Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Answers QuestionsGURU MAHARAJ JI ANSWERS QUESTIONS

(an extremely edited selection from various Q & A sessions.)

You are Hindu, right? This is the religion that you follow? Could you tell me exactly what your beliefs are?

I am not a Hindu …

You're not a Hindu?

… and I don't believe in any religion. I believe in one true religion which has been talked about by the Holy Masters. There is a religion which Jesus had, which Jesus gave to people, and that was realization. He gave them some Knowledge through which they realized something.

Why do people read all these books? Before Christ, there was the Bible, the Old Testament. Before Ram there were Vedas. Before Krishna there were other scriptures. But a Holy Master had to come. Why did he have to come into this world? What was the need


for Jesus to come? He came here to reveal something practical. Very practical. So, that same practical thing, I am telling people about. Same practical thing. Krishna did the same thing, Ram did the same thing, Mohammed did the same thing. So many Masters have done this. Instead of thinking of the religion, they gave something to people: Knowledge. So people didn't just believe, "Yes, you are my Lord," but had that experience.

Now in many places Jesus talks about the Holy Word. He gave this Holy Word to people. Actually I'm using a word "religion" because this is what you said, this word is used frequently. The word "religion" actually started from the word "realization."

Can you explain to us how the Knowledge is a natural thing?



Do you know what nature is?

I think I identify nature as anything that happens by natural laws.

Right. Then suppose something is the source of all nature, what do you call that? Out of nature or in nature? Because the tree you see there will die one day. People exist and also die one day. So what do you call that? What is existing you call "nature," but when a thing has to pass through these stages, then what do you call that? You are existing now and you will also die one day. And then, what will you be?

You see, man cannot think about this Knowledge with his mind. It is beyond his mind. There was a time when there was no sun and no darkness, no light and no darkness. No Earth. No sky. No water. Nothing was there. Can you think about that time when there was no sun, no light, and no darkness? Can an artist make a picture of that time? Can a man discuss something from that nature? But this Knowledge has been in the beginning. Because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. How can you think about it?

Could you clarify something that was attributed to you when you first arrived in the United States? It was in Newsweek magazine. Someone asked you if they should call you God and you responded, "I am human, hands, bones, nose. But Guru is greater than God because if you go to Guru, Guru will show you God." I don't quite understand what you meant.

There can be a huge 100-story building. What is the cost of that building?

It'd be millions.


Suppose there is only one entrance for that. What would be the cost of that entrance?

I don't know. Not too much. Not like the building.

Yes. But if that door is shut, you cannot enter that huge building. So, this is it. I know that God is the Maker. Who will bring Him out? Guru.

I see. So, the Guru is the doorway to God.

Yes, correct. To explain it to people, we have to say it like that, that Guru is greater than God.

But I think it's kind of a strong statement to make.

You see, when I say something I explain it as I have explained it to you. I tell them that if you want to understand more about it, come to me and I will give you Knowledge and they can come and get Knowledge.

Will you tell us how we should care for the Knowledge that you will plant in us?

First have that Knowledge; then it will speak for itself. Yes? Through what methods can we realize?

First go to a spiritual Master, to a true realized soul. Have a heart filled with devotion and pure love Go to him. Request him. And then he will give you that Knowledge.

When do you initiate individuals?

When they become full; when I see that it is okay. Have you ever driven a diesel car? If you take a diesel car and switch it on, it won't start. Now, as soon as it heats up, it will automatically start. The same with this. As soon as the love will fill up, we will have the initiation. Yes?

Can a person come to a Satguru (Hindi word for Perfect Master) and be initiated just by being there?

If a laundryman is not soaking his clothes in water and putting soap on them, but just sitting beside them, he can't wash his clothes. Even if he is sitting near it, he will have to put them in water. Like Arjun. Arjun was a companion of Krishna; he grew up with him. But he gained nothing. As soon as he was initiated, he became his devotee and Krishna became his Master.


Can you give Knowledge without a person wanting it or asking for it?

