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Thursday, May 23, 1974


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If you think there are other means to world and personal peace, or other ways to attain spiritual Knowledge, please explore them. Keep Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in reserve. Remember that it is not a religion, a theory or belief but practical proof of existence beyond mind, illusion and death. You are not asked to believe anything; first-hand evidence of inner peace is available.

In the middle of the mundane world, the claims being made here may seem incredible. All our lives we have been conditioned into an unadventurous, dreary pattern of behaviour, resigned to the "fact" that great men and women and marvellous events are phenomena outside practical existence, miracles which we observe from a distance. In fact, participation in Life's greatest adventure is our real heritage. Spiritual Knowledge makes each day new and exciting, and for those who have already received this revelation, these are truly divine times.

The English writer, H. G. Wells, remarked that once we have broken through the walls of everyday circumstance we have made a discovery: if the world is not the way we like it, we can change it. Through Knowledge we break free of our fear and greed and act selflessly for humanity. It is time that we all dedicated our lives to peace to ensure the survival of our planet.

We know that Guru Maharaj Ji is the ultimate politician. His platform is simple: "I can give you peace. That's it. That's the whole deal". He has many ambassadors called Mahatmas travelling the world to establish through a direct experience an international policy of disarmament, detachment and constant bliss. We want to express a complete vote of confidence in his ability and leadership qualities. We know that his trump card in negotiations with people is pure love. And there is one fact of life that will always remain true: Love conquers all.


The Rhythm in Bliss Band, currently in Melbourne, will be seen and heard in Sydney soon. Premies can expect a concert from the Band in the first week of June as they will be travelling north at that time for an engagement in Newcastle (June 12-15) and a tour of Queensland venues.

Hatha Yoga Ha - Sun, Tha - Moon, Yoga - Union.

Hatha Yoga is the union of the sun and moon, symbolic terms for the balancing of the positive and negative forces of the human body.

The Goraksha Samhita, one of the three classical texts of Hatha Yoga, declares, "The science of Hatha Yoga is the ladder up which those climb who wish to reach the higher regions of the Royal Path" (Raja Yoga).

The texts dating back to 5000 B.C. consistently proclaim Hatha Yoga as the means to reach the higher realms of Raja Yoga, by which the ultimate Union can be realised. The Siva Samhita says, "As by learning the alphabets, one can, through practice, master all the sciences, so by thoroughly practising first the (physical) training, one acquires Knowledge of Truth". Hatha Yoga prepares the soil of this body for the seed of true Knowledge.

The Human Body

Hatha Yoga has its origins in the forests of ancient India. The first Yogis, desiring to know man's true nature, formulated a strict moral code to encompass all relationships and attitudes towards the material world. They called these Yama (commandments) and Niyama (observances).

This code being established, they then came to the first major obstacle to meditative life: bodily discomfort. To remedy this, they observed the stretching movements of the jungle animals, in particular those of the cat family. They carried out, dissections and drew up anatomical and physiological - charts that are astoundingly accurate even by today's standards. Their claims for the benefits of Hatha Yoga were based on a clear, accurate knowledge of the systems and functions of the human body.

The essence of Hatha Yoga is physical and mental discipline centralising on the regulation of the breath. The kriyas (cleansing practices) purify the respiratory system, the digestive system and the intestines. The asanas (postures) massage, exercise and stretch various muscles and organs.


Since the turn of the century, Hatha Yoga has undergone a major renaissance. Through the foresight of a few practical Yogis of that time, much scientific research has gone into Hatha Yoga and many of its physiological claims have been proven true.

One organisation dedicated to research is the Yoga Institute of Bombay, which now runs a clinic and a small hospital whose sole remedial is the application or asanas and breathing exercisesrevised by the foundot, Shri Yogendra.

After many years of research, he successfullly adapted the ancient, static poses to simple, effortless and dynamic postures, incorporating specific time ratios for movement and breath. His practices, since named the Yogendra Rhythm, are suitable for people of any age and with further adaptation, any physical condition They are easily practised and require little time or effort for the maximum benefit.

Yogendra showed, and recorded case histories prove, that Hatha Yoga in most cases can restore ill health by correcting irregularities; ensure positive, enduring health and promote auto-immunity, the ability to resist disease. In his book, Yoga Physical Education, he points out clearly the necessary requirements for the perfect physical education system, compares Hatha Yoga with other forms of physical education and shows why Hatha Yoga has survived for 7000 years as the physical education system of the highest path of life, the realisation of life itself.

"Premies shall take much delight in meditation after the practice of Hatha Yoga"

- Mahatma Padarthanand Ji


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But we have to wake up from that stage. And then we will be able to see, understand, that we were dreaming. If we keep on sleeping, we are never going to realise what's the truth - we will always be dreaming.

And maybe whatever I am talking about right now doesn't even make sense to some people. Because again, they are sleeping. What I am talking about is completely, completely different; and what they are seeing, to them it's real. It's a dream.

So premies, I really don't have anything more to say. Because time is now. We can leave everything behind, we don't have to catch up with it, except one thing: time. Because this time is just driving everybody bananas, everybody nuts.

Don't think that world peace is impossible. I'll tell you one thing, you might be surprised about it, but it's one of the easiest things.

Because you know, when I came in America there were three people. And from those three people there are 50,000. I don't know what they can do. Maybe nothing maybe everything.

If you have any confusion, if you have any doubt, come to the satsang. The satsang - what is the purpose of satsang? That's why it's there - to remove our doubts. Because when we listen to it, most of the things are cleared.

The Truth

So it's for you to realise, do meditation, you'll find out. You'll find out what I am talking about. Because I've realised something; I've found out something. And maybe for people it's a fake, it's a joke. And maybe in the history coming, that's what many people will write about me. That, oh maybe I was just joking, I was just faking. But that's a real pity. Because there will be very few people who will be able to actually realise that what I said was not a joke, it was the truth.

And you can be one of the people who can say it that no, it's not a fake, it's the truth. It's very easy. Realise what I have realised. It's very very easy.

Thank you very much, and blessings to all the premies.