The Most Incredible Grace Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at Guru Puja, Geneva 10th September 1978

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at Guru Puja, Geneva 9th September 1978.

Dear Premies,

It's really beautiful to be able to come together again and listen to some satsang. Because this place looks like what mind does sometimes, running around completely; everybody is just running all over the place and it's just that it's so important for us to understand what is the importance of satsang, what is the importance of service, what is the importance of meditation.

Because the way the human body is, it prioritises things. Whatever happens to be the priority, that is the thing that it wants to accumulate. That's the thing that it really wants. Just to be able to understand, just to be able to listen because so many doubts and so many confusions always persist. You know, a lot of people think it's the fear of the unknown. That's what fear is, that's what a phobia is, what you don't know. Yet Knowledge is something that sustains you. Knowledge is what people call breath. To doctors, maybe, breath is something that just -- you know, lungs pump out and in and out and in and out and in! And yet that's not it, that's not the life-force that is sustaining us. Because if that is the life-force -- you know, people are put on an iron lung, people are put on artificial lungs and they can survive till a certain period of time and after that they'll kick the bucket. It's like the medicine and the doctors and the engineers and the electricians and -- the whole group has been able to force an assembly.

When I was in Rome for Hans Jayanti, I was reading this German magazine; of course, I don't know German, but I was just going through it. All of a sudden my eyes just stuck on this thing and there was this body of a monkey, and there were two heads and one body. I looked closely and it was like the head was separated from the body and the other one was connected to the body. Then I asked some German- speaking premies who were there, "Why don't you translate this for me? " They said, "Oh yeah, this is about this doctor who is experimenting with a head transplant. You know, if you get wrecked up, and if your body gets completely out there, all cut up, and you want a new body, but you want your brains and you still want your head, then this is possible."

You can have kidneys replaced, you can have a heart transplant. What is there left to the body? Hardly anything, and yet there is an essence. Until we realise the essence, we can change, literally be able to change bodies as the modern science can. Yet it's like that joke, you know. I mean, it depends from where you are and to whom you're telling the joke, but there is this joke about dumb people. "How many dumb people does it take to unscrew a bulb from ceiling? " And the joke goes "Five - one to hold the bulb, four to turn the ceiling! " And this is what I see is happening in this world. They're changing everything, they're trying to grasp, they're trying to get hold of, they're trying to get on top of everything, except the source of this life, except the source of our origin, except the source from where we really come.

And every day that we neglect -- because of our ignorance, if you want to call it, because of our naiveness, if you want to call it, because of our stupidity, if you want to call it, because of our laziness, if you want to call it every step that we take into this materialistic world we are going further and further and further away from where we are supposed to be, from that reality.

What is the materialistic world? A saint in India said, quite clearly, that wherever your eyes can perceive, that's all materialism, that's all maya. That's a flat answer whatever you can see, that's all maya. Whatever you can touch, it's all maya. It's all an illusion. And so, more we step into that illusion -- and maybe to some people there is a question; they say, "Why do you call that illusion? " OK, so what is an illusion?

What is an illusion? There is a little box that I have and in this box, you slide out this thing, you put a coin in there and then you slide the tray in and then you slide it out and the coin disappears! Then you flip the slide and you slide it in, slide it out and the coin appears.

What is an illusion? A magician being able to pull a dove out of his sleeves? Or a rabbit from his hat? This is all what they call magic, this is all what they call an illusion. Why is it an illusion? Obviously that rabbit is hidden somewhere and that rabbit is alive and what you see is not fake, because you see that rabbit coming out of that hat! I mean, you see the coin being put into this little box and how can possibly just sliding a tray make the coin disappear? But it does, and you see it and to you it's real. But in reality, in the true sense of reality, you know that rabbit does not come out of a hat. You know that. You know that a rabbit comes out of a mother, a mother rabbit, a mother bunny. And therefore, when you see this bunny coming out of a hat, it's completely illogical. And so, what appears to be true, but in fact is not, is an illusion. What if rabbits did come out of hats?

