Prem Rawat aka Maharaji dressed as the God Krishna
Maharaji's Speech April 10, 1977: Be Surrendered

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji in Munich, Germany on April 10, 1977.

This, of course, is the last night of this festival, and always whenever a festival happens, there's always got to be a name for it. But, it's like, it's Love, and every festival that's not named you can always, I'm sure, just presume the name, "Love Festival" for it.

Because, like we were talking about Love yesterday, and that is something that we have all experienced. And we've also experienced another kind of love. And I know that when a lot of premies came through the darshan line today, they were experiencing, they were feeling something within their hearts which was different, which was not something that you feel every time you walk down the street. It was not something that you feel every time, you know, you go to the telephone booth. Or it's not a love that you just feel when you sit down at your dinner table. Or it's not the kind of love - it was different. And we have to really realize that maybe that Love has Peace, maybe that Love has - it's that point, and many things happen before, you know? Some people were feeling something, other people were feeling differently. And of course everybody was feeling something.

Now some people, you could clearly see - for myself, I was feeling that it was incredible! That it was an elevating Love, it was an unselfish Love. It exists. There was no reason for it to exist. And of course maybe that was the reason: that it exists.

Because everything in this world we have calibrated, everything in this world we have reasoned already. And if that thing does not have a reason, then it doesn't exist! Because it doesn't have a meaning. If that thing doesn't have a reason that can be logically explained to us, then it doesn't exist! This is what everybody feels. But this is where man comes to fight against that Supreme thing. This is where this lowest piece of dirt stands up and says, "Put 'em up!" And as simple as that, man has gotten so lost.

Of course, I don't know if it's really true or not, but supposedly there's warrants pending against God, because first He was summoned; He did not appear, so they should have it against Him. This is man's head; this is man's thing. And there was reason there. Perfect reason there. Why? Because a lady goes down and says, "It was an act of God that my house got completely torn apart by this lightning."

So they then say, "Right. Because we don't have a reason why that should be … of course, we have reason why there should be lightning, and of course we have a reason why there should be clouds, but the more further we investigate this …"

I mean, people are smart, you know? When they can't or they don't want to take pains enough to go back and find out the real purpose, they just make a theory about it. And they just call it something; call it this or that. I mean, just have different things. It's like they have this perception of God, you know? And in West, God is a big thing. While in India, that's not true. Bhagwan is the best thing. While in other countries, such as where they're Muslims, that's not true. It's Allah that is the greatest thing. Now of course, we have put a word there, we have put a name there, so we can have an association with it. But do we - have we really looked far enough, as we do other things in our life? No! We haven't, because we can't!

There is a fight between man and what is infinite. Between man, which is probably the most ultimate finite thing, and the most ultimate infinite thing. It's a battle between those two, between those two. And it's a constant battle. But the thing is, it doesn't clack. It doesn't make that sound, because it's only a one-way battle. It is individual. It is people who are declaring it. It's sort of like, okay, so they told me that they can't explain why they happen, "Acts of God." What they can explain is: act of John, act of Edison, or act of This, or act of That - and of course there is a name put in front. And that means that if they, you know, invent something or do something, they put their name in front of it. And that's the person who did it. That's the person who invented it. That's the person who made it.

But then when something ridiculous and something horrible happens, they call those an act of God, a merciless act of God. And so it's an act of God if lightning struck the lady's house and it all, you know, burnt down. Then she goes to court, files a complaint, and they say, "That's fair enough. God did it to you. So that's a sure summons to Him. That's that. God has to come, you know, and He's innocent until proven guilty! But since He should come and we should find out if that's really the case, and if it is really the case, then we'll issue a warrant. And you know, I mean, we will see what we should fine Him, and so on and so forth."

