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, saving us every moment. He went off to be married. And in the Indian marriage custom the bridegroom rides a horse to the bride's house and picks her up there. There's where the whole ceremony happens.

And Guru Maharaj Ji - all these devotees wanted to go to his marriage, too. All the brothers who were in the ashram - "ashram mates," I guess - wanted to go there. I don't know. Probably another excuse. Nothing much. Guru Maharaj Ji was there. What's in a marriage being performed? Seeing another creature getting entrapped, perhaps.

They went off and Guru Maharaj Ji handed them a letter and said, "Listen. Give this letter to him, but wait until just before he hops on his horse to go to the bride's house" - because that's where the final ceremony happens. "Give this letter to him."

And just as he was ready to ride the horse, they came and handed him the letter. "There is a letter from Guru Maharaj Ji."

And he was pleased. "Oh, how fantastic. Guru Maharaj Ji remembered me." And probably in his concepts he was thinking that Guru Maharaj Ji has pro-


"Today we had darshan again. And you see that love
manifest from every premie. It's true and it's sincere and
it's incredible…. Nobody can describe that experience
that a devotee has. And nobody can describe that
experience that Guru Maharaj Ji has when Guru Maharaj
Ji sees his devotee."

bably said, "Congratulations. Have a nice marriage," or something like that - what he really wanted to hear, I guess.

But he opened up the letter and it didn't say that at all. What it said is you came into this world to surrender to me, to completely focus yourself on me, to completely let go to me. And now you are wearing this whole costume of a bridegroom, and are going to get entrapped into this world. You came to get away from this world and now you're going right back into this world. You came from that place of misery to an incredible satisfaction and now you're going back to misery.

And I guess it really did him in. It was "the right place at the right time," plus a lot of Grace from Guru Maharaj Ji. He really realized. He took his horse and headed right to the ashram. And he went there and then he really realized, he really could see.

It is not a matter of all the sophisticated trips, perhaps, that a person, a human being, has to fulfill in his life before he can have an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji. I guess it could be like that, too. You have to really climb the biggest mountain and swim the greatest seas and do all that - crazy things. But it isn't like that.

It is to completely let go, let yourself be completely merged, bliss out with the company of Guru Maharaj Ji. It's not to be involved in your little towers and in your little obstacles that you want to put in front of yourself. To Guru Maharaj Ji, what we seem like is this kid who keeps putting his hand in the fire, who keeps getting burned and screaming and yelling and saying, "Help me! Help me! Help me!" And by the time the whole hand is healed, the kid sticks it back into the fire. Almost an insane kid, who keeps repeating this terrible mistake that keeps hurting it.

Maybe our mind doesn't have to manifest just by getting married or something like that. There are a lot of premies who are married and who really try hard and they're having an experience, I guess. (Something. Wife standing there every day, ready to hit him over the head. "Where were you?") And I guess they are having, or trying to have, an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, too. But that doesn't have to be the only trap that we have to fall in. Traps come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and everything. Our trap can be anything else.

Premies move into the ashram and they have to try so hard sometimes. What is it? Their mind comes in and says, "You really need ice cream today. Stuff your face with ice cream." Or there's this whole trip with the cola substitute going on or this and that. "Yeah, I want my cola." Why do you want your substitute cola? "Because I can't have regular soda and this is the next best thing to it."

And if we could, we would love to have it in the regular soda bottle, to convince the mind to the finest detail. "Have it in the soda bottle." I guess it's the same color. I don't know. I've forgotten what it tastes like.

To me, all these little trips can happen and we can completely run off in them. Anything can be an entrapment. It can be as simple as this: sometimes one band is playing and the other band is waiting over there. And whatever is going on, it's like, "Look at that idiot. Did you hear that off note they just played? Isn't she singing off-key?" And then they start playing and the same thing is happening over here, perhaps. "Did you hear that one?" (I don't know if it happens or not. Sometimes you look at their faces and it seems like that's what's going on.)

