August 17 - 30, 1974
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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Kingston, Jamaica, 1974THE MOST SUBTLE THING IN THE WORLD

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Kingston, Jamaica, 1974 GURU MAHARAJ JI'S SATSANG JAMAICA PEGASUS HOTEL KINGSTON, JAMAICA, MARCH 17, 1974

So dear premies,

I guess this is not a big meeting, but anyway how big it is doesn't really matter because what we have to discuss is the Truth - the Satsang. And it is like the Truth that is within inside is there, but the question is, why is that bulb not burning? Why is that bulb not lighting up? What is the reason? And it's a foolish question to ask why not, because the switch is not on. And instantly, in a split second, as soon as you turn on the switch, the light is on, and it's no big deal at all. And same way this Truth is within inside of us, but all we are missing is Guru. And we go to him, ask him for Knowledge. It's like first we have to find the switch. If we don't find the switch, forget it, we'll never be able to turn the light on.

That is the reason for a Perfect Master to come into this world - to make us realise this Knowledge, this Truth, this Perfectness which is within inside of us. It is Truth that is making us alive right now. If it wasn't for the Truth, we would be six feet underground.

There's a question, why should we realise Truth? What is the reason? Why should we realise Truth? And there's a lot of good reasons for that. Because we are here on this planet Earth for certain purpose. If a man comes into the world and makes his motive eat, drink, and be merry, he's going to end up nowhere. Something told to us by our parents is: do something good. But really has anybody thought within his heart what is good and what is bad? And this is the greatest confusion. I mean the greatest confusion in this world.

Why people are not understanding, why there is so much conflict is because they do not know what is good. So it's like they get the good and bad mixed up. It's like one religion in this world thinks, supposedly Christian people, they think to eat beef, it's fine, it means they don't even care about it. While anybody from Hindu religion if he eats beef, he is almost dead. If he even touches beef it's like he has to go to the holy river Ganges, he has to take a bath there, and go to these priests and get all this ceremony done, get all good back again, and then he is able to live in the world. What is the reason that for one person that is good and one person it is bad? Aren't they both same human beings? I have seen this in one family. One brother is just completely like this, that if he even touches beef, that's it for him. And one brother goes out every night, every day and that's all he does - that's his lunch. So what is the difference in that particular thing? So why is it wrong for somebody and why is it good for somebody? Because really human being does not understand universally what is good and what is bad. And the simplest simplest solution to all the troubles in this world is if a person understood, if everybody understood what is good.


A man who has seen light can always identify darkness. It is not necessary that a person who has seen darkness can identify light. Because he'll open his eyes up and he won't be able to see anything. You know probably for him it's like an owl. For owl it's still darkness when the sun rises up. There is no daytime for him. And the same goes for a human being; if he can see light then he can always identify what is darkness; if he can see good then he can always identify what is bad. Because then he knows that this is good for me and this is bad for me. It's like if somebody understands avionics then he will be able to identify all the planes. But if a person does not know that then he will have to go to each aeroplane and try to understand what kind of aeroplane is this? What kind of aeroplane is this? Because probably first he will see a jet - a jumbo jet - and O.K. that's an aeroplane for him. Then he will go and he will see small, small aeroplane with a little fan on top of it and say what kind of thing is this? And it doesn't have the big hump on it. And instead of these neat looking things on the wings it has this prop right on the front. What is the purpose? But a person who understands, he doesn't have to ask that question. He knows it.

Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson then called Durga Mata Ji in Kingston, Jamaica, 1974

Same way, see the word "good" has started off from the word "God". And if you do not know God how can you know what is good? So what is God for us? Today it has become a statue for some people, today it has become some kind of mantra for some people; it means so many different conceptions to people. What is God? God comes out in different conceptions. Does God come in mantra for one guy and for the other comes out in something else and for a third it comes out something else? No. It definitely doesn't. God is One and you have to realise God the way it is and if you really want to see God the way it is, you will have to go to somebody who can reveal us, who has the technique, who has the way, who has a method, who can reveal us this Truth, this Light within inside of us, and can take away our darkness. This is the purpose that every premie, every man in this world should receive Knowledge and this is his purpose in this life, why he has come. There are so many people who are just using the same old motto; eat, drink and be merry. And are they happy? They certainly are not. You know it's like probably these are most of the people who come to me. They got plenty of love, but they just aren't happy.

What's the reason? Why aren't they happy? It's because you have everything but you don't have one thing. It's like you have a whole bulky car - it's like having a Lamborghini Espada. You have all the big twelve cylinders, you have all the big six carburettors, you have the whole big body of the car and everything. You don't have one single thing and that is called a key. It's very small. For an Espada especially it's very small. And you can't drive that big thing. It costs about $27,000. And one key is probably a couple of dollars. You know if you go to somebody who

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August 17 - 30, 1974

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Kingston, Jamaica, 1974 knows you he'll probably make it free for you. And that key stops you, prevents you from driving the car away, How come? Because maybe it's little, but it matters more. And this is how this whole cycle of human being is that we have to realize the most, the most subtle thing in the world. And then once we realise that subtle thing, it triggers everything on.


