Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

You Are Disciples Now

Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
Hampstead Town Hall,
London, England, October 31, 1971

So realize that first of all your destination, your aim was to receive this Knowledge, but now once you have received it your aim should be to meditate upon it. And now, because you are always meditating, also, now your aim should be to do satsang and service. Because no service, no servant – no servant, no humbleness – no humbleness, not a man. And not a man, not a disciple. So you cannot be a disciple at all. if you want to be a real human being first of all you have to be a servant. And how can one become a servant? By service.

You are disciples now. You have received the shelter and now you are afraid of nothing in this world. You have received the shelter of such a thing, you are wearing a bullet-proof coat, such a coat that even when bullets come to you they won't harm you. Egos come to you, they cannot touch you. So you are completely sheltered and completely protected. Don't, don't go out of the shelter. Always try to be in the shelter. Otherwise this ego is ready; you cannot see the clouds of ego but you can feel the rain of ego. As soon as you go out of the shelter you are completely drowned in egos. And you must have received the terrible experiences of these things, of egos, of suffering.

How does suffering exist, do you know? Many people ask me, if God is good from where did evil come, and what is evil first of all? Evil is nothing. Evil is the ignorance of our mind. That is, we are ignorant of what is good. So now what is the opposite of good? Bad. And when we are ignorant of good, automatically we are known to bad, and bad is evil. Bad is evil. So naturally we are immersed in evil. But once we realize, once we catch a hand of Satguru, nothing now. We have got that communication which cannot break. This is a strong communication. Wherever we go, under the sea, on the moon, on the sun, on all the planets, it cannot break. This is a strong communication. Wherever we go we can just talk into this walkie-talkie and call Satguru from any distance we want. Because God is omnipresent there is no problem in calling God from anywhere you like. You just have to speak into this walkie-talkie. This walkie-talkie is fixed into us at the beginning, and this is our heart. Whenever we want to, call God and God Himself comes. Whatever we say is answered.

What is truth? What is that existence which is making everything exist in this world? Everything is existing today because of something, so what is that something? That something is everywhere. And that something is beyond nothing. And that something is always. And that something is something. But what is this something? This is the Holy Word of God that we have all received. And if we have received it, what should we do now? We should always be obliged to him who has given it to us. Because we wouldn't have been able to get this Word by ourselves. It is by somebody's Grace that it is given. So try to oblige him. Try to always be under his guidance.

I can teach a horse how to be in rein. I can make a hole in his nose and put a rein there. And I can take that rein in my hand or I can leave it alone. Now if I leave it the horse will go wherever he likes. But if I keep that rein in my hands I won't let that horse go anywhere he likes. I will only take him on the road, on the path. I won't take him on the rocks where he will be damaged, where his body will be damaged and the chariot will also be damaged. So you've got this rein, and if you hand this rein to me I will guide you. I'm ready to guide you. But if you are not ready, keep it with you.

It's not a problem. Keep it with you. And don't think this will be a problem for me, this is not a problem. If you want to give your pride to me, give. If you want to give your ego to me, give. I am ready to receive it. If you don't want to keep it with you, give it to me. I can make utilization of it. And what is that? I'll again convert it to something then I'll give it back to you. It will help you.

So whatever extra you have got, give it to me. And the extra thing you have got is your mind. Give it to me. I am ready to receive it. Because your mind troubles you give it to me. It won't trouble me! Just give it. And give your egos to me because egos trouble you, but they don't trouble me. Give them to me. So whatever extra you have in your mind, or your mind itself even, give it to me. I can bear it. Guru Maharaj Ji has given me so much, so much resistance that I can resist everything that is bad for me. It won't affect me. So just try to be holy and try to be a good devotee, a perfect devotee of that Guru who is Himself perfect, who is really perfect.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji