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The sayings of
Guru Maharaj Ji

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Guru Maharaj Ji arrives in the West
for the first time
London, 17 June 1971

The sayings of
Guru Maharaj Ji


At last, a book of sayings of the living Perfect Master, 16-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji, has been published. By reading it, we hope the reader will get some impression of His message to mankind, and of the gift, called Knowledge, which He is giving. Meditating on the Knowledge controls the mind which by having free rein has led humanity to its present precarious state. Knowledge brings peace, and, when spread on a global level, which is Maharaj Ji's intention, will bring world peace.

The answer to all problems in the world is mind control which brings understanding, peace and real happiness. By giving the Knowledge, Maharaj Ji is bringing peace.

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Words of Love
from the
Lord of Love

Guru Maharaj Ji's father, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the previous Perfect Master

Perfect Master

There is a test for the Perfect Master. What is the test? This Knowledge. If that Knowledge can give you peace, He is the Perfect Master. If it cannot, he is not the Perfect Master. It's as simple as that.

Jesus did not preach Christianity. Krishna did not preach Hinduism. Rama did not preach Hinduism. They preached the True Knowledge of Self, they gave self-realisation to their devotees.

There is one Perfect Master in this world, because He is perfect. That's it. He is perfect. And you just can't divide what is perfect.



Guru Govind Singh, India, 17th century	Mahavir Swami, India, 6th century B.C.

Jesus is living now, Ram is living now, Krishna is living now, Buddha is living now, but they all have been united. All their powers have been united into one very, very, very, very powerful power. And when this power spreads its hand, you know, something is going to happen. All the things that are going on wrong in this world are going to be abolished.

When the sun arises, what proof have you got that the sun has risen? You don't take big searchlights, do you? Or candles, do you? When the sun rises, do you take candles and lamps to find out where the sun is? Do you? No. In the same way, when you approach a real Satguru and you gain this Knowledge, you have no need of extra things to find out, or to test it. It is complete and perfect.


Ravidas, India, 16th century	India,	Ramakrishna, 19th century

First you have to understand Knowledge to understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is.

I would have been satisfied to be a mischievous little boy. I would have been satisfied to be the humblest servant of the Satguru and not be one myself.

When somebody's with the Perfect Master who is heaven Himself -- heaven is where He is -- then there is no question of a person going to heaven.

Many people say, "Oh, you are a fake! " And the only thing I can do is to just give 'em a big smile. … I just want you to realise God. I just want you to be in perfect harmony. If you are, well and good, continue. Why look at me?


Jesus Christ, Galilee, 1st century,  Guru Nanak, India, 15th century

I have to tell people that I am not a prophet. I am just an ordinary human being, with two legs, two eyes, and I work, and I have voluntarily put myself here so that I can reveal this Knowledge to people, because I think people need it, because people have forgotten what this Knowledge is. So I am just teaching them perfectness and that's why they call me the Perfect Master. And as a matter of fact, I am the Perfect Master, because I can reveal this peace. I am not saying I am perfect because of this reason or that reason, but simply for one reason and that is because I can reveal this Knowledge which is perfect.

Maybe you won't all be able to become Perfect Master but at least you will be able to have the realisation of the Knowledge.


Krishna, India, c3000 B.C.,  Moses, Middle East, c1500 B.C.

If I cannot believe in the source of Knowledge, how am I going to believe in Knowledge? I have to trust the source. Only then can I really trust in Knowledge and really believe in it. If I don't care about, if I don't concern myself with, if I don't see, if I don't have any faith in, if I don't love, the source of Knowledge, He who has given me this Knowledge, if I don't believe in Him, how am I going to believe in Knowledge? There can be no way. That's just the way it works.

Our future is within our hearts, it is with the Perfect Master who can guide us into the most beautiful place in the world.


Saint Kabir, India, 16th century,  Confucius, China, 6th century B.C.

