Prem Rawat (Maharaji) On Stage With His Wife Durga Ji (Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson)

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Hans Jayanti Festival in Orlando, Florida, on the evening of 9 November, 1975.

Dear Premies,

This is the last day of the festival, and we have had so much fun. For us, I reckon it went by too fast. I don't know about you guys, but I could use a lot more of this.

But we have to understand that we come, we all get together for a festival - Hans Jayanti Festival, Guru Puja Festival, Holi Festival, or just at a satsang program - everything happens and it goes by fast, but there is still one more thing we have to understand. Today is the last day, and I want tell you something.

You see, our dream to establish peace in this world is very slowly but surely, coming along. It's so beautiful, because the more and


more festivals we have, the more and more premies grow. And this growth is so incredible. When a person understands that Knowledge, when a person understands that Grace, when a person understands that beauty which is hidden within inside of him, when that beauty is explored, when that beauty is touched, when -that beauty is found, when that beauty is actually revealed, everything becomes different. Everything becomes much more beautiful, everything becomes much more clear. That is what happens to us. This is why a lot of people call us freaks; this is why a lot of people do not understand what we are talking about.

Prem and Marolyn Rawat's daughter onstage in 1975

When an English-speaking guy, say, goes to a remote Indian village and tries to speak English, at the same time that the English-speaking person is thinking that this Indian is absolutely crazy because he does not understand English, that Hindi-speaking person is also thinking in his head that this English-speaking person is crazy because he does not understand Hindi. The balance is equal, because there is a constant struggle, a constant fight, between them. There is a gigantic communication gap.

We have realised something, something that has been revealed. Unfortunately, I mean extremely unfortunately, what we have realised cannot be put into words, cannot be expressed by expressions, cannot be put into a book. It cannot be verbalised. And this makes it even more difficult for us to tell the public, the people of this world, that we have something very beautiful. It's almost very, very frustrating. But then of course we hold back, because we understand the problem, that people simply do not understand what we have realised and what we have experienced.


But it is our duty today, for the premies who have understood this Knowledge, to go out and tell people about this Knowledge. We have been making a lot of progress.

We have been trying a lot harder than we ever had to bring all the premie communities together, to bring all the premies together. This is why we have the Active Membership Program, and all the different programs that we have set up, so that premies can benefit from it.

You see, I can have five tyres, which will give me one extra tyre, because a car only needs four; I can have a hood, and I can have a trunk; I can have a steering wheel, and the engine, and the transmission, and the differential wheel, and the drive shaft, all in



three different rooms. I can take a car apart and put it into different sections and put them into different rooms, but that does not give me a car which I can really use. That car that I have taken apart does me no good. It benefits me in no way whatsoever.

We go out, buy a four thousand dollar car, and we are pretty sure that those tyres don't cost four thousand dollars. We know the steering wheel doesn't cost four thousand dollars, and we know the engine doesn't cost four thousand dollars. But the whole thing. when made usable, does cost four thousand dollars. Well, as a matter of fact, you can go to a jet. and that might cost you millions of dollars.

So it's like, we have an energy. We have something that we have experienced and realised in this lifetime, which we know the world is hungry for. We have that energy, but it's all scattered. All we have to do is bring it together and it'll be one energy. The potency, the power of that energy brought together by the premies, by premies just getting together, would be so incredible that I assure you it would make my work in this world, in this lifetime, three quarters easier. And it all depends on premies. Because they have realised it. They know it. And they know how incredible, how peaceful, how blissful that experience really is.

So premies, we all come from different parts of this world, and we come together. Now, I am pretty sure that I could have sent three or four premies to every city, or one premie to every city in this world, little villages and little towns included. And I could have been in one of the cities. But that would not, definitely, make this Hans Jayanti Festival manifest. No. But we all come together, from wherever we were, to one place, to one point. And I need not say more. See what it does? This is the power that we have, by our Lord's Grace. It's the most supreme power really that is within inside of us, that we have experienced. All the premies together can do something which is fantastic.


