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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Well, dear premies, the thing is, I don't know what to say, I came here July 17, to America and it's like since that time it was a really strange story. First I started from India and I had a first class ticket, premies had all been collecting money to get me a first class ticket and all that. Like in India they don't have a first class, so I didn't know what a first class was, because they just have one big aeroplane. And we got into that aeroplane and nobody bothered checking so I just sat in the economic section in the back seat. And we were feeling really hungry, and they brought out the dinner and it was non-vegetarian, so I said that's just what we needed. So finally we reached England, and they said Maharaj Ji how was your flight, and I said how do you think it was? They said it must have been fantastic, huh, and I said forget it, I'm hungry.

You know it was really beautiful though, because every premie was like full speed ahead, but it was only like a Volkswagen bug. It didn't go much, but it was full speed ahead. Since that time it was so strange. They said Maharaj Ji we sent you first class tickets and I didn't know what first class was. So when I started from England to America the same old thing happened again, still hungry. It was just really really funny, on the other hand it was really beautiful, because everybody was really into trying to do prachar, I mean that rate that they were into, if all the premies now got into that rate of trying to do prachar you'd have no idea how many premies we would have. It's like, that little thing that girl gave me right over here, and it's like if you want these things to spring up you've got to squeeze them down. And you know if you had a long big box and put them in there, nothing would come out. But you make the walls small, you got strength and you close them. But when you open, that's when it springs.

We have to become small in order to be big, and smaller should be what our ego is. See, this is one of the most important things that premies are not happy, and why are they not happy? Because they're always thinking of something and it's like they say, well, it isn't bad to think, because I'm thinking about the right type of thing, but the thing is you're thinking too much and the whole of your time is spent on just thinking. It's like you can never figure out, you're going on the highway and somebody tells you you've got to get out at exit 33, I've got to get out at exit 33, exit 33, I've got to get out, and exit 33 comes and you say I've got to get out at exit 33, you forget about turning, because you're so busy in just thinking, and this is what mind does to a person.

Really it is so strange because there have been so many people, so many people who have renounced everything, went into the jungle to do meditation, went into the caves in the Himalayas and all that place, to do what, to do meditation. But the thing is they still had their mind, it still went there with them. It's like you're driving a car and suddenly a big eagle hits the windshield and gets splattered all over the windshield and you can hardly see, I mean the car is running fine, you know, and nothing happened to the car, the windshield didn't get chipped or cracked, and you were fine, but the only problem is you got this big eagle splattered all over your windshield.

To clear it away you'll have to pull over, because you know those things they put in the cars, those windshield washers, they don't work too good. Most of the people, most of the premies, think, oh yeah, no problem just press that little button and start washing and makes it worse and if they keep on doing that they'll run out of water. The big deal in the whole situation is you've got to pull over and open the trunk up, get that rag, clean the windshield, clean it right out, that's all it takes and you can start rolling again. And this is what premies think, is that oh, it's a big job, oh, not for me, oh, please not, you know.

And like I was having all these meetings in Copenhagen at Guru Puja time, and there were all these premies coming and saying Guru Maharaj Ji, do you think it's all right if we laugh in the ashram? I mean you want to laugh, you laugh, there's no problem in that, but the main thing is people's minds have gone so far, no you can't laugh I mean it's the ashram, man, you can't laugh, and so you sit down and other people start thinking, so what, why can't we laugh? You started off from the same point, you moved all the way through, you spent hours listening to satsang you spent probably four hours in the Knowledge session and again two more hours in the Knowledge review, finally spent two years in the premie house and after all that you moved into an ashram an you're exactly the same place you started from.

This is completely crazy, and for premies this becomes a very big problem, they think, wow, how are we going to get out of it, but really it is no problem You're driving a car and you're looking behind you and the car gets smashed and you say how in the world did this car get smashed? I had my eyes open but the thing is you had them opened the wrong way and that's how you got smashed. And this is the thing about premies, and the trouble is, the most important trouble is, that when this Knowlededge goes in, it's like all this mind is there. OK there's s there's sand and there's water, and you know how sand settles down completely, after some time that's how your mind is, it's all settled down, nice and cold but still working completely freaky.