The Satguru is the giver of Truth. Is there anything bigger than Truth? I am just asking your opinion.

You have only to go to the Perfect Master for just one second and He will reveal the whole universe which is inside you.

This is Mission Impossible. So we'd better get our work done. And at the right time, the right moment, we should accept the leadership of the right man. We need someone who can guide us every moment so we can get to the point of truth, of realisation.


Chaitanya, India, 19th century, Buddha, India, c500 B.C.

If you think I'm really a smuggler, then Lord Krishna was a smuggler too, Jesus Christ was a smuggler too, and Lord Rama was a smuggler too, because they were smuggling the same Knowledge. And maybe I'm a bigger smuggler because I carry it from one part of the world to another. So I don't say I'm a Perfect Master, I say I'm a smuggler.

Understand that the Lord has to manifest Himself in this human form because if He tries to talk to us when He is hidden, probably we'll get very, very confused, we'll probably freak out. So He comes in a human body; He manifests Himself in a human body, and blesses us with this Holy Knowledge.


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My point is this: TAKE THIS KNOWLEDGE.



This Knowledge is so holy, so perfect, and one spark coming out of this Knowledge is so holy, so perfect that whatever it hits against, it makes it perfect. Wherever one spark of this Knowledge shines up, there is absolute perfection. And I have got that Knowledge here.

The light of the sun has to come and go. Because it comes it has to go, and if it doesn't go, how can it come? For us to understand this Knowledge we have first to forget it, only then can we understand it. The time has already been where we had forgotten this Knowledge, and right now is the time when we have to understand it. And to do this we reach for the Perfect Master, we reach for the enlightened soul.


My age is so little, my body is so small, I can't serve you as a military officer. I can't serve you as a police constable. The only service I can do is to help you by giving that Perfect Knowledge which you are now seeking in materialism.

All materialistic things are perishable. You too will perish one day. So how are you going to find God? You should know such a thing that will never perish and that is the Holy Word, the Holy Knowledge of God, and that is inside you.

This Knowledge won't change a man from Hindu to Christian, from Christian to Hindu. Many people from the West are afraid to take this Knowledge because they are afraid that their religion will be changed. If this Knowledge changes your religion, don't take this Knowledge at all, hate this Knowledge, kick this Knowledge away.

If we want to understand this Knowledge, if we I want to practically and actually see this Knowledge, see this Light, reach our ultimate, we have to find the ultimate means. To reach the ultimate goal, take the ultimate train. Right? Because only the ultimate can take you to the ultimate. Only the infinite can take you to infinity. The finite thing cannot take you to infinity.


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For my sake, for your sake, for the sake of the Almighty Lord and for the sake of peace on this earth, please will you realise this Knowledge?


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You have it in your power to conquer the egos and doubts in the mind. These are the thorns, but the Knowledge is the rose.

I have given you the seed. Plant it in the field of your life; grow and harvest the crop. Peace and harmony will prevail on you. Listen to me, for you will hear God. Understand me, for you will understand God. I am always with you; it is you who should be with me to harmonise this world.


People who look for peace get it. People who sit in their houses don't get it. Knowledge isn't like a programme that is going to appear on television. Knowledge isn't like a letter that the postman will deliver to you in your home. You can't get it by relaxing and doing nothing.

Do you wanna become rich? I can make you the richest possible man. Mind you, I don't have the currency of dollars or pounds. I have the perfect currency which is called Knowledge. I'm rich in that and that is all that matters to me, because that will last for ever and ever. And it is gonna grow and grow. Pounds go down and dollars go down and all the currencies go down, but this currency that I deal in never goes down.

No matter where you are, who you are, what your personality, the Knowledge is within inside of you.

Knowledge is itself the path and also the destination.

It is not just that the medicine must be taken, but it must be injected in a particular way, understand? Just having it is not enough, you must have it from the Guru, because He will give you the grace that makes it start. To have the Knowledge without the grace is like having the engine without the petrol.