What is there to say except do satsang, service and meditation? As Bob was explaining to you before, when I say satsang, I do not mean chitchat. Let me explain that to you a little bit. I don't think lot of premies understand that. What I really mean by that is three premies get together and they turn on a stereo, and they have extremely different opinions about that stereo. So they talk about it, they talk about it, they talk about it, they talk about it, they talk about it for hours. Finally, they end up at one point where they say, "Yeah, well okay," and all of the three people agree that that stereo is good or that stereo is bad. Then they turn around, come to another premie, and he says, "Well, what were you doing that evening?" They say, "Oh, we were having satsang about the stereo." That's not satsang. Believe me that's not satsang.

I realised this very recently, that this is what premies were being mistaken about. They would go out and talk about these different ridiculous things, and they would come back to the ashram or anywhere and say, "Oh man, I just had the most fantastic satsang with that guy." Then somebody asks him, "Well, what was it all about?" He says, "I finally talked him out of the price." Well, that's not satsang, you know. You finally agreed, "Okay, I'll give you this unit for 250 dollars instead of 500 dollars," and you say, "I just had the most fantastic satsang with him." Not that you told him that it was for a spiritual cause that you were taking it. No. That was for your home. You just chitchatted with him, and you think that's satsang. No! That is not satsang.

Satsang is the real, true communication between the person who has mastered it and the person who is listening to that person who has mastered it. Because satsang really means, "the company of Truth." If a person is not in the company of Truth, then how can he put you in the company of Truth? Therefore, if he cannot put you in the company of Truth, how can you ever call it satsang?

So satsang is that point where we have fully realised that yes, this is the Knowledge. When we have really experienced that bliss and the Truth within our heart is the only time we can really go out and give satsang about that Truth, and give the other person whom we are communicating with, whom we are talking with, satsang. That communication can then automatically be called, and will be called satsang. But not going out and talking somebody off the price,


or going out and telling him about how the car broke down, and how graceful it was that they opened their trunk and found this can which is an automatic air filler. Or how graceful it was that their engine broke down, and they walked two feet off the road, and there was a fan belt lying there. I don't think that's satsang.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji, 1975 A lot of people were going around and saying all this, while they really didn't even know what they were talking about, and they were calling it satsang, and misguiding other premies. I don't think that's very fair. I don't think that's very good, misguiding people like that.

So I hope you people understand, and that all the premies understand, that what satsang really is, is when a person is capable of putting the other person with whom he is communicating in the company of Truth. Then it automatically becomes the true satsang, with or without the intention of really giving satsang.

Secondly, we go around, and the guy has been driving all day long, comes home and he is tired. Then he sees me, he gets all excited, and he says, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, that trip was just so fantastic. I had satsang, we had meditation, and it was just beautiful." I wonder,

"You were doing meditation all the way along the road? And you were driving?" He says, "Yeah, Guru Maharaj Ji. I was driving and I was doing meditation and it was so fantastic." I didn't know what that person was talking about the first time I heard that statement. I almost wanted to go and feel him, to see if he still was there, or if it was just his ghost. Because it's pretty hard to drive with your eyes closed, concentrating upon the Holy Word and the Knowledge that has been revealed to us. People think that just meditating on the Word itself is the whole thing. No, That's just a snack. And a snack is not the dinner. So when the meditation comes, it's meditation.

These are just a few hints I want to give you, so that you can understand what we talk about. Really what I want to do is define what it really means, so you can be clear, so that when you go out and chitchat with any other person you don't declare it as satsang, or when you really give satsang to somebody, you don't call it chitchat.

I believe very shortly a lot of premies will be getting ready and departing on the charter. I really don't know when I'll have the next opportunity to see you. I don't know which festival it will be. But what I have told you, I hope you remember. Because it's important. You see, I have realised Knowledge. I have experienced that bliss, and I have become one with it. And I want you also to become one with that bliss, with that true consciousness that you have realised, like I have, so that you can be in that stage which I promised you, so that you can be in that perfection that I promised you.