And then Knowledge comes in and Knowledge is like this fish, that's supposed to take care of sand completely, I mean eats the sand right out and all fungus right out and everything, just cleans the water out, and the fish comes in and starts wagging it's tail and all the sand starts blowing all over the place. It was only one inch of sand right on the bottom of it and now the whole thing is just completely littered with sand. And then it becomes very strong, it's like that mind, which was just there, it was just sltting there working its freaky ways, which sounded very nice and cool to you, before you received Knowledge and then you received Knowledge completely goes bananas, completely freaks out because the Knowledge is there and trying to whip it out, completely take it out. You never know then, you never know what you are supposed to do or want to do, God, will somebody just help me? And they go to Mahatmas, Mahatmas understand them, maybe they don't. Mahatmas give them a big satsang about it, they go back and really what Mahatmas tell them it's really beautiful, it's really true and then they go back and, I don't understand, I think I'm freaking out, and then they send a big letter to Guru Maharaj Ji, personal, confidential and Urgent, you open it up and it's seven or eight pages and all it has is, what am I supposed to do, what is going on?


The thing is you have been told already. I mean the teacher teaches you for one year and goes word by word, chapter by chapter with you and all the lessons in that book everything, questions and answers and makes sure you understand and you're sitting in there, aha uhh. And when the exam time comes the question is who is Robinson Crusoe and you say we never heard about that. When we used to study in Dehra Dun there was this big hall and all the kids from the ninth grade used to go to the exams, to this big hall. And it was so crazy, all guys used to get up and say I don't think our teacher taught us this. And it's like they went word by word and you were told about this word and explained the meaning to you, I mean thousands and thousands of times and the word is Agya, that if you follow Agya, no big problem, no big deal

You don't have to worry then, like you're told do and you do. It's like you are put into a puzzle, an actual puzzle, if you are put into it and a guy stands up a hundred feet up or something like that; now you cannot see your way out but that person who is standing a hundred feet above you, he can see clearly that which would be the best way, shortest way for you to get out of the puzzle, it's like that's what Guru Maharaj Ji is, standing a hundred feet above you, saying, listen you want to get out of this place, and you say, of course, and Maharaj Ji says OK then make a left, just wait a minute I don't know it, maybe it's not that way and you go like this, uh, I can find my own way out. OK, I mean Guru Maharaj Ji has come to reveal Knowledge and that's the job, to reveal it to people. And after revealing this Knowledge to people and really making you understand about everything, maybe we haven't taught you Hindi, maybe we haven't made you understand those Hindi words

September 13 - 26, 1974

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji we sometimes speak. But at least I have explained to you everything that is most important for you and it's like Guru Maharaj Ji turns around and sees you in a problem, he says OK make a left and you will be out, and you go, I don't need your advice. It's so strange, you have always to understand, you are little kids, you're a little child, a very very little child, you are so little you cannot afford, you cannot dare to go into the haunted house yourself, you cannot sleep without your mother; it's like you're too little to do all those kind of things and if a person can be that humble and yes I am a little child and I need direction then it's like everything will be so beautiful.

This whole world, they will get up and say, our father, who's the father anyway, it's like, we can do it ourselves, we're grown up now we don't need father's advice. No, we always need father's advice, and it's like he has experienced much more than we have experienced. At least in the spiritual path that's how it goes and that is why that supreme power has been called father, because it is supreme. If we go down and we say we surrender ourselves, if we say yes, take my mind away, then we should even try to give it away. I mean if I say, Bob, take this mike away will you, and instead of going like this I go, take it away will you. What am I doing creating a problem and if it was somebody else he would say, OK If you don't want to give it to me and he goes away. But the thing is, premies, we have to really understand, and it's like happiness, what we want, love, what we want, that experience that we want, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, they're all three in one, and they have only one key, the other doors don't even have a lock. As a matter of fact there aren't any other doors.


There is one door and you need a key for this door to get in and if you have that key then it's like no problem, you can get in and out any time, it's like Truth and Consciousness and Bliss and anything you like, but you need this key and this key is understanding that I have to realise this Knowledge. This is what the purpose is, and yes this is Guru Maharaj Ji and I should try to understand what he's trying to say, and that is like not even understanding it's like knowing, but once we know that, once we take it into our hearts, it's made a lot easier for us to be completely taken away. It's like we are sail boats and we don't even have engines in us, and the only way we can get out, you know the only way we can get out is by putting up the sails, and if we are not going to put the sails up, you might as well forget it, because we're not even going to get out. Sails is what is the pure part of us that we have to just completely open up to, and that understanding is so easy to bring them out.

People think that, man that must be so hard, but it is not, it is so easy it's so beautiful, because all you have to do is to get into that flow, into that thing that has been given to you, to meditation, to what's been told to you, to what's good for you. And once you get into that flow, everything becomes completely harmonious. It's like the clutch is properly working and the gears are properly synched and when you change them they go right in at their place, but if the clutch plate is not in synch and the gears are not in synch, you may as well forget it, because will be trying to put it into second gear and it wlll be the fourth gear and you will be trying to put the first gear and it will be probably in reverse.