Or perhaps not. When this Holy Jester band started off … Jesters aren't fools. (But then again, what's the difference?) Jesters are the pleasers, the courtpleasers, the ones who please the king. Not exactly fools or crazy or clowns or anything, but those whose job it is to keep the court happy, the king happy. And we have the Holy Jester band here. And when they started off, man, it was something else. One of them hadn't played for a long, long time. And he would play and he had his concept of what the song had to be like. When another one played, he had his concept of tablas, because he picked the tablas up, started fiddling with them, and just started to play them. Each member of the band would have his concept. And along with everything else, one thing that wasn't being produced was the proper sound: off-key here or a little bit off-key there.

But it doesn't matter whether they are professionals or whether they're not professionals. If that love is truly within inside of them and that's the reason why they're singing, then it's okay. Then it can be enjoyed. Because if that were the case - the way they sounded in the very beginning - they would have never made it this far. They should have been scratched right in the beginning. "You guys don't sound so great. Forget it."

Even when one of them used to get up alone and snap his fingers, he definitely didn't realize that he


was singing off-key. And none of these guys realized that they were singing off. And yet they were just playing. They were playing. They were playing for a purpose, not for just playing, but playing for a purpose, playing for Guru Maharaj Ji. I hope. And it sounded fine; it sounded great. Because it wasn't coming out of their ego. It wasn't coming out of their mind. It wasn't coming out of what it could have come out of and that devotee who tasted every little berry, because she couldn't possibly conceive of the thought that any sour berry should be presented to Lord Ram? When we completely open ourselves up and let ourselves completely be engulfed by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, by that Grace of that Knowledge, by that love, then whoever we are, we will be accepted - whoever we are, whatever we are - doesn't matter how big we are, doesn't matter how small we are, doesn't matter how dumb we are, doesn't matter how intellectual we are. We are what we are. And if we can look at ourselves as that creature that has to dedicate its life, then we will be accepted.

And that's the same thing here. One Foundation has been in the recording studio and they have recorded some songs. After hours and hours of the same song, one time would come off right. And it sounds really good. But to play live is very difficult, because acoustically nothing is really correct. It's just like all these songs, switching from one song to the other song. But if their intentions are to play only for Guru Maharaj Ji … And I mean, okay, there are all these premies out there. And if they start playing for all the premies, then there'll be a lot of tomatoes all over the place. But if they just play for Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's where they're at, then it's okay. It doesn't really matter. But when we look at ourselves as just somebody who has come here to receive Knowledge, to receive another experience of life - another experience of life - it doesn't work like that.

What is the difference then between that situation I guess some people come here like people who go out and taste all kinds of fruits or have tasted every kind of candy or climbed every mountain or something like that. They come to Guru Maharaj Ji also to see what it's all about. And they truly never have that experience. By looking at the water, you don't get wet.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji)


By saying, "Water, water," you don't get wet. Coming as a bystander, coming as another person, you will never be able to really experience what that river of satsang, river of Grace, river of love, from Guru Maharaj Ji is really like.

You have to completely submerge yourself in it. You have to dive completely right in it. And you dive right in it. You become a part of it. And when you become a part of it, then you can truly experience what it's all about. Then you can truly experience that love. Then you can truly experience that Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) with wife 1978 And I feel that what my Guru Maharaj Ji has done for me - which is everything, every single thing. Guru Maharaj Ji has given me this body. No credit to anybody, really, just Guru Maharaj Ji. Because Guru Maharaj Ji is the one who has given me this body. If Guru Maharaj Ji wanted, I could have dropped out of the air-conditioning duct. Why not? If Guru Maharaj Ji has the power of taking what is dead and bringing it to life, then why doesn't he have a power also to bring a little kid out of the air-conditioning duct?

And then, most of all … I mean, here is a life. And this life can be lived like thousands of other miserable people are living it. If I were to continue and continue, I could have been, by now, entering college, working on one of my degrees. And all for what? To go out and buy a rented suit so I can stand in front of the camera and pose with my funny-looking hat, this thing they wear every time you get a degree? And then you become educated. That's it. Then you're educated.