I mean, there are people in farms and maybe there is a boy, you know, 12, 13, 14 years old, and his chores are to go clean up the barn, and make sure that the animals are OK, just to feed them, just to take care of them, to play! And he goes there one day and he sees a calf coming out, a calf being born. The other day he sees a horse being born. The other day he sees a bunny and so on and so forth. And in his life, all he can do is say, "Oh yeah, another animal is being born". But then say a fair comes to town and he goes to the fair and he sees a bunny being pulled out of the hat and that's completely like "Wow! " And that's the way it is.

So to human beings, to us, what appears to be true, but in fact is not, is an illusion. OK, but to a person who has realised what reality is, wouldn't this whole world become an illusion for him? Automatically? Because he knows that reality is not this microphone, that this microphone appears to be real. And it's not based upon just this microphone, or a watch, or a fan, or a clock or anything like that. It is based upon the fact that even this body that you see, is only there for certain time. Its reality, its existence, is very relative.

So automatically, to saints, to people who have realised this Knowledge, to them it's quite obvious -- yes, this world is an illusion. Because it appears to be true, you look at your family and your family appears to be true and real. Your test of reality is "Touch it, touch it and it's true". You go around touching it and "Yeah this is true man! " I mean, it's just like, "How can you call this an illusion? " And the intellectuals get on top of that case and they say, "Well, this is completely absurd, how can you call this an illusion? Can't you see it? Can't you touch it? " Oh yes, you can go touch that rabbit that just got born out of a hat, that just came out of a hat; and you can touch the hat. It's like, "Seeing is believing." Seeing what? Is believing what?

Man today is just so confused and so far away from that total reality, that it becomes quite obvious that without the help of a Perfect Master this world has no hope, this world has no chance. Because its reality starts to become: what's not reality becomes even more reality to him. And it's like this - can you imagine for one instant, if babies coming out


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker at Guru Puja, Geneva, September 1978


of their mother, apples on a tree, flowers on a plant, clouds in the sky, moon at night-time, stars at night-time, ocean going back and forth, was all an illusion? OK? But turning on a TV and watching a picture there -- all reality. Going to a theatre and watching a movie -- all reality. What would happen? Reverse the process, what would happen?

I mean, all that becomes an illusion. And all of a sudden, all that is illusion becomes reality. What would happen? What would humanity do? You pose this question to somebody who's got a dime's worth of brains and he'll go, "Well, of course, it would be absurd. It would be ridiculous. How can you even imagine something like that? " But the fact is, that's the way this world is right now. That all is an illusion, that all is just unexplained phenomena, and all this the picture of TV and theatre and whatever man really gets into,that's all real -- can't you see it?

And in this confusion, who gets lost? You can see that there is something from inside of us that wants to join, wants to merge, with that completeness, with that wholeness. And there is a process that has to take place. We all know it. I mean, you can't hide yourself away from it, you can't kid yourself away, because to know, to feel that peace is such an incredible bliss. We all want that; we all pursue it, maybe in different things in this world, but we all want it always there we always want it. And that's what Guru Maharaj Ji is.

Guru Maharaj Ji brings that peace to you. Guru Maharaj Ji opens that door for you. For you to be able to enter and realise Knowledge. I mean, yeah, OK, this is all simple; then what's the problem? The problem is our effort! Because, like I was saying, we always get attracted to something that we are going to get something out of. We get attracted. It's just like the brain wants to go towards this illusion, it wants to go in this craziness, because in this craziness it sees something and wants it. And man just chases it, runs after it. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Now wait, you have to make an effort, you have to divert your cords, your connectors, that you have connected to this illusion and from this maya you have to remove them and plug them into that reality! " And Guru Maharaj Ji says that's the effort that you have to make. At least the amount of effort that you have to make is that you have to unplug those cords from this maya and hand them to me so I can plug them into reality. I mean, to even cut the things in half - but the mind comes in and says, "No, wait a minute, how do you?"