The only real difference between the human and the animal world is that human beings are capable of attaining God-realisation, or Divine Knowledge.

God is in our hearts. Look into them and you will find Him. And how to look into them, this is the Knowledge.

What is Knowledge? Knowledge is within inside of us. Knowledge is the primordial vibration, through which everything is existing. Anything you see in this world is existing because of this primordial vibration, this peace, this subtle vibration, that is flowing in everything Everything you see is a vibration, a composed vibration, and it is vibrating because of that superior vibration. And we have to realise that vibration within our hearts; that's where we have to realise it.

People ask why did God create evil. If God did create evil, He also created the way to get rid of it, He created a pistol for it with four bullets and … we have to shoot, and shoot, and shoot, and shoot, and when we have shot all four bullets, we really have killed our ego, we really have killed it. Our pistol is meditation, and the bullets are the Four Noble Truths which kill the devil in us.


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In this Knowledge you can get to a point where you open your eyes, and you see nothing except Light; all you hear is Music; all you can feel is the Word vibrating; all you can drink at that time is Nectar. And it's so beautiful. Because that whole energy which is in our bodies just comes together completely, just fills us up, and there we are, feeling just so beautiful.


Holy Word

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So colour your mind, your soul and your heart … with the colour of God. God is His own paint- brush, and if your mind is somewhere else it cannot be coloured. So you have to control and organise your thought, that's all you have to do. Soak your mind in this most beautiful dye of Holy Name.


Divine Light

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There is a glorious sun, not the sun that you see in the sky, but a sun which is within ourselves, and which is much brighter, much, much, much brighter than the sun you see in the sky.

The point of perfection is just all lighted up and waiting for us. We just go in there, peek our heads in there, and see it. It's just light and light and light and light and light and light and light.



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Instead of going to pubs or to all these crazy movies, if they come to the Guru Puja festival, they'll get a very fine picture, a very fine movie, and a very fine pub, the pub of Knowledge. And there's good liquor there, fantastic! You drink it, you get blissed out for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever! And you don't, you don't need to pay, so its very economical too. No need to waste money.


Heavenly Harmony

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Today the guitar is played, you love it. Today rock-and-roll music is played, you love it. Today, you know, jazz music is played, you love it. Classical music is played, you love it. But there is a music going on inside us also. God plays that music, and it is such far-out music, so symmetrical and so beautiful, that after one note man's mind is concentrated upon it. No question arises that a mind should trickle a millionth part of a millimetre this side or a millionth part of a millimetre that side. A man cannot move from this meditation, so perfect is this meditation.


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You know, I'll say this quite frankly that God is shy. He doesn't like to show Himself. He doesn't like to shout out, "Hey, here I am, here I am, look at me." So He utilizes the help of Satguru.



God is divine, God is pure. God is energy. Energy which cannot be created, which cannot be destroyed. Which dwells amongst all, and all dwells amongst Him. It is that energy, and we, our souls, are broken parts of that energy who have eventually to go and reunite with that energy. It is the energy which was never created and which will never be destroyed. On the basis of that energy, this world is existing. And on the theory and formula of that energy everything has been created. This is the supreme and primordial vibration, and from that primordial vibration everything is coming out.

We have to realise God practically, we have to practically understand God, and when we understand, then we'll really see that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here. It's just right here. It's just that we have to change, it's just that we have to realise it's here and feel it and be one with it.


If you don't want to realise God, then you are not a human being. Because God is our Father and we are God's children. We are staying in this world alive and God is omnipresent, but we don't know our Father! Do we?

We are actually puppets of God, but what has happened is that unfortunately the string which was meant to be for the hand became attached to the leg, so that when the hand shakes the leg also shakes… unfortunately everything has become tangled. And that's why God sends a man who knows how to deal with His puppets. And that man says, "Alright, come on puppets. This arm is tangled". And then we start walking well and everything just goes well for us.

