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June 22 - July 5, 1974

We Need His Help
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Question and Answer session with Guru Maharaj Ji Japan, September 1972

satsangcentres (117K) You are the Perfect Master and we all want perfection, but perfection is not of this world.

I don't mean perfection of this world. Perfectness does not lie in this world. You know the thing I told this gentleman here, is that when we say Truth, we mean one Truth. All the world is false because it comes and disappears. Truth should be for ever and ever. Everything is false except one Truth and I can show him that Truth. That is the reality, that is perfectness.

But we exist in this world.

To be sure, but the kingdom of heaven is within us.

But the kingdom of heaven and perfection are separate?

They are one. The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of Truth. It's like Mister and Monsieur, you know, same thing in different languages. So it is the same thing, that kingdom of heaven, perfectness, all these things are actually one thing. That is perfectness.

When a person has received Knowledge, and he begins on meditate on this Knowledge, he speaks of the Grace of the Guru. What is this Grace, and how does it work as we begin to meditate on this Knowledge?

There is a car, I'm driving this car, I drive it off the road, and the car gets stuck in the mud, what do you do? You tell me.

Call for a crane to come and pick it up.

What is the crane? What does it do? We go, we get stuck, and can't start, then Grace comes to pull us up, Grace is that extra wheel drive. It lifts us up towards God. Here's how it works on man: you need Grace to start the car, right? If something is stuck then it has inertia. Once it gets moving it takes less pressure to keep it going. Right? The same thing happens when we start in Knowledge. We all need Grace to get up and start. Once we get a start, we go right on, we just roll right on. But, if we get off the track, we need Grace to put us back. You understand what is Grace now? It is the extra power that is given to you to uplift you. Get it?

When we are on the track, do we go by our own energy or by the energy of the Guru?

50-50. Because if we leave the Guru on one side It's very dangerous. We will spin. If two tires and two tires work, what will happen? The car will …

… start going around in circles.

That's right. So we need both sets moving, our spiritual tires move by Guru's Grace, our materialistic tires we move ourselves.

Isn't there a dependency then, on the Guru who took you out of the mud?

We all have to be dependent. Of course you have to be dependent, to the higher one. Because you must understand one thing, that you are still a baby, everyone is a baby, understand? You can't walk. You don't want to crawl because our knees will hurt. You want to walk, and to walk we need someone's hand. And the only one who can give us his hand is Guru. No one else. To keep us moving we need his help.