I mean, it's like Stuart Macdougal was saying, we want to test it, we want to try it out. "What if this is real, what if this is not real? " And how can we make the decision of this is good or this is bad when we don't even know what's good or what's bad? What is good in this world? What is so great, what is so good, what is so bad? It's like that one example I give to Hindus. They can't eat a cow. That's a "no-no," it's a sin, it's a crime. Cow is holy, cow is sacred! If somebody is really born in India and he really believes in the Hindu religion, he'll say, "No, no, I never touch that." OK. And through doing that you are going to attain salvation. In the Muslim religion, it's quite the opposite. Don't touch the pig! That's very sacred, it's a "no-no". Cow is OK.

How through that … all these little concepts that are there … is it really possible that through those concepts, is that how we arc going to realise God? Through those concepts that we have? There is our good and bad. That's our good and that's our bad. And did really God say, "Listen, let's separate all this. I'm going to make the same cow, but I'm going to make two different kinds of people. For one person it'll be OK and for one person it won't be OK? " I mean, to me, that's not the way it is. Our judgement of that kind of good and bad is completely -- that we don't even know what's so good or what's so bad. And we get completely lost in that. So this is how far away we are in the process or realisation.

I mean, it's just like you look at it and they have churches and mandirs and mosques and gurudwars and everybody goes there, says their prayer. Of course, in a mosque you won't find a statue. They have nothing to do with it. In mandirs you will find a statue, definitely. While in a church you will find a pedestal, a podium, and then a little cross on top. It's just like through all these means we're supposed to realise peace.

When Christ came in this world what did he go to? Did he take to the podium, or to the bells of the mandir? What did he take to, what did Mohammed take to? This is the concept that we live in. But Guru Maharaj Ji comes to reveal something that is above and beyond these concepts, because it is reality. Just like Christ didn't come to form Christianity. He says, 'Oh yeah, after me this is what's going to be -- Christianity." He came to reveal the Truth, and Truth is an experience, is an inner experience and it's not tied or related to anything. It's complete, it's whole, it's perfect.

But in our path of realisation now, today, we have to have that implicit faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. Today we have to really understand where we are at. To some people, yes, two minutes of satsang, two minutes of service and two minutes of meditation is plentiful, but is that it? I mean, the mind says, "OK, listen. You have to do meditation, certainly." I mean, to me, whenever there's a flight that I have to catch or get up at a certain time, and I happen to get hold of an alarm clock and I set the time on it, way before that alarm clock ever rings, I'm up -- way before it ever starts to buzz or anything like that. Usually I go ahead and turn it off, because I'm up. After a little while the anticipation oh yeah, how many more minutes? How many more minutes? And, I really don't want to be awakened up by an obnoxious sound. So you just go ahead and turn it off and you're up and that's it.

Mind says, "Look, Guru Maharaj Ji says … " You know, this is the kind of mind trick that is there. "Jai Sat Chit Anand, how are you today, how's your meditation, how's your family, how's your house, how's your ironing?" And of course it includes everything in one thing, into one package for the mind. Mind can't have you thinking too much about Guru Maharaj Ji, so it'll move right along. "How's Guru Maharaj Ji how's satsang, how's your wife, how's your cars? Oil filter, have you changed it recently? Jai Sat Chit Anand, how are you? Guru Maharaj Ji says you should do meditation, so, certainly do meditation."

It's just like all that happens, and you say, "Man I feel so great, I feel so incredible, I feel so beautiful, let it all walk in," and you just let the mind come in and mind says, 'Look, you should do meditation, you should do meditation for an hour flat! But the thing is you have to get up after that, so why don't you go get yourself an alarm clock."