I can show you God. If you cannot see God, then for you God does not exist. If I told you an elephant was two inches high would you believe me? No. But if I showed you, you would have to believe me. Believe in the practical, not in the theory. You must see God face to face. If you say God exists then show me. I can show you that God exists.

He is the scientist of scientists because He has perfectly made us. He has made us perfect to be perfect and to know the perfect and this is all.


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I want to be one with Him, not to be two separate things having a relationship. Because you can't make a relationship with yourself … If we are separate from God, and God is there, then, yes, you'd better have a relationship with Him. But we don't want to do that, we want to be one with Him. In complete and perfect harmony. We just want to be with Him completely. This is what we want to do. Even nearer than a relationship … just completely one with God.


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In the Kingdom of Guru Maharaj Ji, the only language is love. Love is the essence.


and Devotion

Knowledge brings with it a love machine that can generate such a strong thread of love that the Holy Master can be pulled by it. This machine is a love-making generator so that whenever you wish that Guru Maharaj Ji should come you just start generating, and sure enough He will come. That's why He never needs bodily and materialistic things, only the soul, and the soul is known by what we call devotion. And what is devotion, what is it really?

You must know what devotion is. Devotion is that true love that is not sold in the market. You can never get it like you can get apples or bananas or chillies. It comes from deep inside yourself and it only happens when God and His devotee are working together.

I will come where there is love and unity for I love love and I love unity.


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Today people want love. I can truly and sincerely tell you this Knowledge is overbrimmed with love. This Knowledge is … you know, I can't explain how much love it contains. There is so much love that if you take the water of all the seas and on one side we put this love and on the other side we put all the seas, the seas will be small. The love will still be more.

Love is not a story. Love is such a thing it can enable you to communicate with anything in the world. It is the most perfect communication.


sayings_32 (147K)

When the Guru gives the devotee this Knowledge it echoes in the devotee and comes back. And when love is given by devotee to the Guru, it vibrates, it glows, it echoes and comes back much clearer and much more beautifully.

When Guru's love, when His blessings and benedictions are on your head, then all the powers of nature and the elements will be standing by ready to serve you.


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"Little drops of mercy"

Guru Maharaj Ji, aged 13, spoke these words by the Pacific Ocean on 5 August 1971

The nature of sea is very calm. Very calm. But when the seashore comes in front of the sea, the calmness is hidden away back. And you can see the great waves on the seashore.

But there is another ocean filled with mercy. Kindness is there. And truth is always there. It is so calm that when a drop mixes with that … such satisfaction of mind, such peace, you can't even think of it. So fantastic.

And that ocean is endless. Endless. This ocean we can see in maps, but that ocean is endless. And what is this? When wave rises and falls on human beings who are trying to bathe, mercy comes over them. Mercy comes. They feel the mercy of God, they feel the kindness of God.

When a man actually tries to understand this nature, he'll find the beautiful fruits, beautiful birds, kind green nature, and beautiful sunset, beautiful sunrise and birds chirping, the blue heaven with calm and quiet nature, and the whole thing, the whole atmosphere, so kind, so nice -- nobody can really understand that. But when man just tries … Feel a leaf, so smooth, so soft, so kind. It is nature. Smell a eucalyptus tree. So nice. Smell a rose and try to enjoy the beauty of a rose. So nice … These are the little drops of His mercy that He has given to us. The beautiful red apple, filled with sweetness. Flowers filled with scent. So many. Jasmine, rose, and every one having a different, different, different. So many colours. Without a brush, without a tube, but beautiful colours. And changing colours. This is nature.

And in a little seed, many apples and a huge tree. Hidden in a little seed. That is its nature. That is little drops of His mercy. And His little drops of mercy, we can't even imagine them. So how can we imagine that ocean where there is always mercy? But there are the little drops.