This is reason why I want you to go ahead and do satsang, and service and meditation. And when mahatmas come along and give you satsang, listen to them. I am pretty sure that we have



sorted out the right bunch of mahatmas, and I hope they'll cooperate with you. Of course, nobody knows about mind, what it might do.


That brings up a whole other subject, Mr. Mind himself. I have given this example a lot of times about what mind can really do to you. Mind is crazy. Mind is really something that every man is into - whether he realises it or not. Consciously or unconsciously, purposefully or unpurposefully, he's into this mind of his. And mind is really a crazy thing. But man does not even realise it; he does not even know it. You know?

This is supposed to be a premie program tonight, and I want to make sure that all the premies understand the most important things, so that coming here isn't just in vain, so that they really understand things. One of the things, the way the mind attacks you, is a very amazing story.

See, what it does is you receive Knowledge and the mind freaks out. When you even talk about Knowledge the mind freaks out, so when you receive it, it's a whole other story. Because the mind just doesn't know what to do. Its concepts are being broken, its ideas are being broken, everything is just being shattered down to where he is really clear, to where he is really, beautiful, to where he is really, really what he is. All the barriers that mind himself is are being shattered, are being broken.

When you realise Knowledge, first of all it feels very beautiful, because you can really concentrate, and it's really blissful. But then after a little while, the mind really freaks out, because it's getting to the last screens, the last curtains, it has put up as a defence against you. It just becomes very freaky for mind, and mind startstrying even harder than it has ever tried before to stop you from meditating on this Knowledge, to stop you from really getting into this Knowledge, to stop you from really realising this Knowledge.

What it does is it fights you. That is a time when a lot of premies feel a lot of confusion. But still, there is this Knowledge which is the strongest thing that can be, and mind knows that it can't fight it anymore. So what it does is it takes off. It takes off for a sort of vacation, to figure out a real proper method of how to get you.

So he goes off, and he thinks, "Well, what would be the best way I could get that person? He has got Knowledge goin' for him, he does meditation, he hears satsang, he gives satsang, and he does service, he does a lot of service. What should I do? What can I do that'll interrupt him?"

The mind finally figures it out, and he has got this whole plan worked out. He comes to you, and says, "Premie Ji, Jai Satchitanand." You turn around, "Who is that?" And he says, "Premie Ji, Jai Satchitanand." Because you are so accustomed to saying "Jai Satchitanand" every time somebody says "Jai Satchitanand" to you, you turn around and say, "Jai Satchitanand." You don't know who you said it to, but you just say it. That was the first thing you did.

Then the mind says, "Isn't everything just beautiful? Isn't everything just great? I mean, look at the love that you are experiencing. Look at how strongly you do this meditation. Look how much you do this service. Look how dedicated and devoted you are." And you say, "Yeah, that's right. That's true. I am very dedicated, and I am very devoted, and I feel love, and I …" So the mind says, "Well, today is Sunday. Maybe you should take a break. Forget about those parties and picnics you have. Just take a break. Just stay back. Just pretend you are doing meditation and go to sleep. You need sleep. You are tired." You say, "Yeah. I feel very tired." And that's it. That's just about what it takes. That's when we find premies who are half sleeping, pretending that they are doing meditation. They are sitting by the wall, and they are snoring.

Slowly and slowly it starts taking over, because you have let it take over. The approach was so intelligent, the approach was so fine, so really, really precise, that you never even knew that it was there. Then after a little while it says, "That's it for your meditation; that's about it for your satsang. And that's it for your service." That when premies go, "Well, I can't do service."


It's so crazy, that for one second we don't stop and see what is the matter with us; why are we deciding that we cannot do service. People say, "Well, I just can't do service. My mind is not this way," or "My mind is not that way", or, "I am not experiencing this," or, "I am not experiencing that."

Prem Rawat dressed as the God Krishna, Hans Jayanti festival, Orlando in 1975 Sometimes people come up to me or write to me. When I get one of those letters in my hand, I just don't know what to write to them. It's like, whom are you kidding? What are you talkin' about? You can do service as good as anybody else. And you can be at that point where I am. So don't give me that story about how you cannot do service. That's very old. I have gotten that too many times. It doesn't work.

