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Welcome to the World of Knowledge

For the fourth year in succession, Maharaji will be attending a three-day event at the Long Beach Convention Center Arena, on December 4, 5 and 6. For the 1997 program there will be an extra afternoon session on the third day, a total of five separate events. Once again the magical equation of master and student will unfold as a celebration of life. Below are extracts from Maharaji's memorable addresses at last year's Special Celebration.

theyawning The simplicity of life

What is so incredibly beautiful is to convey a message to awaken something, not in the minds of people, but in their hearts; to awaken people to the possibility of having this joy in their life.

And today, I'd just like to talk a little bit about the simplicity of this life.

I'm talking about your life: the promise, the possibility in this garden to have spring forever. I'm talking about being fulfilled, not just believing you are fulfilled, but knowing you are fulfilled. Not because somebody comes along and says, "Now, you are happy," but to be happy because you are happy. Not because somebody comes along and says, "Now, you don't have any doubt," but to not have any doubt because you are saturated with clarity.

Where there should be consciousness, unconsciousness has no place. No place. And this is how your life should be. And this is how your life can be. And this is how your life must be. You know why? Because, you are a human being. You are alive.

These are the gifts that were given to you by the very thing that put you on the face of this Earth. Be fulfilled. Be fulfilled every day. Work on it. Make it your relentless pursuit.

In that spirit, in that feeling, I welcome you to the possibility of being fulfilled. And it is beautiful. But, you have to have a dedication unparalleled. That's what it takes. This is not for people who are just going to sit on a wall all their lives and say, "Well, should I, or shouldn't I? Should I, or shouldn't I?" Go away. I don't want that. If you don't understand that the fulfillment is inside of you, what ate you doing? If misery is your forte, go ahead, it's there. I guess it was made for you. But take it with you, don't leave it behind. Take it with you. Go wallow in it.

But I acknowledge you. I do. This is why I'm here, and this is why I do what I do because I acknowledge your existence. I may not be able to acknowledge your personal aura in this world, or whatever that may be. But I acknowledge your existence, I acknowledge your existence in the most sincere way. You exist. And there is nothing more wonderful for you than the fact you do. Living people should be rejoicing in life, not scratching their heads over death. Live. Breathe. And make it your relentless pursuit every day, every hour, every minute, to try to put another drop of fulfillment in that cup. It is the little drops that will fill that cup, and your cup will be filled and when it is, you will know.

That's when the cup gets a little bigger, as soon as it gets full. So you can keep filling it.

In this life, understand. In this life, accept. In this life, let this magic of existence touch you. Let it.

Because it's the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you, or will ever happen to you. This is it: to understand that, yes, every breath is a blessing. And be blissed out from that blessing. So, let it be in that simplicity.

Friday, December 6, 1996 Afternoon session

The gift for the living

We have become creatures of explanation. All we need is an explanation. That's all that matters. And if somebody can move their tongue faster than you and come up with a better explanation, that's it. How can that be?

How can that be when a human being has responses that need to be acknowledged. When a human being needs to pause for that moment and say, "Am I happy? Do I have that joy in my life? Is my life fulfilled?"

The objective for a human being has to be to be in that place from where the desire to be fulfilled comes.

You are not this little curtain that you draw over yourself, this little veil. That's not you. This funny little mask that people wear because they

think they have to. There is no reason for that mask.

There is no reason not to be in that harmony of life.

The joy that it brings is unparalleled. You see, that's what Knowledge is.

Welcome to the World of Knowledge. Welcome to the World of Knowledge, not doubt, not some stupid explanation but to the world of Knowledge in which every human being is invited to experience for themselves.

Come and see for yourself. Experience for yourself. Be fulfilled for yourself. Be in that joy for yourself. And when the heart is fulfilled, there is something that happens. When the mind is filled with you know what, it complains about everything. When the heart gets full, it praises. It sings the glory. It does not matter who you are, what you do, or what your struggle is like on the outside. Good things will happen. Bad things will happen. That's the ocean, the uncertainty, that is there.

I just really want you to understand what you are missing with each breath that you take. That's my point. That's all. You've got the most precious, most beautiful thing happening right now. It doesn't matter how old you are, how young you are: you've got the most wonderful thing taking place. Be so thankful that this is the way it is.

Find joy and be fulfilled and let your heart be filled with gratitude. That's the point.

Make a little more effort. A little more.

You can do it. Make a little more effort. Make a little more effort to be content. Make a little more effort to be satisfied. Make a little bit more effort to be enlightened. Make a little more effort to be fulfilled.

Of course, those of you who have Knowledge, make a little more effort to go inside and experience that, because that automatically brings you contentment, it brings you the enlightenment, and it brings you all the goody-goodies you could ever want. Those who are aspirants: aspire a little more, a little more to want it. It is the simplest thing. It has been, it is, it will be. It's for us. It's for the living. It's the gift for the living.