When we are eating an apple, we feel something very nice. Leave it, OK? But when there is always mercy, and no end of mercy … And I, what am I? Many big, big saints even can't write His glory, the glory of that ocean.

This ocean, big huge wave will come and overturn that ship. But in that ocean, if a ship is overturned, it will be made OK. That is His kindness.

A saint has said that He has done a very wonderful thing. I can't be judge over it, I'm just writing my idea. But over little idea, He wrote the whole story, and over the story, He made it true. And what a man could imagine to be a fairy tale, to be a magical thing, He brought it to be the natural thing.

So this is His mercy. Many, many books, big fat books are not able to describe His mercy or that ocean where the soul has to plunge. How can I describe that? Have you seen beautiful birds? How beautiful they look. Have you seen that blue sky, blue heaven? How beautiful it looks. These are only little drops of that ocean.


But even then it looks so beautiful.


sayings_35 (103K)

I do not have words to express how fortunate we are that the Lord's grace always saves us from destruction and makes us His lovers.



If we do not have grace, we cannot understand this Knowledge.

You have to make a way for grace and then grace will come. It's like there are five people lb standing watching you and your car is stuck; they will only want to come and help you when you have completely given up. Understand? If you have a little bit of your own energy, forget it. Use it first, and then you'll have grace. That's an important thing -- not to cheat.

Don't stop meditation. Go ahead and grace will follow you. And wherever there is cause for you to fall, grace will prevent you from falling.


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Service to Guru is service to all humanity.



No service no servant; no servant no humbleness; no humbleness not a man. And not man not a disciple. If you want to be a real human being first of all you have to be a servant. And how can one become servant? By service.

The first thing I must recommend to you is: service is important for you. You have to do it if you want to be synchronized.

My blessings are always with you, but if you want to take them, you must have a carrier for them.

My blessings don't go around on a tray. They need a special carrier and this carrier is your service. If you do service my blessings are always with you. If you don't do service they will again come back to me. So try to do as much as you can.


Once a person has received Knowledge and he's doing service, he is in touch. He is doing service for Guru Maharaj Ji and because of that his experience grows and grows and grows and grows. That's the whole reason why I tell premies to do service -- so that they can understand and come more in touch and realise.

So, really, first, before you can really get into service, you have to understand to whom you are doing that service, and then you can really do the service.

So when we want to decrease our egos, what must we do? We must not patch our pants, we must become servants. We must become God's servants; we have to be His servants, doing His service when He is here, and then everything gets taken care of.


Actually, when you think of service, you think of servants serving and getting some money. But really that is not service … The word 'service' means you're just directing yourself towards God.

Service is something that makes you completely blissful, that makes you completely flow along until you are at that point of perfection. If we are not doing service, we cannot be servants and if we are not servants serving our Lord, how are we going to understand this Knowledge? If we are going to go as lords ourselves to the Lord, He's going to say, "Yes, can I help you? "And we're not going to let Him. But if we go like servants, to do some service, if we go like a lower being, knowing nothing, then He can fill us up.



The Ramayana says that it Is only through great good fortune that satsang can be attained. Satsang destroys all our sufferings effortlessly. Satsang cannot be purchased with rupees, for it is priceless. You may be able to afford a diamond worth thousands of rupees, but you can never buy satsang. Satsang is beyond comparison with diamonds.

Spreading this Knowledge is the most, most holy and spiritual thing that one can ever do in this life.

If this Knowledge belongs to God and if it is really God's Knowledge and it is true Knowledge, then there is nothing in the world that can stop it reaching the people. So do satsang. Give them open-hearted satsang. Give them this feeling that what you want to tell them is not a new religion, is not a new way, not a new thing.


When a man comes to us, he is confused, he's looking for Knowledge. He's confused and unsatisfied, so we give him the introduction to this Knowledge. We tell him what he really wants. And as he understands it more and more, that is the fertilising and driving the tractor. And when he understands completely and perfectly that "Yes, this is it", then we can go ahead and sow those seeds.