And what do you do with all the education? In this world, why do people even get educated? What is the purpose of getting educated? "To get a nice job." That's it? To get a nice job, so that you can stuff your stomach every which way you want. If you are less educated, then you can only stuff your stomach in so many ways. Limited. These are all those people who go to hamburger joints. And then if you are not educated at all, perhaps you end up in the garbage bags at the hamburger joints. Whatever the leftovers are all day long, you end up there.

But even there, their motive and their goal is to stuff their stomachs. The guy who is poorly educated ends up in a hamburger joint and his goal is to satisfy his stomach. Those people who go to million- dollar restaurants, their goal and their motive is also to satisfy their stomachs. And I guess that's what they live for, that's what they work for. That's why they think they exist in this world.

And how fortunate we are. I don't know. You have to say that yourself, say how fortunate you are to yourself. I feel I'm very fortunate. Because the day Guru Maharaj Ji accepted me, it's like if I wouldn't have had that Knowledge, nothing would have made a difference. This is what's incredible. If I wouldn't have had the Knowledge, there would have been nothing. Because when Guru Nanak wanted to name the next Guru Maharaj Ji, his successor, you might say, he had two sons and they wanted the throne. They wanted the power. And then he had this devotee.

These kids came up to him and said, "Well, we would do anything for you. Why don't you pass the power on to us?" And Nanak took his golden bowl and threw it in this gutter and said, "Go get it. Go get my bowl." And the sons looked at him and said, "We're not going to jump in there and get your bowl. You want another one? We'll get you another one."

Nanak said, "No, I want that particular one." They said, "No. We're not going to jump in there. That's filthy. That's dirty."

And then he turned around to his devotee and said, "Can you go get the bowl?"

And he said, "Yes, Guru Maharaj Ji," jumped right in there and got it.

He said, "That's the difference. That's the difference between you and that devotee." And I feel like that's exactly what could have been the difference within me, too. What difference would it have made? Tell me one person that does escape ego or that mind does not inflict its paws upon. Literally everybody.

But then Guru Maharaj Ji is the only one who puts that shelter on top through which the mind cannot penetrate, through which the mind cannot force its way in, through which the mind cannot infiltrate - to be completely in Guru Maharaj Ji's agya.

I would go and listen to satsang whenever I had the opportunity to. Mostly I was stuck in my school and that's where I was kept. And once in a while, we were allowed to go and listen to some satsang, to be able to go on tour. And usually it was in the summer holidays or winter holidays.

And they'd sit out there and you'd see Guru Maharaj Ji giving satsang. And sometimes I would be up in the room or something and hear Guru Maharaj Ji


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978

"Guru Maharaj Ji has this love to give, Guru Maharaj Ji
has this experience to give, to every one of the premies.
And the premies have to accept the experience and
return Guru Maharaj Ji's love, and then there can be
more love that can flow; more of that incredible blissing
out can then really manifest."

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978 giving satsang. And in every satsang, it was "Why are we here? Can we realize that? Can we see that? Can we trace that? Can we find out?"

To me, in this world, people like to have cars. I guess people like to have airplanes. People like to have big houses, big farmlands or big gold mines or big silver mines or big diamond mines and all the things. And yet truly, all they need is Guru Maharaj Ji, none of that at all. Truly what they need is just an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji. That'll satisfy them completely.

And it was always so incredible. It was always so blissful to hear Shri Maharaj Ji talk about his Guru Maharaj Ji, the Grace, the power and saving. There was only one reason why he would even talk about it, why he would even give satsang about it: so that the people who were listening could open their ears and perhaps somehow respond to Guru Maharaj Ji like that, too. That experience of completely getting swept away in the river and then praying to Guru Maharaj Ji, and Guru Maharaj Ji coming and picking up his devotee and that devotee then being my Guru Maharaj Ji …

So what a wonderful power there is behind - we have to look at it and we have to just really open up to it. What does it take? What hasn't Guru Maharaj Ji done in this world for his devotees?

