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Take the ride inside

taketheripoffIt's a beautiful journey that is taking place
It is as simple as the breath
It is as simple as understanding
It is as simple as the dawning of the day
It is as simple as the setting of the sun
It is as simple as the cycles of the moon
It is as simple as the flowing of a river
Accept that simplicity

Friday, May 8. A wave of delight washed over the hall when Maharaji took the stage, shortly after 6pm. In a deeply moving and, at times, profoundly funny address, he spoke about the power of Knowledge-and the need to make it a priority.

There are many things to say and yet, maybe it's the simplest of the things that really need to be said. When you look at it, so much happens, so much distracts and so much changes.

But when do we begin to welcome this life? When do we begin to welcome what we have been given? When do we begin to accept the simplicity without conceptualising it, without measuring it, without weighing it as good or bad?

People ask: "Am I achieving my objectives?" That becomes such a big one for people. And then they go off, trying to make that happen.

Many times, I am humbled by life itself. When I approach this life with my ideas, something always comes up and says, "Watch it. This is not what it's all about. It is much simpler than that, and all you need to do is accept its simplicity."

There's a mixed group of people here. There are people who, perhaps, are seeing me for the first time. There are people who have been pursuing Knowledge for an incredible amount of years. There are people here who have received Knowledge not too long ago.

I'm speaking to you all in very simple terms: you are alive, and I am alive. These are the terms. I'm not coming here, having read a book to say: "It's OK, I have read that book, now I can tell you, now I can teach you, because it says so in the book."

You know why? Because we are living people. I am not here to tell you: "Take this magic pill and you won't have problems anymore." Because you know what? Such a magic pill doesn't exist.

Contrary to all of that, I am here to actually tell you that inside of each human being, there is that most wonderful place where there is joy. And in that joy, learn to be. In that joy, learn to exist. In that joy, learn to understand. Don't manipulate this life; understand this life. Don't control this life; understand it, accept it.

As simple as understanding

It's a beautiful journey that is taking place. It is as simple as the breath. It is as simple as understanding. It is as simple as the dawning of the day. It is as simple as the setting of the sun. It is as simple as the cycles of the moon. It is as simple as the flowing of a river. Accept that simplicity. That is the transformation. That's what we need. That's where it's at. That's where you become who you are, not what you should be.

Strip away all those things that we associate with. Strip away all those things that we have said: these are the scales by which I will judge you, and these are the scales by which you will judge me. Peel them away. And what have you got? Nothing but something so incredibly beautiful. Not ugly. Not weird. Not monstrous. But something so simple and beautiful.

To recognize that, to accept that, that is paradise. That's reality. That's the reality that I want to acknowledge in my life, that I want to see. And when I can't see it, I want to be shown it.

I will walk, but where I can't walk, pick me up and take me. I will swim as far as I can swim, and when I cannot swim anymore, pick me up and carry me. Make me come closer to my destination. Make me come closer to my fulfillment. Make me feel closer to this beautiful life that I have.

The game is on. The clock is ticking. And it is not going to stop. The comings and the goings in this world are happening all the time. There is nothing still; there is nothing static. Do I dare in this incredible motion, in this incredible turmoil, do I dare to look for stillness inside of me?

In this incredible darkness, do I dare to look for a little light? In this incredible noise, do I dare to listen to a sound that could be sweet? In this incredible void, can I find something within me? So many have said: that what you are looking for is inside of you. And if one percent of it is true, and I haven't gotten it, I'm playing a very dangerous game. Because my task is afoot now. My awakening has to happen every day. Forget about this awakening business, that once I get awakened, that's it. No, that's not how it works.

In this life, enlightenment is when you are in that bliss and joy that comes from within you. It is when you are dancing to the beat of your heart. It is when in the middle of all the conflicts, the conflict inside stops. It is when in the middle of the doubts, you no longer doubt that which is within you. In the middle of the questions, you have found the answers. That is enlightenment.

arrivisteDoes it always stay? Of course not. One moment of unconsciousness and you will be back to where you started. That is the beauty of it: that it takes that effort, that it takes that consciousness to be aware. To accept that you must accept every single day this gift that has been placed inside of you.

It also implies that you have a choice. This is what is so wonderful about Knowledge. There is a choice. There will always be a choice.