Really drop the message into their hearts.

Satsang is the only way, the only method, by which we can realise and be introduced to this Knowledge. So realise how important it is. More and more satsang, more and more realisation. You have realisation through Knowledge but realisation through satsang is just as important. So, by getting satsang you are being fed, not by food but by satsang, by what is really spiritual.


sayings_43 (71K)

I am not happy because I am a Guru, I am happy because I do meditation, and I can make other people realise this happiness also because I have mastered the subject. And how did I master it? It was when I practised it more and more and more and more that I mastered it. So you practise it more and more and you will reach a very good level, a very far-out level.



Any man can be identified by three qualities, and these are that his body is space, his mind is time, and his soul is infinite energy. So he can be divided, he can be analysed, into three parts. His body lives in space, his mind lives in time, and his soul lives in infinite energy, in the infinite Self. So by meditation you will be able to cross the limits of space and time which all human beings exist in, and once you do that you will be able to find out who you really are, and that is the energy by which you are sustained. This energy is yourself.

Meditation means concentrating one's mind into that supreme Knowledge.

We just have to concentrate and everything happens automatically.


Meditation is the fuel. If you run out of it -- no chance -- you won't even go a mile.

There is darkness in this world and there is light and it is completely up to you which one you want to pick.

You must meditate for yourself, don't meditate for me. You should get high, not me, I am high enough. I am in the infinite state. So meditate for yourself.

The main thing is that whatever life you are leading, you must do meditation with it. If you have a family life, lead a family life. If you are a businessman, lead a business life, but do meditation with it and that is what is going to make you a perfect devotee.

All I can say is meditate, meditate and meditate. You will realise something. Something that I have realised. And you will see it, and you will feel it, and you will realise it.

When you are growing in meditation -- you don't want to jump. You want to feel the every inch, the every centimetre, the every millimetre of that growth you are growing in because it's just really beautiful, just really beautiful.



sayings_46 (38K)

What happens to a drop of water when it goes into a glass? Same thing when you achieve liberation.

As soon as a man takes Knowledge, he is liberated. Right there. Because he is no more attached, he has given his body to Guru Maharaj Ji. What else is liberation?


Divine Light Mission

sayings_47 (35K)

Divine Light Mission is a word. It is not going to give peace. Peace is given by the Knowledge and the people who are following this Knowledge are combining into a group called Divine Light Mission Divine Light Mission is not a thing dropping down from heaven. It is formed here, it is an organisation of people who have already taken Knowledge and have already found the Truth. They have united themselves and together they are the Mission. They have become one self.


Divine United Organisation

sayings_duo (26K)

This is the organisation which is going to help the whole world to get out of misery and suffering.. And I challenge this to the whole world, that by Divine United Organisation, and by the grace of Almighty Lord, and the power of Knowledge, the bliss of the Knowledge, peace in the world can again be established, in the same way as people have dreamed of. And the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth will be possible, and is possible if you work together, with cooperation and in the manner of Divine United Organisation that I have explained to you. Everyone will have shelter, even a small ant, and then lions and goats will drink water in the same pool and will be satisfied.


sayings_49 (81K)

You can get peace only through meditation.



Right now, because there is no peace in people's minds, a war is taking place.

Give me your love. I will give you eternal peace. Surrender the reins of your life to me, and I will give you such a peace as will never die… Why do you search in the world? Peace is not there, peace is with me… Those who are lost can come to me and those that are fond of roaming can roam about in arrogance… I declare I will establish peace in the world.

I am just a humble servant and I have brought this peace for you. If you want it, take it. If you don't want it, don't take it.


sayings_51 (45K)

I will give you such a thing, such a peace, that not even a pistol or a gun will be found in the country. Not one leader will stand and shout slogans, not a single man of the army will remain, and there will be peace.

