Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Holi 1980

Here's Holi

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Holi Site, Miami, Florida / April 12, 1980

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Holi 1980 So dear premies, I thought maybe we could have a little satsang before we began Holi. This is just to get you nice and warmed up for cold water.

In truly looking at this whole thing, what is the reason, what is the purpose, that it all comes together? And it's that Grace. It's that love that has to flow from within inside of us. It's that reason for existence.

It doesn't matter. For maybe a lot of people there is an ultimate destination. Maybe to some people it's like, "Yes, one day, one day …" And those are the people who always wish for this one day, this particular one day. And they know that this one day is never going to come.

But for devotees, they never wish for one day. They wish to have their whole lives. They want that experience of Guru Maharaj Ji manifesting in their entire lives, not just one day when something is going to happen and "clickety-clack."

And this is it. In that sense, this is it.

Because even for Hanuman or for every devotee -- I'm not saying that you are all Hanuman. (After you're all painted in different colors you might look like him.) But what was his wish? What was his desire in his life? Because he could see that the motivation of a devotee is not for everything in this world, nor in a perspective of concepts. "Look, I'd like this and I want this and this is what I have to have."

But that perspective is, "No. Whatever is given to me, in whichever environment, in whichever circumstance, and however that happens, however that experience manifests for me, however that love comes in my heart, however I open up to that experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, let me open up."

Because maybe for so many of us there is a particular fashion and there is a particular style. There is no particular style. There is no such thing as, "This is in vogue and that isn't." And however Guru Maharaj Ji leads, however that …

Because what is it to a river? Does a river say, "Oh, I better go around this route, because there is a whole bunch of civilization hanging out here"? Or, "I better do this because it'll be easier for me"? Whichever way it is, however that manifests, in whichever shape, form, whatever it is …

Because the only thing it can realize, the only thing it wants, is to fulfill its destination, its destiny -- which is to meet with the ocean. However that is accomplished, through whichever crevice, through whichever creek, through whichever stone, through whichever turns it has to flow to fulfill that, it does.

Same thing for a devotee. When we get locked in our concept -- and so many people in this world do -- then the experience that'll manifest is of a concept, not of something that's real. That's like the difference between a lake and a river. That water in the lake sometimes will sit there and just get saltier and saltier and muckier and muckier. Because it can't flow. There is its purpose. And yet that river -- that's pure. It's really pure. Because it flows. It has something. It has a purpose.

In the entire evolution of that little droplet of water that starts from the ocean, it'll go through the entire process just to be able to come back to that ocean, to be able to come back to that, where it was created from. What is the purpose of it? Why should it even happen? But it happens. It happens again and again and again.

All those little clouds -- they are the witness to that. That's what they're carrying. They're carrying that droplet that started from I don't know where -- thousands of miles, perhaps -- and that cloud carries them. And it'll take them to a place where it'll rain. And from there it will become a part of that river and flow into the ocean.

That is exactly the way it is in this world for a devotee. if we can just take those concepts and just look at it from another perspective -- because there is another perspective. There is the perspective of looking at it from what our ideas are -- of devotion, of satsang, of service, of meditation, of Guru Maharaj Ji -- and then stop that for a minute and


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Holi 1980

just look at it with an open heart.

Because why does a Perfect Master come in this world? He doesn't come to fulfill our ideas. He doesn't come to fulfill our wishes. We have so many wishes, so many times. And those wishes cannot be fulfilled. But for our destiny that we don't know -- and this is where we have to stop and look. This is where that surrender comes in. Because you have no other substitute for surrender. There has never been a substitute for surrender. There will never be a substitute. And there never can be a substitute.

Faith: there can be no substitute for that faith. That has to come out of you. It doesn't matter in which form, in which shape, that cloud forms. But what it has in it -- be it stratus, be it cirrus, be it alto, be it cumulus -- it doesn't matter in which shape it comes. But it's that thing that it has.

And time to time a Master comes in this world. And when the Master comes, the devotees have to listen. And that's it. If we just listen and understand, if we just listen and have that feeling to go, then there is a possibility that our destiny will be fulfilled.

But taking it as our concept, in our different little ways -- because Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world for us. For every one of us. It's hard to believe, but for every individual, every little being. Not as a cluttered group or a mass or anything like that -- for every one of us.

