Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1979

What Can This Knowledge Be?

Guru Maharaj Ji in Hong Kong, on June 1, 1975

So if you have received this Knowledge you should meditate. And if you have not, try to understand, "Am I getting the proper thing?" Because this is very, very important for you to understand before you get this Knowledge. This Knowledge is not an apple. You can't think, "Maybe I made a mistake, so I'll throw it away and get a new one." This is not t like that's. Once you throw it away, that's it. It's like jumping off the sixteenth floor and saying, "I can come back up again." Well, it's very, very hard. You have to get every bone in your body patched up and that is ijif y live!

It", very, very important that's first you understand if this Knowledge is what you want. The understanding of that comes from satsang, which is the company of Truth, which is listening and understanding more and more about Knowledge.

Trying to picture this Knowledge is impossible. Saying, "What can this


Knowledge be?" is totally impossible. Never in your mind can you picture something like this, for this thing is totally infinite and our mind is totally finite. There is a certain limit to which we can think with our mind and after that it stops; it can't go any further.

You can get to the seventeenth floor of a seventeen-story building and maybe to the roof, but from there you can't go to the eighteenth because there is nothing there. If this were the Empire State Building, you could have gone to the seventeenth and kept going, but that also stops at one point. The mind can only picture something which is very, very limited, but this Knowledge is not limited. Therefore for us to try to picture this Knowledge which is not limited is very, very hard. And not only hard, it is impossible. Totally impossible.

Yet we have to understand, "Is this what I want?" and to determine that it is, so that when we get it we are ready to receive it. Of course, if we just throw a seed on the ground it will grow somewhere, but then why is there all this struggle with land? Why do we have to cultivate it, give it the proper manure, give it the proper water, the whole treatment? It's because when that seed is thrown it should grow properly. It should grow and give as much as it takes. That is why it is very important that you're ready to receive this Knowledge before you take it. Understand that this is what you want. You have to get to a certain point where you can say, "Yes, I want peace."

This is so beautiful, because when many people listen to satsang some of them really understand that this is not the apple pie they have been looking for. We can put up a big poster outside the satsang hall saying, "What you want you can get here." And a person who wants an apple pie might walk into the hall expecting somebody to come along with an apple pie to give him. But when he listens to satsang he says, "This is not what I want." This is what satsang brings forth, "Is this what you want? Is this the Knowledge you are looking for?" Because to some people all they want are some beads or a mantra to chant. Well, that's a different story and that involves a lot more explaining because they're into their heads. They say, "Well, that might be the way to liberation." But of course it's not.

In order to finally understand Knowledge you have to cultivate yourself: "Is this what I want?" And you have to cultivate differently for sugar cane than for rice and differently again for wheat. But when you understand that, "Yes, this is what I want," then you'll say, "Yes, I want Knowledge."

You know, there is nothing more left to say. Here it is. You want it? You can get it. You have it? Then meditate and tell other people about it. Does anybody have any questions?

Can you give me Knowledge?


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1979

Sure. Everybody can have Knowledge. That's the whole point.

I want Knowledge, but there's the problem of waiting so long for it.

Well, listen, if you think this is a problem, then don't. Because there was a time when people had to do service for twenty-five years not even seeing Guru Maharaj Ji, not even knowing what they were going to accomplish out of all this, just doing service for twenty-five years. After that, when Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Okay, you didn't make so many mistakes, you can have it," then the person was given Knowledge.

Today it's as simple as this: You listen to satsang, you accept it in your heart and know that, yes, you really want Knowledge. An initiator comes along and -- this is easy, this is nothing! I mean, I am not even twenty-five years old yet, but I have given so many people Knowledge, just in my life. So, waiting sometimes is not bad.

You want it? You really should question yourself every time, and if every time you can harmonize yourself more and more, if you can put yourself more in harmony with what this is, then when it comes it's so beautifuI.

It's like harvesting. You want rice, so you go to your field. There's nothing there - just rice paddies. You have to wait a certain time for a full crop, until it's ripe. Then when you harvest, you have what you want. It's like hearing satsang. If you try to harvest those first few months of just listening to satsang, you won't get anything.

It takes time. But then at a certain point, the time will be right.


"Today people want love. I can truly and sincerely tell
you, this Knowledge is overbrimming with
love. I cannot tell you how much love it contains.
There is so much love that if you take the water of the
whole sea, the sea will be less and the love will be
more. If we take every human being's weight, add them
up, and compare the total to this Knowledge of love,
this Knowledge will still be much greater.
This is it. This is the love."

-- Guru Maharaj Ji

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