So really now, the premies in Jamaica, I think they should just go and tell people about this Knowledge. If you go to somebody and say "Look man you're down in Hell and you have got to receive this Knowledge," he'll probably respond and say, "O.K. let me die now, what's bothering you?" and this is how people respond to it. But if you go and explain it - because there are people who have said to me that Guru Maharaj Ji, let people go in Heaven and all that's left in this world will be for us then. Because they are just ignorant about it.

And really, if you want to follow a car you have to follow the trails of the car. You cannot start running the other way. For you that's not following the car. If you want to follow a car you have to be right behind it. If you want to chase him up to something, that man receive this Knowledge, you will have to tell him how ignorant what he is doing is. Usually this is how he satsang triggers off; somebody comes and says "Oh we have have heard that you are Guru Maharaj Ji, you are very popular and all this. And then it's like, "What do you give to people? A little satsang goes on. I say "I distribute happiness and people need happiness." And then they just get out of their seats and they say "Well, we don't need happiness. We are happy." I say "O.K., but tell me one thing, how come you're happy?" They say, "Well, I got a lovely wife and a couple of kids and I got beautiful cars and I got a beautiful house." And I say, "Oh yeah, that's really nice but tell me one thing, what happens if your kids and your wife are going in? the car and get smashed? Think about it, huh?" and he leaves. In twenty minutes next thing ou know he's coming back to you because that that thing just does it. That thing just makes him realise, makes him understand. "Yeah, really, if my happiness is based upon that thing and if that thing is gone from this Earth because those things that happiness is based today are the materialistic things which have to eventually go away." So what then, what's the next thing he's going to do after that?

It's making a whole big statue on one pillar. If you knock the pillar out, the statue's not going to stay there either. The statue will come down with the pillar. And the same way with man. If you can explain to him slowly, to his thing that he can relate to, then he can really understand. I think all the premies really should go out because whatever is happening in Jamaica is actually a quest for Knowledge. They want this Knowledge. They don't know what it is. It's like a man comes into this hotel and wants to know, wants to get hold of a person, call him maybe Mr. F. So he goes and he looks into one room, into two rooms - into three rooms, into four rooms, into five rooms, but then he's got to search more than a hundred rooms. He's searching the lobby, he's searching everything. After some time he's going to get so excited about it, he's going to get so mad about it, he's just going to get so aggravated about it that he will just say, I don't care about it. I don't care, I'm going back. And then it's like he's completely frustrated. He sits in his car and slams his door and he turns on his key the wrong way everything becomes wrong for him. And then he has to work that way because he has to live. So though things are going wrong for him that doesn't make him stop. He has to just live with whatever is happening. They have been trying to find something nice, but they have been trying to find it in the wrong way. And that something nice has become damn hard for them to get.
Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson then called Durga Mata Ji in Kingston, Jamaica, 1974

And really now somebody can come and tell them and show them this is what they've been looking for all their lives. They're frustrated because they can't find it. This is not only the condition in Jamaica, I can bet you that it's all over the world and that's why the whole world is kind of freaking out, because they all want Knowledge, they're all searching for Knowledge, they really need Knowledge. They don't know where to get it. Maybe there are people who haven't been to Los Angeles yet, and if I tell you to go to my residence, it might take you a lot of years to get to that point because I haven't told you the address; I haven't told you where it is located. All I gave you was go to my residence. This is all that is told to people, "God is beautiful". Now how to get hold of Him? Where is He? How beautiful is He? Who gets you to God? That's never told because these people who are telling them that God is beautiful don't know themselves. It's like something that has been passed on from one person to other person to other person.


And now really if you can make people understand this Knowledge they can really make a strong, strong centre. I mean really strong centre in Jamaica. Because once you get it going, once you get the prachar going and people are meditating and everything, everything becomes so beautiful - it's just incredible. And when people see that beauty they completely bliss out. This is what happened in America. It started off with three people and they used to give satsang programs every morning and every night in Los Angeles. It's like people were just coming. They had never listened to satsang before, just maybe a word or so, and they just poured in. It was like first day maybe five, the next day ten, third day fifteen, we ended up having right from three people to fifty people, you know, within a week. It was completely incredible because people were pouring in. They wanted to listen to what was going on. And those fifty people received Knowledge and then they went out and you can imagine within a year we were having a Guru Puja function where about 20,000 people assembled.

So it's like the beauty itself. You have to go and dig a diamond. Once you have started digging the diamond, people can see a little activity going there so they get a little attracted. Once you get the diamond out, you don't know how many will get attracted. When you get the Mission going maybe some people will get attracted maybe like you people got attracted, but then once you really get it going then it becomes so beautiful, it becomes so strong, it's like everything gets going perfectly. So this is what I think you people should do. Try to make the Mission here because really people should understand who they are and what is the purpose of life, definite purpose of life. And something that they should feel it, not doubt, because you see everybody, this Knowledge is an individual experience for everybody. Everybody should feel it not doubt,

Knowledge is an individual experience for everybody. Everybody should feel it not doubt, not say, well this is the way it is and this is the way it is, but everybody should actually feel it within their hearts and then they will be able to understand and become much more strong and become really firm in this Knowledge.