You know, here we are. We're going to moon. First of all, to me, that is - that is an incredible achievement, it really is, considering the fact that look how incredible of an achievement it is to walk. And then you look at cars, and that's a pretty incredible achievement, too. I'm not saying that car is a more incredible achievement than to walk. It's not. Walk is more incredible. Look at the computer. Look at the ultramodern, ultra-sophisticated, constantly updated instruments that are used. And a generation system whereby bodies keep themselves up, whereby they keep themselves in a way where it can sustain itself. And it's beautiful.

But you look, you know, it's like, here is a big 747, and there is an American Rockwell Station with a piggy-back on it, you know, taking off. And you see all these things, and it amazes you. You read about it and it amazes you. Okay, that's really fantastic, that's really far out. And then it'll go to moon. Well, of course, that is not a lot of satisfaction. You can imagine that there was a time when there were only swords and spears, and then came the bullets, and then came this and then - now they have machine guns, and they have guns, and they have this and they have that. Well, it's like man's just going. And it's such an incredible achievement to me. I can see how - what is involved.

I used to fly airplanes a long, long time myself. And to me, first, you get it down understanding, "You can make it go like this, and it turns, you know, left, and you make it go like this and it turns right." And the more you start to understand about it, the more you try to learn about it, the more you see how complicated this whole thing is. It's like, of course, the airplane goes down. But it's not the airplane going down, it is the tail going up that makes the nose go down. And the tail going down that makes the nose go up and therefore provides the climb. And this is like, "Wow, this is fantastic." Man is going to moon finally, you know, we're - now all we have to


do is to invent the shuttle. But wasn't the purpose - wasn't that one little satisfaction to this incredible scientist who invented all these things, to this incredible scientist; does he have Peace of mind? If he has the Peace of mind, then why that invention? And this is what we were discussing yesterday; that it's not the desire. Desire - it's like a force, and of course, there is one force that is generated by mind, and of course, there is one force that is generated naturally within inside of us. It's up to the way that force is directed, as to how useful it is, or how harmful it is.

And premies, here we are, in this, in this Earth, now; in this world, now. And what is going on around us is not very pleasant. And the solution - no, there are not very many. And I have seen a lot of people get into their heads about things. They get into a lot of head trips from one trip to another trip to another trip to another trip. That stability in their lives never comes. They never drive, they never just move out in their lives and proceed. But how come it's always so bumpy in their lives? How come it's always up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down? And the reason for that is, is because if the road they travel on is not smooth, they are not, they are not utilizing that Grace that can be provided to them, which can make their whole journey as smooth as possible. They're not, they're not using it. And that is why all those problems occur. Because, like I said once, this world was not made for problems. Therefore there are no solutions. If this world was made for problems, then there would - definitely there would be solutions. But there are none. This world was not made for problems. We just generate the problems ourselves, and now we have to face them.

And we look for a solution. Who hasn't looked for a solution? But is it like - you know, we have to really understand one thing. It is not Knowledge, it is not that experience that has drifted away from us. We have drifted away from it. Because there is a tranquillity, there is a harmony, there is a peace, there is something very gracious, very beautiful, always within inside of us, and then when we get tuned to the rest of our lives, Knowledge is very smooth. And then, when we get away from it, when we are removed from it, then it all becomes very strange. Then it all becomes very rough. Then it all becomes very disconnected. Then it all becomes very dark. And, premies, this is the chance. This is - this is really the chance.

What I can say to you is what I have experienced. And you know, my experience of Knowledge was like - of course, there was a time when I did not have Knowledge. Knowledge was something that I wanted. It was a quest. It became a quest. I used to listen to satsang, and then I became thirsty. And it was like, I had my questions, I had my feelings, I had my, I had my imagination, I had my ideas. What is this? You know, what is Knowledge?

Shri Maharaj Ji used to talk a lot about this wonderful experience of Light, more brilliant than if you put ten thousands and thousands of suns together in the sky. What - how could that be possible? When I couldn't even look at the bare sun, you know? He used to talk about this beautiful experience of - the experience. He used to talk about this Knowledge that is the king of all Knowledge.

