Life Force July-September 1989

As we go on in our lives and we try to pursue something – be it an objective at the end of the lane or something like that, where we want everything to improve, we want everything to be good, we kind of hedge our bets against everything. It's like going to a horse race and betting on every single horse. That way you will definitely win. You may loose on every other one, but you'll win on one. And sometimes we come from that attitude that, "Well, I'm just going to try anything there is and everything." Knowledge, however, really tries to address a very different part of it. Knowledge doesn't try to address that you will be able to succeed with the goals that you have set for yourself. Knowledge is trying to take a look at something very very different. A success that already exists. Something that is already there. Rather than what you could have, Knowledge says, "Let's take a look at what you already do have."

And with that in mind, it's very easy, you see, to try to pinpoint and say, "Okay, will Knowledge do this for me? Will Knowledge do that for me?" And I know, I get these questions all the time. But to just keep in mind that Knowledge isn't going to do anything. Knowledge is going to show what already has been done the day you were born.

Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.)