Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1973


Guru Maharaj Ji / Denver, Colorado / June 26, 1973

Dear premies, really, it seems like in the whole world people are not going to accept what we want to say to them. It looks like they have to be hammered down. And particularly me - I cannot blame people for that. A nail is supposed to go into the wood. But if it doesn't, you can't blame the nail.

People have become so much involved in their whole life, not understanding where it really goes. They get so much into it, they're like a wheel spinning fast - like a gyroscope. If you spin it fast and leave it, it'll still be spinning. It'll spin for a long, long time. The world is like that. Everyone finds something in something and that's why everyone is after something.

And what we all are searching for, what we all need, is peace. Now that word sounds very funny to some people - very funny, as a matter of fact. And there is a reason for that. Suppose I come into a town like Denver and I'm interested in a Batman comic. I go around to every shop asking them if they have a Batman comic. And they say no. And then I go to every house, every kid, every school, and they just don't have a Batman comic.

Alright, I go to Boulder and they don't have a Batman comic. I go to nearby areas and they don't have a Batman comic. And one day I am sitting down-town somewhere on the street and someone comes to me and says, "Hey, do you want a Batman comic?"

I say, "What?" It just sounds funny to me. "What? You have a Batman comic?"

And this is the condition of the whole world, I think.


They have been looking for peace for so long, tried everything, and then somebody suddenly pulls up to them and says, "Do you want peace?"

"Peace?" It sounds so funny. This is a fact. I'm not joking. This is a fact. It just sounds so strange to us. Because we have tried it in everything in the world: in drugs, in pleasures, in everything - but people can't find peace. And that's why they are not expecting peace anymore.

They don't want war anymore, either. So what - something has to happen. You know, it either has to be daylight or it has to be night. You can't hang around in between. Because even in the twilight zone they have light.

So, this is the condition of the whole world. People have moved into this place where they just don't know anything. And then somebody just comes to them with a hope and they think it's very funny. "He's trying to joke about it." But really, people have to be told about this frankly: that we have peace.

I was watching television right now before I came here and they were singing some country music on the television. And somebody else was there. We were just watching television, and he said, "They don't have the look in their eyes. They just don't have peace in their eyes. They just don't have the happy look, that smile, in their eyes." And it was correct.

Then the guy on television said, "Well, hang on, ladies and gentlemen. Later we will come out with more smiles for you." And I said, "Maybe they'll come later, because you were just talking a moment ago about smiles, and there he comes saying, 'We'll be back with smiles.' " Well, we waited. There was an advertisement and so we waited. He came back and still there was no smile.

Because it is internal. You cannot hide it. It has to be internal. If I shut down all these windows and put thousands and thousands of bulbs in this hall, still there will be light going outside. And it's just internal. You can't just stop it. To be happy, to be smiling, has to be internal, not external. If you try to give an external smile, you get tired after some time. Right? You get tired after some time.

And this is the whole world that's trying to put a smile on outside. Because they have tried to gain it from inside; they have tried every means to gain it from inside. They can't get it. See, why does a Perfect Master have to come in this world? Not in this age. He just came in every age. Before Christ came, it was predicted that Christ would come. Therefore, it was understood that people needed a Messiah, people needed a Perfect Master. Why? Why do people need Perfect Master in this world? Because we are looking for perfectness.

Someone who can teach us English, we call him an English master. Someone who can teach us math, we call him a math master. Someone who can teach us perfectness, we call him a Perfect Master. Because he can teach us perfectness, he has mastered the subject of perfectness.

And what is perfectness? If you try to try this or just even to think about perfectness, what can it be? A perfect television? No! A perfect camera? We say, no! A perfect suit? We say, no. These are not perfect. What's perfect? It's beyond our human comprehension. I'm not talking to you about any basis of any scripture. No. Because as far as the scriptures are concerned, I think they are theory. We have the Bible but still we have to go to church. Still we have to go and consult a priest. Still we need a priest. We need a priest who is alive! Why? Because still, after the Bible, we need the practical.

And so that's the same feeling I have for scriptures. I like scriptures because they're something. They say something in them about this Knowledge. And everything that says something about this Knowledge is beautiful. Because at least it has a glimpse of it - in that article, in that book, in that scripture, in that paper. And you see that people are trying. I mean, they just know. But they had become so adapted to it, addicted to it, that now even if they were to try to stop themselves from that, they can't.

At that time - the same time that was before Jesus - it was like right now. People were looking for God. People were looking for Jesus to come - it was prophesied. And one day he was standing at a place and many people were coming by, passing by. And some people said, "Well, we think he's the Messiah. He's the Master we've been expecting."

Others said, "No! That's not - he's not the Master! How can he be Master?"

And it's the same situation now. We are all expecting Jesus. But if he comes before us, how will we realize him? Because we have no proof of who Jesus is. We have never seen him face to face so that we can identify him. He is not going to have a mark on his head saying he is Jesus.

But then how are we going to realize who Jesus is? See, if we really believe Jesus is our Savior, and if we really believe we are alive right now - in this world, at this moment of so much crisis, he is a Savior. And he is making us survive right now: Where is he?