Not our identity, but we have to lose that identity and become a devotee. Just become a devotee; just be a premie. Because that's where the start is. That's not the end. That's the start. Become that premie of Guru Maharaj Ji, so Guru Maharaj Ji can take you where he has to take you, where it has to be, in that experience of satsang, service and meditation, in the experience of that love, in the experience of that Truth, in the experience of that peace.

Here we are in this baseball stadium. I don't know a thing about baseball. And yet I know one thing from watching TV games, that there is something called a home run. And when a home run happens, everybody cheers. And the ball goes flying out somewhere.

And in this whole game we have to score a home run with Guru Maharaj Ji. We have to complete that game that Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to play. And I don't know in which way, in which fashion, and how. But here is -- in that sense -- here is the Grace, because here we are all sitting here in order to be able to have that experience of playing Holi.

Because what could it be? It could also be that you could be very, very confused -- extremely confused -- not experiencing any of anything: be a closed ball in this world. experiencing the misery.

There are so many people in this world who, if they don't experience misery, they can't be happy. Sounds a little weird, but that's the way it is. Can you imagine if nothing happened in this world what would happen to the newspapers, what would happen to the prime-time news? Sometimes there is an activity and sometimes enough of it doesn't happen. And when it doesn't, they just sit around and they talk about this and they talk about that, or pull out this unique case of how this guy has half a moustache and lives in Tootooville, Tennessee. And that's it. There are some people whose job is to find out the most horrible thing happening, so they can put it in their paper and everybody can read it.

And that's only one thing. But there are so many people who look for it, who just want it, want it, want it. And that's all they want. That's all they look for in their whole lives.

That Grace manifests for a premie, not in that form. But the whole cycle gets reversed. Everything gets reversed. And what a premie now looks for is happiness, is for Guru Maharaj Ji, is for that Truth, is for that bliss. That becomes the food.

it's my philosophy, in one sense -- it's true, though, so I guess it's not a philosophy. But I notice that on the first day of the satsang, when we have a program, all the premies are just about out of juice. That's about it. And they come and it's always nice and it's always beautiful, but … And then on the second day, darshan happens. And that's what cranks everybody up -- recharges all the systems. And always the next day you see that premies are a lot more open to that satsang, and a lot more inspired. There is something. That cycle becomes reversed. First day they just want to take in as much as possible. And on the second day that love really starts to wind up and starts to flow out and that experience starts to manifest.

And why is that? Because there comes a chance for us -- another Grace in our lives manifests, another way that Guru Maharaj Ji manifests. In itself, it's the ultimate miracle, it's the, the miracle. (Miracles are nothing compared to it.) To fulfill the purpose of every …

Sometimes I feel like Holi happens, or satsang happens, in all these places. And in Malaga there was this bullring. The guy who created the bullring probably had absolutely no idea that one day there was going to be satsang happening there, let alone that I don't even think there is a word for satsang in Spanish.

And here. The idea is, "Yeah, a lot of fans will come and all these guys will come and play baseball and this will happen and that." But to have this company of Truth manifesting -- it's not a credit to the baseball stadium, nor to these bullrings, nor to wherever it happens. And yet somehow, for the beings there, something in the heart gets fulfilled, something in this life gets fulfilled.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Holi 1980

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Holi 1980 And to me, that's what's real: the fulfillment every day, every second, every moment; that that fulfillment happens in our lives, that that Grace manifests.

Because what does Guru Maharaj Ji want? He just wants us to open up so he can take over, so he can fulfill us. Because we try to steer ourselves and what do we go to? Just a lot of dead ends. That's it. And what does Guru Maharaj Ji want us to experience? He wants us to experience that love, that Truth -- that's all -- that bliss that we were made for.

And so, premies, I guess the time approaches when it's going to get about to its peak as to how hot it's going to get. Are you warm enough?

And so, I guess it's time to start Holi. And here it is!

So just be a premie and enjoy this. That's all we have to do. Just be a premie and enjoy whatever happens. Don't have a concept about it. if you can help it, just don't have a concept about it.

That's it. Just enjoy it, okay?

Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Holi 1980