Why would I? A person will come to me, ask or come to me for Knowledge when he has a desire for Knowledge; when he has some love. Then I will give that person Knowledge. When he is full or overfilled with love for it. Not before that.

Guru Ji, is there a distinction to be made between Knowledge and love, or are they the same?

Love is a medium. Knowledge is itself. Love is a medium through which you try to have affection for one thing. "I love this chair" - my love is a medium to have this chair with me. "I love Knowledge." "I love God." It is a medium through which I will try to bring that thing nearer to me. But there is a great difference between me and my shadow. Through my shadow you can see that I am something. Something is existing; that's why a shadow is there. You can know. When there is love, you can bring it quite near. Your full attention will be drawn toward it.

Will we be self-realized through this Knowledge in this lifetime?

Yes! You will be realized through this Knowledge in this life. That is a definition of this Knowledge. Otherwise what is the use of this Knowledge?

How can I experience that love more completely?

When you are initiated you will experience this Knowledge. See, when you have that Knowledge, you will feel what love is. As long as I am sitting in my house, I cannot sec my house. But as soon as I go outside, I will see the whole house. Until I am in love, I can't see love. I can't experience it. But as soon as I get to Him, where I cannot be separated again, then I see love there. I experience it.

Guru Maharaj Ji, can you explain what makes somebody ready for initiation?

Satsang makes somebody ready for initiation. Satsang is a generator which will generate firm devotion in him, love towards that thing in him. Suppose I go to see the Taj Mahal. I am standing in the main entrance. I am seeing it. A guide comes and tells me that this is a very old, ancient building - then my interest increases. I want to see that ancient thing." [his was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife." Then, This was made by an artist whose hands were cut." My interest is increased more and more by the introduction.

Satsang is an introduction through which man realizes whether he has a

* - Satsang is a term for discourse about the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji


p40 (48K) need or not. I say, "Disneyland! We should go to Disneyland!"Now, "We should go to Disneyland" - our interest is created. But, "Disneyland is beautiful" - more interest is created. "Disneyland has so many types of things" - more is created. And as hear more and more, more and more is created. As I hear satsang which is all filled with the introduction of Knowledge - what it is - more and more interest comes.

Guru Maharaj Ji, can you explain the difference between initiation into Knowledge and the full realization of that Knowledge that you were initiated into?

Yes. Initiation is union. And Knowledge is that pump. Have you seen a tube well? Have you seen the pipe? So Knowledge is the tube well and the pipe is just throwing out water - that is initiation. Knowledge will be the source for that pipe even, for initiation even. When a man will be initiated, when a man will have an initiation, there will be Knowledge. So anyhow, we have to listen to satsang.

Guru Ji, is there a difference between the Knowledge that you have to give and scriptural knowledge?

A great, great difference. Take a piece of paper. Write "water" on it. And take a glass of water, and put it in front of it. What is the difference between the written paper "water" and that which is kept in the glass? There is a great difference, isn't there? One is only written and can't do anything.


So we don't need to read scriptures?

Well, you can read them for information. If it is said that the train leaves at that station you won't leave that station by reading that book. You have to go there. But it tells you about something.

The reason I ask is I have a problem - I read the Bible and the Bible tells me to go in one direction. Then I read Buddhist scriptures and they say to go to nirvana. Then I read Hindu scriptures and they say to go to samadhi. I don't know which way to go.

You are reading scriptures?


That's why it is said that if you try to give water to all the petals and don't give it to the root, the plant won't flourish. But if you give it to the root and not to the petals, the plant will flourish. When a man will have initiation, when he will have that Knowledge, then he will reach samadhi.

So actually, you can say that it is an incomplete thing, sort of, that they have written. Because they can't write Knowledge. in the Gita, Krishna has described all about it, as it is described in the Bible, as it is described in all other scriptures. But they only write their interpretations; they can't give Knowledge.

