Guru Maharaj Ji: Hans Jayanti Satsang Excerpt - November 9th, 1977

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Rome Excerpt from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang on the second night of Hans Jayanti, Rome, Italy on 9th November, 1977.

Dear premies, this is such a wonderful day. At least in my life, today is a very special day; today is a very wonderful day. Today's the birthday. Hans Jayanti is jayanti of Shri Maharaj Ji. And on that holy occasion, on such a wonderful occasion, we have been all able to come, all able to attend, all able to come from different parts of the world, to be able to celebrate, to be able to share the joy, the bliss, of this wonderful day, of this wonderful occasion.

Of course, today, in body, Shri Maharaj Ji really doesn't exist within us. But yet we know, and we can feel it, and we can understand, and we can really - well, quite clearly see, that the reason why he came in this world, the reason why he even got born into this world, the reason why he went from place to place, spreading this beautiful Word, spreading this very beautiful message to all people of the world, had no distinction. He had no reservations. He went to everybody, door to door, just telling them that they have this human life, and that in this human life it is possible to realize the purpose of this human life, to realize the goal of this human life. It is possible to merge with that oneness, to merge with that incredible thing, to become one with that ultimate.

And he went from door to door; he slept at railway stations. And maybe - you know, if you are from America, or maybe if you're from Italy, or from different parts of the country … of course in a lot of western places that doesn't make really any difference; they're very nice. Railway stations have lounges and so on and so forth, so it's not that bad. But not in India, not at that time - pretty terrible. What you end up with basically is these old benches, very, very uncomfortable; no sleeping place, hardly. You can sit up, or if you can't find a bench you've got to sleep on the floor, and the trains coming, and everybody just shouting and screaming. And very, very uncomfortable. But he went, and he travelled everywhere he could. If all he found was bread and salt and water, he contented himself just by that. Premies, just for one very, very simple reason.

And now, how lucky we are, really. How lucky are we that on this very day we can come here, and celebrate the jayanti, the memory, of such a person, of such a Perfect Master. And, premies, it's obvious what he was trying to tell the world. There is no doubt about it. That there is that peace, that there is that one love, that there is that thing that we seek in our lives today possible. Today, it's possible, today it's available. And this is why I think it's a very special day. And it's always going to be a very special day in my life when premies are going to be able to come together and I'll be able to give satsang to them. It's always going to be a very special day, because this is what we are all here for.

Excerpt from Guru Maharaj ]i's satsang on the fifth night of Hans Jayanti, Rome, Italy on November 12th, 1977.