The Golden Age
Together we can do it

DUO Headquarters in Denver, Colorado has a staff of 200 premies. In December, they all met together to deepen their understanding of Maharaj Ji's Mission. Here are some excerpts from the opening address, given by Guru Maharaj Ji.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in DUO Headquarters in Denver, Colorado in December 1975Now why did we even make International Headquarters? What is the necessity of it? This is a common question. I mean, what is the purpose of it? Let's begin from point zero. It's zero, but it means everything. First of all, we are all premies and our main motive, our main objective, is to serve Guru Maharaj Ji to our full capacity, and serve him so that he can serve this humanity in the proper way, the way this humanity needs to be served.

So the primary object is that. And that starts off when we become premies. As soon as we receive Knowledge, that automatically happens, and that becomes our primary understanding. When that understanding really lives with us and we really concentrate on that understanding, when we really respect that understanding, when we really obey that understanding in our hearts, then we are called premies. And then we are premies, and we do experience and feel what has been promised to us. So, that is our primary motive.

Then from that motive, our object is to do service. When you realise Knowledge and you realise Guru Maharaj Ji, then you also realise, "Well, I have to do service." Then automatically, question arises, "What is the best kind of service?" I'm not exactly taking the different services and saying, "Well, maybe the service of a president is better in the organisation than of janitor." No. I am not talking in that sense, but rather, how can that service be best utilised?

So basically, it came down to, "What is the best way to utilise all this service, all this energy that premies are going to be putting up?" The answer was, "Well, let's get together." When we came to the words "let's get together',' it automatically made sense and it automatically involved being an organisation. And that's what we ended up as. We did get together, in fact. It was not like it was a promise that if we did get together and form an organisation, we would be very well off, but actually we are not. No. That was not true. We did form an organisation, and we are very well off, because then all that energy that every premie was investing could really be utilised. It was like forming a savings bank which could store that energy and then spend it in the proper way.

So now the thing is, from that organisation another point evolved. First, it was just America. Then we opened up a full map of the world, and we started to put pins where there were centres of Divine Light Mission-England, Europe, India, America, and different, different, different places.

See, every premie is a premie and when a premie becomes a premie, he deserves what every other premie does. So the fact that I was based in America and the fact that the American organisation was doing very well, led us to say, "Well, okay. That's great. Let's start our International Headquarters from here so that we can equally distribute what we have to share amongst ail the premies." And that's what we ended up as. So then the idea of the International Headquarters began.

The idea is unity. And unity does not come unless there is understanding and synchronisation. That's exactly what we are trying to do. A car driver drives a car which is synchronised. All the actions a car does are supposed to be synchronised, the pistons are supposed to be synchronised, and the carburettor is supposed to be synchronised so that everything works in a synched way. But then there can be one stupid driver who does not have the understanding, and he can press the clutch and the gas at the same time, and the car will just sit there and rev and rev and rev, until it pops a piston. Or he can sit there with the brake and the gas, and just press them all the way down, and the car will stall.

So the factor that we're dealing with first here is understanding. We have to have understanding of what is going on. See, though we work individually and though we eat individually, the common understanding in us prevails that we eat so that we won't be hungry. so that we will get the proper nutrition, and so that we won't die. Everybody in the whole world drinks water. Maybe once in a while we drink something else, but everybody drinks water as a basic factor to quench our thirst.

Now, this is a sharing that is shared amongst everybody. When we see a thirsty man, we can help him the best, because we know everybody needs water when he is thirsty. When we see thirsty man, instead of bringing him 52,000 kinds of food from all around the world, all we need to give him is a little water and he'll be more than happy. So that understanding gives us that benefit. That understanding also gives you a benefit, because you do not know Hindi, but if you want water and you go like this, they'll bring you water. Because you share that common understanding, you really don't know how much it really helps you.


No. 27, March 1976

So, understanding is really, really important even though you might be a person who is driving a truck, or somexe who works, or someone who does ice for International Headquarters, or housemothers. If we have the common understanding, the understanding first of all that we are all facing service to Guru Maharaj Ji and we have to do it to the best of our amity, then it'll boost our service so much and make it much more precise.

Now one other thing that is involved is being synchronised. Say everybody is sitting in a different room instead of all the people sitting here, every individual is sitting in one room right? And I want water. So I pick up we phone, call up, and say, "Bring me water". Then I call up the other one and say, "Bring me water". Then I call up the other one and say, "Bring me water". If I do it four times, there are going to be four glasses of water in front of me. But I don't need four glasses of water. I only need one glass if water. So that energy of those other three people is just being totally wasted. But if we are all in synch, then when I want the water, everybody doesn't have to get up and walk out and get me a glass of water. Just one person will walk out, get me a glass of water, and that will be it.