Give some books to your child. A, B, C, D is written in them all the way to Z, but those letters can't help him. He needs the master to guide him. How to pronounce it? What is it? Before child is given test tubes to experiment on something, first he is taught theory. "This is Archimedes' Principle," or this or that. It is demonstrated that this is what it is. And then, ultimately, when he reaches to that stage where he realizes everything, when he has completed his theoretical part, he is given the practical experiment to do. So before doing that practical experiment, theory was very essential.

Because if we just read books, we will find some indications, identifications. What is the identification for a Guru we will find in books and scriptures. And the reason there is the need for a Guru you will find in scriptures. The Ramayana says that without a Guru you cannot receive that Knowledge and without Knowledge you cannot have that experience of peace which you want to gain. And what is the identity for Guru - it is that when a Guru will come in our life, he will dispel darkness and bring Light in us. So before entering that part, we have to learn theory. But suppose a boy is only reading theory and not doing practical things. He can't work. He can't work!

Tell a boy, "Move the gears and release the clutch and press the accelerator." This is theory. But he can't learn to drive a car by this only. He has to take


the steering wheel and experience it by himself, what it is.

So we have to go with theory, but not remain only in theory. From kindergarten class till Bachelor of Arts, you speak and write sentences. And all the sentences are made with letters from A to Z, from the alphabet. But if you only remain in kindergarten class, "A to Z, A to Z, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP, ABCDEF …" - if you only read that, can you reach a B.A.? You can't. You have read it - now leave it; now proceed further. You have read it - now leave it; proceed further. Gain some more knowledge about practical life. Don't remain only in theory.

People today read the Gita, people today read the Bible and think that they become very holy. But that is not it. They are only theoretical. They are in kindergarten class; they can't reach the B.A. If they want to reach the B.A. degree, they will have to leave that kindergarten class. Reading scriptures, reading all the books - they will have to leave that, and go to further, higher stage, which is beyond this material world.

If you are very interested in reading and writing books and scriptures - okay, read them. But you can't be helped by those. On a map it may be written that, "Here is a crossing and you go left and then you follow the right way, and then again left, and then again take a turn and go." So just read that and don't drive your car can you reach that point? You have read it. You have followed the instruction; now go. Drive your car that way. ['hey have writ ten, "Go to a Guru if you want Knowledge. Without Guru you cannot attain that Knowledge." So go to him, go to realized soul.

When a blind man catches my hand and I am following him - I am not guiding him - where will he take me? Into that well! Because he never knows if there is a well or not. So if the guru is not realized, where will he take us? To that stage where we also will not be realized. Because he never knows himself.

So today, that is a stage with people. They are like sheep. Where one sheep goes, all will follow there. There is a type of fish where if one goes, every fish will follow. So this is the stage of people. We all are slowly and slowly becoming owls, leaving Light and loving darkness. Light is One. Truth is One. And this is all darkness that we see. Even in this light, there is darkness. So what you think is light - it is absolute darkness. Have you seen a lamp? There is darkness under it, and light over. This is the nature of this world. This is what people try to do.

So we have to get that Knowledge from the Satguru. And there is never a time when the Satguru is not in this world. But ignorance, simple ignorance - purposely-created ignorance and simple ignorance - is keeping us away from that state. If we search, we will be able to go there. We will be able to find him. People tried and they were able to reach the moon. Before they tried, were they able? No. But when they tried, they were able. Try, and you will find the Satguru, a true realized soul. But have you ever tried?


Datatrey was a man in India and he tried twenty-four gurus. And the twenty-fifth gave him this Knowledge, completely satisfied him. He even kept on changing his gurus because he said, "This is not a Guru. He is not giving me that Knowledge." And he went on changing, until the twenty-fifth. The twenty-fifth Guru was a realized soul and he gave it. (That never means you also have to go through twenty-four gurus! Maybe you will be in a state where you won't even find the twenty-fifth. It may just as well be that the first will give you that Knowledge.)

So this is it. People say, "How will we realize whether this is Knowledge or not?" It is a very simple identity. As soon as you drink water, what will happen? You will quench your thirst. You will feel that your thirst has been quenched. As soon as Knowledge will come, you will feel that you are getting peace.

