Prem Rawat then calling himself Guru Maharaj Ji at the Millenium Festival, 1973 THE PERFECT MASTER (SATGURU)

Throughout our lives we need a long series of teachers. An infant cannot learn ot walk without adult help, a student cannot learn mathematics without a maths teacher or a book as a guide; an athlete cannot master his sport without the aid of a coach who has already mastered the necessary skills. In the same manner, we need a master of perfection to lead us in the conquest of our minds and to the achievement of perfect peace and serenity.

A Perfect Master is one who has reached the highest spiritual region and is in union with God. His social status has no significance. The only test of a Perfect Master is his ability to reveal the vibration, light, music and taste which is called spiritual Knowledge.


December 10 1957
Birth of Guru Maharaj Ji in Hardwar, India. Son of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Perfect Master of his time and founder of Divine Light Mission.

July 19 1966
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj leaves his mortal body.

August 1 1966
Guru Maharaj Ji, 8 years old, inherits the supreme spiritual authority of Satguru - the Perfect Master.

October 1969
Guru Maharaj Ji sends his first apostle to the West. Mahatma Guru Charnanand arrives in London, England. The first Western Divine Light Mission ashram is established in London.

November 8-10 1970
Historic Peace Bomb festival at India Gate, Delhi. A 20 mile long procession climaxes in Guru Maharaj Ji's address to over a million people to whom he declares, "I will establish peace in this world".

June 17 1971
First World Peace Tour - Guru Maharaj Ji arrives in London.

July 17 1971
Arrival of Guru Maharaj Ji in America.

November 8-10 1971
International Congress on Spiritual Peace, Ram Lila Grounds, New Delhi. 500,000 gather to hear Guru Maharaj Ji's discourses and celebrate the annuals Hans Jayanti Festival. One 747 jet is chartered to carry Westerners to attend the program.

February 28 1972
Second World Peace Tour - Guru Maharaj Ji arrives in London.

April 26 1972
Guru Maharaj Ji speaks to integrated audiences in South Africa.

July 25-27 1972
Guru Puja Festival held in Montrose, Colorado.

September 1972
Guru Maharaj Ji tours Japan and Australia. Although he stayed less than a week, his visit to Australia and the subsequent visits of the Mahatmas Guru Charnanand and Padarthanand were the inspiration needed to increase the membership of the Mission from 4 to 1400 and to establish centres in the major cities and New Zealand.

November 8-10 1972

Hans Jayanti Festival, Ram Lila Grounds, New Delhi - 800,000 attend. Seven Jumbo jets are chartered by Divine Light Mission to carry devotees to the three-day festival. (approximately 400 people per jumbo jet - Boeing 747)

July 13-15 1973
Third World Peace Tour - London. A summer Celebration of Light and Love Festival; 20,000 pack Alexandria Palace to hear Guru Maharaj Ji and his family for three days.

July-August 1973
Guru Maharaj Ji tours America speaking to crowds of 3,000 to 10,000.

October 1973
Guru Maharaj Ji tours Eruope. Australia tries to draw him here for the second time in a tug-of-love competition with South Africa.

November 8,9,10 1973
Millennium '73 - a three day festival held in the Houston Astrodome, Texas. It was attended by 50,000 people from 31 countries. 30 Jumbo jets were chartered in the biggest civil airlift in aviation history. The festival saw the foundation of Divine United Organisation, set up to feed, clothe and shelter humanity. Guru Maharaj Ji declared that Millennium was "the most holy and significant event in human history".


BUDDHA - 6th century B.C., Northern India. A prince who left his palace after seeing disease, old age and death. Searched six years for the deathless state before receiving Knowledge and subsequently attaining Buddhahood (enlightenment). Led a great mission, giving Knowledge to more than 10,000. Large religion ensued after his death; 'nirvana' still sought but with the Knowledge lost it gradually declined into mantra chanting and metaphysical discussion.

Jesus the Perfect Master

JESUS - consistently preached that Jews were following scripture and ritual blindly, that only practical Knowledge of the Word can save. Crucified after a two year mission. Few recognised him during his life, but subsequently Christianity arose from his teachings, gradually declining into ritualism and dogmatism. Many breakaway groups tried to get back to the 'right' path.

Krishna the Perfect Master

RAMA 10,000 B.C. and KRISHNA 5,000 B.C. - The Satgurus of Hinduism. Rama was a prince whose allegorical life story is beautifully recorded in the Ramayana. Krishna was the Incarnation who gave Knowledge to Arjuna the warrior on the battlefield, as told in the great scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. Both exhorted followers to escape death and reach the supreme abode by remembrance of the Holy Name. Hence Hinduism is now based on ritualism and chantin of "Ram" and "Krishna".


Moses - 13th century B.C. Father of the Jewish people Pythagoras - 5th century B.C. Greece. Mathematician and initiate.

Lao Tzu - 4th century B.C. China. Often regarded as author of great scripture, Tao Te Ching.

Prophet Mohammed - 7th century A.D. His communication with God resulted in the scripture called The Koran, on which Muslim religion is based.

Guru Nanak - 15th century. He travelled widely in Northern India, Pakistan and Persia.

Saint Kabir -15th century, India. Author of many spiritual songs.