You know, and it started making my life - you know at one point I looked at Knowledge as just being something that didn't exist, like for instance, God. Because to me, it only existed in belief. It only existed in faith. And so it was like, maybe Knowledge is just like God, maybe Knowledge is just like it. It doesn't really exist, you just sit and talk about it, and then get all blissed out. You get all feeling nice everywhere, you know? Because you just sit and talk about it. "Oh yes, there is Almighty God." And though you never question it, you can't question it. And you just accept it, and maybe that's what Knowledge is!

And then it was like, "No, wait a minute. This is not that way, because if that was the way it is, that is not… I'm realistic. It is. Then, what is the experience that I experience? What makes, what makes Shri Maharaj Ji, what makes Guru Maharaj Ji, so superior? If what He's revealing is not realistic, if it doesn't exist? How come…"

And it was like, to me, he was my father, and there was extreme genuine respect. And it was like everyone in our family, everybody had a lot of respect. And all of the premies who lived at the residence had a lot of respect. And everything was pretty much kept straight on the nose. But there was a lot of respect, there was a lot of love, and then there was something else, you know? There was fatherly, and there was - that relationship that we had - it was there and it was extremely beautiful. There was fear. Fear of love. Fear because we respected him. But besides all that, there was something far more superior that - that experience - that … when he came to a satsang program, thousands of these premies realized, thousands of these premies gave in, and it was immaculate, you know?

He was - you know, I have a lot of movies sitting in Malibu that were just dug up from Denver, and I'm trying to put this movie together for the premies, because we have a lot of satsang. Then first it was just Atlantic City and all that. But now there's so many satsangs that right now, if we were to put all the film together just a straight satsang, there would be something like six or seven hours worth. But, ah, maybe that's what mind needs - a super heavy dose. Anyway, I was watching Shri Maharaj Ji, Shri Maharaj Ji's movies. They don't have sound in them, and they're not the highest quality. I was watching at the editing table, and then I put them in slow motion and I was watching. And it was exactly - it all came back just the way it was at that time to me: "What is this incredible thing which exists within inside of us, if Knowledge is not realistic?"

And then of course, that time came. And to me it was like - here I was, and I was trying to shoot for this goal that had - that had been made my goal, that had became my goal: Knowledge. But I knew I had to go through this channel, which was Guru Maharaj Ji. And so that's where I had to come, that's where I had to surrender, that's where I had to - it was like, "Yes, I have to go to a certain point, from Point A to point B. But I want to travel through a vessel, and that's G," you know? And so it's like, that day had to come where that's where I had to be. All of me. Not just my body, or just not my brain, but all of me, if I wanted to go. Because what it takes to get there is what I have to put in.

And premies, like that quest, that courage, just kept on going. And then finally one day Shri Maharaj Ji just called me, called us in to sit in his room, and asked us if we wanted Knowledge. And we all said, "Yah." And there was - but then He said,

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Munich, Germany on April 10, 1977

"Bible talks about Knowledge, Gita talks about Knowledge, Lord Ram just talks about Knowledge, and that talks about Knowledge, and that talks about Knowledge. It's pretty flat and straight: Do you want, do you want Knowledge? And everybody said, "Yes" and He said, "OK, sit down" and we sat down.

And I very clearly remember, He turned to me and He said, "Why don't you do meditation?" So I folded my legs and I went like this and I sat like this - this is how you do meditation! And He would have to remind me of when people - of when I see people doing meditation who really don't have Knowledge, because a lot of you do meditation. And then He just laughed at me and said, "Yeah, exteriorly this is how you do meditation, but not really internally." He said, "You're like a hollow bamboo. Doesn't matter how strong you are on the outside, but when somebody beats you, you sound empty." So, it was like, so beautiful, because then that started happening and I received Knowledge, and it was pretty fast.