So any more questions?

When God created all knowledge, why did He create ignorance also?

To differentiate. To bring out the sun, He had to create night. To bring out peace, He had to create "dis-peace," dissatisfaction of mind. To bring out the beauty of sunset and sunrise, He had to get darkness there. As long as there is darkness, you can't have sunset and sunrise. So you see, to make both things in such a way, to see that "this is it" and "this is it," to create difference, he had to make both things. Yes?

What can you say about karma?

Karma ? As long as there is no Knowledge, believe in karmas, because you will be "overhanded" by karmas. But as soon as you attain that Knowledge, karmas are finished. The results of previous karmas are finished. Yes?

When I have received Knowledge, will I be able to see beyond duality?

What do you mean by duality?

The principle of light and dark. Will I be able to see the oneness inherent in duality?

Yes. Because you will see the creation of one in all, so you will realize. You will be able to see. Yes?

I feel I have attachments that cause me pain and I don't know how to rid myself of these attachments.

Any sort of attachments will be removed when a man will have Knowledge. But even then one attachment will be left. All the attachments will be


p44 (109K)

removed; only one attachment will be left.

And is it good to have any attachment?

Any is wrong, but one attachment is very blissful.

Is that attachment the attachment to God?


Do I seek Knowledge with attachments, to rid myself of attachments, or do I rid myself of attachments when I receive Knowledge?

Before you start a motorcycle, you place your foot over the starter. But when it is started, you remove your foot, understood? You receive the Knowledge in these attachments, but then after that, only useful attachments are left - not other things.

When will I have this Knowledge bestowed on me?

When your heart will be filled with devotion. Yes?

Satguru Ji, is it possible to forget your final goal and not recognize your final goal while on the path?


Your soul, you see, is only attracted to God; nothing other than that.

So my soul will always push me on towards realization?

Yeah. But your mind will try to push you out. Soul has, you see, that feature that can put you in that place. Now this mike- if you try to plug this mike into a tape recorder, you won't be able to. Because it has another feature; and that mike has a different feature, another plug. So this soul has a feature that can only fix in God. Nowhere else. So it can only be attracted and fixed with God. Yes?

Is it possible for a man to realize his past lives before he is God-realized?

What will you do when you will realize your past? Suppose you even realize your past; what good will it do?

Well, I just want to know if it's possible.


To see maybe if other people that have said that they know what their past life is, if that's valid.

You eat for the future, you see for the future, you drink for the future, you live for the future. And you want to see the past?

I don't.

Why are you asking, then?

Well, I'd like to know. I'd like to know if it's possible.

You see, people are very interested in realizing that past thing. I tell them, "Go and read a book. That will be more interesting than realizing that past thing." What has passed has passed. Now it cannot come back again.

Yeah, that's true.

Then what is the good? What is the need to waste your time and energy?

The future is the outcome of the past, though, and sometimes …

Well, suppose in a past life you know that you were dead once. Can you stop your death now? You know that you were dead in the past, sometime. Can you stop your death now?


How can I recognize my true Guru?

I'll tell you: As soon as Guru comes, he will give you Knowledge. As soon as you ask him, he will give you that Knowledge and by realizing that Knowledge, darkness will be dispelled and Light will come to you. You will feel the peace.

So what does one do? Every time you run into somebody that you think is your Guru, ask him to lay some Knowledge on you? And then, just something happens that you…

No, no, it is never that if you go to a shopkeeper, then you will ask him for Knowledge. That is not it. When you go to a spiritual Master, ask him for Knowledge. And if he gives you that Knowledge and your darkness is dispelled and Light comes to you, then it is okay. But if it is not, then he is not a Guru.

I find it sort of confusing because there are all these different paths and spiritual trips going on. And a lot of them are saying, "This is the way," and "I am the supreme Guru," and it becomes very confusing sometimes.