And then, that's it for the meditation, when mind starts saying, "Listen. You have done enough meditation. This ought to get you through." Well, tell me one thing. When you sit down at your dinner table, take your first spoon of food, and you eat it, if somebody comes along and says, "You've had enough," what would d you do? I know what you would do. You would turn around and punch the guy right in his face, and say, "Mind your own business. Let me have my dinner."

But, with mind … I mean, we don't understand. Mind does the very same trick to us. It comes right on, and says, "You have had enough of that." So then, premies, that's about it for your meditation. Then that's not the end of it. It comes along and says, "Guru Maharaj Ji is beautiful, and Premlata is beautiful, and Raja Ji and Claudia are beautiful, and Marolyn is beautiful, and all the mahatmas are beautiful, and all the premies are beautiful. Maybe you just need to take a break from the ashram. Maybe you've got to go out and go to the Pacific. Maybe you just got to go out and go to the Caribbean. It's only going to be about two, three years, and that's about it."

You say, "Great. Just what I need. I need a vacation. Man, after all, I mean anybody would get sick and tired of this." Then along comes a mahatma, and all of a sudden the mind is shaken, really hard. The mind says, "Don't listen to that guy. He gives you the same old story again and again and again. Forget about it. You really need a vacation." You say, "I need a vacation." And that's it. That's it for your ashram if you are an ashram premie.

So mind really gets to you, mind really affects you, in very, very subtle ways, in very, very subtle manners. And that is the reason, premies, that I come out and I scream and I yell, "Don't listen to your mind." There is something within inside of you which is more beautiful than your mind is, which is more precious, which is more beautiful than that crazy mind.

When I talk about mind I am not referring to your brain - the brain which stores memory, which tells us two and two is four. I am not talking about that brain. That's been given to us. That's God-given gift. That's okay for us to have. That doesn't give us any problems. What gives us the prob-



lem is this man-made monster which we create ourselves, out of fun. You know? I guess Frankenstein thought that it was fun. so we think it's fun, too! So we create this monster.

Premies, it's really time for us to wake up from our dream stage, to wake up to the point where we can really see everything clear and everything beautiful. Because everything is beautiful. Look at the sky. Look at the clouds. Look at the moon. Look at the sun. Look at this earth. There is every- thin there. Look at the water fall down. Just that mercy that has been showered upon us, that has been given to us. And look at this body; look at the function of it. So precise, so highly developed, that man, after all that technology, has still not been able to compete with it. So highly precise, so beautiful.


We have everything we need. We are the richest. Look. Just look around you, and you will find that it's just so beautiful, it's just so perfect.

You know, when I was in Malibu, at the Residence, and Marolyn had gone into town, the sun was setting, and I came out of the gate. I have never seen the sun set so beautifully. There was this sky which had about four different colours, and then this blue that went darker and darker and darker and darker. Then right by the horizon there was this moon, which was so precious and so beautiful. It was just a thin slice of moon. I looked, there was this ocean, and you could see the duplicate of the sunset on the ocean. The way I was standing was on a hill, and the way you saw it, there were two moons and two sunsets merging into each other.

It was so beautiful that for a moment I stopped. I just stopped. Because we had just had this tour of the Pacific, we went to these places, and it was really beautiful. All this was there too. We appreciated it so much. It was like,

"This is really beautiful." But then, when I saw that, for a moment I could just think of one thing: that beauty doesn't stop anywhere, and it doesn't begin anywhere. It's always there. It's us who depart, who pull ourselves away from that beauty, from that perfection. And we are all lacking it.

At that time I figured, "Wow. This is just so beautiful. I could have been sitting in my room, and I would have never seen it. And would that beauty, that beautiful sunset, that beautiful moon, that doubled reflection on this calm ocean, would that have gone away? Definitely not. It would have still been there."

I am not describing this sunset that I saw right. It was just these stars, they were really bright, and the sky was really dark. Up in the middle you could see the stars, but there was still this horizon just filled with these different colours.