One time Shri Maharaj Ji was giving this one example about how he was walking and there was this guy who was very sad and he was almost on the verge of crying. Shri Maharaj Ji walked over to him and said, "What's the matter? Why are you so unhappy? Why are you so sad?"

And he said, "Well, the thing is, I ran away from home to go to Badrinath, this holy place. And in Badrinath I ran out of money. I had no place to live and I had no food to eat and I had no money at all. So this sadhu right here picked me up. And now he wants to shave my head and make me his devotee, I guess. Make me his puppet. And I don't want to become a sadhu."

Shri Maharaj Ji said, "Come on. Come with me." And the sadhu turned around and looked at him and there was Shri Maharaj Ji walking away with his so- called - just about ready to become - puppet.

He said, "Where are you going?"

And Shri Maharaj Ji said, "He is going where he has to go. He's going to his destination." And then Guru Maharaj Ji gave him food and gave him shelter and gave him Knowledge. And then after a little while the guy said, "I have to go back home." And I guess he did go back home.

Perhaps that didn't happen to us. But what hasn't happened to us? In our little peculiar ways, how the Grace has really manifested! How the Grace has really happened! How Guru Maharaj Ji has really come and tried to save us, every moment of the way telling us that that's what we need to be is saved. What we need to be is helped. Because we are getting lost.

To us, maybe, everything is fine, everything is great. And yet, is it? Who can tell? Who can say that? Who can be the judge of that? We try to be our own judges. We try to say, "Okay, I'm doing good today," and "I'm doing bad today." And yet, do we have the right to be our own judge? What is our qualification to be a judge? What have we experienced in this life? What have we seen in this life? What have we studied in this life, of this life itself?


Everything we do every day in life has absolutely nothing to do with life. Everything that we do in life has nothing to do with life. We perhaps become educated or go to school or go to college or do this or do that - get a job or anything. We think it all has to do with life, but does it really have anything to do with life, realization of life, understanding of life?

Every day we commit ourselves to new things, we commit ourselves to different things. Do we ever commit ourselves to the experience of this life, this life that we live? Every day we go out and groom our body or do everything that we do for our bodies. Do we ever do anything for this life, this thing that is inside the body, that's keeping this body alive, on whose behalf this body is even being called a body, not a carcass? There's a vast difference between a carcass and a body. A carcass, you have to identify as dead. "Dead body." Not any body: dead body. Because it's gone. It's finished. It's had it. Done and over with.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978 And Guru Maharaj Ji every moment of the way gives us that Grace to see and to carry on. Every moment, every second, filling our lives with Grace. And we have to see where that Grace is coming from, we have to open ourselves and see that love of Guru Maharaj Ji and let it flow in our lives.

This is our opportunity.

It reminds me of that one story where there was this saint who came to this one businessman and gave him this stone and said, "This stone has a power that whenever you touch it to iron, it'll turn into gold.

"I have to go on my tour. I have to go on my satsang tour and I am leaving this with you. And while I am gone, you may use it. But I am going to return exactly and definitely on such-and-such day, on such-andsuch hour, such-and-such minute and such-and-such second. And then I want it back. And you have to guarantee that you will absolutely give it back to me."

And he said, "Of course." Very happy. He called up the stock exchange and found out that iron just went up. And he said, "Well, I'll wait. I've plenty of time."

That's what we all think. "We have plenty of time." This Hans Jayanti started and I feel like today's Tuesday, not Thursday. It just started! What happened? It's just started. And it's going to go on for a week and very soon that week is here. Here we are on Thursday. In a few hours it'll be Friday. And then there is only one day left: Saturday. And we always can get into that trip, "Oh yeah, I haven't listened to satsang. I'll just wait and listen to satsang. I'll wait. I have plenty of time." We don't.