You don't need to sit and think he is going to come. He is with you. He is everywhere. He is within your hearts right now. Jesus is God because he was the Word which is God. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." And that's what he is. He is God, because he was made flesh and sent to us.

And God can never go and never come. He is within our hearts all the time, day or night. You see? And we are going to make the same mistake - we are! I mean, we won't be able to avoid it. Why? Because our minds are so freaked out. Instead of being slaves and being servants of our inner consciousness, we have become slaves of our mind which right now is taking us to a point - dealing us to a point - where we are just going into a ditch.

You see movies, right? Cowboy movies. And you watch these movies and say they are wild. They are


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1973
"Imagine - the things you love in the world, anything you
love in the world, has been created by Him. How
lovely should He be Who has created all the lovely things,
the Source of all the love that we are trying to find out."

wild, right? Why are they wild? Because people used to kill each other at that time. They had no respect for life. But may I ask any one of you: In this age, does anyone have respect for life?

Instead of understanding wars - at that time they never understood wars, they just fought them. Right now in this age which we call the civilized age we are not understanding wars. We are fighting them as we were, say, a thousand years ago. See? This is what is happening, but we are still ignorant of it. And this is a fact.

Many people are trying to intellectually judge me right now, whether I am true or not. But compare it to the world, if I am wrong. If people have any respect for life, compare it. It just takes a bullet for a man to be killed. That's all. Not understanding what this life is for - that's what happens.

See, if I give you a diamond, or if I just take a diamond out before all of you - or, this watch I have costs nineteen pounds. And nineteen pounds is at least more than a penny. Say I take a watch worth nineteen pounds and give it to a monkey. Now if I give it to you, surely you will wear it or put it to some use. But if I give it to a monkey, what will it do? It'll just scratch it up, try to play around with the knobs, pull it out, throw it up, do every kind of thing with it. See?

Why? Because he doesn't understand what it is. And if you give him a banana, he understands what it is. He's going to eat it - peel it up and eat it.

And we never understood why God has given us this life: Why? So when we don't understand, what can we do except play with it? Like that monkey with my watch. And the things we know about, we don't throw them around. We respect them. Right? We respect them. So this is the point I want to tell you. In this world we are making the same mistake and we will until we go to a shelter of a Master - of the Perfect Master.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1973

17 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1973

I'm not emphasizing who he has to be. I am just emphasizing that you have to go to a shelter. This is the crazy world. They come to me and say, "Why do you say you are God?" "Why do you say you are Perfect Master?"

I just tell them, "Are you having daydreams these days?" I don't declare myself to be a Perfect Master. I don't … still, I can teach you perfectness. I have known perfectness in my heart. I can teach you perfectness.

See, this is the main point I want to tell people. I don't want to say, "I am the Messiah of this age." I want to tell them, "Yes, if you want to know Knowledge, if you want to have peace, I can give you peace."

Now that doesn't mean that I am a Messiah. Take a studio tape recorder. On one channel, record, "I can give you peace." On another, record, "I am a Perfect Master," or something like that. And if you listen to them, they both sound different.

Well, whatever. But it just comes to the same point: that we need peace. We have to have peace. Right? When you need peace, you have to get peace. Now this is the thing. When we have to eat ice cream, we go to an ice cream store. But if we have to drink water, we don't need to go to the ice cream store. We don't need to go to any hotels or anything like that. We can just pull up to anyone's house and request a glass of water.

Because it's common.

This Knowledge is right within inside of you right now. Right now you are alive because this Knowledge is within you. Now people in this age think that they are alive because their heart is beating. No! Your heart is right there when you are dead. They think they are alive because their lungs are there. No! When you are dead you can just cut yourself open - not yourself, but somebody - and you will find out that the lungs are still there.

Then what is it that makes you alive? See, if doctors could find out that thing - amazing! They could get something out of it. And that's what they're trying to find, what makes us alive. And if we can find what it is that makes us alive, we can also find what the aim of our human life is because that thing is the source of everything. That thing has made leaves. That thing has made flowers. That thing has made chlorophyll. That thing has made the blue sky and the white clouds and water and you and - everything!

That's the source for everything. If we can reach to the source, we will find out why.

We see a canal. A river is flowing. We see a river. The water in the river is flowing. We might ask ourselves a question, "Why is the water flowing?" Just go where the source is and you will find out the source is at higher point and the water is flowing down. You

18 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1973

can understand why the water is flowing. You'll see that the source - where the water is flowing from - is at a higher point and water flows down. So that's why the water is flowing.

And because we are here, why are we here? We can only know when we reach to the source from where we were created. Then we can know. And you see, we love things. We want to love things, but "we want to love things" is a desire, right? And that desire has limited us. That desire has just limited us. If you already loved everything, then you wouldn't want to love everything. Because you'd have already loved everything.

If I am sitting in a car and say, "Can I sit in a car?" isn't it a foolish question? If I am sitting on a chair right now, and I ask someone, "Can I sit on a chair?" - I'm already sitting on a chair, see? As long as there is a desire to love something, that means you still are not loving it. You have a desire to love it; you are not loving it. And once you start loving it, once you get into the flow of it, then you don't have a desire to love it, because you are loving it.

