Midsummer Night at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Fair, June 21, 1971

Guru Maharaj Ji speaks at the Glastonbury Fair, June 21, 1971, England

"I will tell you who you are and what is the purpose of your coming into this world."

I have come to tell you of that yoga which is not physical, that yoga that generated your mind. In that yoga you must give up your mind and you will obtain the place that you are seeking. There is a Word. There is a Knowledge. There is a thing. I have got that Word. I have got that Knowledge. I have got that thing, and I tell you that I can help all mankind – every one of you – by giving out that Knowledge. Every one of you.

And if somebody comes to me I might refuse him. Only if he has pure devotion for me, pure love for me and for the true Knowledge will he receive it. If you come with true devotion and true love and ask for true Knowledge of the true self, which you are seeking through relative forms, I can give it to you. The Knowledge is within you, God is within you. And I can show you God, if you want to see Him. I can show you your Father, and I can challenge, if you please, millions of people that I can show them that God which they are seeking in forms. If someone comes to me with pure devotion, I can show them that thing. But they must come with pure devotion.

I have that Knowledge and I can give you that Knowledge. That is the only service I can do. My age is so little, my body is so small, I can't serve you as a military officer. I can't serve you as a police constable. The only service I can do is to help you by giving that Perfect Knowledge that you are now seeking in materialism. All materialistic things are perishable. You too will perish one day. So how are you going to find God? You should know such a thing that will never perish and that is the Holy Word, the Holy Knowledge of God, and that is inside you. You only need to discover it. Isaac Newton only discovered the Law of Gravity, he didn't invent it, did he? In the same way, the Knowledge is within you. I can reveal it. I cannot give it to you from somewhere else. I will tell you who you are and what is the purpose of your coming into this world. If somebody comes to me, I am sure I can give him the Knowledge and he will be satisfied.

There are many devotees who are saying I preach a religion. No. Not that. I am not a religious man. I am only saying that I am a spiritual man. I never believe in religions, because I believe religions divide men and men's ideas into separate sects. But if the True God is equal for everyone (like we say Bhagwan in Hindi, God in English, Buddha in Urdu), God is the same thing and Knowledge of Him is always the same. If the formula H2O is the formula for water everywhere, it means that the flavor and taste of water is the same. So if God is equal, if God is one, if God is the same, then the Knowledge of Him must also be equal. And so it cannot be attained by going into different sects and religions. It is within you. You can commit your body to different sects and religions, but Knowledge is not there.

To go anywhere you need some money, some dollars. To go to the picture hall you need some money for the tickets. The same anywhere. You need dollars. Now my dollars are love and devotion dollars that can only be obtained by Knowledge. I have a bank and in it is the money of love and devotion. I don't like materialistic money – pounds, shillings, pence and dollars – because they are perishable. The only thing that is imperishable you already have within yourself and that is love and devotion for Knowledge. Give it to me. It's alright. I am very sure that I can give you what you are really seeking and what you are becoming tired of seeking in the materialistic forms of the changeable world. You can't find spiritual Knowledge in material things. Materialistic things can be attained by materialistic forms and spiritual things by spiritual forms only. So please want the Holy Knowledge. Remove all the sects, be pure and be above all sects. Fly over them, just as a plane breaks through the clouds and flies above them. If you want to reach Holy Master, Holy God, you have to escape from all sects and religions and come to me. I can show you the right path for you to follow, I will give you that Knowledge. Come to me with devotion and love.

Tomorrow I have to leave for Germany and I will be preaching there, too, and giving this same discourse. "Know your Master, know your Holy God." G for Generator. O for Operator. D for Director. Generator, Operator, Director.

Have you given Him something? No. What can we give Him? Only pure devotion and pure love. Everybody has it - an old man, a young man. Everybody has it.

I won't keep you longer. Thank you very much.

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