August 1975

For Your Inspiration

The Premie Newsletter from International Headquarters

Prem Rawat: For Your inspirationDear Premies,

I hope you are all doing meditation and are realizing how beautiful this Knowledge really is …

Guru Maharaj Ji spent all last year encouraging his premies to go inside, to grow inside, to become strong in the basics of meditation, satsang, service, and shared community … preparing us for this year, the year of propagation.

In December, Maharaj Ji announced in a New Year's Proclamation his "opinion" that this Knowledge is the solution to the problems of the world. Then, in January, he told his premies that, "This year, my primary agya is for you to put as much energy as possible into prachar." In other words, tell the world and show the world by practical demonstration, that Knowledge works.

In response, the directors of Divine Light Mission have been re-examining the organization to see how it could carry out this agya smoothly and efficiently The International Headquarters in Denver has been re-organized and streamlined to open the lines of communication with the communities around the world, so that all premies can receive Maharaj Ji's direction. It has become more of a resource center for programs and propagational strategies being implemented at the community level. Regional conferences were held in four areas of the U.S. to bring the premies from DUO communities and Information Centers together to share ideas, love, and solutions to mutual problems; and an international conference of the European National Directors of DUO was held in Essen, Germany, with a similar purpose. In addition, a renewed emphasis has been put on the development of new programs and materials for propagation.

Maharaj Ji spent much of last year dealing with two situations: his mother's and brother's refusal to cooperate with him, and the preparations for the birth of Premlata in March of this year. It was expected that he would continue to spend much of 1975 dealing with family affairs. But instead, Maharaj Ji quickly began to involve himself more closely in the lives of his premies. Just two weeks after Premlata's birth, Maharaj Ji, Durga Ji and their new baby flew to Miami to celebrate Holi with the premies.

Prem and Raja Rawat Immediately following Holi, Maharaj Ji made preparations to take care of the needs of another part of his family - the devotees in India who had not had his darshan in over two years. He went to clear up the confusion that was being spread by Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji. For years, Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji had failed to understand and recognize Guru Maharaj Ji as the Perfect Master. Not having realized the true power of Satguru when Maharaj Ji's father was Perfect Master, they assumed that what had been passed down from Shri Hans Ji Maharaj to Guru Maharaj Ji was worldly power and a worldly kingdom. Much in the same way that monarchs once thought they ruled by "divine right," they intended to rule over premies as divine potentates. Guru Maharaj Ji commented, "they never really understood that the power of the Perfect Master is not a worldly power of dominion over people but simply the power to bring peace and fulfillment to people's lives."

The following are excerpts from an article in the July issue of Divine Times, which explains the background of Maharaj Ji's visit to India: