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Hidden Light magazine

On November 28 Guru Maharaj Ji arrived in Denver and almost immediately announced that He would make a national tour, in order to grant all premies darshan and to answer their questions. Below is the satsang he gave to National Headquarters premies on the day of His arrival.

The reason I wanted to talk to you is that many premies who are working are having many kinds of confusions. Let me tell you this thing, that so far I have been able to deal with these confusions: These are not new confusions, but they are real. So far, it looks like: we are sitting in a seat, we are sitting in bench in a car and driving it, but if the car goes faster than the bench, you know what will happen? Guess what. You'll be out of the car, probably killed, and the car will be somewhere else. But it has to be attached very properly, it has to be hooked up very properly so that the speed the car is moving, the bench also moves: And this is the exact thing which happens when we get into service, because I understand many people haven't been able to do much meditation but more of service. I have told you this a lot of times: service is important, but that doesn't mean you quit on meditation. Meditation is very important.

The greatest thing

But then I know some premies have a habit, who will just say, "Oh well, we can't do service, we just got to do meditation." And then they'll put their blankets over them and go to sleep. One of their excuses, you know, one of their normal excuses.

Now listen: You have come here, into this mission, searching for something, looking , for somet.:ing, looking for that greatest thing you ever lacked, the greatest thing you ever wanted, the greatest thing you wanted to feel about. Now if you will for a moment let your power of presumption – because, it's like, when you are in New York City, you are presuming for nature to be beautiful, but then when you see all the buildings, no matter how beautiful you want it to be, it just doesn't work out so beautiful. Because it's like you see it, but it just doesn't work out that beautiful. But when you reach to that most beautiful place, and you see it; and you imagine the more beautiful perfection than that beauty, then you just completely stop enjoying that, and you just hit for more, just start hitting for more. And what happens when you reach to that point where it's really, really beautiful, as soon as you hit it, you see it for a second, for a split of a second, and then you start hitting for further more. And then you also don't enjoy that beauty.

Now this is a path, you know this is a path, and like, you have to completely grow into it, you have to completely move into it. And there is going to be a certain point where you are going to start from zero. Because a car doesn't start from sixty miles an hour and just keep it up. He has to start from zero miles an hour; and no matter if he has got 84. cylinders in it – it's got to start from zero miles an hour and then develop itself. There is going to be a point where it's going to be zero, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 till sixty – there is going to be a point. And like, when you reach to a point you just imagine something still faster. And that faster speed you are going in becomes nothing for you, it just completely just becomes illusion for you – you just hate it, you don't like it – it just really becomes crazy for you, because you are going that fast yet still you want to go faster. Because, it's like, you have completely devoted yourself, not to the meditation, not to the service, but you have devoted yourself to just presuming the fastest speed. And then you reach to no point. Because when you are reaching to the perfect point, your mind wants to go to somewhere even further more.

"Let me do it for you just relax!"

It's like you have laser beam. And with a laser beam you can cut through anything. But if you are focusing on the refrigerators, these bolts are not going to burn, these beams are not going to burn. You have to focus it right there, where you want to burn it, at the pin point and then it'll just start burning. It'll start from a point, and then just burn the whole thing up – just completely, the whole thing. And then it's burnt. And this is exactly how the Knowledge is – it's like a laser beam. And you've got to focus it to that crazy mind, and it's going to start from a point and then just burn the whole mind out, completely whole mind out.


Hidden Light magazine Many premies think, they just kind of sit and say, "Oh man. I don't understand. I'm not feeling anything." It's like there is a point in our lives where we say that we are not feeling anything when actually we are feeling the greatest. Because we always want to reach higher and higher. But that little jerk of just going in higher and higher has to be broken down. Because now you have to surrender yourselves and let that person guide you, let that person make you go somewhere.

Now if you are drowning, this is, I think a very perfect example – if you are drowning, you know that if you want to swim you move your legs and you move your arms. Right? Now someone comes to rescue you and he is swimming, he knows how to swim. But he won't swim fast, because he hasn't got engines on his back – he is using his arms and legs, he is using the most usual procedure. But what you do, is because you want to go fast, you start moving your legs and arms – which throws out the system of the swimming which the other man is trying to work out for you. Because he hits his legs up and you hit your legs back down. He is trying to go through a usual procedure, and you are just going like this; you take his arms, you tangle him up, and he can't swim. He says, "Will you cool it? You know? Let me do it for you? Just relax!" But there is one point where you just can't even relax. You don't want to relax, you just want to go like that, go like that, go like that, go like that, go like that because you want to get out of there. Sure you want to get out of there. That's just not the way to get out of there, you know? Because you will never be able to get out of there that way.