At one time I was in the garage and I opened up this little box and I pulled out this thing from it and it was like a little timer. There was a note accompanying it; that it was a meditation timer. I mean, this is the limits of mind unlimited. "Very simple, just sit down, relax, you don't have to bother about anything. Just crank up this timer and just meditate full force ahead, and when the time comes for you to wake up, this thing will go 'Ding' and you can get up. It will be all done." We use that meditation timer now in the garage; sometimes we spray something and after 15 minutes it needs another coat, so we turn it on. That's what we use it


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker at Guru Puja, Geneva, September 1978

for! But it's the same meditation timer,it's a really old one. But it's either used for that or mixing something. I mean, not for meditation; it's used for all the other things that I guess it's supposed to be used for. And this thing makes an obnoxious tick - tick, tick- tick, tick-tick, tick-tick noise! Whenever the time comes for the bell to go off -- that happens much later -- but till the same period of time, it goes on: tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick.

And tell me, when you sit down for meditation, you have no problems whatsoever? So you can take on a little tick-tick? No problems? You're an absolute, perfect, really realised soul. It doesn't matter, a little tick-tick won't bother you! "You see, you are trying to make effort, aren't you? " This is what the mind tells you -- "Listen, you are making an effort. Because you really want to sit down and do meditation for an hour. Look you even got a timer that'll let you know that you have done meditation for an hour." And you just buy that. You walk yourself right into it. You talk yourself right into it.

When the purpose of this life is to realise God, then how can anything else stand in a man's way? I mean, I can't understand that. Yes, of course, a lot of people are saying, "But Maharaj Ji, do you know about our boss? If we get there late, he's going to fire us." Of course, there are all these different problems: he's going to fire us, he's going to hire us, he might get mad at us, he might not get … We bother about everybody in this whole earth, except the person we should really bother about, and that's Guru Maharaj Ji.

We go, "I'd better not have too much ice-cream, my doctor might scold me." Or "I'd better not have too much sugar, I've got diabetes, my doctor might get really mad at me." And when the mind comes in, we don't even think, "Well what about Guru Maharaj Ji? What's Guru Maharaj Ji going to say? " We let this mind walk all over us, we let this mind trample us down, we let this mind beat us up. It's just like, "That's my business': And our effort is that useless, our effort becomes completely useless.

We are trying to make that effort and it's just like trying to take a plastic spoon and trying to dig a well with it. Before you know, that plastic spoon will break. So where will your effort be? I mean, aren't you making an effort -- it's so easy to sit down and start digging a hole in the ground for a well with a plastic spoon. I mean, that takes a lot of effort! It takes a lot of patience. But that patience, that effort is not going to do you any good, because that's the wrong kind of effort.

First of all you have to understand, why are we here? First of all you have to ask yourself the question, "Am I really going to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, or for the rest of my life is this mind going to walk all over us? Am I really ready to make a commitment and not to pass it on? Listen, if you can make a commitment in one year, you can make it right now; there's no difference. Age factor has nothing to do with it. Commitment is a commitment. You can make it three years later, but you can make it right now. And that's what you have to do, because we are here, everything is here. Everything is here and now. That's it, that's what counts, that's what's important.

And if we completely keep spacing out,spacing out,spacing out, spacing out … because look, how many chances do we get in a day to space out? You can't even count them. Every chance, every chance, every possibility, we can get spaced out and Guru Maharaj Ji says, "No, wait. All those chances that you put into spacing out, all that time that you put into spacing out, put that time in me. Then when you put that effort, when you give your hand to me, I will pull you out. I will pull you out of the water." Because in this ocean, our situation is not merely that we are on the surface, but our situation is more like the mind says, "Listen, Guru Maharaj Ji has told you not to jump overboard, so why don't you tie a huge lead ball to your feet." This is the whole saga that the mind starts. "When you have this huge lead ball tied around your feet, then it'll be very hard for you to get over the rail to be able to jump."