That perfection and that beauty that exists, that's always there. It's us who pull ourselves away from it, who pull ourselves away from that greatest gift, greatest God-given gift that we have got. How many times are we going to do that? How many times are we going to deny our Lord?

I mean, I can't even imagine how man can be as crazy as he is! The Lord Himself reincarnates, reincarnates, reincarnates Himself for the very purpose of saving us. And we do not even realise who gave us the authority to refuse Him! Who are we anyway? From which field do we come that we can reject, that we can refuse, that we can deny our Lord? That is something that I cannot answer. And we do it every time! Because we have got a stupid ego. Because of one simple reason - we have got our stupid mind that's always telling us. For one simple reason we do not understand, we cannot comprehend His beauty, His perfection. We just don't know that we are His puppets.

The world says, "I can do this," and "I can do that." But if it weren't for Him … I think a lot of times about Apollos, about this earth, about a lot of yachts, and I think about cars. And I think if all of a sudden the Lord, the Creator, to whom all this belongs, were to pull the air out of the atmosphere, what would happen to these incredibly expensive jets? I wonder, how would they fly? If this Lord, who has got all the power to do it, did that, we could be screaming as loud as we can, and not do one single thing. He can pull that


road, He can pull the whole earth and just leave us suspended in this atmosphere. I mean, you tell me: can't He? I'm not saying He is going to. Again, I am not prophesying that. Maybe He will. You tell me: can't He? I certainly think He can, because He is all-powerful.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji dressed as the God Krishna, Hans Jayanti festival, Orlando in 1975 LOOK AT HIS GRACE

But look at His mercy! Look at His Grace. What have we done since we have been on this earth anyway? I am not blaming anybody for it, but I am just asking a simple, straight question. We have polluted it. We have misused it. It had everything; it has everything to give us. But we have separated the lands … I mean, it's just a crazy game. We sit there and say, "Oh, this is my piece o' property .

It's like when we see three little kids, or four little kids or five little kids playing, about three or four years old, and they pull a toy from one another. They all start crying. And we are having party, say. When we see these kids crying, and we find out the reason why they are all crying, we say, "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, they

don't know anything. These toys don't belong to them. This one belongs to Johnny, and why is the other one taking it away?" Well, don't you think somebody must be laughing at us? That's what we are doing. We are just quarrelling and fighting constantly in this world, for no reason whatsoever.

Let me give you one example. There might be people here who do not believe in the Bible, and there might might be people who believe in the Bible and who have read it. If Lord could ruin this world, flood it, like this (snapping fingers), then I ask you: couldn't

He do it in 1975? Have we got a contract between us and God that He is not going to flood the world in 1975? We certainly don't. Or I haven't heard about it. But probably we don't.

So when Lord comes to us, accept Him. And Lord is here. He has always been here. How can we make a statement, "The Lord is gone," and then turn around and say, "Lord is omnipresent"? We are contradicting ourselves. He has always been here. He has always been saving us, but it's us who pull out of His shelter. It's us who leave His home and go out and wander in the woods and get lost. But even when we do, He comes along and He saves us, He protects us.

Well premies, that's the glory of Him. I just want to caution you about something. Because the way He is, the way He does His things, He just might decide not to go around lookin' for you. And if He does, you have had it. That's it. It's called "finito." It's all over. So now is the chance, and now is the opportunity to really understand, to realise that Knowledge, that perfection that we have been presented with. I need not say any more. Premies who have come here from different parts, from their centres and their ashrams, should go back and do prachar in their area, and help people realise how important this Knowledge really is.

My blessings to all the premies, and I hope I'll see you soon, in the near future, at one of these beautiful festivals. Because it's really beautiful. You can't deny it, and I certainly can't deny it. Maybe we'll start having more of these festivals. The more of these festivals we have, the more blissful it's goingto be. Thank you very much for coming here. I certainly hope you have enjoyed yourself. And I very certainly hope that we will meet again in the very near future. I love you.