Really beautiful

There is something called "take it easy," and that's really something which you have to be mellow about, you have to be one in meditation, you have to be really understanding, and you have to really feel. Because you don't want, when you are growing in meditation, you don't want to jump. You want to feel the every. -inch, the every millimeter, the every centimeter of that growth you are growing in because it's just really beautiful, just really beautiful. When you are given a very high dose of any injection, the doctor has to start you from little, little, little so that it's like you are growing into it and you can feel it, you know, but you are still growing into it, growing into it, growing into it. And then suddenly one day he gives you that biggest dose. And it's perfect. It does what it has to do for you. Still it doesn't freak you out, you are still in perfect condition, you are still in beautiful condition, and this is what you really have to do. You have to do meditation.

It's like many premies have confusion about the Word. Now they think that the Word is something that they are going to speak. No, the Word is within inside of us, and we have to concentrate upon, that vibration coming within inside of us. You don't have to pronounce it. It's being already pronounced. We have to concen-' trate ourselves in that self-pronounced Word which is vibrating from within inside of us. And then, when we do that, that's where the real concentration comes. Because I have known that many premies just try to speak that Word, you know? Just try to speak that Word while they are trying to do meditation, then try to concentrate on it. It's like the same mind is trying to double-cross you. Because it's trying to pronounce the Word for you too, and then trying to make itself concentrate into itself - it's just completely double-crossing you. It's like a big circle, a spiral ???? a circle you can be drawing spiraling in for thousands and thousands and thousands of feet if you draw it straight. You can go in a little


circle, and you can just be going like this and this and this and you will never reach any point. But if you have gone around in this spiral maybe 900,000 times in just a very round circle like that, and then if you just make a straight line – that'll be much much longer than that tight circle, and it'll take you to some point.

This is just an example, because that line has to end somewhere. But where it's concerned with Knowledge it doesn't have to end. It can just completely go on till infinity. Remember – we are airplanes that come from a place where there is no gravity. And we have to enter the gravitational force of the earth; that's the point. If we do it a little bit with more force, forget it, you are dead. The plane will burn up. If you do it too slow, forget it, still too bad. Have to just do it perfectly. You have to really do it perfectly so that you can glide back into the earth's atmosphere. And this is what we are; we come from a place where there is no gravity, where there is no love, where there is no feeling, where there is just nothing of that sort that's called perfect, you know. And we are coming into this other planet which has the most of it, the most of it.

Direction perfect

And we just really have to be precise. And we just have to follow instructions. And we just really have to see. Because if we miss it, then no matter how much we try and try and try – remember, it's like, you have to go from here – how many miles is from here to Los Angeles? 1200 miles, okay? But if we start going towards New York and we travel 1200 miles, forget it, we are never going to reach Los Angeles. Understand? It's not 1200 miles that you have to cover – it's that direction, too, that counts on it and that counts most on it. Because if you are on your direction, it doesn't matter, maybe you take a handred miles long turn,

that doesn't matter, you will be still there. You are proceeding towards the direction that just really is perfect. But if you lose your direction and you go 7,000 miles, that does make a difference because you have travelled all thaw 7,000 miles without proceeding towards your destination. And this is what-really many premies are trying to do. I just want to make them understand.

Learn everything

Understand is not a thing that you just go and pinch somebody and he feels pain and that's understanding. No. Understanding is not like that. Understanding is something even much more subtle that you have to open yourself to. Then only can you understand. If you think you are understood, you can never understand anything. Because this is what Krishna says to Arjuna, "Arjuna, I will give you this Knowledge because you are pure in heart, because you have emptied yourself for this Knowledge to me, I can give you this Knowledge." He says, "If you 'want- to receive this Knowledge, you have to come like a baby's heart" – now what's a baby's heart? He just wants to learn everything from you – he just wants to learn everything from you. He just, like, he never really feels that he has understood anything. For him, he knows how to open a candy up; he will tear it off. Means, he will be able to do it, but see like, he will just never go, "Oh, I will do it," means, it's just like a. – well, there is one point where children get like that, you know, they won't let you open their candies up – but there is one point where they just want to see more of it, they just want to be open-hearted to you for you to teach them how to do it much more perfectly than they know.

And this is what we have - to understand: that no matter who we are, and how many years old we - are, still we have learned nothing.