Then you say, "Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense, it makes a lot of sense." So you take a huge lead ball and wrap it around your feet and you walk all over the place with this lead ball and Guru Maharaj Ji says, "What have you got there? " And you say, "Oh, it's OK, it's OK, this is my effort towards what you have said, this is going to keep me in your boat." And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, just enjoy yourself, that's all I want. Just relax, just be." Then all of a sudden the mind says, "But, wait a minute. You know, this boat is really starting to rock all of a sudden isn't it?" You look out there and see "Wow, it really is rocking." And it's just like maybe what's really rocking is you're sitting on a vibrating chair. Or what's really rocking is you're going like this on purpose, because you're imagining that the whole boat is rocking.

Then the mind says, "Well, you'd better take the ball and put it outside the rail; then you will lighten the burden. Then you will lighten yourself." And you say, "Huh, that makes a lot of sense." You take this big ball that's tied to your feet andyou throw it in the ocean. 'Till a little while, nothing happens; you're standing there and you're going "Oh, wow, man, this is so incredible, such inspiration." When all of a sudden you get tugged and before you know, as soon as the line runs out, you find yourself going under and under and under and under and under and under. You look up, "Wow man, what's happening? What's going on? What happened? " Then slowly you say, "Oh man, I just … I just blew it; I just really, really blew it." Even to say to yourself that you really, really, really blew it, doesn't even make sense to you. Because who's going to listen to you underwater?

I mean, there you are and this ball is attached and your whole body wants just to bob up and there you are. You reach down to undo the chain and you can't undo it, because it's tied so closely. Because it was a smart idea, to have lead ball around your legs, your feet, so that you wouldn't go off from that boat, so you tied it so securely; but now you can't even get it off. What are you going to do? Your air is already running out, starting to choke the pressurisation. Then all of a sudden you spot this thing in the water, and your imagination again goes wild. The mind says, "Don't bother, don't bother, it's OK." You say "Shut up." Then you really realise, "Wow, I just really made a stupid mistake." And then in all sincerity, maybe then you'll yell out "Help". Not a verbal "Help". But when you, in all sincerity yell out "Help," Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I heard that."

Before you know, he throws you a rope down and you can tie yourself up to that rope. You come up, you see Guru Maharaj Ji and you say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, what happened? " Guru Maharaj Ji has a very simple answer. Maybe you think Guru Maharaj Ji has a very sophisticated answer, but Guru Maharaj Ji has a very simple answer in fact. The answer is, "You did what you thought, you didn't do what I told you to do! I didn't tell you to tie a lead ball around your leg. I just told you to be, to be in that boat, to enjoy the boat, to relax in the boat, to make that little effort; just don't go getting into your mind. Don't go around throwing up on either side of the boat because that in fact is not going to do you any good." How many times does this happen in our life? OK, maybe, you look at this example and you say, "Well this is kind of an outrageous example." Maybe it is an


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker at Guru Puja, Geneva, September 1978 outrageous example, but it's true. We always do get ourselves in trouble, we always do get ourselves in the pits. When we really are there, then who's going to save us?

It reminds me of that one story where there was this king and he was very, very, very drunk, completely crazy. He was on top of this elephant and he was beating the elephant, he was beating the elephant, he was heating the elephant, and all of a sudden the elephant got really mad. He threw the king off his back and the king flew across and as he was falling into this well, into this dry well, he grabbed on a branch. After a little while he realised, "Well what happened? " And he looks down to where he is and he sees snakes and scorpions, I mean everything, down there, just waiting to just chew him up, just completely ruin and destroy him. And on the other hand he looks up, and it's just like to him it's a comfort. Because "Oh man, I'm saved, I'm glad I don't have to fall down there because I'm hanging onto this branch." Then he looks up and he sees two rats. These rats are chewing away at the same branch that he's hanging onto.

This is true, this is our condition, that in this illusion -- you look at how much illusion there is in this world, you look at how much craziness there is in this world that we subject ourselves to. Well, to me it's a real experience in one way.

