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APRIL 21 1974

before words

Well, probably many premies thought I wouldn't come tonight, huh? Look, really there is nothing to say. Well, there isn't. Because I think once somebody has received this Knowledge it becomes a little more than words.

We all want to experience something: the beauty. The most perfect thing that is. And this is why we receive this Knowledge. Somebody tells us from the very beginning that there is something like God, and God is so beautiful, and all this, and finally we think, "Oh wow," we should go ahead and try to realise Him.

Many people go about different ways trying to realise God. But really, whatever we have as a conception of God is just completely wrong. And man has made up this concept, because, well finally somebody realised this Knowledge, and somebody named such a power as "God", and that is the reason why half of the world is stuck there. Because there is a little more than God. And as a matter of fact, go to these people who are shouting, "God, God, God," and ask them what was the name of God before somebody realised and made up the word God. What was His name? What were people calling Him then?

It's an experience, it's a feeling of something that is perfect. And again, same thing goes for perfection. Really you cannot say perfection as perfection, because if it is perfect you can't even call it something. Because you cannot name infinity, something that's completely infinite. It doesn't start from any point, doesn't end at any point. It was not created, it cannot be destroyed. It's out of the human imagination, it is beyond comprehension, so, what's perfection?

my problem

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji I am sitting here giving you satsang because I want you to understand that you have to still go a little bit in this perfection - because so many people are getting confused. And really, that point of confusion is also a mark that you are going somewhere. Because you weren't confused before and now you are confused. That means you have proceeded from point zero, and you are proceeding to some other point. And then you get out of it, and then you've gone a little further. You just start going more and more and more.

I cannot really explain how beautiful this Knowledge is, how fantastic this Knowledge is. And all I can say is: realise it, know it for yourself. I wish I could have some words to describe this Knowledge to you. Maybe have a little screen, something like that, show you how beautiful it is. But it's more than what we can think of. Because what we can think is very very limited. And this Knowledge is unlimited.

And once we realise this Knowledge we also understand how difficult it is to make somebody understand what this Knowledge is. And that's all of my problem. Because I have to go and sit couple of hours, maybe one hour in a satsang program, and give satsang, talk and talk and talk, and then have question and answers which are ridiculous questions, and you don't want to make ridiculous answers for them, but they are ridiculous questions! I mean, the person who is asking those questions knows the answers himself.

We say, "Oh, this is beautiful," "Oh, that is beautiful," but if we haven't realised what is beauty itself, how can we say this is beautiful, and this is not? For something that costs five dollars can be very, very expensive. But somebody who has realised riches, for him to spend five dollars, even as tip, is nothing. He just gives it away.

And this is why in this world people are going "Oh, this is beautiful," "Oh, that is beautiful," "Oh, that is most beautiful." I am not saying it's not beautiful but you have to understand the most perfect beauty that's amongst all of it.

Because of that beauty, there is beauty that exists otherwise you can, can see that nothing would have been existing without this Knowledge. After receiving this Knowledge I can really see that how this Knowledge could have made this flower, how Knowledge is making, how this Word, how this vibration is making the whole thing go round and round and round; how this whole universe exists. I can really see that because it's like that beauty, that secret I have realised.

In India, sometimes I go to a press interview or something and I'm giving all these examples out of Gita and all that. They say, "We have heard, Guru Maharaj Ji that you haven't read Gita so far," and I say, "That's true." "So how come you're giving so many examples?"

Well, it's so easy. Because I have realised that Knowledge, same thing with Bible, same thing with Koran, same thing with every scripture. Because what they're trying to point at finally, I have realised. And you can also realise. It's really really easy for even you to realise.

no big deal

Just before I came here I was sitting by this phone and the phone rang and I picked it up. And there was a premie from Seattle. She was confused and everything and I said "Look - there are premies who have received Knowledge before you did. Go and ask them. They went through exactly the same stage as you are going through. And she said, "That's right." I said, "Look so they went through the stage, and they passed. Do meditation and you will also pass from it. And it's that easy, and she started asking that, "Can we be to that point of realisation as much as you are" I said, "Certainly."

Because the way I reached it, you can also reach it, it's no big problem. I climbed the ladders, you can climb the ladders. No problem. It's like when a hardship comes and to leave yourself right in that hardship, or to panic in that hardship, will bring you nowhere. If your car starts skidding, I bet there are a lot of people who panic, and who try to turn the car the other way round and it goes into more skid. But you are not supposed to panic at that time. You are supposed to be calm and cool and let car go where she wants to go for a little while, press on the brakes, pump the brakes a little bit, turn it round and if you got into a mess, back it up, go.

And this is what happened in Denver. I was driving and I went into a complete skid, I was just sitting there cool and calm, probably some people were freaking out, let the car go wherever she wants to go, after some time pump the brakes, car and, go! That's how it is with this life. When there is a hardship, take it easy. Because, well, that that's the way it's supposed to come to you. How are you going to learn, if you don't fall off from a horse? You've gotta fall off from a horse and then you learn how to do it.