And then He said, "Look! You have Knowledge. This Knowledge has always been within inside of you, and now you have to practice. If you really want it, it's not the matter of me giving it to you, it's a matter of you. Now that I have opened the door to you, now you must try to utilize it. You'll experience more and more in your life."

And you know, to me, it was always a very interesting subject. I was never into sports, and as a matter of fact I would get sick trying, you know, when everybody would be jumping up and down and everything. And then lunch hour, we'd be doing this or that and I'd be, you know, try to sit down in a corner. And sometimes it would be like the teacher would be gone and everybody would be sleeping in the classroom or something. I'd just put my head down, and that's when the teacher would say, "Go asleep;" everybody goes to sleep. And it was - I was very young, you know? It was like, I had to associate so much in my life, in that little life. I had hardly an experience of this Knowledge. I had to associate everything. I had to really know what I was doing.

Because if I didn't, then how could something that my father, my Guru Maharaj Ji, has described so incredibly to me, how can I just kick it away. How can it just be a toy for me? How can it just become a toy for me? And I had to do a lot of meditation. I had to meditate. But then in my life it just became very, very clear.

And one thing that I wanted - and you know, I still haven't forgotten this, and I want you to know it. And that's the secret almost to this Knowledge, is that you have - one thing I understood: it's not what He gave me that day in that room that did it, it's when He let me come to Him. When He let me, when He opened the door and let me merge within inside of Him, by giving me that Knowledge, that did it. That made sense to me. That made me realize something. Through that, everything was wonderful, everything was Knowledge. But in my, in my life, it was so beautiful that …

This is the way, I guess, I can explain my story to show - the point is that I had got out of this, because I wasn't, I hadn't been going through a very heavy experience, so that like, I was really in search of Peace, you know, and going from trip to trip. It was never a trip. My life - it was full reserves forward: "Do you want Knowledge?" And hearing satsang and giving satsang, and hearing satsang, and giving satsang, and just, you know, talking about that internal experience had just opened up so many doors, so many channels, so many, so many things for me.

And it's just, it became so much that when I took the ride in that taxi; when I took that ride in that boat, you know, one thing I realized is that, I don't care about this ocean. Yes, I know this ocean is rough and tough and I don't want to land in it. But I realized one thing, when the next time, when this boat reaches its destination, I don't want to get out of it. I want to ride back. I want to ride more with it. Because where am I going to go? Where is it going to be?

I can get lost always. I can be going around this earth; this earth is round, you know. I used to even associate it physically, this earth is all round, and I would start walking from one place and I would just go, you know, towards South Pole, and I would fall off this earth. And then I would completely get lost, you know? And it was just physical association, and then more and more I learned geography, that it doesn't happen, even if you go to south, then you don't fall off.

But one thing that I really understood and I want you to understand, is that the key to this whole thing is Guru Maharaj Ji. It's not only a matter that He comes and opens the door for us. It's not the matter He's the captain, He navigates, and He takes care of us, and He takes you towards that - and not only creates an interest in our hearts towards this Knowledge and says, "Come, I'll give you Knowledge. Come, I'll give you Peace. Come, I'll give you that satisfaction you're looking for." But He's the person that I realized that I wanted to stick to.

It wasn't the matter of Knowledge. Because I knew that every time I was there, I couldn't wander off. Where could I go? But if I would stay on the shore, there was a billion chances that I could jump back into the ocean and then I would be all lost-just like I was. And to me, before, I wasn't even lost! Because I didn't even know what lost was! It was very simple. But then when I realized Knowledge, it was like, "Wow, I am lost. I was lost." There was a far more greater purpose in my life than I could have accomplished.

But to me, it's surrender. It's devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because so far we keep … keep this string tied to Guru Maharaj Ji. Keep our - keep ourselves surrendered to Guru Maharaj Ji. He will take us, and He won't let us wander. But the day we stand on our own feet and start to walk our own way, we're going to fall, because we have every time we have gotten up. And this is the first time in our lives somebody came along and lifted us up and said, "I'll take you." And when we leave that hand, we're bound to fall again.