Because I've seen Wadi, seen Hansi, seen Navi, seen Daya, and it's just been like that progression. When Wadi was little, when she was a baby, to her nothing mattered, just nothing mattered. All of a sudden it was "pink." Everything had to be pink; the room had to be pink, the clothes had to be pink, everything had to be pink. If it wasn't pink, it was no good. Then Hansi came; and to Hansi, he was a baby, it didn't matter. Then all of a sudden, "Hecocka", you know. Helicopters, helicopters, helicopters, helicopters, helicopters. He would see a helicopter, or he would hear a helicopter and he would just completely go wild. He'd just start making his finger go really fast and start making these noises like a helicopter and that's it. And then Navi was really little, and to her nothing mattered. Now she wants a rice cake and she wants to play and she wants this and she wants that. And now to Daya nothing matters. I mean, everything is beautiful. She just lies there, she just talks, and she just looks around and it's all beautiful. She enjoys the beauty. Her appreciation for the beauty is in her own way perfect. You look at the difference between Daya, that little baby, and an adult, so-called adult, so-called the intelligent one.

I mean, that humbleness, that understanding completely goes away. And to people, it's just like kill, kill, you're crazy, you're this, you're that, protest, do this, do that. And, I mean everything has a significance except the main purpose, the main thing. Why we are here, has no significance! You look at people, how indulged they are. It's like there's people I have the sound of the other cars in the front starting to go; that's what makes them go. They're completely relaxed in their cars. They know if they are not moving and the traffic is moving somebody is bound to honk, so it's OK. They're not even looking outside; they're looking down at the newspaper, drinking their coffee, having their sandwich. It's just like this is going on and when the time comes they just look up, move those few steps, they know the traffic is going to stop. I mean, this is it and then they go to the office. You know the cycle.

I don't go to an office, but you guys, a lot of you premies do. And you probably see that craziness. So how far away are we and how much effort do we really have to make? How much effort are we willing to make right now? How much effort have we in fact made till now? If you add up, we


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker at Guru Puja, Geneva, September 1978 haven't started to do anything. Because what does Guru Maharaj Ji want? Guru Maharaj Ji wants love. In that love, in that pure love does he thrive, does he survive. Yet you look at the love that this man, this mankind has to give to Guru Maharaj Ji. It's completely dispersed, it's completely -- like I don't even know. "Love? How can I give you Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I give you love, Guru Maharaj Ji? I don't even know what love is". But that's what Guru Maharaj Ji wants. That's the trade, that's the value, that's his price. He says, "Give me love, give me your pure love and I'll give you, in fact what you really want, what you really need."

You know, and we keep regressing, we keep regressing, day by day, hour by hour, hour by hour, because we listen to our mind. Because we get into our mind, we get into our trips, we get into everything that we are not supposed to get into, leaving aside that beauty that Guru Maharaj Ji has to offer. Because who can ever, which artist can ever imagine or even start to imagine, regardless to put it down on a piece of canvas, the beauty of Knowledge. I mean, it's impossible. It's very, very, very impossible. It cannot happen. Because it's an inner experience. Only Guru Maharaj Ji has the key to open up that experience. Not our concepts; our concepts don't have the key to open up that experience. Our mind does not have the key to open up that experience. Only Guru Maharaj Ji.

I just recently watched this movie called 'Oh God.' That's what it's called -- 'Oh God'. It's about God. And God comes down to earth.It's completely outrageous (laughter and clapping). I don't know what you're clapping about. (he laughs). But you look at this whole array of explanations, you look at this whole concept involved of how God is going to come on this earth. And it's out of one concept into another one. Because this guy says, "How do I know you're God? Why can't I see you?" God goes, "Why should you see me? I can do whatever I want to do, can't I?" It completely goes into it and into it and into it and into it and into it. It's just like such a paradox and you can just really see the concepts just starting to build up and build up and build up and build up and build up and build up. I'm not surprised that after some of the people who watched the movie 'Oh God' got up, they went to George Burns' house and said, "Oh God". Because it was really putting the squeeze on the brains, it was really putting the squeeze on the mind. Because all the illusions -- I mean, it's just so outrageous that in the end, to prove that he in fact is God, the whole thing ends up in a court, and so he has to prove to the judge that he is God. And he walks up and then he disappears.