Premies, it is just so easy and just so beautiful, because you know you have to understand this: the bigger the question, smaller the answer, smaller the question bigger the answer. And this question we have in front of us is a very big question, as a matter of fact it's the whole question of our life, and if it is, then we know that the answer to it is very very small answer. We just know it. It's common sense, of course, which is uncommon, but it's common sense.

What is the function of a mike? There is an amplifier, OK and there is a person speaking and there is a microphone. The thing is if I did not have a mike I can still give satsang, because I've got a pretty loud voice but maybe if there were seven times or eight times or two times or three times more than there are, then I might have to give the same satsang maybe two times which would take longer because I cannot say it to everybody. But one mike simplifies the whole problem. But remember a mike is a mike and it's dead as dead and it doesn't do anything until a person speaks. And that is what Mahatmas are. Mahatmas are mikes and they help, I mean more than help to convey this message of Knowledge, of peace, of Truth, of love, to so many people at one time. And this is a function, a role of Mahatmas. But the thing is you have to understand that for even them they need Grace, there is still development in their life, they still have to go somewhere.

They've realised Knowledge and a lot of it, and it's like the thing is they are still trying to realise Knowledge more and more because now they have gone to such a point that they can see that the road is there, it's clear for them. I mean other people are just making the turns and twists and they don't even know if the road is there or not, but they have crossed their turns and twists now. They're there where they can see a big long road right down. All we can be to Mahatmas is thankful, because there could be a person singing a beautiful, beautiful song and maybe people at the back wouldn't be able to hear, all you can do is say thanks a lot for this microphone, because I can hear.


Everything here has a role of its own. And it's like the word premie started from the word prem, and prem means love and it's like premie means lover. People think first he receives the Knowledge and he becomes a premie, but I must tell you one thing, not according to the word premie, no, because he has to understand Knowledge, and be able to give that love out to people, which is necessary, and then only can he be called a premie, not by receiving Knowledge at all. Because Knowledge is within inside of him already, even if it hasn't been revealed to him, but the Knowledge is there.

But then that key has been given to him, where he can experience and be in Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, that we know for sure that he is a premie, when he gets there, when he gets to that most beautiful part. Because the beauty of this whole thing is the very confidential, very strange beauty. To us when we talk about beauty, it's probably a beautiful girl or a beautiful sunset or beautiful car or beautiful chair and this and that, but that is not beauty, that is actually, that is ugly, because it drives us insane. It drives us away from where we are supposed to go, it is ugly. And what is real beauty, is what it is, and you know it's like it's not limited and that is why maybe this world is beautiful to people, but it is really not beautiful, because what they have seen of it is nothing at all, and here we are, we have been given this Grace and this opportunity that this Knowledge has been revealed to us. You know I can now experience Truth, Consciousness and that Bliss and that man has always always wanted to know, always wanted it, there it is, just think for a second, that I have got it now and it's so beautiful.

And the Grace just comes and takes you up, just picks you up, there you are rolling, sit back and relax, because it will just take you where you are supposed to be taken, because you have got the key. You have been given the Grace, the opportunity and the time, a way to come and pick you up and take you there where you belong. We human beings living in this world think, wow, this world, we look at our cars, we look at our aeroplane, we look at our buildings, and earth and sky and then we look at ourselves and we limit everything to size. We look at power and limit it to power. But forget about those buildings, because before that Mount Everest that skyscraper is you know how big, probably that big. A seven feet tall guy, before that huge elephant is like a small crawling ant. It's all limited. And what we feel proud of, you know it's so strange though we haven't invented those things, though it doesn't belong to us, but man just feels very proud of it. Eh yeah man, look at that, we got all that stuff.


We have involved ourselves into that situation, we weren't put into it, it was there and we involved ourselves into it. And today people start blaming somebody else and then when everything goes wrong you say damn god what happened here, oh I know, it was the fault of that person, yes sir it couldn't be mine. And then you start blaming your friends, start blaming God, start blaming your bad luck, but it is from one point, because you didn't understand what you were doing. And for that point really you cannot even be blamed, because you didn't even know how to spell

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September 13 - 26, 1974

You're a little child

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understanding. And we can leave the question of knowing the meaning of understanding, you didn't even know how to spell it. But now you have got something that is a lot more than what understanding is, because understanding is like partially knowing something, but you have got something which is not partially knowing something but you know it, you know it for sure, not partially believing it but you believe in it, because you've seen it, you've experienced it.