And it's just like, okay, mind and trips and so on and so forth. You can look at it any way you want; but to me, satsang, service, and meditation are food, you know? To keep me alive, when Guru Maharaj Ji is my life. So, if I leave Guru Maharaj Ji, and I keep on eating, then it's like a corpse trying to eat food: what would be the point?

But if my life, if I could stick to my life, then automatically those things will be provided. Because what I'm dealing with here, what I am trying to realize in my life, what I am trying to become one in my life with, is a far more superior person, and is far more superiority there; that omnipotent, omni-


present; and omniscient - so what is a piece of apple, you know? What is a piece of banana? What is this and what is that? And everything can manifest for me; it has, you know? And this is why I'm here. This is why my realization is where it is at, is because I've surrendered myself.

And I could - I know I could have made that horrible mistake. And maybe I have and maybe I don't remember; maybe I rejected that idea of surrender. Why should I do it? But, I tell you, you know? I'm glad I did, because today the result is extremely, extremely incredible. And to you, you have Knowledge, if you have experienced Knowledge some way or the other, you want to advance in it? Be surrendered.

You know how to surrender. If you don't want to surrender and you wait - or you just come, you know, like I was explaining yesterday, come in front of the doors, and go, "Knock. Knock. Here I am, Maharaj Ji, just arrange me a room. Tell the cook to prepare me a nice meal. Very warm blanket, I prefer an electric blanket, please. And here I am." No! This is surrender from whatever it is within here - that's what everybody says. I don't think it's the heart. The heart's just pumping blood. But there's something that everybody says is right here. That's what we have to surrender to.

And so premies, you know, I can keep on talking about my experiences, but I want you to have that same experience that I have had in my life. And you want to know the reason? And the reason is because I love you. There's nothing else involved here. Because, because there's not supposed to be reasons. As a matter of fact, we're not even playing the cards. It's just very, very straight. It's because I love you, and I want you to have the same exact experience that I have, and that is why I keep on screaming and shouting, "Do satsang, service, and meditation. Surrender. Have that devotion."

If you lose focus, if you lose sight - doesn't matter how good of a driver you are, if you lose your eyes, you cannot go anywhere. Doesn't matter how good of a driver you are. Your arm can be right there, and your steering wheel can be right there, but if you lose that focus, you lose that aim, then everything will go down the drain.

And so you can function in this world perfectly normal, you know? Whatever you want, you do. Whatever you want to do, you can do. But keep that string tied to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because so far that surrender can manifest within our hearts, you know?

Today people make all these different dreams in the world. What for? Where are you going to go with it? You know?

When Alexander - or at least this is what the story is, it sounds good to me, you know, it's true. I don't know if this is really true or this is not really true, but when Alexander was dying in India - alright - he called his minister, and he said, "My only last will is that when I die, take my hands out of the coffin - when you take me to bury me - take my hands out of the coffin and when you bury me, on my headstone, write: 'Alexander the Great, who almost conquered the whole world, came empty-handed in this world is going to go empty-handed from this world.' "

And so premies, whatever your goal might be in physical achievement, I don't know what it is. But I know one thing: If I have to work to earn money, I wouldn't try to work so that maybe one day I can become a billionaire, and do this and do that in my life; but I'd like to work to be able to make money to be able to go to these programs. (Applause) To support that belief in, support that purpose, why Guru Maharaj Ji is here, and then this is how it's going to work.

It's completely up to you and it always is going to be up to you. Unfortunately the rail of the boat, and I may say unfortunately, the rail of the boat all around, is only so high.

I wish it was so high that we could never cross it once we were inside. But for some strange reason it's only so high and we can always jump over it. So it's up to you. And you need my assistance, you need my help, I'm here. And I think that what I'm doing, you know, giving you darshan, giving you satsang, you know, is what I can do for you. And I'm doing it. And I'm doing it. And rest is completely up to you to take it, utilize it.