Why does God have to disappear to prove that he is God? It's just like out of one concept into another one. Yes, God can make himself disappear! This is where we are. To us, relatively, everything else matters. "How about a miracle? How about a miracle?" It's just like, "How about some bibbitty, bobbitty, bibbitty, bobbitty, boo." This is it. Knowledge in itself, the experience in itself, is the most incredible miracle. I'll tell you what's a miracle: us having Knowledge is miracle. It's an incredible miracle. It's such a miracle that this whole Earth was made for it, we were made for it, everything was made for it. It's such an incredible, incredible, miracle, that what is the necessity of a miracle, of a mere illusion? What is the necessity? But Guru Maharaj Ji does give us that incredible miracle. He gives us the Knowledge. Reveals us us.

I mean, maybe to people this whole world is fun and fair all the way, but that's not really the truth. That's not really real. That's not it. Fun and fair, that real fun that we seek outside, really is within inside of us. Us, not. Joe, Bill, Michael, this and that. But us, the unidentified us. The incredible us -- not I, or even us, -- not even us. I don't know what the word is, because it doesn't exist in English or any other language, for the true Self. I mean, you can say I for I, us, we


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker at Guru Puja, Geneva, September 1978 them, they. What is the word for the true Self? Above and beyond that I? Beyond all imaginations, beyond all concepts, beyond everything, exists this beautiful, this incredible realisation, and by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.

You know, there is that saying that the first grace is that we are here. OK, that's a grace; but to me the most incredible grace is to be able to have that Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji bestowed upon us. To be able to experience that Knowledge. To be able to experience Guru Maharaj Ji. Because in Guru Maharaj Ji lies that experience. And to be able to understand. Because there are people who arc listening to satsang, there are some people who are not listening to satsang. They're doing their own things. Either they're looking through the camera … everybody moves. Or they're looking through binoculars, trying to focus the binoculars, or passing the binoculars. Or looking up at that video screen and wondering, "Oh wow, look at this thing. This is huge."

All these different things that we're doing, nobody is really listening to satsang. Because in the essence of satsang, the whole world disappears. Because satsang is, in fact, "Sat" -"Sang" -- the company of Truth. The company of that experience which is Truth, which is within inside of us. To experience that realisation, to be able to experience an experience. Everybody can just get lost in that beautiful, beautiful, beautiful river of satsang. Lost in the sense of this world, of this fake world, and found in the sense of the true world, found in the sense of Guru Maharaj Ji's world. You're not lost, you get found in Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

And really premies, all the craziness of this world, what has it brought us? All the promises that mind has made, what has it brought us? Which promise 'till now has the mind fulfilled? None! Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Come to me, I'll give you peace. I'll give you that Knowledge." That one promise that Guru Maharaj Ji made, Guru Maharaj Ji kept. The thousand promises that the mind made, it kept none of them and we still believe mind. It's just like you look at Three Stooges, or you look at a comic, or you look at a cartoon, or you look at a comedy, and somebody does a stupid thing and everybody laughs. What is there to laugh about? You're this lifetime, having Guru Maharaj Ji right there, having the experience of Knowledge right there, not to make that effort to fulfill the destiny, to merge with Guru Maharaj Ji. That's the most ridiculous thing, that is the most stupid thing! But we keep believing in that, we keep having faith in that.

