Interview with Mahatma Rajeshwar, Disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji, recorded on 8th March, 1974 by Rob Love, ABC Announcer.
'Mahatma' Rajeshwar

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is a revelation of direct and practical experience of God within. Because, you see, God is everywhere and God is really all of us. Everybody in this world is searching for peace at some place but people are searching for peace at wrong places. People are searching peace outside in this material world. No doubt, in this material world there is peace and satisfaction, but that peace is of temporary measure. But there is a supreme peace which is beyond any measure, and which is in every individual, but human beings are ignorant of that supreme peace, and that source is called God. God is existing within everybody, God is the life of every being. Due to God the whole universe is existing. When that power leaves the body, this body becomes a dead body, so God is existing in the form of supreme energy and light, but that light is not moonlight, starlight, sunlight, firelight or any external light, rather that is called Divine Light, that is the light of God.

You may see that all the scriptures of this world, they say that God is Light. Truth is Light. So Jesus Christ said, "I am the Light of this world, so long as I am in this world. If thine eye be single your whole body will be filled with Light." So God is existing within all of us in the form of supreme light and energy. That supreme energy is also mentioned as word of God. So Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, he shows us that light, not by these two material eyes, but by the third eye. That is called the Spiritual eye and this experience is called Knowledge. Why do we get Knowledge, because after receiving this Knowledge, when we do meditation on this Knowledge, then this meditation gives perfect peace, gives supreme peace and this peace is indestructible beyond any measure.

So Guru Maharaj Ji has been giving this practical Knowledge, and practical experience of that object, and Guru Maharaj Ji is spreading his Mission all over the world, and Guru Maharaj Ji has more then six million devotees, diciples and the belong to all strata of society of different naionalities, cultures, faiths, beliefs, sects, ages, black, or white. So all over the world, Guru Maharaj Ji has been travelling, and we are called his Mahatmas - we are like Apostles.

And what is actually involved in giving Knowledge to people?

You see, first a recipient of Knowledge has to hear what this Knowledge is and this is called satsang. "Sat" means Truth and "sang" means fellowship with Truth. Satsang is a Sanskrit word - fellowship with Truth. So we speak about this Knowledge in detail, then people who become hungry and thirsty for the Knowledge, then they request us to reveal the practical experience about the Knowledge. Then in one Knowledge session as many as 25 persons are included, just in a private place, they are initiated into Knowledge. So in the practical Knowledge sessions, they experience the Knowledge in four forms, in four ways. The first experience is the experience of Light. What I mean to say is that the recipient of Knowledge sees beautiful, self-effulgent brilliant light within his body and that light, when they concentrate their minds on light, that light gives everlasting peace. So this is the first aspect of the Knowledge. And the second aspect of this Knowledge is called Divine Music. That is called the heavenly Harmonies or Celestial Music. In this body, twenty four hours, music is going on because that energy, supreme energy is vibrating at a very high frequency, because the whole world is in a state of vibration, every atom is vibrating. So that supreme energy is also vibrating inside this body and in the practical Knowledge session, the inner ears are opened. We have two ears to hear these external sounds, but we have inner ears also, and then by the grace of Perfect Master, they are opened in the Knowledge session, then by a simple touch, people hear and they listen to that music inside, and the effect of the music is to purify the mind. So this is the second aspect of the Knowledge.

To sum up, Light, Music, Word and Nectar - these are four aspects of Knowledge that a recipient receives in the Knowledge session and then after that he becomes conscious of this hidden treasure for the rest of his life and he does meditation. This mind goes inside the body and concentrates on the Knowledge and this is called meditation. This meditation purifies the mind. Otherwise human mind is subject to anger, hatred, jealousy, ego, lust, greed, passion, desire, frustrations, defections - there are so many ways human minds are suffering and this is the cause of suffering of society, nations and the whole world.

There is no external method to purify the mind. This mind cannot be purified by talking philosophy or idea but mind needs meditation and real meditation starts after receiving Knowledge from a living Perfect Master. This meditation is also called Raj Yoga. In this way, Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees receive Knowledge and do meditation which purifies the mind and gives perfect peace.

Is there any difference between the type of Knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji is revealing and the type of experience other people have received through religions like Christianity or Buddhism?

Yes, certainly there is a difference. The difference is only the difference of experience. About these four aspects of Knowledge, Jesus Christ speaks in the Bible and as a matter of fact, during his whole life, he revealed this practical Knowledge to the people of his time. These four aspects of Knowledge were revealed by Buddha and that is called the four noble truths of Buddha. All the past Perfect Masters such as Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus Christ, Buddha, Prophet Muhammed revealed this Knowledge. In the present time, Guru Maharaj Ji is giving the same Knowledge with practical experience, but at other places, practical experience is lacking. In other places, they read holy scriptures they talk about holy scriptures they memorise holy scriptures but they have no practical experience.

Other gurus and teachers will give you mantra to chant or some external ritual but that does not give peace to the mind and that does not purify the mind. But Guru Maharaj Ji directly gives this experience inside and this is the contrast.

Do people who have taken this Knowledge feel any separation from other people? Do they feel they are devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji and that's the end of it?

No, they are not feeling separation. Rather, those people who have received Knowledge become very loving and all their energies are directed to help mankind. They realise how important this Knowledge is for each and every man. They become more loving in their family, to their neighbour and to the other members of society. Their personalities become universal and all-loving, all-embracing.

Does anyone have to have a particular background, have a particular religion or have thought particular things to take this Knowledge?

No, not at all. He should only be a human being. Even a blind man, a dumb man, a deaf man, a crippled man, a diseased man, anybody can receive Knowledge. Simply, he should be thirsty and hungry. He should have a sincere desire to receive this Knowledge and people of any faith or culture can receive this Knowledge because it is not given from outside. Knowledge is already existing with everybody, so this Knowledge is completely natural. The only essential aspect is that he should be sincere and he should be hungry and thirsty for the Knowledge.

Words we use

Ashram: "shelter", a spiritual community of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees who have dedicated their lives to spreading Knowledge of God.

Darshan: the physical presence of Guru Maharaj Ji and/or members of his Holy Family.

Knowledge: the spiritual experience gained through practising four meditation techniques (Light, Music, Word and Nectar) revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.

Mahatma: "great soul" a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji empowered to reveal Knowledge.

Premie: "Lover of God", a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Satsang: "Company of truth", discourses about the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.

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