To you! Because it is your laziness, you see? You are relying on whatever other people say. Go and realize yourself what it is. Go and see. Don't be lazy, so lazy that you are not going and requesting Knowledge and realizing something. Go! Feel. Realize what is Truth. Sometimes people - you see what people have done! People have crucified Jesus. Who crucified Jesus? Did the angels come from heaven and crucify Jesus? No, people. They were people who crucified Jesus. Don't believe in people. You can take history and read.

Do you consider yourself to be a person?

I am what I am - I think so. Yes?

What do you know about life on other planets?

Why? What good will it do me? No, I don't want to. I don't want to even realize the life on other planets, because I am living on this planet. I am concerned about this and not others. I have to keep on with my business.

I'm somewhat confused. Does everybody have their own Satguru? I understand there are a number of Satgurus in the world.

There are not Satgurus. When you name it as "Satguru," then it is only one.

There is only one Satguru at one time?

Mmm! Everybody is not a teacher. Remember that. People who teach at a school are called teachers. Those who will really give that true Knowledge are known as Satgurus. And there is only one. Yes?

Guru Maharaj Ji, can you impart the Knowledge of my true inner being to me? Can you impart the Knowledge of Truth to me?


Can you give us some satsang now on true happiness?

I was talking about true happiness, but the doubts were resisting. Truth is unexpressed and inexplicable, because it is the matter of experience. Nobody can explain Truth. It's a matter of experience. Experience what it is. Yes?

You say that we are living in darkness. Is doubt itself a part of this darkness?


I have some friends and they believe very much in evil forces, and that you have to fight against them.

That is purposely-created ignorance. Have you seen people dreaming? They think that they are kings when they dream. Are they kings? It is a purposely-created thing.

Maharaj Ji, when you say purposely-created, by whom, or by what?

By ourselves.

With what purpose?

Just for nothing. Because the human being has to do something besides work in his office. So he will do that.

It's a hobby?

A hobby which is - yes, hobby. Some people have nothing to do. They will do that.

And you can give us this Knowledge? How?

How? That is up to me. That is up to me! Ask for that Knowledge - I will give it to you.

Okay, I am asking you.


Okay, I will give it to you! Yes?

I would like it also. I would like to experience it. I don't really trust words very much. And I don't trust ideas, because I've been thinking about things all of my life. But the only thing that I trust is what I experience. The only thing that I know is what I experience, and I want to experience that Knowledge.


When we receive this Knowledge, will this bring us to oneness with God? Union with Him.


Do you have any words you would like to say to seekers in the Bay Area? We have a recording here that we are going to play on a radio program tomorrow.

Yes, I have a message. They are quite lucky that they are dwelling in the beautiful Bay Area. They are realizing the nature of the sea. And they are realizing the creation of that Lord. But until they see God, that creation is just like food without salt. Man without Knowledge is food without salt. Food without salt looks the same as food with salt, from outside; but when you eat it, it is tasteless- From the outside, when we look, it's very much as it should be. But when we feel and experience it, there's no taste in this life.

God has created so much for people. But what have people created for Him? God has created so much for people ocean, air, water, earth, plants, food - so much for people. But what have people created for Him? Not even a simple true love. So they are going over their credit. So if they can give simple love to the Lord .. Because God says: Give me love and I will give you peace.

I need that love. I am of love and I need love to give peace. I can't just take out part and let it be like that. I can fill that part with peace. I can take out peace from myself and give it to you. But I need love to fill that part again.

So we need to realize His nature and let this world know what God is. And when they realize God, His nature, they will experience how kind God is. Because they can't experience it now. See, they are just experiencing what He has made, but when they will realize Him …

See, the ocean can be traveled over. Somebody can travel over the ocean. And he can find the other side of it. But Ilk merciful Ocean - nobody can find the other side of that Ocean. People can go to the depth of this ocean but in that merciful Ocean, nobody can. Ships sail and get drowned in this ocean. But in that Ocean, if a man goes and gets drowned, from drowned he will come up; he will not be drowned in that Ocean. That is the merciful Ocean of God. But realize why He has created it for them; who He is And they will realize why it was all created for them once they realize Him, His beauty, His nature. This is what I wanted to tell the Bay Area people.