So synchronisation, especially between premies, is very important, because we share such a beautiful thing between us-this love, this understanding, mm this opportunity that we have to do for Guru Maharaj Ji. We share it and we know that. If we are all synched, then you do not … I mean, it's hard to explain what incredible potential it can provide us if we're all synchronised. You know? It's just incredible. it's almost that we have to be one step ahead of this world. If we are not, this world will be one step ahead of us, and we'll lose it. We will lose it, totally lose it, see. So you have to be in the proper place so you can serve me the most efficient way, so that then I can serve this world the most efficient way.

See when that efficiency's gone, it becomes very, very hard. Okay, let's take this consideration. This is a fact. I am not about to go into this world and go "Kaboom" and let this whole world have Knowledge. I'm not about to go like this and say, "Okay, everybody has Knowledge". I'm not doing that. And you know that. Otherwise, I would have done it a long time ago. No Perfect Master in this world did that, though they had the capacity to. If Jesus had the capacity to come back after He was dead, it wouldn't have been very hard for Him to go like this, and everybody would have Knowledge. But He did not do that. Nobody has done that. And neither am I about to go and do it. The reason is because then you will be left without a service. And if you are left without service, then it's like vegetables are very nice things, but when you leave them out in the open, they start to rot very fast. And when they start to rot very fast, it becomes very hard. There are bugs and insects and flies all over the place.

So, it's like, when every premie understands this Knowledge, there is an incredible energy inside of him. That energy has to be utilised in the proper way. It's like, you can't really take a car and say, "This part is more important than this part." You really can't. You can't say the battery is more important than the carburettor, and you can't say the carburettor is more important than the battery. You just can't do it. Every part in that car is as important as every other, because all these parts put together is what makes the car. If you took something out of it, it wouldn't be a car any more.

You see, it's like this: because I have so many hands, so many helpers on my staff, it makes me like a caterpillar with so many legs. That then makes it very hard for me if one person goes out of synch, because I have to drag them along. Then it becomes very, very hard; it becomes very difficult.

So just try to understand what there is. Don't try to force it into your heads like you are trying to do, because if you do, it's going to be very, very hard. You cannot force anything into your head. That's when you get confused. When premies take literally what I am trying to say and put it down on a piece of paper and analyse that, it becomes very hard for them. See, language is used for communication. But behind that, there is something, and that is what we have to focus on.

So, because of the role International Headquarters is going to be playing, it's going to be very, very important for them that they realise, that they understand the understanding that they are supposed to have. Really, there is not much to say about this, but that you're clear on what your service is, and that you understand that you are synched with all the premies, and then everything will be really beautiful and we can really work the way we want to work. Then we won't have to be sitting around paranoid, like, "What's gonna happen next?" You know? Then the chances of errors will decrease way down. I mean, man makes errors. Everybody makes errors. But the chance of that error being made out of that free will of the mind will be decreased way down. So be, and be at the point where we are supposed to be. Because we need it to be there now. It's like we have to just stop playing gimmicks. If our mind comes to us and says, "Howdy, buddy, Jai Satchitanand", we have to just tell him to mind his own business, because we are going to be serving Guru Maharaj Ji from now onwards. It's very important that we be at that point. Isn't it about time that mind has to stop playing gimmicks? Hasn't it already played enough gimmicks, enough jokes on us? Every sort of joke, every sort of practical joke?

Now is the time when we have to be so clear that when mind comes to us, we say, "Listen, buddy. You are entering the wrong premises. Just turn around and everything will be okay, you won't get hurt." We don't want to hurt anybody. So we just have to be there so that that doesn't happen. You have to be clear. It doesn't matter who it is. We have to all be clear. You are my staff alright, but still that doesn't put you anywhere better or anywhere worse. You are working closer to me, and working more in connection, but that doesn't make you Premie Number A. You still have to do satsang, service, and meditation. And you still have to be a premie. Remember. That's what the DUO Proclamation says. You still have to be the premie. And the first requirement of the premie is that he do satsang, service, and meditation. Then he is a premie.

So here we are, and our duty is also to obey agya. And I think we can do it. We can do whatever we have been expecting to do for such a long time. It can materialise. It's not a very hard thing to do. Just be relaxed and feel easy.