The Knowledge that has been given to you, to use it in your life or throw it all away, just like it was a bunch of junk. And a lot of people have done that in their lives - just thrown it away; gotten into their own head trips about it. What for? What are you going to do now? What are you going to achieve? What do you want to achieve in this world? Knowledge. It's within here, it's not out here!

This world - you see, this is the way it was: Dinosaurs came; there was this prehistoric time, right? And there was - it was hot, and there was, you know, volcanoes all over the place; there was this and that. You know what happened? It all somehow got cleared away, just demolished. And then there were all different kind of trees, all different kind of beautiful plants, all different kinds of beautiful things in this world. Man is here. Man comes. Everything we need is right there and always has been. Any achievement that we try to achieve in this world - it's like a big jigsaw puzzle, you know?

It's like that well, whatever, you know - whatever you have seen. You go into countries where they really use oxes, or they use donkeys, or they use camels, or they use mules. And it's like like a mule, whatever you do, they just go around in circles, all day long. And they move this huge gear, and this gear has a huge - built on it - a bucket, you know? Buckets are on the pivot point. Then it goes down the well, then it brings the water, dumps the water, water goes in the field - Right? But the mule? He just goes around in circles. That's the way with man: his life is the water he pulls and dumps. Him? He just goes around in circles. Okay, this is what has happened for ages and ages and ages.

So now, you know, it's like, I hope that everybody can come to England. You know, of course, I know there used to be a lot of things: premies shouldn't come to this program, and premies shouldn't come to that program. And still sometimes Guru Maharaj Ji would come to that simply because the reason - like for instance this hall. This hall, you know, it's a little bit underplanned. And every program so far has been under-planned since Atlantic City.

And the way Atlantic City program manifested, I mean, if you don't know where Atlantic City is, it's this town, a little bitty town, like, you couldn't see people there. It was just - where I was staying, you know, it's just like, nobody had ever been there for ages and ages and ages. And it was just a town for a lot of people to come in summers, and actually it was winter; cold, and with those winds blowing out - it was an experience.


And there was - like when I came from Europe after doing all the conferences, and stopped in - stopped in - it's like, I was in New York to catch a flight to Los Angeles. And there it was. These premies had these beautiful brochures sitting on the table, and I looked it up and said,."Sure. It's O.K." And then like, "Guru Maharaj Ji, please come, we have this big festival." I didn't even pay any attention to it, but something was there, and that was it. And I flew back to Los Angeles, and then slowly this Atlantic City thing became bigger and bigger. And all it was, was that they were calling a meditation retreat, calling premies to go, to come within that area and to just, you know, come for a couple of days and have meditation and have some satsang, and that was it.

And then it just occurred to somebody to call Maharaj Ji, you know? And actually this is a very dangerous thing for me to say, but if this starts happening everywhere it would be, it would be a mess. But, ah, these premies just got into it, and the then well, it was Marino and Steve and John, came up to me and said, "Are you going to go to Atlantic City? Should we, you know, go ahead?" And then they said, "Well, if you're going to go then I have to leave in a few days to go there and take care if everything is okay."

I'm just like, you know, "What's happening?" And what was happening completely was unique because I was sitting in West Coast, but there was something that was happening. It was just that Love that I was describing that people feel which is not just a physical - this material love that goes boom, and then straight down back like it never existed, you know? And people go in and out of this love, you know.

It's like, a long time ago that example I used to give about Rolls Royces. The poor guy gets in his Rolls Royce. The first day, he gives a party. He gets really excited about it. But the next thing you know he's not all that excited because he doesn't give a party again. And the third day, you know, well, definitely he's not, because he hasn't given a party yet. And it's just like, you know, all that love, all that affection just goes down the drain after a little while.