It's funny, but if I came with American Express cards to all of these people -- I mean you people -- and started distributing them -- I mean valid American Express cards -- you would all take them, right? But now I'm talking to you about peace, and nobody is ready to take it … well, not nobody, but only a few are.

Really, don't think that world peace is impossible. I'll tell you one thing, you might be surprised about it, but it's one of the easiest things.


sayings_52 (42K)

I have a plan for world peace, you see. And if we all work to it, I'm sure we can get It. I can see how its going to work out. It wasn't very hard reaching the hearts of six million people, right? So it's not going to be hard for six million people to reach the hearts or one person each -- and that makes it 12 million. And it's not going to be hard for 12 million people to reach the hearts of one person each and that's going to be -- go ahead multiply it! And that's it, there you are. And what does it take to do that? Nothing. It doesn't take anything. And because we have such a good chance to do it, we must do it, and we must do it quickly. Because the whole world is moving into a condition where everyone is freaking out.

Peace is not a factor of time … Peace is right here within inside you. Time comes and goes, but peace never comes and goes; peace is always there. People just have to get into it … It's within inside of you, and you have to get into it, instead of peace get into you.


sayings_53 (49K)

The world is rotating, and the moon is there shining, and the stars come up. It's a television series. It just goes on day and night, day and night, day and night. With people coming up and going down, and people coming in and people going out, and people getting crazy, people getting mad. Do you see? It's a television series, exactly like a television series. And instead of being broadcast on a television, it's made as if it's real. Just like Disneyland.


The World

You know how a mousetrap works? The more you go into it, the more you get trapped. This whole world is a mousetrap. The more you walk into it, the more you get trapped. The more you get trapped, the harder it becomes to get out of it. Really, this is how this world is. And to keep out of it -- even if you want to be in there doing things -- grace must be with us, the Knowledge must be with us, then everything is fantastic, everything is beautiful, everything is so open.

You are awake, but wake up from that awakeness also. You have woken up. After first being asleep you have now woken up but now you have to wake up from your wake-up. This is the thing. This is the real and only thing that we now have to do.


See, India is limping. India cannot walk straight, and the western countries cannot walk straight. Why? Because India has got a long, long spiritual foot but a very short materialistic foot. Western countries have got a very long materialistic foot but a very short spiritual foot. And when these two walk they can't walk straight. They just limp along. But when these two things are equal, then there will be the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today man has done everything he can. I mean everything. But I don't see what he has gotten out of it. I really, really don't see. Because he doesn't have one destination that is far enough away to take him from what he has been living in. Because up till now everybody's been living in darkness … and really, today everybody should be taken out of the darkness.

I have the full intention to go ahead and tell people about this Knowledge. Because they need it. If not now -- I don't think it's gonna be at any other time -- it's gonna be too late. This is the perfect time.

I'll tell you, I can see this world is really, really getting close to the point where everybody will receive Knowledge.


sayings_56 (59K)

This thing is like a big game of chess. And we are in one position, and other people are in another position. That's what the world is doing, it's coming towards us, and we are just going through it, and then finally there will be a point where we will checkmate the whole thing. We won't kill it, we will just checkmate it. And we'll have won the game.


sayings_57 (72K)

Mind brings duality, soul brings reality.


The Mind

The mind needs immediate action, it needs to be stopped, it needs to be arrested and captured. But how can this be done, what is the means, who can arrest such a thing that cannot be seen with the eyes and cannot be touched? For this purpose you need the divine policeman, you need the cosmic constable, and this is Guru Maharaj I i. Tell Him that there is a thief who has been working invisibly and who has stolen so much of your time. Tell Him that this thief must be arrested otherwise he will waste all your time, absolutely all of your time, and Satguru will take down your statement for He knows the statement of mind.

The mind keeps the secret that you are something divine away from you.


Tind is the only thing that is making a man unhappy today, the only cause of dissatisfaction.

