When can we wake up? When can we awaken our own selves and accept this incredible beauty? Just think for a minute. Put your troubles aside, for a second. Put this world away for a second. Think not of your job tomorrow. Just for a minute. And here you are, You can feel. You can experience. You are 100% biased to joy. Your switch is locked, wired to joy. It could be to pain but it's not. It's wired to joy. And if it's shut that way. Joy every being likes, pain, everybody detest.

And you are here. Of the megabillions and billions of billions of possibilities that could be – of the trillions and trillions of percentages – odds that would be: you are here. And you are alive. And you are real. Not a fantasy. Real. That's reality. That is the best reality I have ever come across. …

You have the ability to enjoy. Magnificent. That's what it's all about. That's what Knowledge is all about. To allow us to enjoy something that is inherently within us. That's why you are here today.

Palm Desert, California