But this affection just climbs up higher and higher and higher. And it was just, that was exactly what was happening. It was just becoming more, you know? And so I said, "Okay. I'll go." And here we were, doing the Atlantic City festival - it was the smallest festival so far since I've started to do these programs.

I don't know what to call these programs - but it's "Project Action" almost, you know? Because action is happening all the time. Something's always cooking. And - in premies' hearts it's cooking, you know? And then Guru Maharaj Ji - it starts cooking in Guru Maharaj Ji's heart, and it starts cooking in everybody's hearts.

And a lot of premies have, you know, come out of rat holes, and that's what I call it - when people are set back into their mind, there's the only proper definition: rat hole. And a lot of people, premies doing Active Membership, it happens - it was, it was really beautiful - and everybody said, "Wow!" This is fantastic! Let's have some more programs!"

Then I took this vacation, and we drove all the way up - it was, it was meant to happen, you know? There's no way, and you can't reason it, why. Because we were going to take this vacation; two motor homes, and one Suburban, you know, a little - a jeep with a trailer behind it, towing. And all these premies were going. We were all driving.

We went to Yosemite, it was supposed to be beautiful in Yosemite. But we got to Yosemite and it was completely freezing there, you know? And we tossed from one point in California all the way to the upper coast and here we were, we find ourselves right outside of California's coast, into Portland, Oregon - into Oregon.

And slowly, you know, there's a build in the air and there was - the premies said, "Oh yeah, what about this retreat that the premies are trying to put in Oregon?" and so on and so forth. And all of a sudden it was just like, somebody took a golf club, took a golf ball, and bounced it so hard, and everything just started to happen. And before you know it, there was a program. And it was just like, planned. We went zig-zag all over California to be able to go to Portland. And it was all planned for that.

And it was really beautiful, because the amount of days it took us to drive there, to get there, it took us only one day and one night constantly driving to get back to Malibu. And that's what we said down at the program. "Well, we went from here to there there and there to there, and got - and ended up in Portland." It was the only program inviting premies to come to Portland from everywhere - a beautiful program. And a few more premies than Atlantic City.

And the Denver program happened, and premies just started to come - it all started slow, you know. It's just like premies had to let go! And premies had to let go. Because you can have this big fight to defeat within inside of you: "Well, should I? Is it worth it? Can I stay on the boat? Am I going to sink?" Yeah, you're so smart, you're a hundred miles off the coast, you're a hundred miles south of where you land, right in the middle, and and you say, " Yeah, I'm so smart, I'm going to jump this boat." So you think if this boat is going to sink …

It's just like - this guy is just taking a cruise on Queen Mary. And all of the sudden, standing in the back, and he says - I mean - there's nothing wrong with the boat, everything's fine, and everybody's having a nice time. And all of the sudden - he's just thinking in his head about; "This boat's going to sink." And he just starts confusing and imagining this boat is going to sink. "And if the boat goes down there's so much water and I'm going to get sucked in and then I'm going to die, and the sharks are going to come and eat my meat, you know, and it's going to be terrible." He just jumps off! Perfectly okay ship, got everything going with it. He just jumps off! You know … So it's completely okay, premies. If you want to jump off, then jump off! It's going to be hard, you know? Or in our lives we can really do it. So I suggest - and if you want to be all smart and if you want to listen to somebody who's got a little bit of experience here - beautiful!

But I'd also like to welcome you to the Love Festival in England. And then I'd also like you to welcome, you know, yourselves to that festival so that you can enjoy, you know, not just because somebody said so. But - come if you want to come; because you want to have darshan, because you want to have satsang, because you want that bliss. And I'd also like you to, you know, really, really do it - you can.

And still more satsangs are going to keep on happening, and I'd also like to invite you to the Peace Flight Festival that's in Montreal. And that's the thirtieth and first, and I think it's going to be very beautiful.

And I just want to say, I love you.