There are so many movies being made today -- and what do they show? The destruction of the world. And a movie that shows it the better way, they give it a prize. They give it an Academy Award, because it shows the destruction of the world. So we can thoroughly understand that what man has got in his brain is to destroy the world.


The mind doesn't want to leave you because he loves you so much. He really loves you so much. He really loves you, you know, but you have to overcome that. Because mind is a thing which you're supposed to overrule. Not mind ruling you but you ruling mind. The whole reason for this world being so unsatisfied is the mind itself. And if you have conquered it, you have conquered the whole world.

The more confused you get, the harder Knowledge is fighting your mind. And even if you are not very confused, you are gonna start getting confused. And when it's all out, it all gets beautiful, because everything gets really clear after that… If you are getting confused, don't worry. Keep on doing meditation. It'll get the mind outta you. Everything will be fantastic. Just do meditation.

Mind is a black light. And whatever is projected from it is black. No purity.

When a man fights a bull he takes a red cloth and he shows it like this. And that bull comes flying at that red cloth. Well, I've got a box. I stand like this with that box and you throw your egos, doubts, sufferings, to me. I put the box on one side and I stand like this. Now egos and doubts come and enter that box. I take a lighter and burn that box. Egos and doubts are burned.


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The drug I can give is constantly working in you 24 hours a day. It's built inside you, it's built-in acid, it works inside you, and it is completely free. The only thing that has to be done is to connect the wire, then it starts working. That's very beautiful because other drugs give you external experience, and this one gives you internal experience.



I am here with a greater thing than drugs. Take it. It's much better. You have to spend money on all those things, and then you have to work it out with the sheriff, because if he sees you he will arrest you, right? But you can take this thing 24 hours a day, and there's no money required. It's within inside you, and if the sheriff sees you he'll be amazed… because with drugs your body goes down and your senses just start bouncing around. But in this Knowledge your body and your senses all elevate, and if the sheriff sees you, you will be so high because of this meditation that he will really be amazed.

Taking drugs, taking shots, is not the infinite stage. It's a very finite stage, it has a beginning and it has an end.


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The time for famine, thunder, death and bombs is getting very near. Every time you see a watch, see the second hand, how smoothly it is going on, and so fast. The time is coming nearer and nearer. For the bombs will explode, and there will be great famine and thunder; many of these terrible events will happen. Many people will die, only those people who'll be in the ark, which is Light, will be left, otherwise everybody will be finished. Everybody will just finish.



Jesus prophesied that at the time when the Kingdom of Heaven is approaching nearer and nearer, incredible things will happen. And then there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. And I'm really proud to say this, that that time is coming, and that very soon there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven.

Please, dear premies, understand what you have to do in this world right now, because time is very limited. By the year 2000, the whole situation of this planetary system will be very precarious and very dangerous. There is a poem by somebody which says that at the end of the year 2000 death itself will appear on this earth and everything will be destroyed. This was written a long time ago, but now that time is fast approaching. So we must get this Knowledge very quickly.

I am increasing this Knowledge like anything to stop the bombs from destroying the whole world and I need your cooperation.


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This world will, I think, be a perfect place, because all the people who want war will have had their war. And war will be over with. Only those people will be left who are in complete harmony and bliss. I see it this way.


So how are you going to recognise God if He comes on earth? Are you going to ask to see His identity card or passport? See if it says, 'Name … God; Occupation … Generator, Operator, Destroyer? That's foolish! Or are you going to recognise Him only if He fits your mental picture of Him -- what you have picked up from scriptures and other impressions, what you imagine Jesus or Krishna looked like? But even two Christians will have different impressions of what Jesus will look like. So what will be recognised by one will not be recognised by the other. But the test of the Perfect Master is that which is undeniable to everybody and that is the experience of Himself, which He can give, and that is the True Knowledge.

"I am not God.

My Knowledge is God."

-- Guru Maharaj Ji
16-year-old Perfect Master