You look at that love; like I guess there was a little over a five-hour Darshan line, and it was beautiful, it was incredible. The premies were coming and that love was just there, that was manifesting. And where does that love come from? Guru Maharaj Ji. Yet we don't want to believe in that. Anybody who was standing there cannot deny it -- because it was there, they needed no proof. It was a beautiful, beautiful love and that is the love that Guru Maharaj Ji wants to share. That is the love Guru Maharaj Ji says I will give you. And that is the pure love. We just have to make a little effort, just a little bit of effort.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, you have to cross this mountain, but I'll make you a deal. The deal is I'll draw a line at the very bottom of the mountain, at the very, very bottom of the mountain, and if you can cross that line I will, in fact, pick you up, take you across the mountain and put you where you should be. The only thing is that instead of having you crawl across the whole mountain, all you have to do is just cross this line. It's not even up a hill, it's nothing, it's a flat surface, it's just right there. Just go beyond that line and I'll pick you up and I'll take you where you really want to be." And it's a simple, simple, simple, simple, simple, simple deal. It's about as simple a deal as it can be - just to


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker at Guru Puja, Geneva, September 1978 cross this one line and that's it. And we say, "Oh yeah I can do that, sure I can do that. Tomorrow I can do that; watch me do it tomorrow. I'll show you how much guts I have; just be there tomorrow, I'll do it" It's just like that tomorrow keeps being postponed, and keeps being postponed, and keeps being postponed, and keeps being postponed, and keeps being postponed and that's it -- everytime. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "No, no, no. Now, now is when you need to do it."

And premies, there is so much satsang to share, to experience, there is so much service that has to be done. I mean, there's so much to grab, there is so much for the taking. When are we going to start taking it? That opportunity for the service, for us to just he able to flow in that beautiful river of satsang, just to be able to merge in that beauty of meditation. It's all for our taking. When are we going to make that effort? Guru Maharaj Ji is there, everything is right there. When are we going to start doing it? I suggest, very strongly, that we start doing it now, make that little effort now, cross that line now and not depend and rely everything on tomorrow. Because all mind has ever done is blow it. That's the kind of promise that mind makes, and blows it, and blows it, and blows it, and blows it, and blows it, and blows it.

If that's all we intend to do, completely blow it, then of course, the option is yours. If you never get to that line, Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, this is it. This is the deal, This is the line that you have to cross, no more, no less." And, of course, it's your option, if you never cross it that's that, but you can't just leave it to "that's that." You can't just say, "OK man, I'm not going to do it, that's it." That doesn't solve anything by you just saying; "Well, so what? " It's not the matter of "So what? " We have to do it, that's why we are here.

Do you really think we were put on Earth to go to moon? If that were the case, we would have been directly installed on the moon. Do you really think we came here I mean, doesn't two and two make sense? Just a simple, simple sense … there's this whole world, beautiful Earth … and on this Earth there's fruits and plants and vegetables and beautiful things. And we are placed on this Earth. I'm talking about the most significant things. To me bombs, wars, the so-called geniusness, is nothing significant. But this Earth was here, man was put in it. Mankind, humanity, whatever you have to call it. And then Perfect Master comes. Can't you put two and two together? Isn't that simple enough?

We're here to stay, to live, and then a Perfect Master comes to reveal us something, to give us something and that's what we have to take, that's it. Oh yes, we get involved in wars, oh yes, we get involved in this, and we get involved in everything, but that is not why this humanity is here.

The Creator that created this world is very, very smart. Don't think that you are smarter than the Creator, and that's why you have re-modified His creation. You can just take a few apple trees and plant this and you can just do this and take from here and put it there and take that and put it there, just do whatever you please. You just can't; I mean, that's stupidity. But to people that's, "Oh yeah, I'm really smart ain't I?"

But that's not the way it goes. We're here for that realisation and that's the realisation that we want and that's the realisation we need to have. And Guru Maharaj Ji is here for nothing else but to give us that realisation. That's a very simple story, that's the beginning and that's it. The simplest story that could be.

So premies, it's so beautiful because we've still got one more day to go for this program and then the Dortmund program is coming up very soon. Well, anyway, it's just: open yourself up to that experience. Thank you very much.