It's like a little more, as a matter of fact a lot more than understanding. Now if we just come together, and that's our main problem, we have to just let ourselves open. Because it's like there's this huge tap, this huge huge tap just waiting to flow out, you know and if we keep it closed it's going to be closed, I mean it doesn't open itself, it's going to be closed. But now why are we withholding it when it should be let out, and that's that love, it's just so beautiful because with those premies you can really see it, opened that tank up and love has just gushed out and it's just sparkling all over the place. And it's like you have made your own house for opening that tank of love, because it's all around you now.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji You have gotten rid of those negative vibrations because the vibration of love is all the way around you, you just let it out, and it surrounds you, it makes the wall around you. And whoever tries to enter that wall, it's like a chimney, you blow black smoke into it and anybody who tries to enter a chimney gets black too. You have become the king, you're like a king, you have your kingdom, you're like a king, but also you're like a slave because the Grace is all around, and really premies, maybe the word slave is very dirty, very bad, but I wouldn't mind at all even that word because it is through that Almighty power, not for a humpty dumpty that we have been slaves of all the time, you know, our minds. Maybe it's bad to call somebody a slave, but we really are slaves anyway, so no big deal changing the masters. We don't want to be slaves all our life time anyway, now we are slaves of mind, maybe we have changed, we want to be slaves of that Almighty power and that's what we all are.

And if we just let that out, it's going to be so beautiful, it's going to be so fantastic, it just won't stop flowing all the way. And when somebody passes, even next to you, you turn around and go, um, but that guy has caught something you know, because we can experience the most complete love. It is like this is what you have to understand, really, and it's like get into it because it's beautiful, that's when you can enjoy it the most, getting into it. Like how to judge if it is a good car or not, you sit in it and you ride it, you get into it, not sit on the hood, not sit on the roof, not sit in the trunk, get in the chair, in that sofa, sit, relax and when it rides you can know, you can feel it, you know it's a beautiful car, it rides that beautiful too. And so it's like, premies, there is a lot more to say and there is nothing to say, and then again maybe there is a little bit to say, and that little bit to say, which will always be said, is try to do meditation, is try to understand this Knowledge.

And what is a lot more to say, that could never be said in none of the centuries. Even the Bible couldn't say, because the thing that Bible is trying to tell is infinite. I mean even people they read it they know it, and it's like neither the Bible could say it, neither Ramayana could say it, neither could Gita say it, centuries ago people lived a lot more years than people live in this age, in this century now. And they all tried to say it, that lot more to say, and they could never say it, and neither is anybody else going o say it.


I come here to give you satsang, hoping that you will understand what I have said. But I must admit one thing, I am completing my duty by giving you satsang. Because this is what my duty is, I first give you Knowledge, now it is revealed to you. And if you need Grace, Grace is always there, you just have to leave your door open, and it will flow in. And satsang to keep you in Grace, make you understand every chapter, every word. And to be able to make you self sufficient because you can give the answer to your questions yourself. And premies if you don't get it, because we have been fooling around with something, because we've been thinking of something, because it's like many people sit in meditation, sometimes in a group meditation, they just don't seem that happy, they just don't seem that pleased, and other people say, well, Guru Maharaj Ji, I know he has been doing meditation because he sits up with us and gets up with us. And it's like that was the whole thing in Copenhagen, we were having all these meetings, and I said, if you lift one of those blankets up, you'll find a different story, they're not doing meditation, they've been carving their beragons, or thinking about something, or taking a nap, sleeping, but not doing meditation.

If you're not going to be doing meditation you're not going to understand Knowledge. We have to do meditation, we've got to do meditation, if, that is if you want to understand what Knowledge is. And if you're a lazy old freak, you might as well forget it. Because you'll be always freaking out, you'll be always lazy, you know, but the thing is when you start dying, you try to be lazy then. So premies it's like, you know, you start to realise this life has been given to you, and here we have been given this Knowledge, such a beautiful thing, the most beautiful thing that could even happen and here it is all set up for you, what you've ever wanted. So take use of it, this is all we have to understand and it will he all fantastic, and it will be all so beautiful. But like if you have confusion, listen, you got yourself into confusion, you started your own problems, why do you put me in there, I mea I didn't put any confusion in, you got yourself into a big mess, now take yourself out, simple, huh?

Maybe you'll laugh but don't forget what I tried to tell you, you know it's like I don't always come to this Hilton hotel to give you satsang. I'm sometimes in LA, sometimes I'll be somewhere else. Try to take advantage of what I try to tell you, maybe it'll be worthwhile. I mean it's not bad to have some place to store your money, you might use it someday, try to realise, understand you know. Thank you.