Imagine - the things you love in the world, anything you love in the world, has been created by Him. How lovely should He be Who has created all the lovely things, the Source of all the love that we are trying to find out! People want love and then they can't find love like that. The true love is in the true Maker of the whole world Who made love, Who made this communication between everyone - between nature and you, between everything.

So if you really want to experience love - real love - then you can only experience it through Him. Not the materialistic things. Because they come and go. They'll make you feel sad. Right? They'll make you sad more and more. Because you know that this thing is going to be destroyed one day. You just know it. You love it and your desire grows intense and then one day that thing has to be destroyed. And when it's destroyed, your love is destroyed.

What kind of love is it? Love should be with that One Who never gets destroyed, Who's permanent. And the One Who is permanent - if you love Him, your love can be permanent. Permanent. I mean permanent.

What's permanent? It's permanent. And that's what we want. And today when we relate love to all these materialistic things, no - we can't love them. We can't love them. Why not? Because if you want a perfect radio to use in planes, it has to be a two-way radio. You can't use a one-way radio in an airplane because it won't do you any good. You want a two-way radio to talk to him and to listen to him.

And you can only give love to someone who has the


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji 1973
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Then Calling Himself Guru Maharaj Ji The Lord Of The Universe in 1973

flow of love constantly for you - not for one or two persons. No. Some people love nature, some people don't. But Him, everyone has to love, because He is the constant source of love.

But you see, what I am trying to say to you is a theory. Absolute theory. Nothing practical. But I am trying to tell you this thing, or I'm telling you about this thing, because I have experienced it practically, and many others have, I believe. Those who haven't, also can experience it as long as they are human beings. That's all. They just have to be human beings, that's all.

This is the aim of the life that we have. And maybe when I say it you don't believe it; maybe you will when you have Knowledge. You'll understand more. Why? Because you just know. It's right before you.

And you see, I was telling this story last night. This is the real fact of the whole world. There were two passengers traveling on a train. This man suddenly said to this other guy sitting beside him, "I think my leg is dead. I think my leg just doesn't have any senses in it."

The other guy said, "What do you mean? How do you know your leg is dead?"

And he said, "I've been trying to pinch my leg for about fifteen minutes. No pain. Doesn't hurt."

He said, "You have been pinching my leg for the past fifteen minutes. That's why you think your leg is dead."

This is the world. See? And that's what Perfect Master comes to reveal, that you are pinching someone else's leg. And if you want to know if your leg is alive or not, pinch your leg - why someone else's?

Well, maybe it's just a joke. But it's a fact, too. It is a fact. We are trying to love those things which do not have love in them. And that's a fact. And then we want to experience love, and then suddenly we have to say, at one point, that there is no love in this world.

See, how can there be love in the world when you're not loving a thing? It's awkward that way. And the Perfect Master comes and reveals that Knowledge, reveals the holy vibration, reveals the primordial vibration that brings you to a point.

And those people who have received Knowledge, their duty is to do service, satsang and meditation. I cannot just go along saying it. Because this is theory and you need to be practical. Facts need no proof.

Now to prove myself, whatever I am talking about, I have to give you examples. But when I saw that thing, I needed no examples. Alright? I needed no examples. When I see one goat that has four legs, the broker in between doesn't say, "Well, this goat has four legs like that horse has four legs." No! I am seeing that it has four legs. It needs no proof.

We have all our conceptions about this world. And you know what they are like? They are like four blind men. They were walking and they heard this huge bell ringing. They asked, "What is this bell ringing for?"

The guy said, "This is my elephant."

"Wow, we've had a great desire for a long time to see

"People want love and then they
can't find love like that. The
true love is in the true Maker
of the whole world Who made
love … So if you really want
to experience love - real love
then you can only experience it
through Him."

an elephant."

"But how are you going to see it? You are blind."

"Well, if we can't see him, we can just feel him."

"Come along. This is the elephant." And they all started feeling it. And one started feeling the ears, another the trunk, another the foot, another the tail. And they said, "Well, we have seen the elephant."

"Well, then I should go." He went away.

The four blind people started discussing. "Hey, how was the elephant?"

One said, "He was like a thin bamboo stick. He had some hairs at the back." He was the one who experienced the tail. That's what he thought the elephant was.

Another one said, "Come on. Don't be ridiculous. He was like a banana leaf." His ears were like banana leaves - big, huge things.

"Come on! Don't be ridiculous. He wasn't like that. He was like a tree trunk." He was the one who had experienced the leg.

And the other one said, "Don't be ridiculous. He wasn't like that! He was like a thick branch." He was the one who had experienced the trunk.

Can somebody tell me whether the elephant was like a banana leaf or a thin branch with some hair on it, or a tree trunk, or a big branch - a thick big branch? It was none of that. An elephant is an elephant.

But it's just a story. Because they were blind, they couldn't see it. But even if you are blind, you can see the Light that's within inside of you. That's a big difference, isn't it? And this Light, this vibration, is within inside of you - no matter who you are, you can feel it. It's very blissful.

Thank you very much.