Take that ride inside, go to that place. Go to that place of simplicity inside of you. Accept what you have been given. You have been given the most wonderful gift: you are alive. Don't weigh it, don't measure it, accept it. Don't complain about it. It's impeccable.

Embrace it. I know you have embraced many things, too many things. Now, embrace the most embraceable: this beautiful, wonderful heart. Embrace it, turn to it and say: "Thank you, my friend, you have been telling me the truth all my life."

When you embrace that gift of life within you, that is the day you begin to understand what those three letters G-O-D even mean. Not a concept of some judge sitting on a chair.

The song has tamed the beast

What is Knowledge but a mirror? What is Knowledge but a way to reach inside? It's about enjoying. That's what it's all about.

Coming here for three days: what is it about? It's about enjoying, because it is by nature the most enjoyable. It always has been. This is the topic, that in the deepest darkest moments strikes the light. This is the topic that, amongst all the deafening sounds, produces the sweetest notes. This is the song that has tamed the beast again and again, and again and again.

And here we are in 1998. And the rhythm plays on. The song is still being sung loud and clear and strong. It is admired by those who want to admire it and sung by those who can sing it.

Not everybody can sing this song. You can hear it. but to sing it, it takes a different kind of commitment. So listen with a simple sincerity. You can always analyze what I say: "Why did he say that?! Hm. I don't know about that. Let's be practical. How can we always listen to our heart? We'll miss our flights."

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The ride inside
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Do disasters happen? Yes. Am I on a Titanic thinking that I am on an unsinkable ship? The unsinkable ship of my concepts, the unsinkable ship of my ideas? Be careful, there are icebergs out there.

Begin from simplicity: wake up in the morning and accept and be thankful. What a way to get up, instead of complaining. Get up and say thank you. Thank you for this life, thank you for this moment. Who are you thanking? Well, who do you think it is that you are thanking? Why do you worry about it? Just do the thanking

Don't you worry about who's listening. Because the one you are thanking is a lot closer to you than you think. A lot, lot closer to you than you think. Could that which you want to really thank possibly be put in houses of stone? No, it could only be placed in that one house which will not burn, where no thief can enter, where no bars or locks are needed. And that is your heart. So thank. It will be heard since it's so close. You can even whisper; it doesn't have to be loud. You don't even have to move your lips. The message gets through.

For the next two days, enjoy. Listen, enjoy, appreciate. That's what it's all about. Sound too simple? It is. Because that's exactly how it should be. It should be simple.

Here's home, where we are. Not in this hall, but where we have come to talk about what means so much to us. After having gone through pages and pages and pages, and channels and channels and channels, and comments and comments and comments, to listen to something to do with the heart. Enjoy it. I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you very much. Goodnight.

The Giver By The River

There was a man sitting at the edge of a river. And another man walked by and said, "What do you do here?"

"Well, I give water to those who are thirsty."

The man looked at the river and then looked at the guy, and said: "Gee, what's the big deal? There's plenty of water in the river."

He had heard this is somebody special who gives water to people who are thirsty, so he had to see him. He walked over and looked at the river, looked at the man and said: "What's the big deal? Why is everybody back in that town talking about you? I don't see what the big deal is."

He then thinks to himself: "I can get the water. I'm thirsty, so I'll get water. I'll get water and I'll go tell everybody in the town that I got water without this person. I'll show them a thing or two."

So he bends over and tries to get to the river, but it's a little deep, deeper than he realized. So he bends over a little bit more, and a little more and a little more, and, before you know it, he falls into the river.

And now, he is being swept away down the river, and he cries: "Help!"

(This guy has a few concepts:)

Concept number one: I saw the person the whole town is talking about.

Concept number two: What's the big deal? There's plenty of water in the river and he's sitting right there telling everyone: "I give water to the ones who are thirsty."

Concept number three: I can get it myself! I don't need this fellow.

Concept number four: Help! Maybe this guy will help me, and he does; he jumps in and drags him out of the water.

"What were you doing?" he said.

"I was trying to get the water," he replied.

"You don't want to drink that water, that river is filthy."


"That is why I sit here! Because when the thirsty come, they try to drink that filthy water, and they get sick. So I've got clean water and I can give them that water and it won't make them sick."

And finally concept number five.

What is concept number five? It is: "Oh." And another "Oh." But which "Oh" in your life are you at now?


You know that famous awakening: "Oh"?

Is it seven thousand? Or eight thousand? Or higher?

Maharaji, Miami May 8, 1988