Take the responsibility to enter that World of Knowledge.

Saturday, December 7, 1996
Morning Session

remainderThe yearning of the heart

What is this perfect rhythm that is shaping up inside of me? Why do I look for joy? Why? Why do I seek happiness? Why? Nobody has taught me to seek joy. Nobody has taught me to seek happiness. I seek it as naturally as the sun gives light. I seek it as naturally as water is wet. I seek it as naturally as the stars shine in the skies. I seek it, because that is my fundamental instruction.

I need it as I need food. I need it as I need water, I need it as I need sleep. I need, in my life, to be in touch with that beauty.

To experience a simplicity because it exists, and it exists within me. This is me. This is more me than anything else will ever be.

So, what is the blessing for a human being? Of course, we have talked about life, we have talked about that breath, we have talked about this existence, and,

yes, they are all blessings. But there is another wonderful blessing and that blessing is the master.

Master, to me, is that manifestation of the yearning of the heart. If there was no yearning of the heart, believe me, there would be no master. The fact that something within seeks something within has created the need and the necessity for the master. So, the student is there, and the master is there.

The magic unfolds. That which is difficult is made simple. That which would take a lifetime to understand, a person begins to understand in a very short period of time. The heart begins to dance, understanding begins to come. Darkness is

replaced with light. Doubt replaced with clarity. Confusion replaced with understanding. And the sadness replaced with joy.

It is not a process that can be turned on and then that's all that's needed.

It's a process that needs to go on.

Saturday, December 7, 1996 Afternoon Session

The reminder

I don't know what next year is going to bring. All those people who are trying to lose weight: every year, they make a resolution, "I'll lose

weight," and they never do. Maybe they should try it in reverse, "I'm going for two thousand pounds." That's just a joke. Don't do it. Do you realize how many more chairs we would have to put in here if that happens? It's hard enough as it is.

I don't know what resolutions you would make. But there is a resolution that you need to have for your whole life: let me never be in the company of those that compromise this place within me. This one is mine. This is a Maharaji original. I've realized that I don't want to be in the company of those that compromise the place inside of me. This is what's important to me.

When I am in that place, it is amazing.

Magnificent. Time doesn't matter. When I am in that place, everywhere I touch, it's joy. What I feel is not the passage of time, but I feel tranquility. Time stops, comes to a grinding halt. When I am in that place, it is clear: no haze, no fog, no pollution, no smog. It is clear.

And I am thankful. The desires are gone, they become one: to be in that place. And that's it. Unquestionably, after you have received Knowledge, the master reminds. And reminds, and reminds and reminds and reminds and reminds

And in that reminder, there is everything. In that reminder, you are taken back, and you are taken forth, and you are taken back, and you're taken forth, and every time you are taken back, you're propelled even further forward.

Then this life, the joy and the gratitude and the thankfulness and the understanding begins to seed, not recede, begins to seed and grow. This is the most beautiful process on the face of this Earth. This is the first time in the history of Knowledge that it is in every part of this world. And when you look at it, it happened rather quickly. But it's only a start. This is the first generation. And it is incumbent upon everyone who feels it to give. But contribute, only if you feel like it. Participate, only if you feel like it. That's all. It is not that you have to do it. It will be your joy, and it will be your pleasure when you do. That, I guarantee.

In this whole symphony, there is a place for everyone. No one has to feel left out. In this symphony, it may be just a little cymbal, just one little "ping." And that's fine. Just play it at the right time. Not before and not after. If it is part of that symphony, it is as important as any other note. If that's all it is, that's fine. But just play it at the right time. Not before, and not after. And play it well. Don't just go, "dunk."

And every part of this symphony of Knowledge is important. Every part. Every country. Every person, waiting for Knowledge is important. Every person who has Knowledge is important. Every person aspiring for Knowledge is important.

The key for those of you who have the beautiful gift of Knowledge is in your hand. How gentle and how perfect it is that the master hands you the key and doesn't open the door. You want to open the door, you insert the key. You open, you go in. The master isn't going to shove you from the back: "Get in there." Practice if you want to. Participate if you want to. Enjoy this life if you want to. Listen to your heart, if you want to. Grow, if you want to. Be in that beauty, if you want to. And if you want, I can help. And you can accept my help, if you want to.

Doors are always open. This is what's beautiful. I have never, never, never pushed anybody in or out. And I won't. The doors are open. If you want to, stay. If you don't want to, leave. Aspire, if you want to. Come, receive Knowledge if you want to. Enjoy this Knowledge, if you want to.

So, enjoy. Be fulfilled. And, again: welcome to the World of Knowledge.

Sunday, December 8, 1996 Morning Session