So this guy called up, found out. Then he wanted to wait till the price of the iron came down. Because he was a miser. He didn't want to spend any more money than he had to even for the iron that he can potentially turn into gold. And he waited and waited and waited till one day, he heard this knock. "Knock, knock."

And there was the saint. "Please. Here I am. I would like my stone back."

And this guy started to search for iron, for any metal. And the way the story goes, even the weights on his balance were made out of rock, and his balance was made out of leather and wood. He was so cheap; he was such a miser all his life.

That's the way I feel sometimes our life is, too. We are misers. We never want to give ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji. "We don't need to give ourselves to anybody." Man's just the way man is. A husband and wife will come together and say, "Yes, I love you, and will you please marry me?" Always the dramatic moment, right? The husband's supposed to get on his knees with a ring, and say, "Oh, dear, will you marry me?" And the wife is supposed to - her hair is supposed to stand up and she says, "No." I don't know. But no. It's just, "Sure, I'll marry you. Of course." And they get engaged and wear this ring and show it to everybody and announce a date and do this whole facade, this whole thing of, "I really love you, I really love you, I really love you."

"In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and . ." I don't know what-all they say. All the things. And then comes that time when it's, "I hate your guts. Get out of the house. I hate you. You're terrible."

Maybe that thing starts to happen in people's lives, like I was talking about that day: a clay mask, rollers in the hair, biting of the nails. All the things getting on each other's nerves. Husband leaves his clothes all over the place and the wife complains about it and the wife leaves her things all over the place and the husband complains about it. All that love only lasts till the


honeymoon is over. After that, it's all finished and gone.

What people don't do to try to get that love back in their lives! But because that's not even true love … You like a person or whatever. You want to be a companion. That's one thing. But calling it true love and sincere love - because that's one thing it isn't: true and sincere love. How can it be true and sincere love? If you have true and sincere love, it won't even flow towards another being unless it's Guru Maharaj Ji.

If it's Guru Maharaj Ji, then that true and sincere love can really flow out of you, from you, from deep within you.

And then, every day, the quarrels start to happen. It gets worse and worse until it comes to a point, "I want a divorce. I want to get away from you. I can't stand you. I can't stand to live with you. I hate you." And there's name-calling, whatever.

And that's it. That's the end of that love. Then, perhaps one or two years later … some of these actors, you hear how many times they have been married and you see they have been married ten to twenty times. And it's like, how stupid can you get? How can you fall for a person like that? When ten former wives of this guy couldn't stand this guy's guts, how is the eleventh one going to stand him? And the way it usually happens is, they don't. He goes from the twelfth to the thirteenth to the fourteenth to the fifteenth to the sixteenth to the seventeenth. It's amazing. What is this love all about? Is that really even love?

So all we have to really do in one sense is put things in their proper perspective, perhaps. Maybe that's all that's really required is to put things in the proper perspective to see where we are, where we have to go and what we are doing to get there. We will very distinctly and clearly see that we are far away from where we have to go and we are absolutely doing nothing to get there. And therefore we have to find that person, that Guru Maharaj Ji, who can take us across, find that inspiration in our lives that can truly put us across and give us that experience that we want, that we need.

And perhaps that's how simple it is. Every day, every single moment, that experience is manifesting within inside of you. The thing is, that manifestation of that experience is always happening. It's like a river flowing. Well, if you want to take a bath in it, jump in it. But by standing a mile away from it, whether that river is flowing or not, what difference does it make to

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dancing Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dancing Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978

"Forget about all our egos for a moment and forget
about everything and just completely dive into whatever
experience Guru Maharaj Ji is showering. Just
completely merge."

you? What difference does it make in your life? Absolutely none.