If you want to become a good bike rider - this is really strange but if you are learning how to ride a bike, you've got to fall off it one time. And once you do you you know how to drive. It's funny, it's really strange. When I was learning how to ride a bike, I could never get it straight, just never get it straight. And one day I was riding

And I'll tell you, when these problems come and mind is completely up to you, and he is really strong at you, and he is just like all serious and everything, just look up and smile at him.

September 13 - 26, 1974
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ga14_07 (94K) and this guy was teaching me how to ride, he pushed me a little bit. And I rolled for a little while, and then I fell off. And the next thing I know, I'm riding the bike perfectly fine. Because, once you fall, you know that how to correct it, how much correction you needed at that time. And maybe more you fall, more you know that.

Really, this is the main problem after people receive Knowledge - they start getting confused, and then they start panicking, you know, "Oh, what's gonna happen? Oh, I'm gonna die!" Nothing's going to happen to you. It was all waitin' for you, you got to the point, it started hitting you, and it's cool, it's okay. It'll stop.

smile at him

Because it's funny to me, you know. It's like, I know that, you know, you were going to come to that point, you have come that point, and you have started panicking - it's nothing! Of course you can't see what's going on, but I can see - it's nothing. It's no problem. And it could be, you might be sitting there saying, "Oh, I don't know about that, what Maharaj Ji is talking about. Because my problem is the greatest of them all." Well, so good - you are proceeding faster.

Many people say, "Oh, we can't meditate. Our mind is troubling us. "Well, that's even better. That's a sure indication that mind is freaking out. It's flipping out because of the Knowledge. Now you have Knowledge, it's freaking out, that means Knowledge is something. That should be the first indication to you.

And it's like, if you take a lemon and squeeze it in hot milk, and if it starts making cheese out of it, then don't panic. That means it's a good lemon. It worked fine. If it doesn't, then it's a sweet lemon - no good. And this is just how it is.

And I'll tell you, when these problems come and mind is completely up to you, and he is really strong at you, and he is just like all serious and everything, just look up and smile at him. And he'll get a little more jealous. And smile once more at him, and he'll get a little more jealous, and smile at him once again, he'll get a little more jealous - and then burn off. And then you are fine. Because this is how it's always worked, you know, and if you can't smile, then do some meditation, because that's going to make you smile, so you can experience some bliss.

Look - there is darkness in this world, and there is light in this world. And it's completely up to you what you want to take.

it's a fact

Really it's up to you, what you want to take - it's your choice. And like, I have been hearing many things, "Oh, premies have been freaking out about this," "Oh, premies have been freaking out about this," and, really, ask yourself what are you freaking about. About a mind that you haven't seen? The mind that just comes and goes? Has got nothing to do with you? It doesn't even belong to you - means, you are freaking about something that's completely ridiculous. That's the way it is. It's completely ridiculous to panic about a mind. Because it doesn't even belong there. You know, it's got to go - it's got to come, and it's got to go. Once it's gone, then premies become very, very blissful. Then they say, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, you are so right." So I'm telling you right now; there is no big deal about it. It's going to come and it's going to go. Just take it easy.

And if you have experienced something in this Knowledge, then just go ahead and meditate. And if you haven't, still go ahead and meditate. You are bound to realise something. Because there is something. See, denial of a fact doesn't make that fact a lie. If I say that there is no sun - maybe I am blind, there is no sun for me - but it's a fact. I deny the sun, but it doesn't become a lie. Sun doesn't hide away for ever and ever because I said so. Sun is still there.

Maybe due to some circumstances, a person may deny the fact of this Knowledge. But that does not make the Knowledge disappear. It's still right there, right within inside of you. Try once again, and it'll be there. It'll be right with you.

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Maybe due to some circumstances, a person may deny the fact of this Knowledge. But that does not make the Knowledge disappear. It's still right there, right within inside of you. Try once again, and it'll be there.


Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaji in 1974 The Sun is still there

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Every premie is going through a stage. It's not new. It's come to other premies, and it's coming to you, and everything will be fine. Everything will be really, really beautiful. Because then you can see so many things and still be right on the track. It's like a roller coaster then.

If you take a cart - have you been in a roller coaster? If you take that cart and unhook it from the tracks and ride it, next thing you know, you'll be thrown off it. But once that little hook's there on it, and you just don't have to bother about anything. It's going up, it's going down, and you don't have to bother. But if those hooks got released, if you release those hooks, the next thing you'll be thrown out. And this Knowledge is like a hook. Then you can go - you can have ups and downs in your life, but still you'll be hooked to the track, the track of truth.

Because I have come to such a point that I think it'll be a lot better for premies to have meditation programs than a satsang program. And maybe once in a while a satsang program, but usually you should have meditation programs. Because they should realise something there. I think I shouldn't even give you satsang anymore. You should realise it yourself. You have Knowledge, do it! You are on your own.

But maybe it's fun for me, so I come. Really, you know, I am saying really really too many times, I know, but it is really, it's really real. And after realising something real, that's all you can say, "really". And, really.

Do meditation and understand. Everything is going to be fantastic and beautiful. Thank you very much. Blessings to all the premies.