Knowledge Is The Answer

In this world, the question has already been asked. The world has already started to face the problems which are vital for the human race. There is no need to discuss the problems but I would like to present my opinion. In the midst of all this I still sincerely think that this Knowledge, the Knowledge of God, the Knowledge of our Creator, is our solution. Many people might not think so and carry completely different opinion, but my opinion is that since man came on this planet Earth he has always been taking from it. Remember, this planet Earth is not infinite. It is finite and though it has a lot to give it is limited. Maybe now we can somehow manage to stagger along cutting our standards of living, cutting gas, reducing the speed limit more, but the next very terrifying question is, "What about the future?"

I think this Knowledge which I have to offer this world free of charge is the answer. For if everybody can understand that everybody is a brother and sister and this world is a gift, not a human-owned planet, and have the true understanding of such, we'll definitely have peace, tranquility, love and Grace, which we need so badly. I urge this world to try. I do not claim to be God but I do claim I can establish peace on this Earth by our Lord's Grace and everyone's joint effort.

In 1975, Guru
Maharaj Ji made this
proclamation about
his purpose.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1979