What is going to happen? Okay, this Hans Jayanti - I don't know. It's almost depressing, in one sense. And yet you can't get depressed by it, because it's Grace. It's Grace that this Hans Jayanti even happened as smoothly as it has happened. And there are two more days and after that all those registration tents will be probably turned around to go out the other way and all the buses and everything will be utilized to ship the premies out: the airport scene again and back-to-thecommunity scene again and all that stuff. All the bad stuff starts coming back again, starts to become - I mean, the same thing starts happening. And then we have to wait for a whole year, another year, before Hans Jayanti happens again.

And who knows how long it'll be? I guess I know how long it'll be. But for any one of you, you don't know how long it's going to be. (I can change that very fast, even if you do find out.) Four days, perhaps? Three days? Two days? One day? One week? Two weeks? (someone shouts out, "Forever!") That guy is definitely unemployed or lives in the ashram. Doesn't care either way.

There are the premies. We have our lives to live or whatever. Go out and have our jobs. Our jobs are waiting. Our bosses are already upset with us. The firing order is sitting on the desk. "When that guy comes, fire him." All those little idiotic trips. And we do definitely get involved in it. We definitely always are involved in it.

It's like these dogs that have to go through this whole school of obedience training. Sometimes, one of the things they do, if you don't want strangers feeding your dog, is some person will come and throw some meat in front of the dog. And if the dog even goes to bite it, it has this thing in it which will electrify the dog, give him a great big shock. And so the dog then finally learns that the only way he should accept food is from his master, not from anybody else.

I feel that that's what we need perhaps in our life, is the shock. But the thing is, we think this whole shock is such a nice, tingling experience of this world. This world shocks us every time we go out there. We're going to go out there scrounging for every dime and cent. "Oh yeah, you're ten dollars short for your ticket." Or, "You have to wait so long." Or, "We have no flights today." Sometimes you get all the way to the airport and in all the hustle-bustle you feel like turning around and coming right back here again. Every single one of us. Sometimes we get to our corn- munities, or see all the things that are going on, and want to turn around and come back. That's the way the feeling is. (Not that you should. By the time you come back, there'll be nothing left here. Everything will be gone.)

But if our effort is there, if Guru Maharaj Ji - for every day Guru Maharaj Ji becomes more alive for us, for every day that Guru Maharaj Ji becomes more real for us, then that's beautiful. That's incredible. That's truly real.

So premies, you have to make that little effort. It is little and it is simple. And it's a matter of looking in the right direction. It's like we are the kind of drivers who go to a driving school and keep telling the instructor we can't do it. Because every time we get inside the car we bang it somewhere. And the instructor says, "Do what I tell you to do. Follow my instruction. That's why I'm an instructor. I am a teacher. What I teach you, accept it. Understand it. Obey it."

And the thing is that you keep looking at all these different things except the road. And when something comes in front of you your attention is completely somewhere else and the whole thing that happens is that you bam yourself right into the pole. And before you even realize that that's what's going to happen to you, it's too late anyway. You're never going to learn in your life.

And we blame ourselves. I mean, how many premies really blame themselves. "Oh God, I just can't do it. I just can't make that effort." Or, "I just can't do satsang." Or, "I can't do service." Or, "I can't do meditation."

That's hogwash. You can. Why do you think Guru Maharaj Ji sits here and tells you you should or you can if you can't?

As Shri Maharaj Ji used to say, "Providing that you're not a gorilla or a crocodile" - and I guess he meant all the animals, but in his satsang he said "crocodile and gorilla …" He said, "I can't explain Knowledge to a gorilla and I can't explain Knowledge to a crocodile. But if you're not alligators or crocodiles or gorillas, then we can do it. Definitely can do it."

So feel yourself and if you're not a crocodile and if you're not a gorilla and if you're none of those, then you definitely can do it, you definitely can make that effort.

So premies, I guess it's time to be blissed out again. I guess the Holy Jester band - after arti, I guess - the Holy Jester band will play for you and you can all sit there and enjoy yourselves.

Premies, thank you very much and good-night.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dressed as Krishna with Mala 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking Ridiculous Dressed as the Supreme Lord Krishna with Mala 1978