But we just have to confirm three things: that we are proceeding towards the correct distance, to the correct destination,- towards the correct side, direction – this is the first thing we have to confirm.-And how do we confirm? We don't go to a post office for that. We don't call the tower for that. We have to see it. Are we or are we not? Because man is really merging towards that; he knows, he can feel it, he can see it, he can understand it, he can see himself, he can feel himself merging to it. Now maybe you're travelling at 200 miles an hour, which is a lot, of speed for a car to go. Still how much, you know, it's like,

how much is it covering on its way? It's coming along, but for maybe 7,000 miles it's still going to take a long, long, long time. It's like a jet travels 560 miles an hour, but from New York to Denver it still takes a long, long time. Well, when we think, "Oh, man. We are sitting in a jet. It should take a split of a second to go there," we're sitting in a jet, after all, which moves faster than anything, but that doesn't mean if it moves faster than anything it'll be there in .a split of a second. Means, this is just really, you have to understand, you know.

Be open

It's like I am telling you, but I am not even supposed to tell you. Really I am not supposed to tell you; this is something you got to understand yourself. Really feel yourself and completely be open to it. Well, maybe I am trying to do you a favor, trying to tell you something you don't deserve. And, this is just, when a man has opened himself to that understanding, and when he is, that understanding just really coming to him, I can't tell you how beautiful it is. It's really beautiful, because all those doubts, all those confusions, all those things are really being cleared up – which were just completely illogical – which were like a crime, you know? Many premies have this thing that they have Knowledge,


Hidden Light magazine they have everything, but still they are not satisfied. It's like a big thing for them, it's like a big fake for them. But when that understanding starts just opening them up, coming into them, they just really understand. Means, there is nothing more to it, you know, they just 'really really understand. And when the understanding just enters ,them, they just, "I know, I know." It's like when you know something, you just can't even say that, you don't even want to say anything about it. When everything is just really, something's just really perfect, you know. It's like, if you go to the most beautiful view of nature, just really beautiful, just really really beautiful, and you go there and your friend is there, and he says, "Isn't that beautiful?" You don't even want to say, "Yes, it is beautiful," because it's more than that, you know? You just probably nod your head or just don't even say anything, just gaze at it.

So this is what the point man has to reach, but certainly the way we are proceeding towards this Knowledge, it takes a little bit of time, But we have to also open ourselves to that thing. Because if we keep ourselves closed to that, to that understanding, then no matter how much anybody is trying to make us understand it's not going to affect us, it's really not going to affect us. See because, John understood Christ so well, but what about the other people who just couldn't open themselves pa that understanding? Even not one of his disciples, who had received Knowledge – he couldn't open himself. After some time he felt sorry about it, what he had done.

It's like the understanding is something just much more than you think it is. The way you have to just open yourself is just to be humble. Just let it come into you, just let it flow into you, and it will flow into you, and you just let it flow into you, not stop it, from flowing into you. And I and Bob and all these kinda crazy executives here– well, for some people they are crazy, I think they are a little bit crazy as a matter of fact – we were just discussing many many things, the problems have been coming up, and we are coming to the point that we are going to settle all the problems out. Really all the problems that you have been seeing about agya and everything, we're just really trying to settle it up. Because it was like, last time I said that to anybody who wants to ask questions and things, but then I went to Los Angeles and I was in New York; but it's like we just, we are trying to set up everything so that everything can be functioning itself, because I just can't sit upstairs in that office for 24 hours and watch the mission. I got much more, you know? Just got much more to do. Because you people are working for propagation, you are the backbone. Now you people are working for the propagation, and it's like once you become like self-generators, you run yourself, you produce electricity, and you don't need any oil, you don't need anything, just like completely self-generated – need a little bit of grace – and when it's self-generated, then it's like everything just really flows smooth. And this is what I am trying to make up, so that everything can just really flow smooth.

The difference

So I think you should understand what I am trying to tell you. It's important, you know. It's really important. Maybe not now you will think about it, maybe one hour later, maybe two hours later, maybe three hours later, maybe three days later, three months later, three years later, three centuries later. You will understand, you got to understand some day or the other_ what I am talking about, it's really something true. Because the understanding is the most important part, you know. It's like, it's like this magic trick you see which you are fascinated by -- completely, completely fascinated. And then you know, the next thing you know is that you,can also perform the same magic trick. Means, just see that difference: where there was one point that this was such a mystery to you, which was just fascinating to you, it was just peculiar to you, it was just non-understandable to you, and everything was there. And the next thing you know is you are doing it yourself. And that makes a lot of difference. That's really the understanding which just currents you right on and into the source. And once you are there, you feel it for yourself. Thank you very much, may God bless you. Now you can go if you like.